Making Babies for Daddy
(MF/f, size, ped, preg, cons)

by Kysa Braswell

For my twelth birthday, Momma had Daddy give me a present I had been wanting since I was three years old. My very own baby. After my birthday party was over, and everyone had left, Daddy came to my room, where I was undressing, and spoke to me.

"Uh, Princess?"

I always melt inside, when Daddy calls me his "princess."

"Yes Daddy?" I continued to undress, trying to appear nonchalant, as I did so. After all, Daddy had seen me naked, many times before. Only this time, I hoped he noticed how I had been growing.

"Your mother says you are old enough." Daddy seemed to have a hard time getting the words out. He coughed, then continued, "So, if you really want to..."

I had been bugging Momma for the last six months, so I knew immediately, what Daddy was talking about. I could barely keep from screaming with delight. "You mean it Daddy?" I asked. "You'll do it to me?"

Daddy nodded. "Uhuh. Whatever you want. Your mother says I'm to teach you as much about sex, as you want to learn. Oral sex, straight sex, anal sex, incest, bestiality, bondage, anything. Even how to make a baby, if you want one. If you wish, I'll show you how, so you can do it with your boyfriend, and we'll let the two of you practice as much as you want. Or, if you prefer, I'll show you personally, or we can skip that part, and just show you how to have fun, without getting pregnant. It's all up to you. Your mother says you've been having periods for over six months now. You are probably fertile right this minute, and you're old enough now, to make your own decisions."

This was a long speech for Daddy. He waited to hear my response.

I hadn't paid much attention to the whole spiel. I was only sure of one part, where Daddy said, "I'll show you personally."

"You mean it Daddy?" I asked again, wanting to be sure I heard correctly.

Daddy looked a little hurt. "Of course I mean it," he said. "Have I ever lied to you?"

That's one thing about Daddy. He never lied. Sometimes he told the truth in a strange manner, or left off parts, but he never lied. If Daddy said he would do something, he would do it, or die trying.

"You mean you'd actually fuck me, and make a baby in me, if I asked you to?" I still couldn't believe it.

Daddy still looked a little hurt, but nodded anyway.

I couldn't stand the wait, or try to be tactful. "Do it Daddy," I said. "Show me how to make a baby. The right way. I want to feel my own handsome Daddy's baby growing in my tummy."

By this time, I had finished undressing, and I stood there waiting. For a second, Daddy just stood there staring at me, until I prompted him, "Please Daddy?" Daddy did it.

"Quick," said Daddy. "Lie back on the bed. This first time, is going to be kind of quick. If I don't get inside you pretty soon, I'll... " Daddy didn't finish, he just ripped off his clothes, and climbed on top of me.

"Spread your legs," he croaked.

As I did so, I felt Daddy slide up between them, and then there was a hard knobby something pressing against my little cunny. I knew it was Daddy's penis, from sex-education class. My own father was about to put his big penis right up inside my little cunny, and get me pregnant with his cum. I couldn't wait.

At first, Daddy's cock wouldn't go in, but after rubbing it up and down a little, some slippery stuff came out the end, and it started to go in. My pussy stretched a little, then stretched some more. It felt like Daddy was pushing a baseball bat up my crack. I bit my lip, and pushed back. I wasn't about to stop now!

Suddenly there was an almost audible "pop," and the head of Daddy's penis slipped about an inch into my cunny. I stifled an "Ow!" and then said, "It's okay, Daddy. Go ahead and do it." Daddy did. He pulled out about half an inch, then pushed it back in. This time, it slid in almost two inches. I looked down between my legs at where Daddy's cock penetrated my body. It looked so obscene, yet so sexy too, to see my bare little cunny connected to Daddy's body by a big long piece of meat, that looked like a sausage, or maybe a hose, about to squirt me full of baby-making cum.

The excitement was too much, I felt a ripple run down my body, and concentrate in my stuffed little crack. I could tell that Daddy felt me squeezing him, as he bit his lip to keep from cumming in me, before he got all the way inside. Gritting his teeth, Daddy pulled out a little once again, then pushed it back in further this time, until it hurt.

"Ow!" I said. "That hurt."

"Daddy's got to break your hymen." The voice at my elbow, almost made me jump out of my skin. I looked over to see Momma and my two younger sisters watching intently, as Daddy fucked me. Vaguely, I remembered something about a bit of skin inside your cunny, that a man had to put his penis through, before you were considered a woman. I knew this was going to hurt, but I sure wasn't about to chicken out in front of the whole family.

"Do it, Daddy," I said, gritting my teeth. "Fuck me." I got a small bit of satisfaction, out of saying "fuck," in front of the whole family, knowing that nobody would object, seeing that that's what Daddy and I were doing. Fucking, that is.

Once again, Daddy "did it." If it wasn't for knowing the whole family was watching, I would have let out a howl of pain. As it was, I almost bit my lip in two, as I struggled to keep from yelling. Daddy's 9-inch cock had slipped almost all the way up in my tummy. My bare little crack was obscenely stretched around the base, almost touching the fur surrounding Daddy's genitals. I felt as stuffed as a turkey, and twinges of pain still shot from inside my cunny, as the last remnants of my virginity were stretched by my own father's huge penis.

Still, there were compensations. The feeling of Daddy's cock pulsing inside me, knowing my own handsome father was about to squirt the stuff that made babies up right inside my cunny, and get me pregnant, while the whole family encouraged him to get me pregnant, was a thrill I'll never forget.

Just knowing that Daddy loved me enough to squirt his cum in me, so that I could carry his baby in my womb, was a thrill also. I know that some people don't think that a man is supposed to have sex with his own daughter under any circumstances. I think they're as crazy as those nuts who think it's their "duty" to fuck their kids. A girl should fuck the person SHE wants to fuck, when she gets old enough to make an intelligent decision. If a girl wants her first time to be with her boyfriend, then that's who she should fuck. Some girls want to fuck their own brothers, and some girls are in love with their fathers. Some girls don't want to fuck at all, preferring to "save it" until they get married. I think, that if a girl loves her father, and he loves her, and he's the one she wants to learn with, why should she be forced to limit herself to some lesser man? Of course, if he's happily married, the girl had better get permission from her mother first, like I did.

I realize, that most women would be upset at the thought of their husband fucking their little girl, but as I said, MY mother loves me enough to trust that I know what I wanted, and loves Daddy enough to know that she wasn't going to lose him to her own daughter. She even loves me enough to let me carry Daddy's baby. It's too bad, that most other girl's parents don't love them this much. The world would be a much happier place, if they did.

I've seen families break up, because someone's mother got jealous over the looks her husband gave her daughter. Knowing Momma loves him enough to let him give me the baby I wanted made Daddy love her even more than before, if possible, and I love her for it too. Someday, I'm going to find a way to show her how much. The warm loved feeling I got, as my whole family encouraged my father to give me the baby I wanted, was indescribably delicious.

"Fuck her Daddy" squealed my little sister.

"Go on Dear. Fuck her. Get our little girl pregnant."

"Yeah Daddy," I said. "Get me pregnant."

Daddy just groaned.

I pulled back a little, and this time I pushed. The last half-inch of Daddy's penis slid inside me. My bare little pussylips were splayed around the base of Daddy's cock, and his penis had vanished all the way up in my belly. I could feel the head of Daddy's penis bumping against my cervix, as it dribbled pre-cum into the neck of my uterus. It was too exciting. My little cunny began clamping and squeezing on Daddy's cock, as an unexpected orgasm overtook me. The only previous climaxes I had were on my own fingers, and once or twice with my sister. Feeling Daddy's penis throbbing inside me while I spasmed around him was unbelievably good. On and on it went, as I never seemed to stop.

Feeling me climax, was too much for Daddy. He had been trying to hold out, and have both of us enjoy a nice long leisurely fuck for the first time, but he couldn't hold out any more. Suddenly, Daddy's cock seemed to grow an inch longer, and a lot fatter, as he jammed it up inside me hard. There was a sickening stretching sensation, as the tip of Daddy's penis stretched the entrance to my uterus, and Daddy started spewing his thick sticky cum right up into my womb!

"Oh. Ohh. OHHh! Daddy loves you! Oh! Daddy's cumming in his little girl. Oh! Daddy's getting his little girl pregnant. Oh. Unh Uunhnn. Oh Princess, I love you so much." With each "Oh," I felt a huge bulge ripple through Daddy's penis, up inside my tummy, and a spurt of thick sticky wet stuff would be injected into my unprotected young womb. My little cunny was squeezing and sucking on Daddy's penis, nursing on it like a baby, milking each precious drop of my father's baby-making cum up in my belly where it belonged. I knew Daddy was making a baby in me right then. I almost melted with love for my father. Not many girls got to show their father that they loved him enough to carry his baby. And not many fathers would give their daughters a baby to carry, even if asked. I was so thankful that MY Daddy loved me enough to let me carry his baby in my tummy, and Mommy loved me enough to let Daddy plant it there. It was the best birthday present I ever had.

Fucking Daddy was somewhat like the confusion you can get into when you kiss someone you love. You feed on each other. It starts out, that you kiss someone to thank them. They like your kiss so much, that they want to kiss you, to thank you! Then you like THEIR kiss so much, that you want to thank them. Etc etc., until you run out of breath kissing each other. Only this time, it was that Daddy loved me enough to make a baby in my belly. I loved Daddy so much, that I wanted him to. Daddy was so grateful, he thanked me, by giving me what I wanted: a baby. I was so grateful that Daddy would even want to make a baby in me, that I let him squirt his cum in my womb, and knock me up... Well, you can see where this leads.

Afterwards, we both lay there gasping, enjoying the pleasure of being mated. I could almost feel Daddy's precious cum wriggling its way up inside my womb, in search of my waiting egg. Finally, Daddy had to pull out. It felt as though I was being turned inside-out, as Daddy withdrew what seemed like a log from my tummy. A dribble of white still leaked off the tip, and white smears ran down the sides. It looked beautiful to me.

The elder of my two sisters reached out, and scooped up the glob of white on the end of Daddy's penis. "So that's the stuff that makes babies," she said matter-of-factly. "Would it make a baby in me, if it got inside me too?" With this, she took the whole family by surprise, as she reached down between her legs, and pulling her panties to one side, she shoved her cum-covered finger all the way up inside her 10-year old crack.

Boy, did she get in trouble! Momma and Daddy gave her a tongue-lashing she never forgot. Interestingly, they didn't try to clean Daddy's cum out of her, they just told her that she'd have to wait until she was at least 12, and having periods, before she tried to have a baby like me. My sister tried to say that she already had a period, but Momma insisted that she wait until she was older, like I had.

Afterwards, I asked Daddy if I was pregnant. He told me, "Probably not, but we'll keep working at it, until you are." And we did. I also asked Daddy to teach me about those other things, like bestiality, (You wouldn't believe what that one was! We went out to the farm and... Noway! You wouldn't believe me, if I told you) incest, (It turned out that Daddy and I had already done that one) bondage and discipline (For a week, I was Daddy's slave, and whore, and he beat me when I misbehaved, then the next week, he was my slave, and I made him do some really nasty things. We had to stop doing this, after about six months, as we didn't want to chance it when I got bigger, with the baby and all) golden showers, (that was just fun) and a whole lot more. (You wouldn't believe what "scatology" is, if I told you, but we did that, too!) Momma always made sure we never went too far, even when she taught me the part about homosexuality and lesbianism. She says these things are all okay as long as you don't get hung up on one way only. Then it becomes a fetish. I guess, I've got somewhat of a fetish for the incest though. Of course, I haven't completely given up on finding someone like Daddy. If I ever do, I know I'll have to fight my sisters for him. It would be worth it though.

In the meantime, Daddy fucked me every day. Usually at night, so I could go to sleep with my father's cum soaking in my tummy. That first night, Daddy came into our room (all three of us girls share 1 big bed) and climbed in bed with us naked. He got between my legs, and started fucking me, with my 2 little sisters staring goggle-eyed, as if we did this all the time. I didn't mind. I was so happy to feel Daddy's big cock sliding up in my tummy, I wouldn't have cared if the whole neighborhood watched. Then, when Daddy came in me, squirting great big sticky gobs of his warm seed in my womb, I felt so happy, I would have done it on television! Of course, we all knew we had to keep it a secret, but I sometimes wished I could have told everybody that Daddy was making a baby in me. It always felt so good, each time Daddy squirted another gob of his precious cum in my waiting womb. I couldn't wait, until Daddy's baby started growing in there. Daddy finished fucking me, and went back to Momma, leaving me feeling wonderfully relaxed, with a creamy little crack, and a belly full of baby seed.

In the morning, I woke up feeling stuffed. Daddy was between my legs, just about to cum, when I realized he was there. I was just barely able to clamp down on Daddy's cock with my cunny, before he started squirting his cum all over the inside of my cunny. Daddy grinned at me, and said he was trying to knock me up, while I slept. Two days later, he succeeded. At least, he fucked me without waking me up. It's kind of sexy, to know that your own father is sneaking squirts of baby seed in your belly, while you're sleeping.

It wasn't until about a month later, that Daddy really knocked me up. He kept on fucking me, right up until I had to go into the hospital though. That was fun! For the next 9 months, I enjoyed feeling Daddy's baby growing in my tummy. When I got real big, it was (if you'll pardon the expression) a pain in the back. Afterwards it was a pain in the snatch. The pain I had, having a baby was so bad, you wouldn't believe it, unless you were a woman, and had already had one of your own. If you are, then you already know. Two weeks later, Daddy and I were working on making a little sister for our son.

One thing that made me feel better about the pain, was watching my little sister. Yeah, she caught, that one time, on her own finger! I didn't catch, until a month later. So I watched my little sister progress a month ahead of me. Well, it was her own fault! Once they learned she was pregnant, Momma had Daddy fuck her "for real" so she could at least have the pleasure, of being fucked, before she had her baby. I thought it would be cute to let her remain a virgin, until she had her baby. That way, she would be a "Virgin Mother" just like Mary, in the Bible. Momma and Daddy laughed, but said it wouldn't really be fair. I pointed out, that it was really her own fault, but when they asked me how I would feel if it was me, I had to give in. After all, I do love my little sister, even if she IS a pain sometimes.

Right now, it's almost a year later, and I can feel our daughter squirming inside my belly, while our son sucks on my nipples before I put him down for a nap. My sister is feeding her daughter, and contemplating her swelling tummy as well. Last week, Momma said our little sister could try also. She's only 7 years old, but watching her two older sisters getting fucked every day, and having babies, must have stimulated her body, as she's had periods twice already. You should have seen it, when Daddy first put his big penis up inside her tiny little slit. At first, it looked like Daddy was going to split her wide-open, but somehow she managed to take almost all of Daddy's cock up inside her before Daddy lost control and squirted his cum inside her. GOD was that sexy, watching our father impregnate our 7-year old little sister. Daddy just kept squirting and squirting his thick sticky cum in the little girl, trying to get her pregnant. Daddy's been fucking her, almost every day since then. Yesterday, he managed to get his penis all the way up inside her, so that he was squirting his baby seed right into our little 7-year old sister's womb. The whole family is hoping that Daddy got her pregnant. If not though, he'll keep on trying, until she is. Boy that's a sexy thought. Only 7 years old, and pregnant by your own Daddy! She's going to look so cute, when her tummy gets big. Me, I can't wait until my daughter gets big enough for my son to fuck, and she isn't even born yet!

I hope the next two babies Daddy makes in me are girls, so our son will have a lot of little sisters to fuck. My sister says she wants all girls, so that Daddy can fuck them too. Our little sister found out in the "Guiness Book of World Records" that the youngest that anyone had a baby was 5 years old. She says she's going to have Daddy fuck her daughters when they are 4, to see if they can beat that record, or at least match it. She says that she wishes she had started earlier herself. (She's only 7, and she wanted to start earlier?!) Personally, I think that's a bit much, but after all, they'll be her kids.

As you can tell, we all plan on having big families.

You'll notice, that I didn't mention anybody's name, not even mine. Momma wouldn't let me write this, and put it out on the net, until she had removed all references that might identify who we are. For the same reason, there's no copyright. A friend is going to post this for us, by passing it to a friend of hers, who has already published several stories before. He's going to edit it, and clean up the spelling and grammar, so that there will be no trace of my original style. My friend assures me, that he can do this. She says he'll leave the story-line intact, although, with no copyright, she can't guarantee that nobody will change it afterwards. This story WAS true, when I wrote it, but who knows what it'll be like by the time you see it.

The End
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