Sluts for Daughters
(Mm+/ff, inc, size, teen)

by Kysa Braswell

Beautiful 13-year old 4'11 Karen Grinow and her older 16-year old sister Lisa were sitting on the patio in their bikinis, away from their parents, who were inside watching a movie on disc.

"I feel sexy sitting like this," Karen cooed, letting her thighs part a little more than usual.

"Me, too," her sister said.

Karen sighed and her massive young boobs threatened to spill out of her bikini top. "The sun's making me awful warm between the legs," she said.

Lisa giggled and glanced at her kid sister's little crotch. "That ain't the sun," she said. "It's your horny little cunt."

"Mmmmm," Karen moaned in agreement. "I wish Mom and Dad would hurry up and go out. My clit's as stiff as a little prick."

"I'm hot, too," Lisa admitted. She raised her arms to the top of the beach chair she was sitting in and peered down at how the movement made her luscious, perfectly shaped C-cup tits rise up. She liked her high, pointed boobs a lot.

Karen crossed one thigh over the other and worked her pussy muscles the way she knew how to get good feelings in her cunt. She daydreamed about a big stiff cock as she pleasured herself this way.

"I don't think I can stay virgin much longer," she murmured to her sister. "I can't think of anything but a stiff cock screwing my pussy." She sighed and added, "I wonder what it's like to get laid."

"Don't talk about it so much!" Lisa complained. "You only make me hornier! I want to fuck as much as you do!"

"Then why don't we?" Karen whined, squeezing her pussy tightly between her hot thighs.

"You know darned well why we don't. We're still chicken."

"Yeah, you're right. But it's getting to be pure torture. I don't think I can hold out much longer. Jeez, I wish some guy would rape me!"

"I know," Lisa sighed. "You read so much about men molesting young girls, but you sure can't prove it by me! I wish I wasn't so afraid to just give my ass to some boy - or even a man! - but it would be so much easier if some guy would just force me a little. I just know I could fuck if I had a little help."

Karen's blue eyes gazed across the swimming pool, beyond the low retaining wall, and she whispered from the corner of her mouth, "Here comes Mr. Blakely again. God, if he walks by one more time eyeing us like that, I'm gonna attack him!"

"Let's wave to him again," Lisa suggested.

Both girls smiled prettily for their neighbor and waved as he ambled by, ogling their young, curvy bodies. He was obviously aroused by them.

"God!" Lisa breathed. "The way he looks at us! He always acts so nice around us, but I'll bet he's thinking about our tits right now."

"And our pussies," Karen whispered, smiling at the passing man. "Look at his eyes! Jeez, I'd love to untie my bikini bottom right now and just lay it down and let him see my hairy cunt!"

Lisa's eyes followed the man until he was out of sight, then she whispered, "I wonder if he goes home and jerks his prick after staring at us like that? Can't you just see him sitting on his toilet or something, jacking his huge cock?"

"Mmmmm, yessss," Karen said. "I'll bet he's got a monster between his legs, too! Ewwww, I'd like to get my hand on it and jerk it for him."

Lisa eyed her sister's curvy young body and purred, "That wouldn't be all you'd do! You're such a sexy little thing, Karen, just like a Barbie Doll. I'll bet he'd strip you naked and lick your pussy for hours!"

"Ewwwww, tell me more," Karen rasped.

So the two sisters began their secret little game. Getting comfy in their chairs, they whispered back and forth, burning each other's ears with suggestions of what a man would do to them.

"He'd stick his tongue right up your pussy and wiggle it around till you were creaming like crazy," Lisa teased.

Karen shuddered at the wonderful thought. She gazed at Lisa's thrusting young tits and murmured, "And he'd suck your nipples till you begged to be fucked!"

"He'd make you suck his cock - push it right in your mouth and make you suck the life out of it. And he'd shoot all his cum down your throat."

"Ohhhh," Karen moaned, panting softly. "He'd fuck his stiff dick up into your tight little pussy and make you come a over the place."

Lisa shivered with excitement, thinking about their next-door neighbor, wondering why he never tried to seduce her or Karen. The Grinow girls were certainly ripe for fucking!

Karen couldn't play the game any more. "God, I want to get my hand on my cunt! I can't wait for Mom and Dad to leave. I'm going into the bathroom."

"Ohh, don't," Lisa whined. "Wait just a little longer. They'll be going out soon. Then we can play with each other."

"I wanna cum!" Karen cried in agony. Her cute little ass kept wiggling on the chair, as if she couldn't stand the tension.

"So do I!" Lisa blurted. "Please, Karen, wait. I'll make you cum real good. Just think of my finger sliding in and out of your cunt like a stiff prick.

Karen slumped in the chair, panting, thinking about it. "I'd rather have your tongue licking it," she whispered.

Lisa's eyes went wide. "You're such a little slut! All right, if you'll wait, I'll lick your pussy for you - but you'll have to lick mine for me."

Karen smiled wickedly and glanced at her sister's crotch. "I want to," she murmured.

Laughing, they turned their talk back to Dan Blakely, the man next door, and entertained each other with all sorts of lewd and obscene suggestions, exaggerating their horniness, exaggerating the size of the man's cock.

They were both quite juicy in their cunts when the glass door slid open and their mother said, "We're going now, girls. But sure to be home by ten if you go out, and don't forget to lock all the doors when you go to bed."

The two girls yessed their mother to death, and both sighed with relief when they finally heard the car pull away.

"Come on!" Lisa gasped, anxious to get naked.

Giggling like two kids on their way to a movie, they pranced into the house, through the living room, into their bedroom. Laughing excitedly, they climbed onto the bed from opposite sides.

Karen laid on her back and her sister quickly tore her bikini top away from her luscious young boobs. She leaned over and started licking her saucy pink tongue all over the younger girl's DD-cup breasts and, as she laved the beauties, Karen pulled Lisa's top down and took one of her spiking pink nipples into her mouth and sucked on it feverishly.

The lithe hips of both girls soon began to writhe anxiously. Lisa licked her tongue back and forth on Karen's massive boobs, then started licking her way down to her crotch.

"Ohhh," Karen moaned, wiggling nervously. She reached up and untied the little bows on her sister's bikini bottom. The small triangles of cloth fell away and Karen gazed up into Lisa's wet, pink cunt-slit.

Lisa hurried, stripping away Karen's bikini bottom, then she buried her face between her kid sister's lithe young thighs and licked her tongue into her cunt.

Karen's slim arms circled her sister's waist and Lisa lowered her own pussy to the girl's mouth. They locked into a beautiful sixty-nine, licking each other's pussies greedily, getting each other off. Their hot little moans filled the room as they sucked themselves to juicy orgasms.

Lisa knelt up then and cupped her massive boobs, breathing rapidly. "Ummm, that was a nice one," she murmured.

Little Karen writhed on the bed and spread her lovely legs wide. "Do me some more!" she panted.

Lisa giggled. "You're such a horny kid!"

"Please?" Karen pleaded. "I like how you lick me all over. Please, Lisa, I wanna come some more. My pussy's so hot."

"Okay, calm down," Lisa laughed. "You pretty little nymph. You know I like to lick your cute body."

Karen sighed and gazed hotly as her sister got beside her, ready to please her. She dropped her arms above her head, exposing her taut young tits, signaling Lisa to suck them. She quivered slightly as Lisa gently teased the tiny points of her pink nipples with the tip of her tongue.

Lisa leaned over her kid sister's mouth-watering boobs and laved them up and down with her tongue, making Karen wiggle and moan a lot. Then she traced her wet tongue down across Karen's belly. Karen moaned, loving the little waves of pleasure that always rushed through her when Lisa was licking her body.

Months before, it had been Lisa who had started the heavy petting. She and Karen often lay in bed at night and comforted one another by playing with each other's tits and cunts. Then one day Lisa was especially turned on and she told Karen that she wanted to suck her clit and really get her off. That's when Karen discovered that her older sister really liked to eat cunt - and that was just fine with young Karen!

Now she spread wide for her sister's tongue, knowing that Lisa liked doing dirty things to her. It was so juicy! As Lisa's tongue licked down toward her furry young cunt, she thought of women licking other women. She always thought these things when Lisa was eating her. She'd seen in some of her father's hidden magazines that women sometimes fucked other women with their tongues and big rubber things, and they were such happy women, beautiful, gorgeous even.

Lisa was like that, she thought, as her sister's saucy tongue reached her clit and started tickling it. How pretty she was when she was licking pussy!

Karen closed her eyes and surrendered to whatever her sister wanted to do to her. Lisa always gave her such creamy feelings. She moaned a little when Lisa lifted her mouth away from her cunt, but she didn't complain. She knew she was in good hands.

Lisa crawled up beside Karen. She pressed her massive boobs against Karen's taut young ones and scraped her nipples against Karen's. Then she licked her tongue into Karen's mouth and ran her fingers down along the straining flesh of Karen's belly.

"I like to feel your cunt," she whispered hotly. Her fingers dipped below Karen's soft blonde fur and one gentle finger smoothed between her velvety pussy-lips and stroked her moist cunt-slit.

"Ohhhh, I like you to," Karen shivered.

"You're so nice to me. You're the best sister in the world."

Warm, wonderful feelings crept through the young girl's pussy, proving to her once again that Lisa was indeed the nicest sister a girl could have. Lisa seemed to know exactly what Karen liked.

Karen moaned with pleasure as Lisa stroked her clit gently and that made her love her sister all the more. Lisa wanted to please her, and Karen felt lucky to have such a sexy, lewd friend. Lisa sure knew how to make her cream!

Lisa pressed her sensuous mouth to Karen's parted lips and flicked her tongue eagerly until Karen's little pink tongue met hers. Then they licked at one another hotly. Little shocks of pure delight shook Karen's body as her sister kissed her and rubbed her body against hers.

A small thrill of excitement coursed through Karen as Lisa clasped her thigh between hers and rubbed her furry cunt there. Slowly, excitingly, Lisa curled her legs between Karen's and twisted so her pussy met Karen's. Karen whimpered with pleasure as clit rubbed against clit.

Grinding her cunt against her kid sister's, Lisa began to stroke Karen's curvy young asscheeks, making the girl quiver. Mouth-to-mouth and cunt-to-cunt, Lisa traced her tender fingertips down Karen's cute ass-crack and started teasing her darling little ass.

Karen panted hotly as new waves of sheer pleasure washed through her. Lisa could feel her sister's pussy slowly humping, getting ready to explode, so she writhed on the bed, and kissed her way down over Karen's thrusting boobs, along her belly, into her pussy-hair. Even greater waves of delight shook Karen's body as Lisa moved her head down and kissed the quivering flesh of her inner thighs.

Karen's eyes closed and she drew her knees up, squirming her horny cunt. Lisa's moist lips roamed over the slick, smooth slit of Karen's pussy. She tongued Karen's' pretty cunt-lips, then flicked crazily at her small, throbbing clit. She gave it a lick and Karen's body jerked on the bed.

"Lisa!" she squealed, humping her cunt upward. "Ohhh, suck it for me! Eww, please, please! Eat me, Lisa, eat me! I'm gonna come!"

Lisa was caught up by her little sister's horny plea, turned on by her lust and need, and she pulled Karen's twitching clit into her mouth and sucked it and nibbled it and lashed it with her tongue till the young girl was tossing and pitching wildly on the bed.

Karen's burning pussy flooded wetly. She grabbed her own tits and mauled them eagerly as she humped and twisted her cunt on Lisa's licking, sucking mouth. Great waves of joy rushed through her belly and she came and came as Lisa moaned hotly and ate her out.

Groaning with her own pleasure, Lisa drilled her tongue up into Karen's crazed cunt and fucked it in and out, making her kid sister come in torrents. She loved the way Karen bucked and humped when she was cumming. She was so sensual, so horny, so pretty writhing on the bed, cumming so violently. It was a secret joy for Lisa just to suck Karen's juicy cunt.

Lisa fell onto her back after Karen got off a good one, and Karen rolled toward her, caressing her firm, high tits. "Thank you, Lisa," she purred. "You make my pussy feel so good." She giggled then and cooed, "I want some more."

She kissed her sister on the mouth and pushed her tongue inside and wiggled it round and round. She wanted to turn Lisa on, and she was. Lisa murmured and sighed as Karen licked her lips sensuously.

When Karen knew she was doing things right, she lowered her mouth to Lisa's beautiful boobs and started licking them passionately, giving her spiking nipples little sucks.

Then Karen did what she was longing to do. She stretched herself out on top of Lisa's voluptuous young body and crushed her pussy against hers. She kissed Lisa's hot mouth wetly and started rubbing and twisting her cunt. The two sisters clung to one another almost desperately, squirming their pussies together faster and faster. Lisa's cunt was flooding, and so was Karen's.

Panting and moaning together, they kept humping their cunts, grinding them, crushing them, squashing each other's clits. Lust overwhelmed them both and they worked their bodies up and down in a vile manner. Karen banged her cunt against her sister's, and Lisa fucked wantonly. While Karen pumped up and down, Lisa screwed her cunt back and forth, so both girls were getting the best of both movements.

They twisted their hot young bodies together with increasing violence and passion, humping every bit of joy they could get. They kissed hotly, pressed and scraped their hard young tits together, and twisted their pussies feverishly.

Their humping grew fiercer and fiercer as they screwed for an orgasm. Lisa squealed that she was going to come. Karen cried out that she was, too, They gasped and panted, twisting their cunts almost angrily, mashing their cunt-lips together, grinding their clits hotly.

Karen started to tremble all over and Lisa clung to her. Their mouths met and their tongues lashed as pretty Karen shrieked with orgasm. Her violent vibrations passed to Lisa and she choked. She humped her cunt up and mashed it against her sister's, then her pussy was quivering like crazy.

Both girls vibrated with ecstasy, shaking and shuddering fitfully, their hands caressing and stroking one another's quivering bodies. Their pussies banged hotly, and they fucked as hard as they could.

"I'm cumming!" Karen shrieked.

"Me, toooooo!" Lisa cried.

Their delighted cunts creamed wetly and their mingling pussy-juices spread silkily between their hot crotches as their twats twisted and turned and ran over with the abundance of their sex-pleasure.

Then their lovely bodies went lax and they held on to one another lovingly, panting for breath. When they came to their senses, Karen heard a familiar whistle outside.

She raised her pretty head and panted, "Mr. Blakely is walking by again." She crawled off of Lisa's heaving body, pranced to the window and peered through the curtain. "I think he's looking for us, Lisa. He looks disappointed that we're not out there in our little bikinis."

Lisa joined her kid sister at the window and slipped her arm around her waist. She saw the man beyond the wall and sighed, "Wouldn't he love to see us like this?"

"Oh, Lisa!" Karen gasped, thrilled by the idea.

"I wonder what he'd do if we called him in here."

Karen giggled. "You know darned well what he'd do!"

"Oh, I know he'd fuck us, silly," Lisa said. "What I mean is, I wonder how he'd act. You know. What would he do to see us stark naked? God, I'll bet his cock would burst right through his pants!"

"Mmmm, I'd like to see that!" Karen gasped.

The vision of a big, stiff prick danced in her head. She'd seen pictures of men's huge cocks, and she got breathless just imagining what it would be like to see a real one.

They watched the next-door neighbor wander away, whistling, and Karen sighed, "I get horny thinking about his prick. I really want to fuck, Lisa. Golly, but it must be nice to have a big cock sliding in and out of your pussy."

"Ohhhh, let's not talk about it anymore," Lisa said with a shudder. She faced her sister and took her into her arms. Tits-to-tits and pussy-to-pussy, they went on talking about cock, and got themselves all worked up again.

"I'm so horny," Karen whimpered. "When I feel this way, I think I could let a whole gang of boys fuck me."

"Mmm, me, too," Lisa whispered hotly.

They glided back to the bed and started fingerfucking each other's twats.

"That feels so good," Lisa murmured, spreading her legs wide. "Push it harder. Dig it way up me."

Karen suddenly sat up. "Lisa!" she cried. "Oh, I've just had the most wonderful idea!"

"What is it?" Lisa asked, startled by her sister's outburst.

Karen giggled and jumped off the bed and ran naked out of the room. A minute later she was back, clutching a raunchy magazine from her father's secret collection. She dived onto the bed laughing and spread the book open.

"Look here," she said excitedly, pointing to a picture of two naked women. "See the rubber thing she's got? Look over here on the next page. Ohhh, just look at that!"

Lisa stared hotly at the photo of one woman shoving a huge thick rubber prick up into the juicy cunt of her friend.

"We've got to get one!" Karen blurted. "We've just got to!"

"Jeez, Karen, I don't know."

"But my cunt's so horny! Please, Lisa. Let's try! Imagine the fun we could have if we had one of those beautiful things! Just think of that gorgeous hunk of rubber fucking into your cunt!"

Lisa giggled and gave her sister's cute little ass a gentle squeeze. "You little minx. You really would like to fuck. It would be nice to get a thing like that pushed up my pussy. But I don't know how we can get one."

"Let's send for it!" Karen squealed excitedly. "See back here. Here's a coupon. We can buy one!"

Lisa frowned. "That's an awful lot of money," she murmured.

"Oh, so what?" Karen cried. "We'll go halfsies, like we did on our bike. With your baby-sitting money and mine, I just know we can save up enough to get one. Please, Lisa, let's do it!"

Lisa's eyes burned into the reproduction of a tall, thick, rough-looking dildo. She sighed and her tits lifted. "Well... maybe we will," she sighed.

Karen couldn't wait to get a dildo. She was as anxious to get it as her pussy was to come. It was all she could think about as she and Lisa had dinner and talked about all the boys they'd screw once they got over their shyness.

Looking far ahead, lovely Lisa sighed and said, "When I'm married, I'm gonna fuck my husband to death, and when he's working I'm gonna screw every prick that comes to the door."

Karen giggled and said, "The other day a salesman came to the door and, I swear, I think Mom would have turned on if I wasn't there."

"Oh, she wouldn't," Lisa scoffed.

"Don't be so sure," Karen challenged. "You didn't see how she smiled at the man. She was wearing her yellow dress. You know, the one that's cut so low across her tits. Well, would you believe she dropped his business card and bent over for it? Boy, did he get an eyeful! I just know she dropped it on purpose so she could show him some of her boobs."

Lisa giggled. "You're dreaming," she said.

"No, I'm not. You know Mom would never bend over to pick something up herself, not when there's a man to do it."

"Hmmm," Lisa hummed.

"Besides," Karen went on. "When I went to the door in my shorts and halter, the man had a private party just eyeing both of us. And, you know what? After he left, just for a second, Mom looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes. Just for a split second. We sort of shared a secret for a minute, a female secret. I really think she's going to be a neat friend when we're older, not like Sally's mom or Tina's."

Lisa liked that idea and her green eyes lit up. "God, wouldn't it be terrific if all three of us could get laid together?" Her fertile young mind quickly came up with an example. She giggled and cooed, "Mr. Turner and his two boys. You could fuck Billy, I'd fuck Bob, and Mom could screw Mr. Turner."

"Ohhh, that's marvelous!" Karen exclaimed. Then the horny sisters laughed and giggled together, hotly discussing how it would be fucking all the Turner males. Karen brought her own ideas to the conversation.

"After that we could switch," she said. "Imagine little Billy Turner fucking his prick up Mom's hot cunt!"

"And Mr. Turner fucking you!" Lisa blurted.

"God, I'd love to see you squirming on his cock. I'll bet it's a whopper."

"He'd split me up the middle!" Karen gasped, enjoying the mental picture of a man's huge prick wedging up into her juicy little cunt. "Ohhh, would I come!"

She wiggled nervously on her chair. With a sigh, she leaned back and spread her legs, and rubbed her furry young cunt with her hand. "Jeez, I hope it doesn't take forever to get the money for our rubber toy," she sighed.

Lisa got up and went to the refrigerator for more milk. "Maybe we don't have to wait," she said, peering into the refrigerator.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Karen asked.

"Look here," Lisa said, bending down. She pulled out one of the cucumbers, the smallest of them. She turned and, holding the vegetable like a big cock, pressed one end of it to her pussy and wagged it like a hardon.

Karen leapt from her chair, eyes wide on the long, thick cucumber. "Ohh, Lisa! It's beautiful! Ewww, let's use it!"

"Come on," Lisa giggled, and pranced naked into the living room. Karen ran after her, excited and eager.

"On the sofa," Lisa said breathlessly, already thinking of the big thing up her cunt.

Karen jumped onto the sofa and spread herself out with her arms above her head. She splayed her pretty legs and hunched her pussy up. Stuffing a pillow beneath her head, she peered down and watched hotly as her sister rubbed one end of the cucumber against her moist cunt.

"Stop wiggling so much," Lisa said, trying to insert the end of the object into Karen's tiny pussy.

"I can't help it," Karen breathed, writhing her cunt against the smooth fuck-toy. "It feels nice. Push it into me, Lisa."

To help her sister get it in, Karen reached down between her thighs and used her fingers to pry open her tight little cunt-lips. She dropped one leg off the side of the sofa to get her crotch wider, then stretched her pussy-lips apart, exposing the pink wetness of her pussy.

"Mmm, that's better," Lisa said softly. She slowly and carefully forced the homemade dildo up into the narrow channel of her kid sister's cunt.

"Oh!" Karen gasped. "How big it is! Ohhh, Lisa, push it in. Don't be afraid. God, with all the fingerfucking I've done in the past few years, I'm sure I don't have a cherry."

"You don't," Lisa laughed sensuously. "But you've never had a cock up your pussy either. Your lips and walls are tight."

Karen grunted and pushed back at the cucumber as the tightness of her pussy resisted the entry of the pleasure-toy.

Lisa got very excited, seeing her sister's cute cunt opening for the green cock. She got carried away with lust and forced the object into Karen's dripping pussy.

Karen cried out as the thickness of the cucumber wedged up into her cunt. Oddly, she tried to pull back away from the penetrating object, but Lisa was on fire to fuck her with it, so she shoved it in as Karen twisted helplessly on the sofa.

"Oh! Ohhh," Karen gasped, quivering. "Wait! Take it out! It's too big! Lisa! Stop!"

Lisa laughed hotly and dropped to her knees ion the floor beside her overwrought sister. She pinned Karen down by covering and squeezing one of her thrusting young tits, then she continued inserting the cucumber.

Karen's cries and gasps only excited Lisa more, and she gave the hard cucumber a little thrust that made Karen's lovely body jerk.

"Just relax your pussy," Lisa said hotly. "You're so hot for it. Just relax and let me fuck you with it."

Karen's eyes closed, her lips parted, and she started breathing in gasps as her pretty head rocked to-and-fro on the pillow. Lisa was systematically pistoning the green dildo in and out of her juicy little cunt.

Karen's erotic pleasure intensified and her increasingly louder moans filled the room as Lisa worked the cucumber in and out of her squirming pussy. Out of her head with lust for it now, Karen thrust her hand out and mauled the hell out of her sister's boobs.

Now that Lisa had gotten the big green thing up into Karen's darling cunt, she wanted to fuck her all night with it.

"Ohhh, Lisa!" Karen gasped, humping her cunt forcefully. "It's so big up me! Ohhh, I'll faint! So this is what a cock feels like! Ummm, fuck it into me, Lisa. I'll come and come!"

She shivered from head to toe with orgasm, fucking violently, something deep and feminine inside her now craving this cunt-ravishing green thing. A fuck-urge she'd never experienced quite so intensely before gripped her mind and pussy, and her twisting young ass came up off the sofa cushion as her hot pussy sought to swallow more of the drilling cucumber.

She let out a low moan and Lisa gazed at her lovely features contorted by pleasure-pain. She knew she was driving her little sister wild, and she loved every minute of it. She had no qualms about fucking this nymph to extreme heights of sexual joy.

Karen was spread-eagled now, twisting and gasping, moaning and groaning, reduced to a mass of quivering female flesh shaking all over as her juicy young cunt creamed wetly. Her hot pussy-juices lubricated the cucumber and Lisa was delighted to find that she could now fuck the thing hard in and out of Karen's cute cunt.

Turned on by Karen's raw lust, Lisa chuckled lewdly and forced another two inches of the thick cucumber up into her pussy. She leaned over her sister's vibrating, humping body and saw how Karen's cunt-lips made a big O around the slip-sliding green fuck-toy.

The mere sight of her sister's little pussy choking the dildo drove Lisa mad with passion and she buried three-fourths of the cucumber up her cunt and fucked her so deeply that little Karen almost fainted with pleasure.

The young girl's senses reeled and she gasped for breath as she fucked her pussy up to meet the thrusts of the make-believe cock. Lisa kept shoving it up her and the sensation was unlike anything she'd ever enjoyed in her life. It felt like her pussymouth was stretched a mile wide and the way the blunt end of the cucumber kept pounding into her belly, she was sure her insides would never be the same. The big thick vegetable seemed to fill her whole belly, and every time Lisa pushed it into her, she could feel the blunt end of it bang into her cunt.

Lisa couldn't concentrate any longer. Her own passion was burning brightly from watching Karen get so horny and wet. Panting hotly, she started rubbing her own clit like mad with her free hand as she fucked the cucumber into Karen's juicy, screwing cunt. She could see her little sister's clit now, all puffed up with lust, sticking up between her stretched cunt-lips.

She moaned softly and lowered her mouth to Karen's cunt. Finger-fucking her own pussy, sucking passionately on Karen's quivery little clit, she shoved the green dildo into Karen's horny pussy again and again.

Karen gripped and mauled her own aching tits and moaned, "Ohhh, Lisa! My pussy's on fire! Ohhh, it feels soooo goooood! Ummm, no wonder ladies like to fuck! Ohhh, how could I ever think I didn't want a cock up my pussy? It's terrific, Lisa! Give it to me! Fuck it into me! My cunt likes it now! Ohhh, fuck me, Lisa, fuck me! I'm cumming so much. I can feel my juice soaking it. Make me come, make me come. Ohhhh, I'm cummiiinnng!"

Despite the fact that she'd never had a stiff cock up her cunt, Karen's body told her quite clearly that she was going to love fucking. Even now she could feel her body opening and screwing hotly. Lewd, licking little flames of female lust activated her cunt and she already knew she wanted to be fucked by a male - any male. The last of her girlish fears were being fucked out of her by her horny sister. Lisa's hot mouth on her clit and the thick, fucking cucumber up her cunt told Karen that she was ready for more of this kind of sex pleasure.

Surrendering to the thought of getting fucked was like surrendering to a stiff cock, and she came violently on the pistoning, drilling dildo.

Her orgasm was intense and extreme for a young girl. Her body whipped and strained on the sofa, shuddering wildly. This inflamed Lisa all the more and she chewed on her sister's clit and rammed the cucumber harder and faster into her crazed little cunt.

"Lisa!" Karen shrieked. "What are you trying to do to me? Oh! Stop! Lisa, don't fuck it in me so hard! Ohhh, I'm dying! Lisa, please, stop sucking me, stop fucking me! Ohhh, I can't take any more! Ohhhh!"

Karen's body suddenly collapsed on the sofa and went lax. Lisa panicked and immediately withdrew the drenched cucumber from her pussy and looked at her sister through sex-glazed eyes.

"Karen, Karen, are you all right?" she panted.

Karen didn't answer right away. She lay there gasping and moaning, caressing her tits, writhing her pleasure-soaked cunt. Then she opened her eyes.

"You bitch," she said hotly. "You almost drove me crazy! Give me that fucking thing!"

She sat up and grabbed the wet cucumber out of Lisa's hand. Lisa couldn't help giggling to see her sister coming at her so menacingly. She rolled onto her back on the floor, laughing, as Karen pinned her down and attacked her with the dildo.

Lying across her sister's belly, Karen shoved the cucumber up into Lisa's twisty cunt and started fucking it into her viciously. Lisa squealed as most of the green thing came shafting up into her cunt. Karen laughed sexily and screwed the dildo into her, twisting it and turning it as she rammed it and shoved ft. Lisa howled with delight as the cucumber quickly brought her to the edge of orgasmic bliss.

"Ohhh, Karen, fuck it into me!" she cried, humping her pussy furiously.

Karen giggled with excitement, eager to pay her sister back for driving her out of her mind. Crushing her tits on Lisa's belly, she ramrodded the vegetable into her creaming cunt.

Then she had her sexy sister right where she wanted her. Lisa was screwing hotly now, slamming hard, cumming wetly, moaning senselessly. Karen laughed, forced more of the cucumber into her twisting cunt and fucked it in and out wildly.

She plastered her mouth to Lisa's clit and sucked it viciously, driving Lisa out of her mind. As she licked and sucked her sister's clit and fucked her cunt with the cucumber, Karen could see Lisa's pussy-juices seeping out and trickling down between the lovely cheeks of her hot ass. This gave her a perfectly wicked idea.

She eased the cucumber out of Lisa's cunt and pressed the soaked end of it against her cute little ass.

"Karen! No!" Lisa shrieked.

Karen giggled lewdly and pushed the narrow end of the cucumber right into Lisa's dripping ass. Chewing on her quivering clit, she forced half of the green thing into the tightness of Lisa's shitter.

Lisa squealed as Karen started fucking the hard thing in and out of her stretched ass.

When Lisa started fucking back at it, Karen got horny, too, and she licked Lisa's cunt all over and kept nibbling her clit every once in a while, driving Lisa up the wall with incredible horniness.

Both girls went crazy with lust. Whimpering helplessly with overpowering passion as Karen ate her and screwed her ass with the dildo, Lisa twisted on the floor and did an amazing thing.

Curling herself, she crushed her mouth to Karen's curvy young ass and drilled her tongue up into her ass. Karen squealed and bit Lisa's clit. With her other hand, she fingered her sister's soaked cunt.

Their bodies began vibrating painfully on the floor, both of them gasping and sucking voraciously, clawing at one another in a mutual fit of nymphomaniacal abandon. Karen's cunt flooded as Lisa's tongue wriggled up her ass, and Lisa came violently on her sister's sucking mouth as the cucumber fucked into her ass. They quivered and trembled together for a long time, twisting and curling like two snakes, cumming and cumming and cumming.

It seemed like ages before the little orgy ended. Lisa fell back, gasping, and Karen rolled onto her back, moaning and stroking her drenched little pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, Lisa," she panted. "That was fantastic!"

"Mmmm," Lisa moaned in agreement. She had her eyes closed, thinking about what Karen had done to her ass. She couldn't help thinking how nice it would feel someday when a man fucked her ass with his thick, hot cock.

"I didn't know sex could be so good," Karen murmured.

"I'm glad we discovered that cucumber," Lisa added.

"Let's keep it!" Karen said. "I'll hide it under our mattress."

"No, silly. We'll wash it and put it back. We can always get it when we want it."

"What if Mom uses it in a meal?" Karen asked.

Lisa giggled. "Then we'll tell her to buy some more. Lots and lots of cucumbers from now on."

Both girls laughed then, because they knew they both hated cucumbers. "Won't Mom be surprised?" Karen cooed. "Her fussy little girls dying for cucumbers!"

Karen lifted the wet cucumber and held it in the air to gaze at it. Turning it round and round in her hands, she muttered, "I'd sure like to fuck now. I didn't know it was so nice. When are we gonna, Lisa? You want to fuck, don't you? God, wouldn't it be great to have a real cock fucking into your cunt?"

"Yessss," Lisa hissed, sitting up and looking at her kid sister. "But I wish you'd quit bringing it up all the time. We only torture ourselves by talking about it all the time. We're just going to have to make up our minds to spread our legs and get it on."

Karen lowered the blunt end of the cucumber to her furry little cunt and rubbed it slowly up and down along her wet gash and slippery clit, musing as she did so. "I'm ready," she said.

"Me, too," Lisa admitted. She smiled at her sister and asked, "Who will we fuck first?"

Karen's eyes twinkled with excitement as she went through a mental list. She heaved a sigh and said, "I can think of plenty of boys and men I'd like to fuck, but I wouldn't dare let them. I mean, it's easy to talk about letting them, but to actually let them stick their pricks up my pussy!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Lisa murmured.

Karen thought some more, then said, "I think I'd be comfortable with Mr. Blakely. He's been such a nice man since we moved here. I just know he'd like to screw us."

"Yes, he would," Lisa agreed. "You can see it in his eyes lately. We must look awfully delicious to him. But I wonder if he thinks the way we do. Maybe he wouldn't dare fuck us, even if we wanted him to. I mean, some men are scared to fuck young girls."

"Mmm, I forgot about that," Karen said. "What stupid ideas older people have about sex." She worked a few inches of the cucumber up into her juicy pussy and sighed, "There shouldn't be any laws against fucking if a girl wants to. They make men nervous."

"Hey, I've got an idea," Lisa said brightly. "I was over at Rhonda's house a few days ago and she let me read one of her feminist sex books. It said that a man's stiff cock doesn't have a conscience; and the lady who wrote it suggested that if women wanted a good stiff prick stuck up their cunts, they just had to turn a man on. Get alone with him, she said, and cock-tease until he goes out of his mind with lust for you. That's how a girl can get his mind off of religion and law and stuff like that."

Karen frowned, sliding the cucumber slowly in and out of her pussy. "I don't understand," she said.

"Oh, Karen, you're so dumb sometimes. Don't you pay attention in school? All it means is that if we want Mr. Blakely to fuck us, we have to get him horny enough to rape us."

"Gee, I don't know," Karen said thoughtfully. "Would he want to fuck both of us?"

"Maybe not at first," Lisa said. "One of us would have to break him in."

"Which one?" Karen queried.

"We'll flip a coin," Lisa said.

"Okay," Karen cooed. Then she thrust her pussy upwards with the cucumber sticking in it. "Do me some more," she purred.

Lisa giggled and grabbed the cucumber and started thrusting it in and out of her sweet sister's cunt.

Karen won the coin-toss, and she was delighted that she'd be the one to put the make on Mr. Blakely. Lisa was disappointed that she'd lost, and she envied Karen a little. Karen laughed excitedly and couldn't wait to get alone with the man. She wisely picked a Wednesday to begin her seduction of the next-door neighbor. On Wednesday afternoons Mrs. Blakely attended a PTA meeting in town. At one-thirty, wearing one of her special little minidresses, with nothing on underneath it, she went next door with a piece of chocolate cake on a plate, wrapped in foil.

Dan Blakely answered her ring and brightened immediately. "Well, hello, Karen," he said. "What's this?"

"Me and Lisa made a cake and I thought you'd like a piece," she announced.

His eyes quickly ran over her curvy young body and he thought, you're goddamned right I'd like a piece! "Why, thank you," he said nicely. "Come on in. Hmm, that looks delicious." His eyes shifted from the cake to her huge young tits for such a little girl.

Karen moved with him into his kitchen. Her heart was pounding. How he had looked at her! Even as he talked normally, there was an undercurrent in the room that made Karen feel shaky. She wasn't used to being alone with a man, especially not a man who wanted to fuck her, and especially not when she wanted to be fucked.

The man disturbed Karen even more in his tight denims and t-shirt. She could see that his mind wasn't really on cake or conversation. There was a mighty big hunk of something pressing against the crotch of his denims. It was alarming, but exciting, too. Was a girl able to get it that big in such a short period of time? Was she that pretty that he couldn't control his own cock?

"How about a glass of milk?" Blakely said. He smiled at her and filled a glass and passed it to her. Karen smiled, too, and thanked him, and as she drank she knew he was looking right where she wanted him to - at her half-naked young boobs and lovely legs.

He invited her into the living room to sit for a while and, as he walked away, she felt a quivering deep in her belly. She followed him, swallowing nervously, and by the time they were seated on the sofa, she was breathless.

Blakely wasted no time. He slipped an arm behind her head and twisted toward her, staring at her massive DD-cup tits and naked thighs.

"You've grown into a very sexy girl," he said. He grinned. "But you know that, don't you? I've been wanting to thank you for being so generous."

His directness startled Karen. "G... generous?" she squeaked.

He laughed. "Letting me look at your sexy little body so much," he chuckled. "You and Lisa know what I've been doing. And I think I know why you're here in that sexy little dress. For this."

He pulled her body against his and forced his mouth down on hers. Karen's tits pressed against his chest and her whole body went stiff with excitement. Blakely's thick tongue filled her mouth and he unzipped her dress. Before she knew it, she was naked. His eyes ran hotly over her luscious tits and furry cunt, and a low groan escaped his throat, a groan that Karen understood immediately. He was aroused by her, powerfully attracted to her, aching for her youthful body. Karen's senses reeled and her breathing was erratic. It was breathtaking to realize she was totally nude at last, crushed in the arms of a grown man who was aching to fuck her. Quivering and shaky with sexy feelings, Karen sucked on his tongue. When his strong hands urged her backwards, she lay right down on her back and opened her pretty legs. Blakely stared hotly at the luscious young blonde and his prick jerked madly in his denims. Karen's lovely legs were spread in a magnificent, surrendered V. Her enormous tits on her petite fram were rising and falling with her excited breathing. She writhed beneath his horny gaze, liking the way he stared at her tiny pussy.

"You're even sexier than I thought," Blakely murmured hotly. "I've been dreaming about this for a long time."

He pleasured himself by ogling her willing body. Her small, pink-tipped puffy-nippled boobs looked caressable and lovable. A dull, throbbing ache spread through his balls as he watched her pretty tits lift and thrust. His eyes wandered slowly, lustfully, across her flat tummy, down to her patch of furry blonde hair. Then his hot eyes riveted on her pussy. He watched her cunt-lips quiver, saw her cute pink clit stiffen and emerge from between those luscious lips.

Without taking his horny gaze from her cunt, he got to his feet and ripped his clothes off. He gripped his hugely thick 10-inch cock, stroking it as Karen looked on with bated breath. His cock was so thick that even his own hand wouldn't encircle its girth!

"Golly," she panted. She stared hotly at his wet prick as he looked at her wet little girl pussy.

She wished she could speak, but she was too aroused, too excited, and much too horny for words. It seemed amazing to her that she was really lying on Mr. Blakely's sofa, stark naked, looking at his giant wet cock. She couldn't take her eyes off it. It was bigger and better than she ever imagined.

The only really big pricks she'd ever seen were in her father's magazines, but Blakely's flesh-and-blood monster made even those seem small. The lips of her mouth quivered like the Ups of her pussy.

"Mr. Blakely!" she gasped, twisting sensuously on the sofa, looking helplessly aroused. "Please... I... I... want it."

The cock-hungry look in her eyes and the cock-hungry movements of her cunt told him she was aching to be fucked, and Blakely couldn't resist her.

Girlishly, almost childishly, she panted, "Please... kiss me."

"I'm going to do more than kiss you, Karen," Blakely said obscenely. "I'm going to fuck you silly."

He released his mighty 10-incher and traced his fingers up her body, over her tense belly, up to her rib cage. He slowly slipped his fingers to the youngest, sexiest tits he'd ever touched. Now was his opportunity to enjoy the feel of teenaged boobs and he took full advantage of it. Karen moaned and shivered a little beneath his teasing hands and that made his prick throb harder.

"You want this, don't you?" he murmured.

"Yes," Karen breathed, arching her tits up to get more of his touches.

He covered her right tit and palmed it and fondled it. Karen whimpered as she felt her pink nipple stiffen and begin to tingle at his touch. Blakely grinned and brought his other hand over and tweaked the tip of her nipple. Then he caught it between his thumb and forefinger and massaged it until Karen was moaning hotly. Her breathing grew more rapid and that made her luscious tits heave hard. He loved the way her young body reacted to his caresses. Grinning lewdly, he bent down and gave both her thrusting tits hot licks with his tongue.

"Oh! Ohhh!" Karen immediately responded. Her excited outburst made him suck her nipples, and his sucking made Karen cry out, "Ohhh, my tits'll burst! Ohhh, golly, I like 'em sucked!"

Blakely groaned as he went on licking and sucking the hell out of her massive young boobs, getting all the pleasure he'd dreamed of. Sucking a spiking pink nipple, he glanced up at Karen's face and it excited him to see it twisted in an expression of sheer pleasure-pain. She had her lower lip between her teeth and her head kept rocking back and forth as he sucked her. She was loving it.

Glancing the other way, he watched her hips twist and her pussy squirm, and he liked what he was doing to her. It gave him vicarious pleasure to make her horny, and he wanted to not only enjoy teasing her body, but also make her so hot that she'd beg for his cock. She and her sister had driven him mad for years. Now it was his turn.

He struck his tongue out and burned a blazing trail along her quivering, straining body. Wiggling it into her soft pussy-hair, he pulled her leg off the sofa and knelt between her outstretched thighs. Then he crushed his nose against her quivery little clit and inhaled the exciting, musky aroma of her cunt, and buried his thick tongue up into her moist pussy and tasted her sweetness.

"Ohhh, Mr. Blakely!" Karen squealed, pushing her cunt at his mouth. "Suck me! Ohhh, eat me! Oh, ohh, ohhhh, Mr. Blakely, what you're doing to me!"

Blakely groaned with pleasure to hear her sexy outcry and, as he licked her pussy for her, he rubbed his aching cock against her leg. The ache in his groin was fast becoming outright pain. But as rigid as his cock got, as much as his balls ached, he was determined to get the most out of Karen's pretty young body.

Lusting after her pussy, he used his thumbs to pry apart the silky lips of her cunt. He feasted his eyes on the pink inner flesh of her pussy and breathed deeply of its aroma.

"Jesus, what a beautiful cunt!" he rasped in his horniness. It looked so fresh, so pink, so innocent, and so unfucked. Driven by lust for it, he stretched her cunt-lips apart and drilled his horny tongue up into her wet pussy. He flicked it there and Karen went absolutely wild on the sofa. Groaning with pleasure, he licked his soaked tongue up along her cunt-slit and started licking and sucking her quivery little clit.

Karen shrieked, humping back, "Mr. Blakely! Please, ohhh, please, fuck me! Give me your cock! Ohhh, put your cock up my pussy! Ohhh, mama, I'm dying!"

Blakely chuckled and murmured, "Don't you like your pussy sucked?"

Karen gasped. "Yes! Ohhh, yes, I do, I do! But it's driving me crazy! Your cock feels so big on my leg! I want it! Ohhh, please, shove it up my cunt!"

Her blood boiled in her cunt and she thought she'd come without ever stopping. She forced her eyes open and peered down over her thrusting tits at his head moving so eagerly between her thighs. The lust burning in her cunt drove her wild. Her fuck-urge was thoroughly out of control now and all she could think of was his huge, thick prick driving up into her juicy little cunt.

His tongue kept driving her crazy and, finally, with real tears in her eyes, she gasped, "Please, Mr. Blakely! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"You horny little cock-teaser," he laughed hotly. He crawled up onto her writhing young body and, shaking with needs of his own, guided his enormous wet cock to the open mouth of her feverish cunt.

Karen choked when the hot, wet end of his dick pressed against her pussy-mouth. She was hot for it and wanted it badly, yet the little girl in her panicked when she thought such a big prick would split her up the middle.

"It's too big!" she suddenly squealed. "Wait! Don't! It won't fit in me!"

Blakely groaned with intense pleasure as he lodged his swollen cockhead in her juicy fuck-channel. Her pussy was like a baby's and he loved the feeling of it gripping and clamping his dick as he pushed into it. He dug his toes into the carpet, and, with the unleashed lust of a vicious animal, lunged against her crotch with all his power. His stony prick forced her tight cunt-channel wide and shafted mightily right up into her twisting belly. In one fell swoop his meaty cock sank to the hilt and his bulging cockhead rammed right into her unfucked womb.

Karen shrieked as his giant boner plunged so forcefully into her pussy. She caught her breath and for a moment didn't breathe at all as she felt his powerful cock buried deep inside her cunt. With his mighty lunge, his big hairy balls slapped against her naked little ass, and that made Karen squeal.

Her eyelids fluttered and her eyes rolled in her head and her fingernails clawed into his back as he started fucking her. His balls kept slapping her ass, his cockhead drilled again and again into her fuckhole, and his cock-shaft kept sliding silkily in and out between her sensitive cunt-walls.

Her body responded on its own. Her head flew back and forth as she gasped and moaned. Her boobs ached, pressed against his chest. Her ass twisted and turned on the sofa and her pussy started meeting his thrusts, fucking hotly in return.

Blakely went out of his mind with the pleasure of fucking the young girl. He doubled the force and the speed of his cock-thrusts, drilling his dick into her squirming, humping pussy. He knew he couldn't fuck a tight young cunt like Karen's as long as he wanted to. She was screwing so hotly that her pussy felt like a young mouth sucking him off, trying to suck the cum right up out of his horny balls.

He quickly decided that more than anything else in the world at this moment, he wanted to fuck his cum into this girl's steamy little cunt. With that intention in mind, he gave up trying to prolong the screwing, and fucked her cunt with all his might.

Karen squealed and her whole body jerked and whipped as fantastic floods of hot cum poured through her fucking pussy-canal. Blakely could feel her cunt-walls clenching and gasping on his drilling dick as she came and came, moaning and whimpering helplessly. His hot balls crashed against her humping ass as he buried his rigid prick again and again.

He let out a groan of lust add Karen gasped loudly, her feminine instinct telling her the divine moment was here. A man was going to shoot all his cum into her pussy, just like she'd read in her father's books, just like she and Lisa always talked about.

Blakely mauled her soft ripe lips with his and buried every solid inch of his cock in her crazed cunt. Her spasming pussy sucked hotly on his dick and it started spurting in her, gushing big loads of cum. Karen swooned with pleasure as exciting jets of cock-cream fired into her pussy. Even the wild jerking of his shooting cock got her off again. No finger, no tongue, not even Lisa's, could compare with the feeling she got from a huge, stiff cock jolting and throbbing and shooting in her pussy.

Crying out with erotic delight, she thrust her cunt up and held it, quivering, against his pubic hair. Her climaxing cunt clamped tightly around his enormously thick dick. Wads and loads of white, hot cum pounded into her belly, turning her on, driving her wild with fuck-pleasure, making her moan hornily. She fucked her cunt harder and faster, somehow wanting to screw every drop of his cum out of his beautiful cock. Her pussy was dying for it, her body was aching for it, and she knew how to get it.

After the final shuddering and gasping, they collapsed on the sofa, and Karen moaned as she received an unexpected treat. No one had ever told her what a special thrill it was, after cumming so violently, to feel a man's big thick cock get soft between the lips of her juicy cunt. She shivered and moaned with pleasure as Blakely's enormous prick softened and loosened in her pussy. Just feeling it slip back slowly made her tremble with a newfound pleasure. She moaned all the while.

When his soaked prick plopped out of her tight pussy, Blakely got to his feet and gazed with pleasure at her well-fucked body. Karen sighed and murmured, "That was marvelous."

Blakely chuckled and said, "If you mean that, maybe you'll come back for more. I'd like to fuck you a lot."

"I want you to," Karen said, reaching for her dress. She slipped it on and zipped it up and cooed, "Mr. Blakely? Would you fuck Lisa, too?"

"What?" he gasped, fondling her boobs. "Are you serious? Of course! But what makes you think your sister wants to screw?"

Karen giggled. "We don't have any secrets. We're not only sisters. We're friends, too. She's just like me. It gets her horny, too, when you walk by looking at us like you do."

"Is that so?" Blakely muttered, mauling her tits. "Well, you tell your lovely sister that I'll fuck her any time she wants to be fucked." His other hand dipped between her thighs and rubbed her cunt as he caressed her boobs.

Karen's eyes twinkled. "Would you fuck us both at the same time?" she cooed.

Blakely narrowed his eyes at her. He smiled and said, "Just what's going on in that young mind of yours? I have a feeling you two have been plotting something."

"We have," Karen giggled. "Lisa and I always do things together. I guess you don't know it, but we've looked at you as much as you've looked at us. And we think the same things you do. I think it would be lots of fun if we both fucked you. Would you like to have a sex party with us? Lisa's very pretty, don't you think? She has bigger tits than I do and lots more hair on her pussy. You'd like her naked, really you would. Will you do it? Please? Will you let both of us play with your prick?"

Blakely groaned and pulled her body against his. He dipped his hand under the short dress and shoved his finger up into her juicy little cunt. Twisting it into her and making her gasp, he chuckled and said, "You run along home and tell Lisa I'm open to anything you two want to do. And, don't worry, it'll be our little secret."

Karen's eyes got big and her pretty mouth fell open. "Ohh, Mr. Blakely," she said, grabbing his cock and squeezing it with affection. "You're so understanding." She wiggled out of his arousing embrace and dashed to the door, where she giggled and said, "You won't be sorry. We'll pay you back for being so good to us."

Then she hurried over to her own house where she found Lisa waiting breathlessly, naked on the bed, fingerfucking her cunt. Karen rushed to her and cried excitedly, "Oh, Lisa, he fucked me! And, guess what? He'll fuck us both!"

Karen and Lisa were as excited as the day they'd gotten to go on a trip to Disneyland. Their father was at work and their mother went on an afternoon jaunt with one of her lady-friends.

Giggling with excitement, Lisa made the call. Mrs. Blakely answered and Lisa said sweetly, "Hello, Mrs. Blakely. This is Lisa. How are you today? I hope your arthritis is better."

She had to listen to the woman's tale of woe for a few minutes. Then she said, "Could Mr. Blakely come over and take a look at our kitchen sink? It seems to be stopped up."

She listened for a few more minutes, then hung up and squealed, "He's coming!"

Karen laughed and said, "Mmmm, he sure is!"

They giggled together then, waiting anxiously for the best day of their lives to begin. When the doorbell rang, Karen yelled, "Come in," and Mr. Blakely entered with a grin on his face.

He closed the door and ran his eyes over the two luscious young girls. He looked into Lisa's eyes and said. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

Karen giggled. "Listen to him! Are we sure!"

To answer his question, Lisa smiled sexily and unzipped her dress and let it slip down the length of her lovely body. She stood stark naked and cooed, "Doesn't this look like I know what I want?"

Blakely's hardon erected immediately in his pants, and Karen cooed, "We aren't going to offer you coffee." She went up to him and grasped his crotch. "But we're sure gonna get your cream."

"Christ," he groaned. He'd thought he'd have to play kid games with them, tease them and coax them into sex. But these two luscious sisters were so fucking horny they were raping him!

Karen and Lisa ran to him, giggling. Karen dropped to her knees and tore at his shoelaces. He was kicking his shoes off when Lisa was pulling his shirt off. Karen unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. In less time than it takes to tell about it, he was naked. Then Karen stripped off her shorts and halter and all three were naked.

"Isn't it big?" Karen cried, staring at his big, wet hardon throbbing in the air.

"Ohhh, it's bigger than you told me," Lisa rasped.

Her slim fingers curled around his thick cock and slipped up and down the full length of it. She leaned over, closer to it, ooh-ing and ah-ing a lot as she felt it and tested it and examined it.

"Oh, God, I wanna suck it," she panted.

Karen laughed, happy to see her sister so excited. "It's only fair," she said. "I had it all to myself. Go ahead and suck it. Mr. Blakely won't mind."

She gazed up into the man's face and cooed, "Will you?"

"Be my guest," he chuckled.

Karen pressed her small naked body against his hip and rubbed her furry cunt against his thigh. "Just leave everything to us," she said. "We've seen a lot of pictures in Dad's magazines. We know what to do."

With that, she crushed her tits against his side, and reached her hand around in front of him. She grasped his enormous wet cock and tilted it upward.

"Here, Lisa," she purred. "Suck it."

Lisa parted her soft pink lips and her tongue slithered out. While Karen gripped the lower half of his dick, she grasped the upper half, and licked the tip of her tongue on his soaked cockhead.

"Mmmm," she moaned, tasting his pre-cum.

Karen's eyes were riveted to the end of his cock. "Stop fooling around," she panted hotly. "Suck him off if you're going to!"

Blakely chuckled at her heated impatience. He put his arm around her and stroked her curvy young ass as she humped her cunt against his leg. He peered down at Lisa's tongue lapping away at his bulging cockhead and he gave it a little push toward her.

That made Lisa moan and she opened her mouth and took his dick between her lips. She shuddered to feel its weight and thickness pressing on her tongue and she started bobbing her pretty head up and down, sucking him hotly.

Karen panted as hotly as her sister, because it aroused her to see Lisa blowing Blakely's prick. "Lisa," she rasped, "take your hand off his cock. Let me jerk it while you play with his balls and eat him."

The Grinow sisters rarely argued about things. Everyone in the neighborhood thought of them as model sisters, always playing nice together. It was no different now. Lisa dropped her hand to Blakely's huge hot balls and started fondling them while Karen gripped his cock-shaft and pumped it happily. And Lisa's hot, wet mouth slurped and sucked up and down hornily.

Karen felt her pussy creaming. She thrust it hard against the man's muscular thigh and ground it in, humping furiously. Her head jerked back and she gazed up at him through glazed eyes.

"Mr. Blakely," she panted, twisting her cunt on his leg. "French-kiss me. Ohh, I love to be kissed."

He lowered his mouth to hers and gave her what she wanted and needed. His big tongue in her mouth made her squeeze his dick harder and jerk it faster and she sucked his tongue the way Lisa was sucking his cock.

Lisa moaned, squeezing his balls and blowing his powerful prick, lashing his cockhead with her saucy little tongue. Dazed with passion, she thrust her free hand between her thighs and fingerfucked her cunt viciously as she ate him.

Blakely couldn't stand it all. He groaned into Karen's hot young mouth and shoved his cock into Lisa's. His big hand pressed against the back of Lisa's head and he forced his cockhead down her throat and fucked it there. Just a few quick jabs got him off, and his huge boner exploded with a fury, jetting loads of thick cock-cream.

Lisa went weak with lust and worked her pretty head up and down faster, letting his dick fuck her throat, and she gulped and gulped and gulped. It was the first time a man had ever pumped his load into her mouth, and she loved it.

Karen wasn't too pleased with how fast Lisa had gotten him off. She was clinging to the man, screwing her cunt against his hairy thigh.

"Ohhh, Lisa," she gasped. "I didn't come yet!"

Blakely chuckled as he surveyed the little problem. "Come here, you two," he said.

He dropped to the floor and stretched out, grinning at the sex-hungry girls. "Okay, Lisa, go ahead with what you were doing. And you, you hot little bitch, come sit your pussy on my mouth."

"Ohhh!" Karen squealed.

She dashed to him and sat right down on his face. Blakely opened his mouth and when her cunt was twisting there, he used his upper teeth against her clit, his lower against her cunt-lips, and his big, thick tongue up in her dripping pussy. Karen howled with pleasure.

Lisa was happy, too. Without Karen's interference, she had Blakely's marvelous dick all to herself. Crouching down between his spread thighs, she grasped his meaty cock in both hands and had a field day licking and sucking it some more. Every daydream she'd ever had about licking a man's cock came true for her, and she was delirious with joy.

Karen squealed again and her young body jerked and shivered. She grabbed her massive tits and mauled the hell out of them as she twisted her drenched little cunt on the man's mouth.

Blakely knew the torrid teenager was humping toward her juicy climax, and he wanted to help her get it. He drilled his tongue up into her clenching, spasming pussy and, as Karen moaned and jounced, he caressed her naked young ass. She moaned when she felt his hand stroking her there, so he teased her little ass with his fingertip.

"Ohhh!" Karen cried helplessly.

Blakely saw her hands grasping her tits so hotly and sensed it was right to really get her off. He gripped her ass in both hands, pried her curvy asscheeks apart, and inched his big finger up into her dripping ass. Karen went crazy.

She squealed and shrieked so loudly that Lisa stopped sucking the dick and peered up to see what was causing all the commotion. Her pretty eyes went wide at the sight of Blakely's thick finger lodging in her sister's twisting little ass. It took her breath away the way Karen was screwing it and humping her juicy cunt on the man's sucking mouth.

"Ohh, God," she whimpered, wanting the same kind of pleasure. Panting hornily, she massaged her thrusting tits and rubbed her tingly clit viciously, getting herself off a good one, helped by the lewd vision before her burning eyes. Magazine pictures were one thing, but this was terrific!

"Ohhh, Mr. Blakely," Karen moaned, shivering beautifully, "that was fantastic! Ummm, you suck a girl so good! Ohh, Lisa, isn't it better with a man?"

Lisa giggled and said, "Look how big I got his cock again."

Karen climbed off of Blakely's face and peered at his rigid, throbbing prick. "Ohh, it's gorgeous!" she explained.

Lisa looked at her and winked. "Remember the magazine picture we were talking about before he got here?"

Karen giggled, and nodded her head excitedly.

Blakely chuckled and asked, "What are you two plotting now?"

"You'll see," Karen cooed.

"Yes," Lisa murmured, crawling on all fours up to his face. "You'll like it. Now I get to sit on your face and while you suck my pussy, Karen's gonna fuck you."

"Jesus," Blakely groaned. "Let me suck your tits first, Lisa. I've been dying to get my mouth on them."

Lisa was all for that. She leaned on her hands above his head and lowered her luscious young boobs to his waiting mouth. Once he started licking and sucking them, she couldn't get enough of it.

"Ewww, I knew you'd like them," she panted, twisting her nipples around his face. "I've wanted to show them to you so many times. Ohhh, suck them hard, Mr. Blakely. Lick them, bite them, nibble them! Ohhh, I love it!"

Karen was at first aroused by the sight of Mr. Blakely attacking Lisa's beautiful boobs with his tongue and mouth, but she soon grew disinterested. His powerful cock kept throbbing like a heart before her eyes.

She reached over and gripped it tensely in her small fist and jacked it up and down a few times, just getting the feel of it.

"It's giant!" she gasped, eyes wide and pussy tingling.

She threw her lovely leg across his and inched her way up on her knees until her cunt was poised above his juicy cockhead. Panting hotly, she lowered her body and pressed her warm pussy-mouth down on it. Between the juice on his horny dick and the silky fluid of her cunt, his rigid fuckpole was able to wedge easily up into her sex-box.

Karen groaned as the thick head separated her cunt-lips and entered the mouth of her pussy. Once it was there, she took a deep breath, and sat down. His stony cock stretched right up into her belly.

"Ohhhh!" Karen squealed, and crushed her cunt-lips way down around the base of his prick. The full length of his cock stuck up her cunt turned her on right away. She clutched her horny tits and clawed at them as she started bouncing up and down on him. Her juicy little cunt pumped like a piston, riding smoothly up and down his long, thick dick.

She cried out again and again as his bulging cockhead drilled into her guts, because each time she slammed down, it fucked into her womb, driving her wild.

Lisa let Blakely lick and suck her boobs till she was hot and horny. Then she crawled forward, and his hot tongue licked across the smooth white flesh of her belly. She gasped and groaned, wiggling into the position she longed for. Like Karen, she wanted to sit on Blakely's face and get off.

Her soaked pussy slid onto his mouth. He shafted his tongue up into it immediately and started sucking her cunt-juices out. Lisa's body shook and trembled, and she leaned down on her elbows, twisting her pussy all over his mouth.

Karen's heavy-lidded eyes saw Lisa's ass squirming so beautifully before her as she fucked the dick. Her pink tongue came out and licked hotly at her lips. Lisa's ass was a magnet and Karen bent forward, never missing a stroke on Blakely's thrusting cock. Grasping her sister's swiveling hips, she firmly planted her little tongue into Lisa's ass.

"Karen!" Lisa squealed. "Oh! Oh! Ohhh, mama!"

Lisa came violently, soaking Blakely's licking, lashing tongue. Then Karen came, wiggling her tongue up her sister's ass and shuddering her cunt a over the man's stony cock.

The two panting, moaning, sex-drenched girls drove Blakely up the wall. Just hearing their horny moans and cries of delight was enough to force huge loads of cum out of his contracting balls.

He rammed his rigid dick hard up into Karen's tight, sucking cunt and pumped his load into her heaving belly. Then all three of them were groaning with pleasure, cumming, cumming, cumming.

Lisa collapsed on the floor on her back and caressed her aching young tits as she panted for breath. Karen sat back between Blakely's thighs and watched his soaked cock get limp and thick.

"Your cock is so nice," she purred.

"Mmm, it sure is," Lisa agreed, getting up on an elbow and looking at it.

Karen reached out and stroked it gently. "It's so silky this way," she murmured. "It's all wet with your cum and mine. It feels so sexy."

Lisa's eyes twinkled. "We'd better do it now, while we can."

"Do what?" Blakely wanted to know.

Karen sighed. "Gee, I don't know, Lisa. It's kind of scary."

"Come on now," Lisa said. "We agreed. We don't want to go through life just dreaming about it, do we?"

"About what?" Blakely asked. "What are you two up to now?"

"Oh, Mr. Blakely," Karen cried, squeezing his dick. "We want you to fuck us up our asses."

"Jesus Christ!" he groaned. His eyes danced from one naked teenager to the other. "Times have sure changed. I'd hate to tell you the trouble I went through when I was your age just to get my prick in a girl's pussy, much less her ass!"

"Then you'll do it?" Lisa squealed.

Blakely laughed. "Nothing I'd like better, girls, but haven't you noticed that a man can do only so much?"

Lisa and Karen looked at his half-hard prick, and Lisa cooed, "Oh, don't worry about that. We've read Dad's fuck books. We'll get you stiff again. Won't we, Karen?"

They laughed like two conspirators, and, as Blakely looked on in amazement, Lisa and Karen got their heads together at his prick. They each got a hand on it and held it up. Then, with their foreheads pressed together, they both started licking their tongues all over his wet cockhead.

Blakely lay back and groaned as the two sisters laved his cock up and down, back and forth, and every which way. He closed his eyes and gave himself up to the sheer pleasure as little tongues flicked his balls and lapped his cock-shaft and lashed his cockhead. His dick grew larger and larger.

"God damn!" he groaned. He could feel the immense size of his prick, huge and throbbing. A shock of electric lust jolted him into action.

He sat up and growled, "All right, you cock-hungry nymphs, bend over!"

"Me first!" Karen cried.

Blakely looked at Lisa to see if there was any argument about it. Lisa smiled and cooed, "We already flipped a coin. She won again."

Blakely chuckled and crawled up onto his knees, eager and willing to fuck his rigid dick into their cute assholes. The girls apparently had been rehearsing their performance, because Lisa had Karen stretch out on the floor on her tits with her pretty legs spread wide. Lisa clamped her sister's wrists to the carpet.

"What's that for?" Blakely asked.

"Just in case she wants to chicken out," Lisa giggled. "Go ahead. Stick your cock up her ass."

Blakely gripped his throbbing cock and pressed the wet head against Karen's little ass opening. Karen moaned. He forced her asscheeks apart and lodged his huge cockhead in her hole. She cried out.

Lisa bent over and licked her tongue at Karen's parted lips. "Hang in there, Karen," she whispered. "You know it'll feel good. Remember what we read."

"I will! I will!" Karen gasped.

Blakely leaned one hand on the floor, braced himself, and shoved his cock up into her tight little ass. Karen shrieked. Lisa moaned to hear her shriek. Blakely groaned to feel his big meaty dick pushing into the little girl's sweet ass.

He lay on her then, getting down on his elbows. He tongued Karen's hot little ear and once in a while kissed Lisa, who was kissing Karen. And all the while he kept fucking his big thick prick into Karen's twisty ass.

The more he kissed the girls, the hornier he got to fuck. Before long he was driven by lust and started driving his cock home. Karen started begging for him to stop.

"See what I mean?" Lisa said. "Don't stop, Mr. Blakely. Fuck the shit out of her!"

So he did. He chewed her ear and slammed his dick into her shitter, sliding it rapidly in and out between her clenching asscheeks.

"Oh!" Karen gasped. "Oh-oh-ohhhh! I'm having an orgasm in my ass!"

"You are?" Lisa panted. "Golly, I never read that in a book!"

"It sure feels like it!" Karen cried. "I can feel his cock like it's up my pussy, too! Ohhh, Lisa, I'm cumming so much!"

"Ohhh, I want it up my ass, too!" Lisa cried. "Mr. Blakely, don't you dare come in her! Keep your prick nice and stiff for me!"

Blakely lifted his dazed head and stared at her luscious tits. "Then I'd better get to your ass right now," he warned.

"Ohhh, noooo," Karen rasped, twisting her hot little ass on his marvelous cock. "Give me more."

"Come on, Karen," Lisa complained. "Be fair."

Karen had to think about it, but she was really a good girl. "Okay, Lisa," she panted. "I'm sorry. Mr. Blakely, you can fuck her now."

When he withdrew his thick dick from her twisting ass, Karen rolled over and giggled, "I'll make you fuck me up there some other time."

Lisa stretched out on her boobs and opened her long, lanky legs. When Karen grasped her wrists, she said, "Oh, silly, you don't have to hold me."

"That's what you think," Karen laughed.

Sure enough, it was the older, braver girl who shrieked and pleaded for mercy and yelled that the cock was too big, that it would split her up the middle, that her little ass couldn't take it in.

Karen giggled all the while, tickled pink that Lisa was gasping and moaning and begging for mercy. Blakely ignored both of them now. His horny dick was rigid, leaking hotly, and aching to shoot a load.

When he started fucking his cock into Lisa's ass with obvious lust and pleasure, Karen cried, "Mr. Blakely! Don't come in her! We tossed a coin! I get to blow you after you fuck our asses!"

Blakely reached up and pulled her pretty face down. He kissed her hotly, tonguing her soft, wet mouth, and murmured, "Sorry, kitten, but this for me."

He fingerfucked Karen's pussy while he screwed Lisa's churning little ass. When he was ready to bust his balls, he shoved his hands under Lisa and grasped her nice round tits. He played with them hotly as he pumped his load of cum up her fucking, sucking ass.

Karen and Lisa were sunning themselves, furtively discussing their recent sexual experiences.

"Well, we finally did it," Karen sighed. Her boobs strained in her little bikini top.

Lisa's eyes roamed over the massive mounds, and she murmured, "Your tits look so good."

"Yeah," Karen said. "We're really getting good tans."

"I mean your tits look good enough to suck," Lisa explained.

Karen looked at her sexy sister and smiled. "Are you horny for me?"

"Yes. I'm in the mood to lick you all over and spend an hour eating your cute little girl pussy."

"Ohhh," Karen cooed, climbing out of the chair. "Let's go inside."

"But Dad's home," Lisa reminded her.

Karen stuck her fists on her flaring hips and pouted. "You've got me turned on, Lisa. Now, come on!"

Lisa laughed and followed her kid sister's darling young ass into the house. Bill Grinow, hearing the glass door slide open and closed, quickly concealed the fuck book he was reading, and looked up as his two luscious girls wiggled through the room.

Karen shut the bedroom door and rasped, "Did you see how Dad was eyeing us?"

Lisa giggled. "What do you expect? Just look at us. We're delicious chicks, you know. At least, I know you are. God, but you make me hot for your body sometimes. Come on over on the bed and let me lick your cunt."

Karen stretched out across the bed and let her pretty legs spread apart. Lisa leaned over and untied the little bows on her hips. Then she peeled the triangle of Karen's bikini bottom down, exposing her scrumptious young pussy.

"Mmmm," Lisa moaned, dropping to her knees. She buried her face in her sister's crotch and licked her tongue all over her cunt. Karen's hands smoothed over her own tits and bared them as she twisted her pussy nice for her sucking sister.

"Do you think we turn Dad on?" Karen murmured.

Lisa raised her mouth from Karen's cunt and said, "Of course. He's human, ain't he?"

"Do you suppose he thinks of fucking us?"

"I'm sure he does," Lisa said, licking her tongue at Karen's clit. "I think all fathers think of screwing their sexy little daughters. Gloria Stein gets it regularly from her Dad."

"Mmmm, I know," Karen moaned, humping her cunt. "It must be a tremendous kick to get laid by your own father. Imagine giving your pussy to the man you love most in the world."

Lisa stood up and gazed at her writhing sister. "Do you want to?" she breathed hotly. Her tits were heaving with excitement. "I'll bet we can turn him on and get him to rape both of us."

Karen bolted up into a sitting position. "Oh, Lisa, what a marvelous idea!" She jumped to her feet and tied her bikini bottom in place.

"Take it easy now," Lisa cautioned. "We don't want to give him a heart attack. We're gonna have to be very careful about this. He might not be the type, if you know what I mean. He looks at us a lot lately, but that doesn't mean he'll fuck us. I've never known him to screw anybody but Mom, have you?"

"No," Karen admitted. "But that doesn't mean he doesn't like sex."

They stole quietly to the door and cracked it open. Karen gasped. Lisa caught her breath. Their eyes widened.

"Oh, my God!" Karen gasped. "What's he doing?"

"What does it look like, silly? He's jerking his big, wet cock. God, look how big it is! What's he reading?"

Karen's breath came in spurts. "Can't you see the cover? There's a picture of a woman sucking a huge boner!"

"Ohhh, Karen, my cunt's on fire!"

"Mine, too! Jeez, his prick must drive Mom out of her mind! Just look at it!"

Lisa panted, "He's whacking it so hard. I think he's gonna come! We've got to stop him!"

The two flushed, excited girls rushed into the living room, scaring their father half to death.

"Dad!" Lisa squealed. "You don't have to do that!"

"Ohhh, Daddy," Karen sighed, eyeing his enormous prick. "You must have the biggest cock in the whole world!" It was a sentiment only a loving daughter could express, even if he did have 11 thick inches waiting to stuff all the way into his daughter's womb!

"Jesus Christ!" Bill gasped, seeing his lovely girls rush him.

Lisa tore the book from his hands and tossed it. "You don't need that. You have us. We love you."

Karen pulled his hand away from his dick and grasped it in her own hand. She sank to her knees and held it gingerly, worshipping it like a sacred statue.

Bill gasped for breath as his daughter kissed his mouth like a horny woman, tonguing him.

"Ohhh, Dad," she panted between kisses. "We're horny for you. Let us take care of you. You will, won't you?"

"I... I... if you really want to," Bill groaned.

"Oh, we do!" Karen cried.

Lisa squealed with excitement and climbed up onto his recliner. She stuck one foot to each side of him and untied her bikini bottom. It slipped on her pussy hair and fell onto his stomach, and then her juicy young pussy was staring him in the face.

"Jesus!" he groaned.

"Eat me," Lisa breathed hotly. She mashed her cunt against his gaping mouth and twisted it there, getting him going. "Ohhh, Dad, suck my cunt. Push your tongue up me and I'll give you lots of juice to drink!"

Unable to resist, he grabbed her lithe young hips and probed his thick tongue up into her squishy little pussy. He lost all sense of who these sex-hungry nymphs were, and let himself go.

The girls let themselves go, too. Lisa humped her cunt hornily, gasping and moaning as her Dad's tongue licked up into her juicy pussy.

Karen, dazed with overwhelming desire for her Daddy's prick, tore her bikini completely off, top and bottom, and she climbed onto his lap. Clinging to her sister's hips for leverage, she screwed her dripping cunt down on his dick.

"Holy shit!" Bill groaned as he felt his baby girl's tight little cunt swallow every fucking inch of his giant cock.

Karen went wild on it. She crushed her aching tits against Lisa's ass and humped her pussy viciously. She bounced and jounced up and down, faster and faster, making her Daddy's swollen cockhead fuck into her hot young cunt. As close as the poor man was to busting his balls, young Karen got there ahead of him.

"Ohhh, Daddyyy!" she squealed. She shivered from head to toe and her clenching, sucking little cunt flooded wetly and violently. She came even more violently when she felt her father's helpless cock explode in her heaving belly.

He shoved his rigid, thick cock up into her screwing cunt and pumped it full of thick, rich cum. His huge spurts of cock-cream were so good that he bit into Lisa's pussy in his excitement.

"Ohhh, bite me!" Lisa cried, loving it. She grabbed his ears and yanked hard, getting off on his sucking mouth.

The two sexy teenagers rippled and shuddered and writhed with orgasms, the one from her father's sucking mouth, the other from his fucking cock. When their dynamic climaxes ended, they clung to their father, kissing him tenderly. Lisa licked his mouth gently and expressed her deep love for him. Karen just whimpered a lot as she licked his huge, hairy balls and played with his limp, wet dick.

Bill was appropriately amazed. His eyes shone as he stared at his beautiful daughters and, when he got his breath back, he rasped, "I... I didn't know you two were so horny. Christ, I've been afraid to let you see me looking at you, afraid you'd run crying to Mother."

"Ohhh, Dad," Lisa cooed, "you're nice. We've been thinking about you, too."

"Mmmm," Karen moaned between his thighs. "I sit on the toilet a lot and fingerfuck my pussy just thinking about you doing wicked things to me."

"Jesus," he groaned, lost for words to express his surprise and delight at this turn of events. But he chuckled and said, "I hope you two know what you've let yourselves in for. If you think I'm going to be satisfied with one hour of sex with you, you're crazy."

Karen climbed up into his free arm and curled up to him. "We're gonna have lots of fun with you from now on," she purred, stroking his meaty cock. "Aren't we Lisa?"

Lisa smiled sexily at him. She bared a tit and rubbed her spiking pink nipples across his lips. "As much as you want," she told him. "You've got two hungry girls on your hands now. Do you think you can handle us?"

Lisa and Karen giggled at that, eyes sparkling. Accepting the challenge, Bill chuckled, "I'll fuck you two silly."

"We'll see about that," Karen laughed, giving his dick an affectionate squeeze. When it started to harden and throb in her hand, she said, "Now suck my pussy and let Lisa fuck your cock." But just when the three were in eager agreement, they heard their mother's car drive up. The girls leapt away from their Dad. He stuffed his dick into his pants. Karen and Lisa gathered up the pieces of their bikinis and fled to their room.

Safe on their bed, they laughed and giggled and stroked their cunts as they planned future sex games with their big-cocked father. But when all was said and done, they wondered how the three of them were going to get together when their mother was around so much.

Bill Grinow was thinking along the same erotic lines. How to get to his frenzied little girls and have a blast? But he came up with a perfect solution.

That night when his wife took her Valium, he slipped her an extra one. Then, in nothing but his pajama bottoms, he stole into the girls' room.

"Lisa? Karen? You girls awake?"

Lisa dragged her sex-swollen mouth away from Karen's drenched cunt and switched on a lamp. "Dad! What are you doing here? Wh... where's Mom?"

"Out like a light," he chuckled, moving to their bed. His eyes ran hotly over their naked young bodies and his cock hardened.

"Ohh, goodie," Karen giggled, and she wiggled over to one side of the bed.

Bill stripped his pajama bottoms off and climbed onto the bed between his lovely daughters. They both turned to him and rained kisses all over his mouth, chest, stomach, and met at his throbbing dick. There they kissed one another between licks of his monstrous hardon.

Hearing their father groaning with intense pleasure, they wriggled their asses around until he could get his hands on their bodies. Then, as he fingerfucked their wet young pussies and toyed with their clits and tickled their dripping assholes, Lisa and Karen nibbled and licked and sucked his boner.

Establishing a remarkably erotic pattern, they took turns sucking his cockhead and licking his balls. When Karen's mouth rode up and down on his dick, Lisa's tongue laved his balls. And when Karen was nibbling his balls, Lisa blew his cock.

Bill Grinow was going out of his head with pleasure. His pretty daughters' mouths so busy on his prick and balls drove him wild with lust for them. He shoved middle fingers into their hot, wet cunts and dug thumbs into their assholes. Screwing his digits around in their horny holes had a tremendous effect on the girls, too. They became downright voracious at his balls and dick, eating him like he'd never been eaten. And all three had a marvelous time of it, Lisa and Karen cumming repeatedly.

Laughing senselessly and sensuously, the girls took turns fucking his rigid cock-pole. Karen plastered her pussy on his mouth and mauled her boobs while he stabbed his hot tongue up into her twisty pussy. Lisa straddled his lower body, gripped his throbbing cock, and drove her horny cunt down on it. In a fit of passion, she leaned down and twisted her head and got her tongue up into Karen's churning little ass. Then she crashed her pussy down on her Dad's stiff prick, ground her clit against his pelvis, and got herself off wetly as she sucked Karen's ass.

Bill held his cum back now, desiring to thoroughly ravish his nympho teenagers, and the girls loved it. As Karen panted once, his prick was like an all-day sucker. Both girls kept cumming and cumming and moaning and whimpering. Bill loved the sounds they made. He used to like to hear his little girls laugh and giggle. But to listen to them moan and whimper with passion was pure delight. Their cunts were so luscious, so juicy, so suckable and fuckable. It made him proud to know that he'd had something to do with creating them.

Lisa collapsed on the bed trembling with orgasm, and Karen claimed her father's big, soaked prick. She got on it with her back to him and started fucking him hotly.

"Finger-fuck my ass, Daddy," she panted, riding her pussy fiercely up and down his rigid prick.

Bill was happy to oblige. He stroked her cute young ass, the one he used to spank and dream of screwing, and drilled his big finger up into her welcoming ass. He enjoyed himself there, driving his finger into her again and again, knowing from her squeals and grunts that he was increasing her erotic pleasure. She shivered and shook as she humped furiously on his cock and writhed her hot ass round and round on his stabbing finger.

Lisa got aroused by the vision of her Dad getting Karen off like that. She crawled up to him and poised her massive young tits over his face.

"I've seen you peeking at my tits when I bend over," she cooed. "Suck them for me, Dad. I've thought of that a lot. I think I could come if you sucked them hard."

She lowered her beautiful boobs to his mouth and he attacked them with a passion. As Lisa moaned and cooed, he licked her nipples and nibbled them and chewed them, driving the girl mad with delight. Lisa giggled and laughed and moaned, feeding her tits to her Dad, loving the way he devoured them.

"Ohhh!" she cried, pushing a stiff pink nipple into his sucking mouth. "I knew it! I knew it! Ohhh, I'm cumming!"

Her fingers clawed his shoulders and she mashed her aching tit into his mouth. And down below, her lovely ass churned and twisted and curled as her fiery young cunt flooded and soaked the bed with hot pussy-juices.

Karen cried out with another explosive orgasm and jumped up and down on his prick, soaking it like Lisa soaked the bed. Her horny cunt slid up and down wildly, squishing with juice and warm, glistening fluids came seeping from between her cunt-walls and her Daddy's cock.

"Ohhh, I've never been so wet!" she panted, loving the feeling in her pussy as it dripped and oozed and flooded.

She was so thankful for the juicy climax that she climbed around and embraced her father's neck and kissed his mouth for a long time.

While Karen got her fatherly affection, Lisa got her fatherly fuck. She jumped on his dick and screwed her tight young cunt on it hornily, panting and moaning as she came and came.

Bill tongue-fucked Karen's mouth and fingered her juicy cunt, and cock-fucked Lisa's pussy and fingered her ass.

By unanimous desire, he then fucked each of them up their asses. Karen instigated the game by getting down on all fours and begging him to fuck her. Lisa chimed in, laughing happily. Then Bill got up and took his little girl's ass doggie-fashion. While he stuffed her tight little ass chock full of thick cock, Karen ate Lisa's pussy. Then they switched places and Lisa chewed Karen's quivery young clit as her Dad fucked her in the ass. Both girls came away thoroughly satisfied with the way their Dad's dick fit up their hot asses.

"Isn't this fun?" Karen squealed, jacking his prick playfully.

"You two are a delight," Bill said. Lust was burning hotly in his eyes. "Your tits are exciting. Your asses are erotic. Your cunts are luscious."

"What about our mouths?" Lisa teased, running her tongue across her soft, ripe lips.

Bill's eyes roamed over her mouth and a low growl escaped his throat. "You little cock-teaser," he grinned. "I don't think I can hold my cum back now that you said that."

Both girls laughed and attacked his dick the way they had done before. They kissed one another and wiggled their tongues together in sisterly love, then used the tips of them on their father's throbbing cock.

They licked up and down the full length of his enormous prick, lapped his balls, tickled his cockhead, until his dick leaked pre-cum, getting ready to burst. Karen and Lisa giggled excitedly, squeezing and jerking his shaft, feeling it grow larger and hotter. With fingers and tongues and kisses and sucks, they drove his prick to the brink of explosion.

Bill let out a howl. His ass thrust in the air. His huge, pulsing cock erupted and pumped big globs of thick, white cum. Not a drop of it ever hit his body or the bed.

Lisa caught the first blast in her mouth and gulped it down. Karen threw her mouth over his cockhead and sucked up the next two spurts. Then his dick was jolting and jerking, spewing cum like crazy, and his sexy little girls turned their heads this way and that, lapping up every trace of his cream, getting it as it spurted. It was the greatest blow-job of his lifetime and he knew it.

Lisa and Karen licked their hot tongues up and down his softening prick and left it thick and pink. And they left their father gasping for breath.

They knelt up to each side of him, displaying their taut young tits, giggling at him.

"Do you still think you can handle both of us?" Karen laughed.

"Don't you worry about it, young lady," he panted.

"We'll see," Lisa giggled.

The girls laughed together, flashing looks at one another in a secret signal. But Bill wasn't dismayed. He'd love to fuck them out of their minds.

Night after night he visited their hot little bed, and night after night they fucked and sucked hornily. Before a week was out, Bill had to admit to himself that the girls had him licked. No way could he keep his two hellions satisfied with his one dick. These kids needed a helluva lot more cock than he had!

One night, as he chewed Karen's pussy and fucked Lisa's horny cunt, he secretly hoped they would soon be attracted to some guy. He needed help!

Karen and Lisa rode their bikes as far as they could, but when an unpaved back-country road became too rough, they walked them.

"Isn't it beautiful here?" Karen cooed, looking up at the sun-dappled trees.

"Yes," Lisa agreed, eyeing her sister's massive boobs. "Why don't we stop and rest for a while?"

They left the road and pushed their bikes over grass and leaves until they found a cozy spot amidst the oaks.

"This looks like a nice spot," Lisa said. She gazed at Karen's tits. "Take that damned thing off and let me suck you," she breathed.

Karen giggled. "So that's why you wanted to stop."

They embraced and giggled and stripped each other naked, tumbling to the ground and writhing into a beautiful sixty-nine position. Birds twittered and chipmunks chipped as the girls moaned and groaned into each other's juicy twats.

After their first comes, they lay back in the grass and soaked up the sun. Their bellies and tits were creamy white where their bikinis always covered them, and now they welcomed the hot sun on these places.

"Ummm," Lisa moaned, smiling. "That was a good come. The sun feels good on my soaked pussy."

Karen propped herself up on her elbows and gazed at her sister's furry young cunt. "You're so beautiful, Lisa," she murmured.

"So are you," her sister said.

"Some guy's gonna steal you away from me one of these days."

Lisa opened her eyes and looked at Karen. She sat up and caressed one of her sister's nifty boobs. "That's not gonna happen," she said. "Not to us. We're special sisters. We really love one another. I wouldn't let some guy break us up." She gave Karen's tit a gentle squeeze and she purred, "We'd both just fuck him to death!"

Karen didn't smile like Lisa wanted her to. There was a dark look in the young girl's eyes. "You're a luscious girl," Karen said seriously. "I just know some guy with a marvelous cock is going to take you away from me. You'll get married or something. Things change."

"Karen, don't be so glum," Lisa scolded, petting her pussy. "We're together, aren't we? I mean, even if that did happen, it won't be for years yet. We have lots of fun ahead of us. You'll see."

She got up on her knees and gave Karen's shoulders a gentle shake. "Snap out of it. I don't like to see you looking blue. You're too pretty to be anything but juicy."

A smile played on Karen's lips. She reached over and inserted her slim middle finger up into Lisa's wet cunt. Sliding it in and out, she sighed, "You're right, I guess. I just had the funny thought that we wouldn't always be having so much fun."

Lisa leaned over and licked her pink tongue across her sister's sexy mouth. "Even if I get married some day," she whispered hotly, "do you think I'd desert you? Heck, I'd share my husband with you."

"Would you?" Karen brightened. "Would you really let him fuck me?"

"Of course!" Lisa said. "I promise you right now. No man will ever touch my body without touching yours, too."

"Same here!" Karen laughed.

The girls clasped hands in their special friendship handshake, committing themselves to the vow. Then they sealed the bargain with kisses and hugs and caresses.

Lisa got horny for kisses. She pulled Karen's head back and pushed her slithery little tongue into the girl's upturned mouth. She squeezed Karen's boobs.

"Mmmph!" Karen cried through the hot kiss. A big tongue was licking her open cunt, and it sure wasn't Lisa's!

Lisa, startled by her sister's outcry, jerked back to see what had caused it. "Oh, my God!" she gasped.

Karen choked, eyes wide. Between her open legs was a huge German shepherd, licking his tongue furiously at her pretty cunt.

"Get away!" Lisa squealed in alarm. She looked frightened and her tits were heaving fast. "Stop that! Go away!"

"Wait!" Karen cried, dropping back onto her elbows. "Don't be scared. He's friendly. Ohhh, look how he's licking me! Lisa, Lisa, it feels so good! Have you ever had a dog lick your pussy?"

"No!" Lisa gasped. "He looks mean. Maybe he'll attack us!"

Karen giggled, hunching her cunt so the dog's tongue could lick everywhere on it. "He is attacking us, silly. He must have smelled our pussies. I wonder where he came from? God, he's a gorgeous animal, isn't he?"

"How do you know it's a he?" Lisa asked breathlessly. Slowly, carefully, afraid the dog would attack her if she moved, she lowered herself down until her cheek touched the grass. She peered under the animal's belly. "Oh! It's a he!"

Karen grew excited at that. "Ohh, Lisa, let's have some fun with him! Let him lick your pussy, too, and get to know you."

Lisa kneeled up and spread her knees open on the soft grass. Karen cupped the dog's muzzle in her hand.

"Come on, boy," she said. "Give Lisa some licks. Come on, over here, boy."

She guided the beast's snout to Lisa's waiting cunt and he immediately started lapping it. His big wet tongue lashed and whipped against her puffy pussy-lips, and her stiff, quivery clit.

"Ohhh, he is friendly," Lisa then agreed.

Karen rested, watching with sparkling eyes as the dog licked her sister's lovely cunt. She saw Lisa grow hornier and hornier, watched her cup her tits and play with them as she twisted her cunt on the doggie-tongue.

"Lisa," she rasped hotly, "have you ever fucked a dog?"

"Karen!" Lisa gasped. "What a perfectly wicked idea!"

"Have you?"


"I wonder what it's like?" Karen cooed sexily.

"I saw a picture of it once," Lisa panted.

Karen sat up and extended her hand. She slipped it under the dog's belly and felt for his dick. Her fingers curled around a thick, hairy sheath. Within it she felt what she was looking for and, breathing hotly, she started jerking it. The doggie-cock emerged from the sheath big and wet. Karen caressed it, fondled it, made it grow.

"Ohhh, I want his cock up my cunt!" she cried. Lisa shivered with orgasm and panted, "Is it that nice?"

"It's fantastic! Thick! Long! Ohhh, Lisa, how do we get him to fuck us?"

Lisa thought a moment, then said, "You have to get on all fours like a bitch."

Karen giggled. "I am a bitch."

"Oh, you know what I mean," Lisa laughed. "Get on your hands and knees and I'll see if I can get him to fuck you."

Karen rolled and quickly assumed the proper position. She spread her knees apart and looked back to see what was happening. She was excited.

Lisa had some difficulty getting the dog's snout away from her cunt and, even then, the dog simply wanted to bury it in Karen's wet little girl pussy.

"No, no," Lisa said, tugging at him. "Up! Up, boy! Ohh, what a dumb dog! Get up here and fuck her!"

"Be nice to him," Karen said. "If you yell at him, he might go away, and then what will we do?"

"Oh, yeah," Lisa said. She stroked the dog's cock and purred, "Good dog, good boy, beautiful dog. Come here now. Get your front paws up on Karen's back. God, he's heavy! Uh! There! Whew, so far so good."

Karen saw the doggie-cock then, huge and wet. "He's humping the air," she panted. "He's getting the idea. Ohhh, Lisa, get his dick in my pussy!"

Lisa got behind the animal and nudged him forward. Karen thrust a hand between her open thighs and grasped his throbbing prick. Lisa pushed, Karen pulled.

"Oh!" Karen squealed. "It's in! Ohhh, he's gonna fuck me!"

The dog got the idea then. With his tongue hanging out and drooling saliva onto Karen's back, he inched his hind paws forward. His big hard cock entered her cunt-channel fluidly, slipping right up into her, forcing her pussy-walls apart Karen's forehead hit the ground and she moaned loudly as the beast started fucking like crazy in her cunt. Drooling and panting, he humped his hindquarters furiously, and his enormous cock drilled into her cunt like there was no tomorrow.

"Ohhh, he must drive bitches out of their minds!" Karen cried, screwing her pussy on the driving, drilling prick. "Ohhh, he's fucking me so hard! So deep! So fast! Ewww, Lisa, I can feel his balls banging my clit! Ohhh, mama!"

Lisa stared in wonderment at the speed and force with which the dog fucked her sister's dripping young cunt. And from Karen's shivering body and heated moans, she could see that getting fucked by a big dog had its advantages.

Karen soon realized one big advantage. A dog never tires or flags while screwing. His huge dick pounded her pussy with relentless fury, shafting in and out with power and might. Karen groaned, cumming and cumming, and still the beast fucked and humped and drilled her cunt.

Lisa couldn't bear the sight. She drilled a finger up into her juicy cunt and came wetly as she watched the horny dog-girl fucking going on before her eyes.

"Ahhhh!" Karen shrieked. "He's shooting his load up my cunt!"

The dog's swollen cockhead crashed into her pussy and pumped load after load of thick, juicy cum. The more his prick gushed, the more Karen came, until she was a quivering mass of fucked female flesh.

"Ohhh, Karen," Lisa cried. "Your cunt is so greedy! I didn't want him to come! I want him to fuck me, too!"

Karen rolled away from the dog and panted, "Maybe you can get him stiff again. Why don't you suck him off?"

Lisa gave her a sly look. "You'd like to watch me blow a dog, wouldn't you? You little brat. You suck him off and I'll screw his cock when you've got it nice and hard."

They giggled, teasing one another, then both caressed the dog's prick. Lisa tickled his balls and Karen jacked his cock. To their amazement, his dick erected almost immediately.

"Ohhh, he's ready!" Lisa gasped. "Ohh, Karen, get him up on me!"

Lisa took the all-fours position, panting hotly for her share of the doggie-prick, and Karen guided the animal up onto her luscious young body. The dog humped furiously at the girl's ass.

"Ohh, he's missing my hole!" Lisa complained. "He's getting my ass all wet and slippery. Karen, Karen, can't you get his cock into my pussy?"

A deep male voice behind them said, "Maybe I can be of some help."

The girls screamed in alarm, spinning around. Karen grabbed her dress and pulled it to her boobs, open-mouthed and horrified. Her pussy was peeking out.

"Who... what." Lisa sputtered, covering her tits with her hands. "How dare you! I mean."

The man grinned and opened his pants. He brought out his dick, thick and wet and throbbing. "I've been watching you two with my dog," he said, approaching them. "And I don't think you're going to stop me from banging both of you. Not unless You'd like me to report this."

"My God, a rapist!" Karen squealed.

"Yeah!" Lisa rasped, staring at his huge cock.

"We... we don't even know you," Karen said.

"Phil," the man replied, staring at Lisa's luscious pink pussy. "I heard a racket over here and just had to see what was going on."

"My name's Lisa," Lisa purred, letting her thighs fall open. "This is my sister Karen."

The man dropped to his knees, dick dripping pre-cum. He winked at Karen and said, "You're cute. Especially when you're cumming on a dog-cock."

Karen smiled girlishly and lowered her eyelashes. The man turned to Lisa, the girl who hadn't yet come. He figured she was the one most likely to succumb to his blackmail.

He urged her down onto her back and her tits jutted up at him. He smiled, guiding his massive boner to her cunt. "You didn't get to screw Joshua, did you?"

"N... no," Lisa stammered.

"Well, don't you worry, little lady," he said hornily. "You're going to get yours."

He covered her pretty mouth with his and forced his tongue between her lips. As he pushed it down her gulping throat, he shoved his stiff cock-meat up into her juicy cunt. Lisa immediately went wild and fucked with a passion that excited Karen and the dog.

The dog seemed to be glad to see his master fucking. He started running circles around the trio, barking and jumping happily. Karen giggled and ran after him. Unafraid after getting fucked by the animal, she ran and tumbled with him, gasping for breath and laughing, as her sister humped and whipped and jerked on the ground under the big, pussy-pounding man.

Joshua leapt onto Karen's defenseless body and she got a thrill being pinned down like that. She spread her legs and thrust her pussy up and twisted it against the dog's humping cock.

"Ohhh, he's gonna fuck me!" she gasped.

Phil glanced over at the play and laughed. "Not like that, young lady," he chuckled. "The angle of your pussy isn't right for a dog."

"Ohh, do I have to be on all fours?" Karen asked.

The man drilled his cock into Lisa's cumming cunt and buried it there. He grinned at horny little Karen and said, "See that fallen log over there? Go down to the end of it and lay on it with your ass right on the edge. I think you'll get what you want that way. I'd help you, but I'm busy right now."

Karen pranced to the log and did as she was told. She perched her curvy little ass on the rough bark of the tree and the German shepherd jumped up on her, his haunches between her outspread thighs. To her joy and amazement, it worked.

The dog humped and humped until his cock was stabbing at her cunt. Karen discovered that by twisting just a little this way, lifting just a little that way, she got his horny doggie-cock up into her juicy cunt.

She placed his front paws right on her spiking pink nipples and got good feelings in her tight young tits as the doggie-prick fucked her spasming cunt. Her eyes rolled in her head and she fucked and fucked, enjoying the pleasure to its fullest.

Lisa was gasping for breath, twisting her pussy up hard on the man's driving, drilling cock. "Ohhh, how you fuck a girl!" she squealed. "I've come four times! You haven't come at all!"

Phil chuckled and said, "And I'm going to right now. I don't want to bust my balls just yet. I'm going to fuck you kids till you're both soaked with cum."

"Karen! Karen!" Lisa yelled. "This man can hold his cum back!"

Karen pushed the dog out of her cunt and rolled onto her feet. She moved across the grass slowly, letting the man eye her luscious naked body. She moved up close and parted her legs. Cupping her pussy, she purred, "Can I have some of your cock up my cunt?"

Phil looked at Lisa. "What do you say?"

"Of course. She's my sister. We always share."

He chuckled and rolled off of Lisa's firm, vibrating body and lay on his back. Karen giggled and jumped over her sister. She straddled the man and lowered her cunt down onto his rigid fuckpole, getting every solid inch of it up into her hot cunt.

"Ewwww," she cooed, "how big it is! Ummm, it feels so good up my cunt. Ohhh, fuck me!"

Phil put his hands on her thrusting tits and said, "You fuck me, baby. You're on top."

Karen's eyes closed and she jumped up and down on his enormous boner, riding her wet cunt on it as he enjoyed her baby-tits.

Lisa ran over and tried the log trick, and Joshua obediently mounted her and fucked his doggie-cock to her. Both girls were soon moaning and squealing and cumming wetly.

Karen and Lisa liked the man and his dog, and they decided to spend the afternoon with them. The man got naked for them and, retaining his cum for hours, he screwed them mouth, cunt and ass all afternoon. And his dog helped keep the girls primed for sex.

He fucked his stiff cock into Lisa's ass and Karen licked his balls and ass as he did so. And between Karen's lithe young legs, the dog licked and lapped her juicy cunt.

When Karen was on her back, getting fucked by the horny man, Lisa sat on his ass and bounced up and down on it to make his big dick slam into her sister's horny pussy, and Joshua licked her furry young cunt.

Round and round it went, two nubile girls, a cunt-crazed man, and his pussy-licking hound. Karen and Lisa had a glorious time in the sun and, by the time it was four o'clock, their luscious young pussies were soaked. They both had extreme amounts of silky cum drenching their thighs.

As a special treat for the nice man, the girls did for him what they liked doing for their Dad. They had him lie down and they both kissed, licked, lapped and sucked his rigid cock. Between the two of them they drained his balls of all his thick, rich cock-cream. Man and dog looked rather spent and weary when the two girls pranced off with their bikes.

The minute Karen saw the salesman at the door, she knew she was going to put out for him. Her day had been rather boring until the man's arrival. Her parents were out and Lisa had gone on a picnic with friends. So Karen was delighted when the man eyed her half-naked boobs so hungrily.

"Is your mother home?" he asked.

"No, she isn't," Karen replied, smiling sweetly. She leaned against the door jamb, knowing he could see the tops of her luscious tits.

The man struggled to keep his mind on his work. "Oh, uhhh, well, maybe I'll come back this evening," he faltered.

"Do you have to go?" Karen asked.

The man blinked. "Huh?"

Karen giggled. "You can come in if you want to," she said. "We can have some fun."

The guy walked in with a hardon pounding in his pants and Karen closed the door. Karen smiled at him and deliberately ran her hand up the length of his cock.

"I'm lonely," she said softly. "Would you like to keep me company?"

"I... I... I." the man stammered.

Karen giggled and sank to her knees before him. Licking her lips anxiously, she unzipped his fly and stuck her hand inside his pants. Her fingers found his rigid prick and curled around it. She wiggled it out of his pants and gazed at it in her soft, gentle hand.

"Mmm, how wet you are," she purred. Her hand milked his dick up and down a few times and even more juice oozed from the small hole at the end of his prick. "I love to make a man stiff and juicy," she said.

She stuck her pink tongue out and licked it over his bulging, throbbing cockhead until she'd lapped up all his juice. The man staggered and fell back against the door as the pretty teenager licked and lapped his cock.

"I... I've never had this," he stammered hotly.

Karen peered up at his flushed face and smiled. "Then you'll like it a lot. Just leave it to me. I'll suck you off like you've never been sucked off."

With a horny little moan she extended the tip of her tongue and licked the underside of the man's pulsing prick, making him groan and shiver. Then her soft lips pressed against his cockhead, parting slowly, kissing while her saucy little, tongue continued lashing. Soon his whole cockhead was in her mouth, then half his cock-shaft, and finally every inch of his boner. Her nose bumped his hair-covered stomach. The man choked and gasped as her wet little mouth started sliding up and down on his rigid prick.

Karen closed her eyes and her mouth, bobbing her pretty head slowly at first, enjoying herself. Then she pulled on his soaked cock with her leeching lips, tasting the sweet flavor. The taste of cock aroused her all the more. Her nipples stiffened in her dress. Her pussy moistened between her hot young thighs.

"Dear God," the man muttered. He started thrusting his dick into the horny girl's mouth, letting go of his reservations and inhibitions, wanting her to suck him off. He was shocked and delighted at the same time that he was actually fucking his stiff prick in and out of a sexy teen's wet mouth.

Hornily, Karen swirled her tongue round and round the throbbing meat in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down until his cockhead was fucking into her throat. The only sounds in the room then were the man's labored breathing and Karen's soft, sensual moans of pleasure.

The poor guy couldn't even think of withholding his cum. His aching balls tightened up and Karen grabbed them and fondled them, knowing he was going to lose his load. She moaned hotly and sucked harder and faster on his rigid poker, running her mouth up and down the length of it with a passion.

"Holy Christ!" the man gasped.

His fiery cock enlarged, swelled up, thickened in Karen's loving mouth. His head fell back and hit the door with a thud as his massive prick exploded with a violent blast of thick white cum. Then his dick was jolting and jerking, spitting and gushing like mad.

Karen moaned aggressively and worked her pretty head up and down on his dick, sucking the cum up out of his balls. She gulped, swallowed, drew her mouth back, let his prick fire another shot, and swallowed again. She drove her mouth down on his raging boner and quickly fucked the rest of his cum out of him with her gulping throat, drinking his cum down thirstily. She panted heavily as the straining cock started relaxing in her mouth. Then she slipped her wet lips off his dick and used her tongue all over it, licking it dry.

"Ummm, you cum nice," she purred. She settled back on her haunches and gazed up at the dazed man. "Did you like that?"

"Like it? It was terrific! My wife's never blown me! No one's ever blown me! I've never had my cock sucked! Ohh, Jesus, the guys'll never believe this!"

Karen got to her feet and stood near the coffee table. "Do you mean the men you work with?" she cooed.

"Yeah!" the man rasped, eyeing her curvy young figure.

"Well, just bring them around with you next time," Karen said. "Me and my sister will prove to them that you're telling the truth. You'd like Lisa. And I know she'd like you. There's something cute about the way you're shocked. It excites me when you look at me like I'm the only girl in the world. Am I sexy?"

"Luscious!" the man blurted. His eyes ran over her and he stammered, "Are... are you serious? About the guys, I mean. Would you and your sister really fuck us?"

"Like crazy," Karen giggled.

"Four guys?"

"Forty guys!" Karen laughed.

The guy peered around the room for the first time. "You know, I believe you. But, well, I'd be afraid to come here like that... you know... horny, with guys with me."

Karen giggled and her eyes sparkled. "I understand. But we don't have to meet here. Why don't Lisa and me meet you and your friends in Lovers Lane, say, tomorrow evening about seven?"

"We'll be there!" he said hotly.

"So will we!" Karen laughed.

Her eyes drifted down to his limp wet prick and she smiled at it. "Come here," she cooed. "Sit down here on the sofa. I wanna do something."

He sat down and settled back. "What do you want to do?"

"Get your cock stiff again," she said. "I like to watch a man's prick getting hard for me. Do you mind?"

"Hell, no!" he laughed nervously.

Karen felt an exciting thrill pass through her cunt as she gazed at the man's dick. She liked it, and him. He seemed to know very little about sex, and that made him appealing, a guy to be seduced. She knew his cock would get nice and big if she did a little strip for him, let him see her teenaged body. Cocksucking him had gotten her just horny enough to have some fun.

She gave the guy a naughty sex glance and licked her tongue slowly across her ripe young lips. Then she smoothed her hands up to her massive young tits and cupped them, keeping his eyes busy. She gave a slow, circular swivel to her hips, and let him watch her belly rotate in her dress. The man breathed heavily and that made Karen feel hot and sexy. She unzipped her dress in back.

With a shrug of her smooth white shoulders, she made her dress slip down. The light material glided and got hung up on the sharp points of her luscious boobs. Karen smiled sexily and squirmed her body, leaving the dress to do the work. She knew she was really sexy by the look of lust in the man's eyes. And his cock was coming back to life between his legs.

Karen giggled sensuously as she twisted her upper body. Her dress slipped on her nipples, then slithered to her slim waist and flaring hips. Her boobs, young and hard, poked nakedly in the air before the man's hot eyes and rising dick.

Sliding her little tongue across her lips, she slowly hooked her thumbs into the dress and helped it over the curves of her hips and ass. The guy stared wide-eyed as her dress sank to the floor in a small heap around her feet. The teenager was stark naked and he ogled her furry little cunt, so pretty and pink.

"Jesus," he groaned. His prick erected instantly, leaping into rigidity and throbbing hotly.

Karen made a soft sound in her throat and gazed interestingly at his nice cock. To get him even hotter and hornier, she slowly lifted one leg up and set her foot on the coffee table, exposing every lovely inch of her moist, pink cunt.

The guy leaned forward, eyes burning on the glistening pink lips of her little-girl pussy. Unaware of it, he slipped to his knees and he could feel the heat from her cunt on his face. Karen shivered with a flood of passion because she knew what he wanted to do to her cunt.

"I've never seen a teenager's pussy," he muttered helplessly.

Karen gave her cunt a little push forward. "You can lick it, if you want to," she said. "You can do anything you want to it."

The guy saw that the kid was horny for it. Her furry young cunt was throbbing for the touch of his hot, slithery tongue. He pressed closer to it with his mouth.

Karen moaned when she felt his hot breath gush against her quivery pussy-lips, and she opened her thighs wider, exposing her juicy little cunt-slit. She gave a muffled little sob of surrender and her whole body went lax.

"Ohhh, please, don't tease me," she panted. "Eat it! Suck my pussy!"

The guy's tongue poked out of his mouth and he tasted the silky juice glistening on her pussy-lips. Karen's body jerked and she hunched her cunt forward for more. She wanted him to lick her cunt as much as he wanted to do it.

The guy groaned with lust. His cock throbbed and pulsed wetly in his lap. He felt rather powerful at that moment. The young girl was helpless with horniness, dying to have him thrust his thick tongue up into her hot cunt.

He grinned obscenely. He watched the gathering dew appear on the delicate pink inner flesh of her beautiful young pussy. He listened to her moans and saw the flush of desire turn her cunt bright pink and juicy.

Karen's asscheeks quivered with excitement as the horny guy's thumbs touched her pussy-lips. She gazed down beyond her massive tits and watched him eye her pussy lustfully, prying her cunt-lips open, staring into her juicy cunt.

She watched his thick, wet tongue dart forward, and her pussy throbbed wildly as he lashed her clit. She could watch no longer. She threw her head back and grasped her aching tits and shrieked with pleasure as the man twirled his wicked tongue all over her pussy-lips, cunt-slit and quivery little clit.

"Ohhhh! Yesssss!" she cried, shivering from head to toe.

The guy's horny tongue tunneled into her wet pussy and he wiggled it around way up in her. Karen squealed and shivered with joy as she humped her cunt and squeezed her boobs with pleasure.

The tongue delved into her pussy-channel, sliding deep. The guy started fucking it in and out of her twisty little cunt and the steady, horny plunge of his tongue set her ass on fire. Karen went wild on his sucking mouth.

She just had to announce her delight and demonstrate her pleasure. She shouted out in quivering tones as the guy's tongue flicked into her steamy cunt. She shrieked with enjoyment as his tongue backed out of her churning pussy and licked mind-boggling circles around her fluttering clit. She threw her arms around his head and crushed his mouth into the squishy, hot gash of her luscious cunt. She clasped his face between her hands and ground her pussy down on his shafting tongue and wrapped her pussy-lips tightly around it. She jerked violently and let out a howl. Her cunt shivered and flooded with flow after flow of silky juices. Thrills rippled through her young body until she shuddered ecstatically and her soaked little cunt sucked greedily on the guy's pleasing tongue.

"Ohhh, I'm getting off again!" she cried. Her fingernails dug into his cheeks and she humped her cunt wildly on his plunging, raping tongue, creaming all over it wetly. The guy groaned with pleasure and sucked her pussy-juices out of her twisting pussy.

Sex-hungry young Karen wanted more and more and more of this delightful cunt-sucking. But the guy couldn't eat any more pussy. His dick was on the rampage and he ached to fuck this adorable young chick. Karen felt his mouth leave her cunt and for a moment she moaned in protest.

Then her nostrils quivered and she gazed through heavy-lidded eyes at his huge, wet boner. Seeing the condition the poor guy was in, she understood why he'd stopped eating her cunt.

She sank onto the sofa and opened her lithe young legs real wide for him. She stretched her arms out to him. "Ohh, I know what you want," she panted hotly. "Me, too. Ohhh, come here and fuck me! Fuck meeeee!"

The sensations in her cunt were so luscious, so wonderful, that she couldn't think of a lovelier feeling until his big, wet cock nosed the rippling mouth of her cunt.

She moaned and he groaned at the contact. He inched his prick into her and it felt like a silky, blazing vise grip had clenched his bulging cockhead. Karen's pussy twisted and turned and became a sucking, flaming sheath for his drilling cock. Her pussy was so tight around his fat prick that his balls tingled and shook with the intense pleasure of it all.

"Give it to me!" Karen squealed, and the guy fucked his prick up into her. He burrowed his thick cockhead up her pussy to the very back of her cunt, and he fucked it into her cunt in a way that made her young body shudder and vibrate with responding passion.

Karen let out a little wail of delight. Her head rocked senselessly from side to side as the guy drew his cock back, plunged, drew back, drilled, pulled back, plunged. He thrust his horny prick deeply into her twisting body and fucked in and out with fast, horny rhythm. With her pussy impaled by his rapidly plunging dick, Karen bucked and thrashed, humped up to meet his prick-thrusts, sank down when he withdrew, twisted her ass, and ground her clit against his pelvis.

Gasping hotly, she grabbed one of his hands and pushed it down under her heaving little ass. "Here, here," she panted hornily. "My ass - p-put your finger in my ass!"

The obscene request from such a young girl drove the guy crazy with lust. His blood pounded hotly and his cock thrust violently into her churning cunt as he inched his middle finger up into her puckered little ass. He found her tiny gash soaked with her own juice that was leaking from her fucking cunt and his finger thrust into her shitter while his prick pounded her pussy.

Karen gasped and lurched under him, thrilled by the sudden delight. The guy chuckled almost evilly and thrust his finger into her ass and, at the same moment, drilled his huge prick deep into the wet, velvety tunnel of her hungrily fucking pussy.

Karen spread her quivering legs even farther as the guy ravished both her tight little holes. She choked for breath, feeling every thrill of his drilling finger and thrusting cock. She felt his hot balls slapping heavily against her upturned ass-cheeks and the faster they hit, the closer he was to shooting his load.

"Ohhh, you're gonna cum in me," Karen moaned.

Her eyes closed tightly and her face contorted with exquisite pleasure as she humped to cum with him. She began an unearthly moaning that drove the guy wild on her fucking, screwing young body. The girl was aching to cum.

"Fuck me!" Karen cried, humping her cunt faster. "I... I'm gonna cum! Ohhh, fuck your cum into me! Give it to me! Ohhh, mister, make me cum a good one!" She got her wish. The guy fucked his cock in and out of her cunt with a maddening speed that sent shocks of erotic joy through them both. Then he felt the most wonderful sensation between her clenching cunt-lips as the hot, silky juices of her violent climax flooded her pussy and made it a hot, sucking mouth around his dick.

Karen screwed up and down, back and forth, cumming hotly, wetly, hornily. At the same time the violent spasms of the guy's climax began, and his tightened, cum-filled balls fired big thick loads of burning cum through his jerking prick.

Karen clung to him through the powerful orgasm, screwing and whimpering, and both of them were racked with final violent shivers as cunt and cock finished cumming. With a loud sigh of tremendous relief, the guy collapsed on Karen's writhing young body and spent a long time licking her tits while his prick slipped slowly out of her pussy along with her hot juices. Then he got up and looked at her beautiful fucked body for a while before leaving the house.

Karen remained on the sofa, moaning softly and caressing her boobs gently. Her nipples were still tingling from the guy's sucking and her pussy felt warm and juicy after his nice fucking.

She didn't get up until her sister Lisa arrived. Then she leapt from the sofa and squealed, "Oh, Lisa, wait till I tell you what happened!"

The girls hurried into their bedroom, laughing, and on the bed, Lisa stripped naked as her kid sister related the afternoon's event. "And you and me can meet him and his buddies in Lovers Lane tomorrow night!" she concluded.

"Mmm, wonderful," Lisa cooed, stretching across the bed totally nude. "Now let me tell you what happened to me today."

As Karen stroked her tits and pussy, she murmured, "The picnic was an absolute bore at first. You know how square those girls are. So pretty, but so dumb, jumping around in sexy little things, but never giving any pussy to the guys. Well, remember that old shack about a half-mile from the grounds?"

Karen nodded her head rapidly, hanging on to her sister's every word. She eased her finger up into Lisa's pussy and Lisa played with her kid sister's boobs.

"Well, when I got bored," Lisa went on, "I sort of teased Billy Stern. You remember him. I got him to chase me around and I ran into the shack and he came after me and, well, one thing led to another. Before I knew it, he was banging my pussy for all he was worth. It was so much fun that I did the same thing with Jeff. Then Carl. And Sam and Phil and Larry - and a few boys whose names I've forgotten. Oh, Karen, it was a wonderful picnic!"

The girls twisted on the bed, getting their faces into each other's muff. Their tongues lashed out and two young, furry cunts got hotter and wetter as the sisters ate each other with a fury.

Karen and Lisa were roller-skating, raising cocks all over the neighborhood as they whizzed up and down the streets in their form-fitting skating outfits.

On their own block, Karen stopped near a pole and grabbed Lisa's arm. "Look," she said. "That car pulling up in front of our house."

Lisa peered up the street. "Yeah?" she muttered.

"It's him," Karen said excitedly. "The salesman I told you about. The one that Mom turned on to. Now what do you suppose he's doing here?"

Lisa giggled. "You sure love mystery, Karen. He's probably delivering whatever it was Mom bought."

"His hands are empty."

"Hmm, they are, aren't they? You don't suppose."

"Let's find out!" Karen exclaimed.

The two girls coasted along the sidewalk, asses twisting with each push of their legs. More than one old man watched the two lovelies as they passed by, tits straining and massive in their tee-shirts.

At their driveway, they quickly removed their skates and put their tennies back on.

"Around back," Lisa whispered, and they crept around to the side of the house. They paused below the window of their mother's bedroom and heard exactly what they hoped they would hear.

"Ohh, Jim," they heard their mom say. "It's so big and hot! But what if the girls come home?"

The man didn't answer in words. There was a soft moan from their mother, then a rather sexy laugh. The girls couldn't bear the suspense.

Karen lifted a wooden box from the side of the house and placed it under the window. She and Lisa stood on it and slowly raised their eyes to window level and peeked inside.

Their eyes went wide and they nudged one another meaningfully as they gazed at the pussy-warming scene within. Carol Grinow was on her knees in front of the man named Jim, and there was no doubt in the girls' minds what she was doing there. The man's pants were open, and he had the largest, juiciest cock the girls had seen in days.

Lisa gasped and Karen poked her to silence. Lisa was understandably amazed that her mother was doing this sort of thing, and she might have been utterly shocked if it wasn't so fucking exciting to watch.

Calming themselves to the best of their ability, the girls embraced one another and stared hotly. Their mother was admiring the man's boner as if she were totally hypnotized by his big, wet, throbbing dick. Her pink tongue slithered out of her mouth and licked rather sexily at her lips. She was pink-faced and trembling, obviously horny to suck it. The girls understood what the man's giant prick was doing to their mother.

Karen caught her breath when the man pressed his hand to the back of her mother's head, urging her to lean forward, closer to his turgid, throbbing cock. Lisa covered her mouth with one hand to keep from gasping out loud.

"Suck it, baby," the man said gruffly. "I've never been sucked like you suck. I've been thinking about it all week. Come on, take my cock in your pretty mouth and get me off."

Karen swallowed painfully as her mother's pink tongue streaked out and licked at the bulging head of the man's fantastic hardon.

"Hang on, handsome," Carol said erotically, and her lewd remark and behavior thrilled the girls.

Carol tilted and lowered her face. She licked a glistening trail across the man's big, hairy balls. She traced a wet path up the full length of his cock and wiggled the tip of her tongue against the underside of the head.

The girls could plainly see that the man's enormous prick was growing even larger and stiffer right before their eyes. Neither had known just how good Carol was with her mouth and tongue and lips..

Jim's dick was jerking so violently that Carol had to grip it tightly and hold it steady as she delighted it with her licking, lapping wet tongue. Both girls couldn't believe how incredibly huge Carol made the man's boner.

They glanced at one another, wide-eyed, silently agreeing that their mother couldn't possibly stretch her mouth wide enough to suck the man's giant prick. But Carol fooled them both. With a short gasp of horniness, she spread her sexy lips over his cockhead and took half his dick into her mouth.

Karen made a funny sound in her throat and this time Lisa poked her to keep her quiet. They stared hotly, their pussies tingling, as their mother sucked the man off.

Carol grasped Jim's thick cock in her fist and pumped it up and down slowly as her mouth sucked in rhythm. Soft sucking sounds burned the girls' ears as Carol pulled more of the massive prick into her mouth. It was so exciting to watch their mother blow a strange man's cock that Karen and Lisa both trembled with orgasm. As their mother sucked, their cunts flooded.

Lisa pressed her lips to her sister's hot little ear and rasped, "Look at her face!"

Carol's features were glowing with pleasure.

Their mother had the lewdest expression they'd ever seen on her beautiful face, and her eyes were shining with horniness.

The girls clutched at one another as Carol began to suck the immense cock faster and harder, as if she were trying to suck something out of it. Their mother's eyes positively radiated her lust for prick and she made small animal sounds deep in her throat as the man's cock fucked powerfully in and out of her sucking mouth.

Karen watched the big man's hand creep under her mother's skirt. She saw his wrist turning every which way and heard her mother moan as she humped her cunt. Karen's pussy got soaked.

The man jabbed between Carol's thighs and Carol let out a long, hot moan. "Suck, baby, suck!" he growled. "God damn, I'm gonna bust my balls!"

Carol's hands flew to his balls and caressed them feverishly. Her mouth slid all the way down on his erect boner and the girls smothered gasps as she took every solid inch of his dick down her throat. The way the man was moving told Karen and Lisa that he was getting his kicks by fucking his cockhead down her throat.

Carol squirmed her cunt hornily, rubbing it hotly against his hand as she sucked the hell out of his prick.

"She's gonna eat it!" Karen rasped. Lisa nudged her and shot her a glance to be quiet, to control herself.

"Get it!" the man groaned. "Ohh, baby, suck the cum up out of my balls!"

The girls' cute cunts quivered with pleasure as they watched their mother swallow the man's violent blasts of cum. They could see her throat swallowing rapidly and could hear her gulping noises as the man's stiff cock jolted and jerked wildly between her slip-sliding lips. Their mother was devouring another man's cock, gobbling his thick, rich cum as if he were her husband.

Carol's head bobbed up and down rapidly as she sucked and gulped, gulped and sucked. She looked like she was trying now for his guts, blowing him with remarkable passion. Her throat rippled with each swallow of cum and her eyes were smoldering with female lust for cock. Her whole body was trembling lusciously as if she were in the throes of intense pleasure. The girls knew she was cumming. They were cumming themselves.

"Ohhh, that was marvelous," Carol purred, licking his spent dick dry with her saucy tongue.

"Marvelous!" Karen gasped, climbing through the window. "It was fantastic!"

Lisa threw one leg over the windowsill and jumped inside behind her sister. Carol gasped and fell back on her ass, legs wide, cunt naked.

"Lisa! Karen!" she gasped.

"Oh, mother, you're beautiful!" Karen cried. She ran to her mother and threw her arms around her neck. Lisa squatted beside her and gave her a hug.

"I... I don't understand," Carol stammered, blushing. "Beautiful? Y... you mean, you don't think I'm wicked?"

Lisa and Karen laughed and that made the man chuckle. "I don't think you know your daughters at all, Carol," he said.

Carol cupped their pretty faces in her hands and laughed with relief. "I don't think I do either," she admitted.

"Now we can be friends," Lisa said, eyeing the man's fat prick.

Carol looked where her daughter was looking and saw Jim's dick stiffening. "What do you mean by friends?" she wanted to know.

Karen giggled. "We can share your men," she said. "And we'll share ours with you."

Carol gasped. "Your men? What men? Don't tell me my little girls are - well - having sex!"

The girls laughed. "No, Mother," Lisa giggled. "We don't have sex. We suck and fuck just like you!"

"And we love it like you do!" Karen squealed with delight.

"Oh, my God!" Carol gasped, unable to take it all in at once.

"Oh, Mother, stop looking so shocked," Karen said.

Lisa looked up into the man's horny eyes and cooed, "You were going to fuck my mother next, weren't you?"

"Yes," he grinned.

"Then do it," Lisa cooed. "We'd like to see how she gets off."

"It'll be my pleasure," Jim said, dropping to his knees.

"No, wait!" Carol cried, falling onto her back. "Please. No. I just couldn't do a thing like that in front of my children."

Lisa gave her a look and purred, "I'd sure fuck in front of you!"

"Me, too," Karen giggled. "Come on, Mom, spread your legs. You've got a beautiful pussy. I wanna watch him fuck it with his big dick."

"Ohh, nooo, this can't be happening!" Carol cried.

"It's happening, all right," the man chuckled.

He knelt between Carol's luxurious legs and guided his stiff cock to her pussy. In spite of her gasps and protestations, he lodged his cockhead in her cunt-channel and drove all of his prick up into her pussy. In a flash, he was fucking her hornily, impassioned not only by her bushy, juicy cunt, but by her nubile daughters with their bright eyes watching his every fucking move.

"Ohh, mother," Lisa moaned. "You look lovely like this." She bent down and kissed her mother's soft, ripe lips. Her pink tongue streaked out of her mouth and she tickled Carol's lips with the tip of it.

"Lisa," Carol panted as the big cock rammed into her hot cunt, "you shouldn't kiss your mother that way."

"Why not?" Lisa panted, wanting to kiss her a lot, "I love you. You're beautiful. You're sexy. And it'll get you hotter. I want to make you hot, Mom. You're so beautiful when you're hot."

She pushed her little pink tongue into her mother's mouth and Carol found it unbelievably sexy. She moaned softly and gave Lisa teasing tongue little licks of her own. Then she gasped on Lisa's mouth as she felt Karen's baby mouth suck one of her spiking nipples.

"Karen!" she gasped, trembling from the kissing, sucking and fucking.

"Mmmmm," Karen moaned, nuzzling her mother's tit.

Carol's eyes closed in absolute rapture. She couldn't speak. Lisa's tongue was in her mouth, licking sensuously. Karen's young mouth was on her tit was delicious. And Jim's enormous cock crashing into her cunt was driving her out of her skull.

She shivered and shook, then jerked violently as her luscious pussy flooded wetly with burning juices. Jim groaned as her cunt sucked another load out of his balls and his fucking prick gushed savagely into her churning belly.

The girls kept on kissing and licking their mother, and when the man crawled off Carol's heaving body, Karen and Lisa took over. Karen attacked both her boobs with her softly sucking mouth. Lisa crept downward, kissing her tummy, her bushy cunt-hair, then licked her darling tongue up into her mother's cum-soaked cunt. Moaning hotly, Lisa sucked Jim's thick jizz out of her mother's writhing pussy.

"Ohhh, my little girls," Carol moaned helplessly. "My darlings. My babies. Ohhh, love me, Karen, love me, Lisa! Ohhh, I love you, I love you."

The mother-daughter love soon turned into an all-out lesbian sex trip. Karen twisted around, sucking her mother's big boobs, until Carol could kiss and lick her small ones. Carol moaned passionately and gobbled up the tight young boobs, suddenly intent upon making the tiny pink nipples ache with pleasure. Her cunt twisted and turned beneath Lisa's licking, sucking young mouth and she came violently with her two daughters.

Jim sat back and hotly watched the mother-daughter team at work. When he saw lovely Lisa starting to writhe in heat, he slipped his hand under her short skating skirt and found her ass and cunt naked. As Lisa ate her mother's cunt, he fingerfucked her cute little ass and juicy young cunthole. Lisa quivered and moaned excitedly, loving his big, rough fingers raping her holes.

Karen fingerfucked her own cunt, getting horny at her mom's tits. Carol noticed what she was doing. She reached over and pulled her little girl's ass closer to herself. Getting the message, Karen threw one leg over her mother's face and Carol stared up at her daughter's pretty pussy.

"No panties," Carol gasped, panting for breath. "I ought to spank you for running around with no panties on."

But she didn't spank her. She slipped her slim fingers under the girl's brief skirt and caressed her hips, drawing them down, down, down to her. She stuck her tongue out and, breathing rapidly, she lovingly licked Karen's sweet pussy with all the gentleness of a maternal animal licking her young. Karen came in quarts.

Jim couldn't take much more of this horny scene. His cock erected into a huge, stiff prick again, aching for young girl pussy.

When Karen removed her pussy from her mother's mouth, Carol saw the look in Jim's eyes. Acting instinctively, she rasped, "Jim! Don't you dare look at my daughters like that! If you ever want to fuck me again, you'd better."

"Mother, Mother," Lisa chided suddenly. "Is that any way to behave?"

"Yeah," Karen giggled. "Are you greedy or something? You aren't going to keep that big, beautiful prick all to yourself, are you?"

"Oh, dear God," Carol rasped. "I've raised two nymphomaniacs! Do you two really fuck?"

"As much as you do," Lisa laughed.

"Maybe even more than that," Karen giggled.

Jim's eyes renewed their hot exploration of the teenaged bodies, so cute in little skating outfits.

Lisa smiled at him and cooed, "Which one of us would you like to screw, mister?"

Jim swallowed audibly, but said, "Well, if it won't hurt your feelings, I... I... well, I've never fucked a tiny cunt like your sister's."

"Oh, Karen," Lisa pouted. "You're so fucking lucky."

"Lisa!" her mother gasped. "Such language!"

Jim, Karen and Lisa laughed at that and Carol suddenly realized how ridiculous she was being. "It's going to take me some time to get used to this," she said, blushing. She gazed at Karen and said, "Do you really want this big man to fuck you?"

Karen giggled and stripped her tee-shirt over her head. She dropped onto her back, spread her lovely young legs, hiked her skirt up onto her belly, and purred, "If he doesn't hurry up and push that big prick up my pussy, I'm gonna scream!"

That answered Carol's silly question, and she looked on in dazed amazement as her baby girl turned into a fucking, humping, screwing, bouncing pussy.

Lisa crawled over to her mother and gave her a nice hug. "Isn't she sexy, Mom?" she laughed.

Carol's eyes burned into Karen's thrusting tits and gyrating cunt. "Sexy! She's downright obscene! God, how horny she is! Look how she fucks that immense dick!"

Lisa laughed and buried her face in her mother's hot muff. Carol couldn't keep her thighs closed when the girl started licking the tip of her tongue over her clit. She spread them, rolled, and buried her own mouth into Lisa's furry young cunt. They got one another off in a series of frantic, pussy-drenching comes.

"My God," Carol panted afterward. "Karen's still going strong!"

Lisa laughed and coaxed her mother to join her in playing with Karen and Jim. Ridding herself of the last of her inhibitions, Carol moved across the carpet with her hot teenager. Mother and daughter laughed and moaned together as they tickled Jim's hot balls and teased Karen's squishy little pussy as it fucked hard on the big dick.

And this was what they were all doing when Bill Grinow walked into the room. He had come in the front door but no one heard him. He heard them, though. At first he couldn't imagine what such horny noises were, coming from his own bedroom. But one look told all.

"Jesus Christ!" he choked, seeing a man fucking his youngest daughter while his wife and oldest girl diddled so obscenely.

Carol thought she'd die on the spot. "Bill!" she gasped. "I... I can explain. I mean... oh, dear God, Bill, please listen and maybe... oh, I've never been so humiliated in all my life. Bill, Bill, I... I."

But Bill wasn't the least interested in what his startled wife had to say. To her complete shock, he went directly to Lisa and pulled her over onto her back.

Carol stared in horrified numbness as her husband lifted his own daughter's tee-shirt. "Hold this up, kitten," he muttered hotly.

It was even more shocking to see Lisa giggle and hold her shirt up while her Daddy licked and sucked her boobs.

But the greatest realization came to her when Bill opened his pants and stuffed his enormous cock up Lisa's wide-open, pink cunt. Lisa's arms snaked around his neck, and as he fucked the hell out of her pussy, she happily and laughingly screwed for all she was worth.

Carol's mouth flapped loosely for a moment, then her eyes went wide with understanding. "Why, you two have fucked before!"

The giggling and laughter that filled the room told her the ultimate truth - and her pussy flooded.

For the rest of that afternoon and far into the night, the luscious mother and her two delicious daughters gave Bill and Jim the time of their lives. They all stripped naked eventually, and devoured one another orally for a long time. Then the horny females kept the men's mouths and cocks busy for hours with their fervent, writhing bodies - sucking, humping and cumming as one, big, happy family.

In time, Saturday night became the evening for their weekly orgy, into which they continually introduced new men.

Lisa was definitely against Karen's horny idea as they strolled around the city park. "They're too young," she complained, glancing back at the two boys Karen had cock-teased.

"Oh, baloney," Karen pouted. "Look what we were doing at their age."

"I don't care," Lisa said. "I'm not giving my pussy to a kid! Besides, I'm horny for a nice big cock. Let's go rape Mr. Blakely."

"But the one named Billy is so cute, Lisa," Karen insisted. "Did you see the look in his eyes when I bent over and showed my tits? Like a cute puppy dog aching for love."

Lisa laughed. "Look, if you want to fuck a boy, go ahead. I'm not stopping you. I just don't feel like doing it with you."

"You're selfish," Karen said.

Lisa stopped walking and stared at her. "Selfish?"

"Yes," Karen said. "Those boys are dying to see naked girls like us. They probably look at magazines and jerk off a lot. I really think we should be nice to them. I mean, imagine how we can help them to grow up healthy and liking sex. That's a good cause, isn't it?"

Lisa giggled. "I never thought of screwing as a cause," she laughed.

"Well, I have. I've been reading some of Mom's books. Did you know that when she and Dad were our age, all girls had to wear bras and panties? She showed me a picture in an old magazine of the kind of bra she used to wear. Lisa, it was horrible! I don't know how they had any fun in the old days. Dad told me girls like you and me can do a lot for the new age we're living in. Didn't he tell you?"

"You're his favorite," Lisa murmured, glancing back at the boys.

"Well, you should talk to him, Lisa. Let him tell you about the old days while you're sucking him off. He's got lots of fascinating things to say. It makes me glad to be a girl!"

"Come on," Lisa said. "Let's go turn those kids on. You've got my pussy interested now."

Before they reached the staring boys, Karen insisted on making out with the blonde boy named Billy. She liked the way he looked so hungrily at her poking tits.

The boys grinned from ear to ear when the sexy girls returned. But they also flushed redly, afraid the girls could tell what they were thinking. Karen liked that.

She went up to Billy and smiled prettily at him. "Want to go for a walk?" she asked.

"Uhh, yeah, sure," the boy murmured, trying not to stare at her luscious, pointed tits.

Karen smiled and walked with him, guiding him toward the edge of the park where there were a lot of bushes. "It'll give Lisa a chance to get to know Harry better," she cooed. She glanced at him and added, "Besides, I wanted to be alone with you for a while."

"H-how come?" Billy rasped, almost afraid to ask. His eyes dropped to her thrusting young boobs and his dick got hard in his pants.

Karen giggled, and that was the right thing to do. Her little laugh excited the boy terribly, more than if she'd answered his stupid question.

In the bushes, Karen sat down on the grass and invited him to sit with her. He dropped down, feeling warm between the legs and a little breathless.

Finally, she was able to get to the point she wanted to be at. "I've been watching you looking at me," she purred. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

Billy swallowed hard. Her steady gaze made him so hot she could hardly bear it. He kept glancing at her beautiful tits, watching them rise and fall so cutely, and wishing he could play with them.

"Pretty!" he rasped. "You're... you're... sexy! I mean... the way you smile at me... and your eyes sort of sparkle... and when you bend down ... I mean."

"Do my tits get you horny?" Karen giggled. "Is that what you're trying to say?"

"Yeah!" he gasped hotly.

Karen smiled sexily and leaned forward so he could see the smooth white tops of her cute boobs. "I think it's too bad boys like you aren't allowed to see naked girls," she said. "Girls like to be looked at."

"They do?" he rasped.

"Of course, silly. It's exciting when a boy looks at my tits like you are. See how my boobs get all excited?"

Billy felt his balls tingle and his prick stiffen, and he said, "C... can I see them? I mean, naked?"

Karen smiled with satisfaction. Her little game with him was going nicely. "If you promise not to tell anybody I showed them to you," she said.

"God, I won't tell!" he vowed hotly.

Karen smiled prettily. "Okay. I'll show you everything I've got if you show me everything you've got."

"Everything?" Billy choked. He was at the age of self-consciousness about his naked prick, and Karen knew it.

She looked right at his bulging hardon and felt waves of desire well up in her steamy pussy. "I want to see your prick as much as you want to see my pussy," she purred.

To convince him to cooperate with her, she stripped first. Knowing how eager he was to see a naked girl, she peeled off her dress and exhibited her naked body for him. She cupped her boobs and played with them while Billy looked on in wide-eyed wonder.

"Jeez," he murmured. "They're neat!"

"Do you like my tits?" Karen cooed.

"I like your pussy, too!" he gasped. "My brother told me if I ever saw one I should lick it."

Karen giggled. "You have a smart brother," she said. She parted her thighs and ran her hands down to her cunt and, as she parted her pussy-lips for his hot eyes, she giggled and slipped a finger up into her juicy pussy.

Billy gasped and his prick throbbed in his pants. He could just imagine licking his tongue on her pussy or pushing his dick into that pink, wet gash. Hypnotized by the sexy girl's beautiful body, he quickly played his part. He tore his shirt off and unzipped his pants and shoved them down with his shorts.

Karen only had to see his young stiff prick to be drawn to it. She reached up and grasped it, and played with it for long moments, watching it throb and leak.

"Kneel down," she said hotly.

Billy obeyed and she leaned down on one elbow. "You can look at my pussy while I suck you off," she said.

She spread her legs apart and took his cock into her horny mouth. Billy gasped and groaned, thrilled with double pleasure as he gazed at her cunt and got his prick licked for the first time in his life.

"I'll cum!" he cried, shaking.

"Rub my pussy and cum in my mouth," Karen murmured around his pulsing young dick.

Billy reached over and started rubbing his hand furiously up and down her furry little cunt as he fucked his cock in and out of her softly sucking mouth. In this wonderful position he could see her ass-cheeks and pussy and tits as she blew him.

Karen adored his small stiff cock. She swirled her tongue around his cock-shaft near his balls, stimulated by the taste of him. Billy glanced and watched her cheeks collapse around his cock as she sucked it, and he liked the way she kept her mouth slipping up and down on his dick.

His body jerked and his throbbing boner pumped faster in and out of her hot mouth. "It... it's gonna shoot!" he cried out in agony. Karen moaned and sucked harder, faster, hornier.

He thrust his dick into her mouth and it seemed to him that it burst open. Big loads of hot cum gushed out of it and the sexy girl sucked him off, swallowing all his cum.

His finger dashed up into her dripping cunt as she sucked the cum up out of his young hot balls, and she didn't stop sucking until his balls were absolutely empty. Then she licked his prick dry and gave it a nice kiss.

"You cum nice," she purred.

To her delight, he wasn't tired. He was hot to eat her. "Do you wanna cum?" he asked.

She laughed and lay down and opened her legs for him. Chuckling almost evilly, the boy dropped to his elbows between her luscious thighs and drilled his tongue up into her juicy pussy. He had to grab her ass-cheeks and hold on because Karen started bouncing all over the ground.

Remembering the things his older brother had told him, he pressed his mouth against her hot cunt and searched with his tongue for her clit. Locating it quivering like a bow-string, he nibbled it and licked at it and lapped it and, sure enough, just like his brother had said, the girl went absolutely wild for more.

Filled with wonder, he shoved his narrow tongue up into her pussy again and when he felt her cunt-lips open and close in hungry little sucking movements, he ached to feel the same thing on his prick.

"I... I wanna fuck you," he gasped between her legs.

Karen writhed on the ground and moaned softly. "All right," she panted. "I understand. Come here. Lay on me. Play with my tits and fuck me all you want."

The hungry lips of her pussy grasped his prick as it streaked into her. Karen pulled his face to one tit and begged him to suck her nipple while he toyed with the other and screwed her. He gladly obeyed, and drilled his horny young prick into her pussy with frantic, jerking thrusts. He groaned and bit her tit as he felt her cunt sucking him like it had his tongue.

"Ewww, you fuck nice," Karen cooed, enjoying his boyish screwing. He was so excited, so overwrought with youthful lust for her body. It pleased her.

Getting hornier from his stabbing dick and pounding pelvis against her tingling clit, she slipped her hands down his back and grasped his tight young ass. Her middle finger tickled his squirming ass, then shot up into it.

"Holy cow!" Billy gasped.

"Fuck me, Billy!" she gasped, screwing her pussy round and round as she fingerfucked his ass. "Keep pounding my cunt like that. Ohhh, that's good, that's good. You're going to be hell when you get bigger! Ummm, fuck meeeee!"

Her horny words got the boy off. He rocked on her curvy body and jerked from head to toe as his dick spit savagely into her sucking cunt. Karen moaned and juiced with him, coating his prick with her silky fluids.

They were fucking their final quivers when Lisa came bursting into the area with a boy in tow. "Ohhh, Karen, you were right! This is fun!" She stopped short and cooed, "Haven't you fucked him yet?" "He's just finishing," Karen laughed, giving Billy a big hug. "He screwed me real good, for a kid."

"Well, this kid knows how to fuck!" Lisa said. "He's been fucking for years. His 17-year old sister got his cherry. Can you imagine?"

The boy with Lisa couldn't take his eyes off Karen as she lay writhing where Billy left her. "She's... she's sure pretty," he muttered.

Lisa giggled and said, "I think he wants to fuck you, Karen. His prick is stiff again."

"Goodie," Karen giggled. "Let's trade!"

So the boy named Jimmy fucked Karen while Billy got his cock sucked by Lisa. Both boys went out of their minds with lewd delight, playing freely with the girls' tits and pussies, making up for lost time and loving it.

Karen wanted some French kisses, so she showed the boy how she liked it, and he obliged by kissing the hell out of her sexy young mouth as he poked her pussy with his hard 8-inch prick.

"Holy shit!" a voice gasped, and a tall, pimple-faced youth bounded into the bushes.

"Jack!" Billy yelped as he shot his load down Lisa's throat. "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you guys! Jesus, your parents are gonna hit the roof when they hear about this!"

Karen heard that. She screwed her cunt so fast that Jimmy's cock blasted wetly up her twisting belly. "Roll off me," she whispered into his ear. When he was beside her, she wiggled her ass around until the guy named Jack could see every inch of her massive boobs and juicy young cunt. Her eyes sparkled and she purred, "You wouldn't tell on a girl, would you?"

"I... I... well, this ain't right."

"Come here," she cooed, and he went to her like a hypnotized subject. She reached up and took his hand and pulled him down onto her body. She kissed his mouth and tongued it and pressed his hand to her thrusting tits. She reached down and unzipped his pants and got his stony young cock out and guided it right up into her pussy. In a flash, he was fucking hard.

"There," she purred softly, feeding a stiff nipple up into his gaping mouth. "That's all you needed. You were just jealous. There's nothing to be jealous about. There's plenty of pussy for you, too."

"Oh, mama," Jack rasped on her gorgeous boob.

"Jack! Jack!" another voice boomed beyond the hedges.

"Oh, God!" Jack cried. "It's my brother! He was with me! He'll tell on me!"

Lisa sat up and gazed toward the bushes and said, "Don't worry about your brother. Just call him in here."

Jack called out to his brother and the bushes parted. A stocky youth looked in and almost fell over. Lisa laughed and her eyes twinkled.

"Come join the fun," she giggled.

Her voice and her slim, curvy body got his undivided attention. He staggered toward her and fell on her and they rolled together. Lisa laughed sensuously at his eager fumbling. With her expert help he got his rigid prick up into her pussy and then the horny brothers were fucking the horny sisters while Billy and Jimmy looked on.

The younger boys glanced at one another and a wicked light appeared in their eyes. The girls were so busy fucking and cumming that they didn't see them dash through the bushes.

Five minutes later, both Lisa and Karen were moaning loudly, humping their pussies furiously and cumming again as the boys fucking them shot their loads.

When the boys fell away exhausted, Karen and Lisa looked at one another and burst into private laughter. They were thoroughly enjoying this fuck session. They were still laughing when the bushes parted and Billy and Jimmy stepped in grinning impishly.

Karen frowned at Billy and said, "What are you up to?"

"Oh, nothing," Billy chuckled. "I just thought you'd like to meet my older brother."

Karen gasped to see a big guy climb through the bushes. He was twenty if he was a day. Lisa's mouth fell open.

"God damn, you weren't bullshitting!" the guy blurted.

"I told ya, Ben, I told ya," Billy laughed proudly. "That's Karen there, and this is Lisa. They love to fuck. Now will ya give me the five bucks?"

"Damned right!" his brother said. He fished a five-dollar bill out of his pocket and gave it to him. "Now beat it and leave these two to men who can handle them."

"Men?" Lisa gasped. "Wh-what men?"

Ben chuckled lewdly and turned. He yelled something.

Lisa and Karen stared wide-eyed as a rowdy group of young studs came piling through the bushes. A second later the two naked females were surrounded by grinning, lewd guys, getting their pricks out.

"Ohhh, mama," Karen whimpered, seeing at least five stiff cocks throbbing overhead.

Lisa counted seven more, but lost count because guys from every side attacked her body. A horny male mouth clamped down on hers and a mind-boggling tongue thrust between her hot lips. Hands covered every inch of her hot flesh. Her tits got squeezed, her ass got pinched and stroked and caressed, her legs and thighs and pussy got kissed and nibbled and licked and sucked. Her senses reeled.

A few feet away Karen was moaning helplessly. She was up on all fours. Some guy was fucking his rigid cock in and out of her mouth. Two guys were on their backs, sucking her nipples. Another guy was kneeling behind her, drilling his big, wet cock up into her pussy. She was cumming crazily.

Cocks seemed to gush everywhere. Lisa felt hot cum splash over her boobs and she looked up to see a guy whacking his dick happily, pumping his cum all over her. Another guy shot his load of cum along her pussy and thighs. She moaned, titillated by the obscene acts.

A strong handsome guy pushed the others aside, tore his tee-shirt and jogging shorts off, and got down on her body. Grinning lewdly at her, he worked his fiery stiff prick up into her cunt and fucked her silly.

Karen squealed as a big dick entered her squishy ass and fucked her there, as another prick pumped a hot load of cum down her throat.

Much later, both girls were flat on their backs, moaning helplessly and quivering from head to toe as guy after guy fucked their pussies.

Karen's senses reeled and she lost her breath as a monstrous dick plowed into her cunt. After so much sex, she was higher than a kite. She shrieked with release as her pussy flooded. She clawed at the guy's back, scratching his flesh as his powerful cock made her cunt cum and cum and cum.

Lisa's lovely legs flew straight up into the air and her feet flailed as the guy on her chewed her tits and pounded her pussy like mad. He was obviously very horny for young girl pussy.

Cock after cock screwed into the girls' cunts. There was a never-ending supply and both Karen and Lisa lost count of how many dicks fucked them. Moaning and panting, their pussies dripping with cum and their own fantastic fluids, they managed to turn their heads and see each other.

"K-Karen," Lisa gasped, humping her cunt on yet another blistering prick. "Do you know what's happening to us?"

"Yes," Karen gasped. "We're getting fucked!"

"Gang-banged!" Lisa squealed, cumming again.

"Oh!" Karen cried, shivering with excitement. "Yes, we are! Ohhh, I'm being gang-banged for the first time!"

"L-look!" Lisa gasped breathlessly. She lifted a weak arm and pointed.

Karen looked where she was pointing and her pussy creamed on the cock driving up into her belly. Before her sex-glazed eyes stood a line of males as far as she could see - laughing, grinning, cunt-hungry males.

"Ohhhh, how beautiful," she purred, and Lisa giggled erotically, shuddering with orgasm.

Slowly, hotly, the sisters writhed on the grass until their heads touched. Panting hotly, they twisted their faces until they could get their mouths together. Then they kissed continually and licked tongues as guy after guy fucked them and pumped their hot load into their cunts.

Karen and Lisa made a hobby of fucking. Day after day, week after week, month after month, whenever the opportunity presented itself, the two sisters were beautifully naked and spread-eagled, taking in huge wet cocks.

They went roller-skating often and would choose some sex-starved guy, often some old man who'd never had good sex in his life, and they'd see to it that he had a damned good time.

They went to beach parties and balled every fucking guy present, regardless of age, color or creed.

They attended dances, usually looking foxy in tight-fitting clothes or brief little skirts and tight shirts, always on the make, their pussies more than ready to open for dick.

Wherever the Grinow sisters were to be found - in movies, soda shops, even shopping centers - there was sure to be some hot sex going on. The older the girls grew, the more they loved their own voluptuous young bodies, and the more they enjoyed using them.

At home they were ecstatic. With their mom and Dad on their side now, the Grinow household became the scene of dozens of secret orgies. The four of them - Karen and Lisa, Bill and Carol - got off on setting these raunchy sex parties in motion.

Sometimes Karen would show up with some kid who was obviously hot to trot with her. First she'd give him a little in her bedroom, then, according to their erotic plan, either her mom or her Dad would suddenly appear, catching the kids in the act of sucking or fucking. Actually, it was Karen's job to get the kid into a state of advanced lust, then the whole family would enjoy his company.

Sometimes Lisa would show up with a new date, some stiff-cocked guy thinking he was clever enough to get into her pants. The usual pattern would be used and the guy would find himself fucking Lisa, Karen and their mother. And he'd get to see things he'd never see anywhere else - like Mr. Grinow making little Karen suck his cock.

Carol did pretty good, too, over the months, cock-teasing salesmen, inviting them in for coffee, subtly bending over in a short skirt at the psychological moment so he'd make a pass. Once a guy grabbed her ass or tits, he was had. He'd fast become a new member of the Grinow orgy.

Bill didn't do too badly himself. One day while home alone, two uptight females came to the door passing out Bible leaflets. Bill invited them inside and let them run off at the mouth for a while, giving them coffee and neighborly politeness.

When they weren't watching, he removed the Time magazine from his stack of raunchy fuck magazines. The cover of the top one showed two lovely naked chicks going down on a guy with a 14-inch cock. When the do-gooders saw that, they started giggling and whispering to one another. Against their wills, they started getting excited.

When Bill pointed out that they were horny, they ran for the door. But when he didn't try to stop them, they stayed. He kissed one of them and her friend got jealous about that. So he kissed her, too. Then the first argued that she'd given in first, so she should be kissed more. The two holy chicks argued clear through the fucking and sucking that occurred.

They didn't become real friends until Karen and Lisa showed up and taught them how to suck each other's pussies, then the four of them ate each other. Bill got to fuck them all, including his wife, who put in an appearance later. The Bible-beaters loved Bill's love motto - the family that fucks together, stays together.

A couple of studs Carol picked up hitchhiking one day became regulars. They started helping with the rent and they slept with Karen and Lisa in between orgies. They introduced fuck films to the family and that took off like a skyrocket. They suggested the Farmers make their own fuck films and sell them. That way Bill wouldn't have to go to work anymore for peanuts.

The idea worked like a charm. The first film was of Karen with a big German shepherd and it sold like hotcakes. Lisa made four films in a row as a sex-crazy cocksucker. Carol made three movies ass-fucking. Bill and the two studs, Bert and Ralph, starred in every fucking film.

Karen was the happiest girl in the world. As far as she was concerned, she and Lisa were the most beautiful girls in town. But more than that, they enjoyed absolute sexual freedom and continuous sexual pleasure.

"Isn't it marvelous?" Karen squealed one afternoon when she and Lisa were sunning at the pool. "Just think, Lisa, it's been two years!" She giggled and said, "Remember when we sat here wishing we could fuck?"

The suck sisters laughed happily over that. "Now I don't know how many cocks have been up my cunt," Lisa giggled.

"Or your mouth and ass," Karen put in happily.

She stretched out luxuriously on her brand-new chaise lounge - bought and paid for with her own film profits - and heaved a sigh that made her ripe, juicy tits rise up in her Paris-made bikini.

"I hope it never ends," she sighed.

Lisa peered at her. "Why should it end?"

"Oh, I don't know," Karen murmured. "Change just happens these days."

Lisa laughed. "You're in a funny mood."

And yet, it was Lisa herself who brought about change. She started disappearing from the orgies and the movie rehearsals. She'd go out and not return for hours, sometimes days. She wouldn't tell anyone where she'd been or what she'd been up to. She was acting very mysterious.

Then, one night, she told all to Karen. She came home higher than a kite.

"Oh, Karen!" she rasped in the bedroom. "I can't hold it in any longer!"

"What? What?" Karen pressed.

"Now don't be shocked. Okay? Brace yourself. I'm getting married."

Karen thought she'd throw up. "You're what?"

Lisa embraced her and fondled her darling boobs. "Wait til you meet him, Karen. Ohh, you'll see why I didn't bring him home. I don't want to share him with everybody. He's so handsome. He's beautiful. He's a dream. He's ice cream! And what a cock! Ohh, I'm so in love with his prick."


"And he's wild about my pussy! He thinks he's the second guy to fuck me. I just couldn't let him see our way of life. Now he wants to marry me so he can fuck me all the time. Isn't that marvelous?"

"It's horrible!" Karen cried, fingering her sister's juicy cunt. "You're breaking up our family!"

Lisa looked sadly at her and pet her pussy. "I was hoping you wouldn't look at it that way. I thought you'd be happy for me. I'd be happy for you if you found a prick you loved."

"Would you?" Karen challenged. "I don't think so. I think you'd feel like I do right now. Abandoned."

"Oh, don't be so dramatic," Lisa said. "It isn't the end of the world."

Karen rolled onto her back as Lisa started licking her cunt. "Maybe it is," she muttered. "Maybe it is."

In a sense, it was. Karen didn't get to meet the guy who'd turned Lisa's head because the next afternoon Lisa called, all excited and out of breath, to say that Glen, her dreamboat, wanted her to go away with him. She'd called only to say goodbye.

Tears streamed down Karen's cheeks and she cried into the phone, "Don't you remember what you said to me a couple of years ago? You said you and I would never part. You said you'd even share your husband with me."

"Oh, Karen, we were kids then," Lisa chided. "Now would you share the prick you love with someone else?"

"I haven't changed, Lisa," Karen sniffled. "I'd share any cock in the world with you."

Neither her tears nor her pleading did anything to alter Lisa's new attitude. Lisa said she had to rush because she and Glen were on their way, and she hung up.

Karen went into a depression, crying constantly. When her parents heard the news, they didn't take it any too lightly either. The orgies suffered because of this setback. So did the film-making. The Grinow home started to look and feel just like any other home on the block.

Karen kept to her room a lot, fingerfucking her cunt like crazy, remembering the good old days. Coming and crying at the same time, she sorely missed her favorite sister, her best friend. The only times she ever felt any good at all was when she was cumming on her hand or on her Dad's stiff cock or in her mother's sucking mouth. Only orgasms could relieve her suffering.

Bill and Carol began to worry about their little girl. They bought her a big dog all her own, but even when they peeked into her room and watched her get fucked by the beast or watched her suck the dog off, her heart wasn't in it. Bill and Carol thought they might have to call in a doctor, some professional help to get her out of her depression.

Then the miracle happened. It was a few months later when the call came from California. It was Lisa.

"Hello, Karen, how are you?" she asked.

"Fine," her sister replied coolly.

"Do you hate me?"

"No, not hate. I just think you've become terribly selfish. We've never been selfish before. We've always shared everything."

"That's why I'm calling," Lisa said. "We have to come back there. Glen's got a better job back there. I was just wondering... well... will you visit me when we live there again?"

Karen's young heart soared. "Oh, Lisa, yes, yes!" she squealed with joy, and yelled out to her parents the wonderful news.

"Ohh, Karen," her sister said, weeping, "I've missed your pussy so much, your delicious tits, that horny mouth of yours. Ohh, I miss everything!"

"Come home!" Karen cried. "Come home and I'll eat your cunt for hours!"

"I'll call you the minute I get there," Lisa promised.

The Grinow house began to glow again. Karen perked up considerably and that made Bill and Carol happy. Karen waited with bated breath for the important call.

It came on a Friday, and Lisa said, "I've done a lot of thinking on the way here. I want to make amends."

"What do you mean?" Karen asked.

"Come and see me," Lisa said. "Don't tell Mom and Dad I'm back yet. Just come and see me and I'll tell you what I have in mind."

The reunion of the suck sisters was something the world should have seen - two luscious, curvy females sucking each other's tits, cunts and assholes in a fever of love and passion.

They rolled all over the living-room floor, losing their clothes fast, until they were stark naked and writhing, kicking their legs happily, cumming wetly with one another.

When they finally had their fill of one another, Lisa kissed Karen and said, "I'm glad you wore something so sexy. Put your dress on now."

"Why? What are you up to?"

"You'll see. I told you I wanted to make amends. I know what to do now, what I should have done right in the beginning. I've been a selfish little pig about Glen. But not anymore."

Karen wiggled into her tight, brief dress that revealed a helluva lot of tit, and she drank coffee with Lisa while her sister went on acting mysteriously.

At four-thirty the door opened and in walked one of the most beautiful men Karen ever saw - tall and dark, with bedroom eyes. And a mighty chunky crotch.

"Karen," Lisa cooed, "this is my husband Glen. Glen, this is Karen."

Glen's eyes feasted on her lithe young body and he held onto her hand longer than a man should as he said, "I've heard a lot about you. But I really wonder if it's all true. Lisa tries to convince me, but I don't know."

Karen giggled. "Just what has she been telling you?"

He grinned and deliberately eyed her thrusting tits. "That you love to fuck," he said. Then he looked like he was ready to duck just in case she swung at him.

Karen burst into lilting laughter. She glanced at Lisa and giggled, "What a surprise!"

"You mean, it's true? A sweet young girl like you loves cock?"

Lisa laughed and said, "I have to go next door for a while. Why don't you two get to know one another better?"

Glen's mouth fell open. "Lisa. You're leaving me alone with this little little slut?"

"Have fun, darling," Lisa laughed and pranced out of the room.

Karen knew she wasn't going next door. She knew Lisa would be somewhere, hotly watching the action and working herself up to a hot climax.

Glen looked at Karen and Karen looked at Glen.

Karen smiled. "Do you want to fuck me?"

Glen was speechless, but that was okay. His cock answered for him by rising up in his pants and pounding hard.

Karen unzipped her little dress and let it slide down the length of her curvy young body, exposing every inch of it for him. She giggled and put one foot up on the coffee table, displaying her furry little cunt.

"Now that you've seen my pussy," she purred, "wouldn't you like to stick your big cock up me?"

Glen tackled her like she was a football opponent and ran with her to the sofa, driving her down onto it. Karen lost her breath beneath his weight, but she loved it. He was so eager to screw her tight young girl pussy that he just whipped his enormous prick out and shoved it into her cunt.

His cock streaked up into her juicy fuck-channel and Karen went instantly wild under him, fucking the hell out of his plunging, drilling dick.

Glen sucked her boobs like there was no tomorrow and pumped his hips furiously, plowing his cock into her again and again. His tempo increased as her pussy sucked him off. Grunting and groaning, he fucked his turgid hardon in and out of her clenching little cunt with a passion.

"I'm cumming!" Karen squealed, twisting and humping her hot wet pussy.

"You're cumming!" Glen groaned. "I'm busting my balls right now!"

He covered her mouth with his and shoved his tongue inside. Karen licked it hotly as his swollen cockhead spurted and squirted, pumped and gushed. Huge thick loads of cum pounded into her heaving belly and she fucked faster and faster, hungry for his dick and its juice.

"Ohhh, you beautiful people!" Lisa shrieked, dashing into the room stark naked. Her pussy was dripping.

Glen lifted his head from Karen's and stared at his wife. She just laughed and attacked him, tearing his clothes off. Karen helped her, then she removed her dress.

When the three of them were naked and horny, the suck sisters assumed their favorite position when they were alone with only one guy. Lisa lay on the floor on her back and stretched her lovely legs wide. Karen got down between her thighs and started sucking her cunt. Twisting her lower body, she lifted one leg and had Glen get behind her and push his cock up her pussy from there. Then, as he knocked off another piece of her cunt, she sucked her sister to another juicy climax.

Once Lisa came, the girls traded places and Glen fucked his wife while she ate her kid sister.

Then they had Glen lay down on his back with his gorgeous cock throbbing in the air. The two sisters met at his balls and licked them together, then worked their way up his magnificent hardon, driving the guy crazy with lust.

Meeting at his cockhead, Karen and Lisa kissed wetly, like in the old days, and had a great deal of fun licking, nibbling, kissing and sucking Glen's enormous cock.

"Shall we?" Lisa giggled when she felt his dick bolt in her caressing hand.

"Let's," Karen laughed.

Glen lifted his head from the floor and gazed down at what they were doing to his cock. He stared in disbelief as one of his wildest dreams came true right before his eyes. Two luscious females were licking their tongues all over his bulging cockhead like there was no tomorrow, and thoroughly enjoying it.

"Oh, shit!" he gasped. "Somebody put her mouth over it. I'm going to shoot my load!"

The suck sisters giggled together and deliberately licked hotly at his prick, forcing it to erupt like a volcano, spewing hot lava. Glen looked on in amazement as the two luscious females licked and sucked up all his cum without letting a drop fall to his body or to the floor. It was incredible the way they had the act down pat. Their saucy little tongues caught loads of cum in mid-air and sucked it into their mouths.

Then Karen folded her lips around his spitting cockhead and let her mouth fill with his steamy cum. He stared hotly when she turned to her sister and the mouths met in a fiery, horny kiss. He knew Karen was sharing his thick white cum with Lisa, mouth-to-mouth, because some of it squirted from the corners of their mouths. Even that they licked from one another's chins.

"Jesus H. Fucking Christ!" he groaned and his head fell back on the floor.

"I thought you'd like our little game," Lisa laughed. "And I'm glad you do. Isn't Karen cute?"

"Beautiful," Glen murmured, eyes closed as he fought for breath.

"I'm glad you like her," Lisa cooed. "Now when you want some strange cunt, you can fuck her. I will not have some redheaded waitress fucking my husband."

Glen choked and Lisa laughed. "I saw it coming, Glen. I understand how it is with a guy. But that bitch would have fucked us up. If you want extra pussy or just some sex-fun, tell me, and we'll have it together. Karen's young and horny and she's got a cunt she'll let you screw anytime. Right, Karen?"

"You bet, sis," Karen giggled.

She understood what was happening then and she crawled up Glen's body and gave his mouth a nice warm kiss. "Hello, brother-in-law," she cooed.

He caressed her naked, pink-tipped tits and grinned. "Hi, you hot little cocksucker. I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into. I don't think I'll ever get tired of fucking you two."

Karen laughed so loud that Glen frowned in puzzlement. His frown deepened when she said, "Just wait until you find out what you've gotten yourself into!"

She looked at her suck sister and cooed, "Mom and Dad are going to love him."

The End
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