Daddy's Horny Girls
(M/ff, cons, pedo, inc)

by Kysa Braswell

I was sitting on the toilet when I simultaneously belched, farted, and sneezed. I had never been so close to both death or orgasm at the same time, but as soon as my eyes cleared and my asshole stopped burning, all the sudden my twelve-year old daughter walked in the bathroom to take a shower. Jesus Christ.

"Hi Shana," I said. "You're sure looking pretty today."

Shana blushed. This was quite a sight, as I could see it spread from her face, down her neck, and on down her back, as she grew even more embarrassed under my interested gaze.

"Oh Daddy. You just say that!" she said, then grew even redder, if possible.

I smiled at the young woman, enjoying the pleasure of watching such a beautiful young girl standing naked next to me. Everyone in our house always went naked in the mornings. No one ever thought anything about being naked in front of other family members. I understand, that in some peoples houses, people get don't let other members of their families see them naked, but there never was a nudity taboo in our house.

"No, Shana," I said, "I really mean it. By the way, Don't you think you should get your practice in, before you take a shower, instead of afterwards?"

"Oh Daddy! Do I have to?"

"Why no!" I replied. "Not if you don't want to. I thought that you liked to practice."

"I do!" said Shana. "It's just that...," Her voice trailed off.

I raised my eyebrows, enjoying the lovely sight of my little daughter's beautiful body, while I waited for her to continue.

"Oh Daddy," she finally said, "it's just that I get so frustrated sometimes." She continued with a sigh, "We practice, and practice, and nothing ever happens. I know it feels good, but something's supposed to happen. You'd think, that by now, I'd know how to do it well enough to do it for real."

The little girl looked disappointedly down at her flat little belly. "It should be getting big by now," she said.

"Well," I said, "maybe you're just a little too young yet. Or else," I said with a leer, "maybe you just need a little more practice."

"Oh Daddy!" said Shana. "Now you've gotten me all excited. Can we do my practice right here?" She looked down, at where my long fat prick was pointing obscenely at her flat little belly, drooling a good bit of slippery precum from the tip that peeked out from my thin, veiny foreskin.

"Sure, Honey," I said. "Just spread your legs, and sit down on me, and Daddy'll help you practice."

My lovely young daughter straddled me, and brought the lips of her bare little cunt right up against the broad tip of my cock, Her smooth little pussy was almost as wet as the head of my drooling penis.

"Do it, Daddy," said Shana. "Help me practice making a baby. I want to feel my daddy squirting the stuff that makes babies inside my belly. C'mon, Daddy. Let me feel you making a baby inside me."

The little girl's obscene words almost had me spouting my sperm, before I even got my cock inside her. I watched, as my sexy little daughter slowly forced herself down onto my engorged penis. The feeling was exquisite. A tight ring surrounded the head of my penis, and slowly descended. The inside of the little girl's pussy was warm, and wet, as my daughter slowly forced my cock up into her welcoming young belly. It was only with great effort, that I refrained from squirting thick sticky gobs of sperm all over the inside of my daughter's squeezing young belly, before I even got my cock all the way inside her.

"Hold it," I said, as I watched the little girl's bare little cunt come to rest against the hair around the base of my immense nine and a half-inch cock. The little girl's tight little cunt was squeezing and milking my cock, threatening to make me explode baby-making seed all over the inside of my little girl's belly. "Let's just wait, like this, or you'll have me cumming, before we're ready."

"OK, Daddy," responded Shana. Dutifully, my daughter sat there, with her tiny twelve-year old pussy stuffed full of my hard prick, and her tight little cunt continuing to squeeze it, with her inner muscles. After a moment, I felt something release, in my thick cum-soaked penis. I don't know if what I released inside my daughter's belly was sperm, or just more precum, but I no longer felt like I was about to squirt baby-juice all over the inside of my little girl's belly.

"OK, Shana," I said, "now, we can practice. Remember, It's best, if you climax before I do. That way, your uterus will be more open, and receptive. I'll try to hold off, as long as I can."

Shana nodded, and began slowly rising and falling on my cock, as her own climax approached. Then Shana slowly started to increase the speed of her rising and falling. The little girl started to pant, as she got closer to her orgasm. I knew that I would be right with her. Just as Shana's breath started to grow short, and her pussy started clamping down on my penis, with her approaching climax, there was an interruption.

"Oh wow! Daddy," said the voice of the little girl standing in the doorway. "What are you doing to Shana?" With this, Dana came over to where she could see my cock sticking up inside her older sister.

"Oh wow! Daddy," repeated the little ten-year old girl. "How come, you've got your big 'thingie' in Shana? Doesn't that hurt?"

Shana squeezed my penis, with her cunt muscles, as she answered her sister. "God no!" she said. "It feels fantastic! Daddy and me are practicing making a baby."

Dana looked at me questioningly. The little girl didn't seem to be shocked, as she stood there naked, watching her father and sister fucking, only curious.

"I've been teaching your sister how babies were made, and she wanted to practice doing it," I explained.

"Oh wow! Daddy." The ten-year old little girl repeated her earlier comment for the third time. "Are you going to make a baby in Shana?"

All of a sudden, it was too much. Shana's pussy had been quietly squeezing on my cock, while we talked, but the exciting thought of getting one daughter pregnant, while the other one watched was too much. All of a sudden, I was spouting thick sticky gobs of baby-making sperm all over the inside of my daughter's twelve-year old womb. "Ungh!" I exclaimed. "Take it Shana. Daddy's cumming in you. Daddy's squirting the thick slippery white stuff that makes babies in you. Take it Shana. Take your Daddy's sperm inside you. Let your Daddy make a baby in that cute little belly of yours."

Feeling my cum splashing up inside her, was enough to make Shana climax also. "Do it, Daddy," she panted in my ear. "Squirt the stuff that makes babies in me. Let me feel my own handsome daddy making a baby in my belly. Get me pregnant with your cum. Please daddy? I want my belly to swell so big for you!" This last plea was wrung from the little girl, as she milked the last slippery drops of my cum up inside her, with one last orgasmic squeeze, before she sighed hard, and then relaxed.

"Whoooo! Well," I said, "we certainly tried hard enough!"

"Daddy?" asked Dana. Somehow, the little girl had joined me and her big sister, while we were climaxing. My younger daughter had wrapped her arms around both of us, and we had instinctively grabbed her as well.

"Daddy?" repeated the ten-year old little Dana. "Could you teach me how to make a baby, too? Please, Daddy?"

Needless to say, I was in heaven.

The End
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