Demanding Daughter
(Mm/f, inc, ped, preg)

by Kysa Braswell

My son has been fucking his little sister since he was fifteen years old, and she was six. And up to now, it's been a good arrangement; with the older boy seeing that his little sister got a thorough sex-education, and also seeing to it that the child got proper sex (full cum-squirting vaginal intercourse) from a man during the time a girl needs it most... when her body is developing and getting ready to have babies like my wife says she wishes she had gotten when she was young.

From her sixth birthday on, Sandy hasn't gone more than a day or so, without at least once feeling her brother's thick nine-inch prick swelling in her tummy, and filling her belly with full ropes of his cum, just filled with incestuous sperm looking for a little girl's egg to fertilize. For years we've encouraged the older boy to fuck, to ejaculate his cum inside, and hopefully to impregnate his little sister as often as possible.

My wife and I have both been quite happy with this plan... especially once the older boy actually started sleeping with the little girl when she was eight, and just starting to develop sexually; sliding into bed with his little sister every night, and pumping the child's womb full of sperm as often as two or three times during the night. And that's not counting the times the older boy has slipped his thick prick up in the little girl's slit after they got up, and then pumped our daughter's tight little belly full of even more cum, just teeming with millions of his incestuous sperm, during the day. What better sex education in making a baby could a little girl get from her big brother than that? We were so proud of our kids.

Last month the boy just left for college; leaving his little sister without a man to have sex with, just when she needed it most - when her body is getting ready to have babies, as our daughter just started her first period a week or two ago, just before her 10th birthday. My wife says it's just not fair for our little girl have to do without a real man pumping her tight little cunny full of fertile semen, when the child is between periods and needs it most. Even during the time she's not fertile, Marie thought it was a such shame that Sandy would have to do without feeling a man's thick prick in her tummy, pumping thick semen at the child's developing womb at least once a day, after having her big brother's prick swelling and spitting cum inside her tummy almost every day and probably several times a night, for almost the entire last four years. (Dildos and fingers are just NOT the same!) So, she moved Sandy in with us, so I can help the little girl out when she needs it.

Marie insists that I slide my prick up inside our daughter's tight little slit, and pump our little girl's tummy full of incestuous sperm at least every other day... and two or three times a day, when the child is between periods and needs a man's sperm in her tummy the most. It's just not fair she says, for our daughter to be sexually neglected during this most sensitive time in her life.

Besides, what's the point of a good sex education in how babies are made, (like Sandy's brother gave her) if you never have any? My wife insists that I do my best to fill our little girl's womb with at least one brother or sister... and hopefully two or three of them.

Marie says she's not letting any daughter of ours go through what she did, when she was growing up; being denied sex not only with her brothers, but from her parents, too. She says her parents insisted that she wait until puberty to have sex, and even then it would have been from strangers.

Thankfully her uncle, "Rescued her from this fate worse than death," as she puts it, a couple of years before she had her first period. (Not that I would have minded teaching Marie about sex, instead of the other way around.) Still, my wife says that no little girl of hers is going to be denied sex like she was; especially during the time child needs it most, when her body is maturing and getting ready to have babies.

So, since our son is (temporarily, anyway) unavailable, my wife insists that I ejaculate my sperm in our daughter's womb at least every other day, and preferably a lot more often than that; so the child can feel her father pumping his baby in her womb, like Marie still wishes she had been allowed to do at the same age, or even a lot younger.

My wife says she wishes our daughter had a grandfather to sleep with, as well as a big brother, so the little girl could have gone to sleep each night with her own grandfather's cum- dribbling prick buried to the hilt in her tight little slit, and leaking precum and sperm into the child's womb all night long, like some lucky girls that she's read about. In any case, Marie insists she's going make sure that I to see to it that any daughters my son or I father on Sandy, won't be neglected in that manner.

After all, isn't that what parents are for - to see that their kids get what they need... even, or especially, if those needs include having her father's sperm jetting in thick white squirts into the little girl's womb from the time she's six years old, or even having a baby or two being pumped into the child's tummy by her own father or grandfather when she reaches puberty? So, as long as my wife insists, I'll do my best to keep my little girls' tight little tummies filled with my prick, with my cum, with my sperm... and hopefully with my babies too. After all, I wouldn't want to neglect my own child's needs. Especially a little girl's sexual needs.

Besides, it feels really good to have my daughter's tight little slit wrapped about my penis, and squeezing the sperm out of my prick and up into her fertile young womb where it belongs. Not only that, but it's fun, too!

The End
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