Practicing on Sister
(Mm/f, inc, ped, preg)

by Kysa Braswell

"Now watch closely," I said to the watching boys. "In a second I'm going to cum inside your sister, and try to get her pregnant; so I want you all to watch and see what to do when it's your turn."

The three boys could only nod; and I barely caught that out of the corner of my eye, as I concentrated on the little girl squirming underneath me. "In a second," I repeated to Nana, "I'm going to squirt that white stuff I told you about, that makes babies, right up inside you, so you can feel what it's like. When I do, I want you to squeeze my prick as hard as you can, and milk all the sperm out of me, so you'll have a better chance to catch, okay?"

Nana just groaned; rocking her hips against mine, while digging her heels into my back the way I had taught her to.

The feel of my own daughter's tight little slit milking and squeezing on my prick finally had the effect I knew it would. I felt first a tingle, then a dribble, then finally a thick healthy SQUIRT of cum ripple through the tube on the bottom of my prick, and into the child's welcoming belly. "Oh God," I groaned. "Here it comes, Honey. Daddy's making a baby in that cute little tummy of yours. Fuck back, Honey... Fuck back at Daddy. Make me cum."

With each grunt, I forced myself as far into the little girl as I could, while my penis performed its intended purpose of delivering my sperm inside a fertile female. Each healthy surge of thick white cum squirting inside her felt incredible to me. I don't know if Nana could feel each ejaculation; but she seemed to react to my thrusts as if she did; grunting and moaning her satisfaction in my ear, while squirming wildly against me. For sure, the thought of carrying her own father's baby was not even tempting her to pull away... Far from it in fact. With each heavy blast of cum teeming with millions of sperm, Nana worked to force herself even tighter against me, until it felt like I was trying to work half my body into her tight little hole. Finally I collapsed on top of my daughter; as the ability to ejaculate any more left me. It was with some effort that I managed to keep from falling asleep that way; but the knowledge of the three watching boys kept me awake. I could barely groan as I rolled off Nana's body; the sensation of my little girl's incredibly tight little slit milking the final drops of semen out of my prick as we pulled apart, almost giving me yet another erection.

Nana groaned, too... in disappointment? Well, perhaps that was only my fantasy. Still, she wasn't complaining.

"Now Chad," I barely managed to speak clearly, "it's your turn. I want each of you three boys to practice what I just showed you, so your sister can feel what it's like with different guys. Since you're the oldest, you go first."

Chad looked down at where his little sister's cunny was spread and oozing a tiny trickle of white; belying the enormous gouts of sperm-containing cum I had left inside her. The lips were reddened and swollen... and completely slippery with both her juices and mine. I knew the little girl would have no difficulty accommodating the older boy's eight-inch penis; especially after having her father's thick nine-inch prick inside her.

I don't remember Chad climbing on the bed. The next thing I do recall is an instant's view of my son's prick touching the swollen, red, and puffy lips of Nana's cunny... and then the two siblings' pelvises met as they mated in frantic urgency. It seems that watching me impregnate their little sister had gotten all three boys so hot and horny they weren't able to hold out for more than a second or two against the little girl's squeezingly tight little hole. However, Nana (again) never complained; just working with her brothers in turn; milking and squeezing with her vagina on their pricks; accepting their slobbery kisses, working her chest, tummy and pelvis against their ragged thrusts, as each of the older boys climbed on top of her body and banged away.

As Chad began shuddering in climax almost immediately on getting inside her (no surprise to ME, as I knew it was the first time the older boy had actually stuck his prick inside a girl) I encouraged him. "Now Chad, you be careful when you cum inside your sister," I admonished him, as he did just that. "Nana's not on birth control, and her period was just a little over two weeks ago. So there's a good chance you're getting your little sister pregnant right now, understand? Make sure you do it right."

"Uh, UHHH, UghhhH!" the boy groaned in somewhat of an answer, and somewhat just in reaction, as he jerked and spasmed on top of his little sister. "Yes Dad," Chad finally groaned, as the last thin trickles of sperm oozed out of his prick, and into the little girl's welcoming body.

Shortly after that (it didn't take more than five minutes for both of them) the two younger boys, Daniel and Jacob, followed suit; leaving gobs of slippery cum inside their own sister's tight little slit, until when Jake was finished, my daughter's cunny was oozing and dripping with slippery cum.

To his surprise, I motioned Chad back on top of his little sister again. I had noticed that watching his little brothers fucking the child had aroused the older boy's erection all over again. Oh, the resilience of youth! I knew that even with the extreme stimulation of watching all three boys trying to impregnate their little sister, it would be at least a half hour (and probably longer) before I would have enough of a hard-on to do the same thing myself.

"Now boys," I said, while watching Chad sheathe his prick inside his little sister again, "from now on, I'll expect each of you to impregnate your little sister as often as you can. I'll do the best to help out whenever I can, too; but if Nana gets pregnant in the next few months, I'll really expect it to be by one of you boys. Got that?"

Jake and Danny looked at me in surprise. The knowledge finally percolating into their minds that I actually WANTED them to knock up their little sister? Still, neither boy objected, either then, or to what I added later. Chad was too busy actually trying to father his child on the little girl to object himself.

"So from now on, Nana" I added, "I'll expect you to let me know if each of the boys doesn't fuck you at least three times a day, okay?"

"Uh, Uh, Uh," Nana groaned, in response to her big brother's thrusts inside her vagina.

I took that as an affirmative, and continued, "I'm sure that three healthy young boys like you can manage to get it up that often. Each of you should be able to fuck your sister at least once a night before bedtime, once in the morning before school or Church, and two or three times during the day as well. Like I said, 'I'll do what I can to help, too; but I'm not as young as you kids are.'"

Not one of the kids protested. (What I would have done if they had... especially if Nana had shown even the slightest objection to having her own brothers feel her up, put their pricks inside her cunny, fuck her, cum inside her, ejaculate their thick white cum right up inside her fertile young womb, and get the little girl pregnant with her own brother's babies, I don't have the foggiest notion... except I knew I would be in BIG trouble. Thankfully, that scenario never came up.)

As I left the room, I could hear Jake going for HIS second "turn." I looked back, and sure enough Nana had her legs wrapped around the boy; pulling him into her body just like I had taught the youngster to do. God, I'm proud of my kids!

"Well," I said to Marcia, nervously. The nervousness wasn't all acting, either. "I DID teach them about sex, and how babies were made, but...."

My wife is smart; she picked up on the qualifier right away. "But, what?" she asked.

"But I'm afraid I was a little too late," I explained.

"Too late?"

"Uh huh. The kids were already having sex." That was the hardest part... to make that lie with a straight face. Hopefully, that would be the only lie I would have to tell; and it would be so small it wouldn't be noticed when I told the rest of the truth.

"Sex? With WHOM?" My wife's voice wasn't a shout; but it was almost one.

"With each other... and it's too late to stop them now."

"Who SAYS it's too late! Why when I get my hands on those little bastards... They'll be so black and blue they won't be ABLE to have sex with anybody for a year, let alone with each other." Marcia was almost past thinking... but not quite... just where I wanted her.

"Marcia," I said, soothingly, "think about it."

"I'LL think about it, when I warm their bottoms with a switch!"

"Marcia!" I knew that if I didn't get a handle on things quickly, my well-laid plans would fall apart like a house of cards in the blast from a suddenly-opened window. "Think about it," I repeated. "If we try to stop the kids from having sex, what happens, and how do we do it?"

My wife looked at me for a second, then calmed down enough to listen. I knew I was home free.

"Look," I said, "if you start beating the kids, Social Services will come around and find out why. If you call the Cops, the same result will happen... All three boys will probably end up in jail for 'statutory rape' of their little sister, and SHE will end up in a foster-home. Even if they don't end up in jail, for sure all FOUR kids will end up in foster homes, as they won't trust US any more to keep them away from each other. Do you WANT all four of our kids taken away from us?"

Marcia looked at me. For a moment I thought she was mad enough to risk even that. Then she collapsed against me.

"But what can we DO?" she almost wailed. "We can't just let them go on having sex together, can we? Besides, I can't let the boys rape their own sister. If we have to send them to jail to protect her, then what other choice DO we have?"

"Um... I think you'd better see something," I said. Motioning to my wife to be silent, I led her down the hall to the bedroom where I hoped the orgy I had seen start earlier would still be going on. It was.

Cracking the door slightly, Marcia and I had a perfect view of Nana lying on the bed, her legs wrapped around Chad, pulling the older boy into her body, while he worked towards yet another climax. Off to one side, the two younger boys were obviously waiting their turns to repeat their earlier exploits. Once she had seen clearly what was going on in the child's bedroom, I carefully closed the door.

"See," I said. "Does THAT look to you as if Nana was being raped?"

"No... but we've GOT to stop them," moaned Marcia; sinking down on the carpet in the hall.

"Think about it," I said, once again. "Now that they've all learned what sex is about, and how good it feels to have sex, what do you think the chances are they'll quit? Hell, once you and I started having sex, how much chance do you think either of OUR parents would have had at stopping US?"

"You don't mean we should just let them go ON having sex?" My wife's voice was incredulous.

"What other choice DO we have?" I asked. "Other than having the boys arrested and put in jail?"

"But... but... but, she might get PREGNANT," wailed Marcia. "At LEAST, we'll have to put her on the pill... if it's not too late already. My God, the kid is only 11 years old!"

"Um," I said, "you realize that that too, is up to her. Like I said, I told the kids about where babies come from, and about birth-control." (I had, too... I just hadn't suggested that they ever use any... or intimated that I would supply it if asked. [I would; but ONLY if asked.] With my plans, I had no expectation that any one of the four kids ever WOULD ask... but I certainly didn't tell Marcia that.)

"You saw them," I reminded her. "Did it look like any one of the boys were trying to keep Nana from getting pregnant? In fact, from the way she had her legs wrapped around her big brother, I doubt if Chad could have pulled out of her if he wanted to."

"Oh God."

"Uh huh," I pushed my point. "From the look of things, since I told them about how she could get pregnant and have a baby, they've actually been TRYING as hard as they can to do it. And unless we send them off to reform school or something, there's not much doubt that eventually they'll succeed."

"Oh God," repeated Marcia. "What'll we DO then?"

Finally! "Nothing," I replied.

"Nothing? You mean we just LET the kids continue this way, breeding their own sister, like it was something everybody does?"

"Uh huh. Well, after all, it was you who wanted more kids anyway."

It took almost three more hours before I convinced her; but once she was on-board, it seemed like my horny wife was almost as eager to see our daughter with a big belly as I was. She still didn't know that there was a good chance (a VERY good chance) that if Nana got pregnant right away, the kid might very well be mine; as my sperm was the first to find it's way into our daughter's womb, right while the little girl was at the peak of her fertility. I wasn't about to tell my wife that... yet.

However, it was a couple of days later that Marcia found Nana and me in our bedroom one afternoon, with her little girl rising and falling on my engorged prick, until the child's tight little slit milking and squeezing on my swollen prick caused me to jerk and squirt our daughter's womb full of jet after potent jet of incestuous cum; filling the child's loins with my seed until my wife finally collapsed and gave in completely to the idea of not only the boys having sex with her little girl, but her husband as well. After all, with Nana squirming, jerking, cooing, and rutting like an oversexed mink on top of me like that, it was obvious that the horny little slut (A compliment!) was not being forced. I just looked at my wife and shrugged; as if to say, "Well, what can I do?.".. as if it had been our daughter who seduced me. I must have pissed almost a gallon of sperm in the child's womb at the thought of my wife watching me impregnate our little girl.

A little over a week and a half later, Nana missed her period. I'll never know if the child that grew in her womb is my daughter or granddaughter... and even now, almost seven years later, I really don't want to know. All I do know, is the little girl is the light of my life. Her, and her five little sisters.

The End
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