White Wife with a Black Baby
(M+/F, size, ir, cuck, pain)

by Kysa Braswell

David had wondered about Kysa. She was getting so big, now in her 7th month of pregnancy. Her belly was double the normal pregnant size, her breasts went from a full D-cup to a double FF-cup now, and it was showed. With those huge breasts now sitting on top of an extremely large belly, they looked so full that they were doing to explode any minute. David had not had sex with Kysa since getting pregnant and he was dying to get inside her. Her blowjobs were great, but he wanted to plant his 6.5-inch cock into her and spray her womb. Certainly no danger of getting her pregnant, that's for sure! Kysa came into the living room, wearing her usual wardrobe of late, a large light blue silk robe.

"Kysa are you all right?" David asked.

"Fine, except for my breasts. They're so swollen they hurt! Can you believe how big they are?"

"Frankly, I'm amazed. [Here, sit down, Kysa.] You can barely walk anymore. You're huge, not fat, but god, Kysa, your nipples are wider than my palm now, and your pussy lips just hang down. Still, I'd love to nuzzle up between your thighs and let your sweet pussy milk my cock like before," David told her.

"I don't think so, David. I'm all fucked out lately," Kysa let slip.

"What? What do you mean? We haven't had sex in almost 8 months!" David returned.

"Nothing, I just misspoke. I meant to say I'm all tuckered out."

David said, "Yea, I bet you did. How can you be all fucked out? I know I'm not getting any! Maybe I should go hire a prostitute to take care of my needs. You sure ain't doing nothing, except sucking cum, and that only goes so far, you know."

"Well, I'm sorry David, but maybe you should. I know I wouldn't get anything out of it."

"Out of what, bitch?" David sounded off.

"Let's face the truth, David. You've got a small cock, and it just doesn't do anything for me. I'll admit, I like your cum, you're good in that department and can cum a lot. But with your 6-incher, I just need more."

"It's six and a HALF inches, goddamnit, not SIX! Jesus Christ, I don't know why I even bother. I mean look at you. You're nothing but a goddamned cow. Your tits are grotesquely huge, your belly is swollen so big I don't know how you get in the door, and your nipples are so large they look freaky," David said.

Tears coming to her eyes, Kysa said, "Well, I can't help it! But even if you did fuck me, I wouldn't feel it."

"Yea, right. You're just afraid of intimacy. Either that, or you don't love me anymore!" David yelled.

"That's not true!"

"Then WHY won't you fuck me, Kysa?"

"I told you, already!"

"Bullshit." is all David grumbled. As he was leaving, Kysa spoke up.

"OK, I WILL tell you, then!" He turned toward her once more. "The real truth is this is not your baby. And the reason I haven't fucked you since I got pregnant is that I've only let the baby's father fuck me since then."


"It's true, David. I'm so sorry, but I've been making love to another man for the past year. I love him. And these are his babies."

"Babies! What the fuck do you mean by THAT?" David yelled again.

"I'm having twins, David, that's what I mean."

"Oh god, Kysa, I can't believe you're dumping all this shit on my head right now. WHY? Why did you do this to me? Please tell me, what did I do to deserve this?" David asked her.

"Well, honestly, David, you're cock is so small, and when he fucked me, I never knew sex could feel this good. He's hung like a horse, and god, he makes me cum and cum and cum!"

"SLAP!" David hit her across the face hard.

Kysa laughed. "You think that changes things? Did that make you little cock bigger?"

Seeing he was getting nowhere, David just wilted beside Kysa on the couch. He couldn't believe what was happening, but he could not help but care for her. "Kysa, I don't want to lose you. Please, tell me everything. I don't care what you think of me, but I have to know. You know I love you," David told her.

David went on. "So let me get this straight so far. You're pregnant with twins. And they're another man's, not mine. Are you sure?"

"Yes, I promise you."

"How do you know?"

"Well, the father is black, and so are my babies," Kysa told him.

"Oh my god, Kysa, I can't believe this!"

"Look, David, you know how every white girl wants a black boyfriend at some point just to piss off her parents or to check out the stereotype or just for the social taboo of it?"

"No, uh, I mean, yea, I've seen lots of white girls with black guys. Some even married to them." David said.

"And do you know why?" David just shrugged his shoulders. "The reason is that everything you've ever heard about black men is true!"

David asked, "So who is this guy you've been fucking, then?"

"His name is Ron. He's gorgeous, 6'3, like I said, hung like a horse, and we met at the supermarket one day last year."

"So what happened; how did you two get 'together'?" David asked.

"I was in the produce section, and was looking at cucumbers when he was near, and he joked that he was bigger. I just laughed it off as simple flirting. But he started talking and asking me questions. Turned out he's a mechanic down the the street from the supermarket, and he gave his card in case I needed my car fixed, or anything else I might need. So I thought about it, and took my car in for a tune-up one day and while one of his men worked on the car, he sat at the desk and talked to me. He was friendly, and his conversation was filled with sexual innuendo."

"Yea, but how did you two get together, finally?" David asked her.

"Well, I dropped by about a week later, thinking about some of the things he had said, and asked him if he wanted to go to lunch with me. He agreed, and by the end of a 2-hour lunch, we were checking into a hotel room! Almost three hours later, I was leaving a different woman."

"Yea, but why NOW, Kysa? What was the attraction?" David asked.

"Well, as you know, I'd never been with a black guy. And I was intrigued by what he said at the supermarket. I'd always heard other girls at school talking about how hung their black boyfriends were, and I wanted to satisfy my curiosity to some extent. Besides, he was both charming and very good-looking!"

"So he was hung?" David asked.

"God, BIG time! I know I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. He's almost 11 inches long and just over 8 inches in girth!"

"No way!" David said.

"Way! He fucked my little ass off that first day. I think he came more the second and third time we did it, than the first! And god, what technique!"

"Eleven inches? My god, Kysa, that IS a horse!" David was sensing that in a perverse way he was getting turned on by hearing Kysa tell him about it. "How in the world did you ever take a cock THAT size?" David asked.

"I didn't have much choice! By the time he got my clothes off, I was scared to death at his size. But he made me suck him off, and that was fun. He's uncircumcised, and his foreskin is so long, it looks so neat, and is so fun to play with my tongue. But once he got inside me, we kissed and hugged for about 10 minutes while I got used to his thickness, then he slowly fed me more and more of his big black cock until I had taken about 9 inches."

"Did you take it all that first time?" David asked.

"No way! He was so deep at 9 inches, I thought he was coming out of my throat! You got to remember, I had only fucked you before him, and your little six incher felt like a little finger inside me compared to his monster black meat!"

"It's six and a HALF inches, I keep telling you!" David reminded her.

"Yea, whatever. It feels like less. But anyway, since I've been fucking him, I haven't been fucking you. Didn't you notice that we didn't have sex for more than a month and a half before I got pregnant? Did you ever wonder?"

"No, I never ever thought about it. I didn't make the connection there," David said.

"Well, think about it. I got pregnant in January. But the last time we had sex was early last November. After he got me pregnant, he told me not to fuck you anymore."

"Why??" David asked.

"He said I was his little white breeding whore now. And I was ONLY to fuck him and service his needs. Given how he made me feel in bed, I didn't mind at all. It kinda made me feel special. The first five months, he fucked me virtually every day, except on weekends. By Monday morning, I was so horny, I couldn't wait for you to get up and go to work so I could meet Ron!"

"I did wonder a few things, though," David added. "Like the bruises and marks on your breasts and ass. I'd see you coming out of the shower and notice what I thought was a hickey, or belt lashes and handprints on your breasts and ass."

"Oh, that's just Ron. He likes a little pain with his pleasure," Kysa said, giggling.

"Yea, but it looks so painful," David told her. "I mean, your breasts right now have several big bruises on them, and I wonder about your ass."

"It does hurt, I have to admit. But at least Ron is a REAL man. And he knows how to treat a woman." Kysa stood up and dropped her robe and let it fall to the floor. She circled around, her full mammaries swinging ahead of her. What David saw was incredible. Her ass was beet-red and blue with bruises and lashes. Her hugely swollen breasts are pocked and spotted with handprints on the sides to black hickey-like bruises along the top, around the nipples, and on the underside.

"Jesus, Kysa, how can you let him treat you like that? That's fucking sick. I can't believe you. You're not the same person," David said.

"Well, at Ron keeps his woman from straying. I haven't fucked you, have I? And whenever I thought about it, just because I loved you, he would beat my ass, and remind me I'm HIS whore and I was to fuck ONLY him and his big black cock."

"Obviously, you did." David said. "But god, Kysa, your body. Look at you. Your breasts are just so massive. And your nipples are incredible. Jesus, they stick out more than a half-inch all the time now. I've never seen a woman with a big a belly as you, either! And look at your pussy lips. They don't look the same at all. They just hang there now! How long are they?"

Kysa reached between her thighs and with three fingers split her cuntlips and pulled them out and down, stretching them over two inches. "About that long," she laughed.

David had a full-blown erection now, all 6.5 pitiful inches of it. Kysa sat back down on the couch, and David leaned over and kissed her passionately. "Kysa, I want to fuck you so badly. I don't care what he's done to you. I just want you pussy so bad . . .".

"No, David, I can't." Struggling and pushing him back some. "Please, I can't. Besides, you wouldn't feel anything. I'm so stretched out from Ron's big cock that you wouldn't cum. You can't because Ron doesn't want me to."

"But Kysa, look at me here, I'm dying!!" David said.

"Here, why don't you jack off and cum on my belly or tits? That will feel good on my skin, especially as much as you cum, baby." David was obviously frustrated, but he now understood that Kysa's body wasn't his anymore. David rubbed his cock on her enormous belly, swaying it back and forth, smearing precum over it. He still couldn't fathom the fact that she was carrying two black babies inside her womb. But ironically, it actually turned him on that she was so happy with his cock.

"Does it bother you David that another man's babies are inside me? That he's a black man? That your little white wife is now hugely pregnant with his babies? I've been fucking him for a year now, and god, he KNOWS how to fuck a woman. He could make any woman happy with what's between his black thighs!"

David was having an orgasm from hearing her talk so frankly and so dirty at the same time. Though he wasn't ready to cum yet. Kysa continued with the details.

"He's not like you, David. Ron is HUNG! God, his black cock is so big that it is a mindblower every time he mounts me. He's still fucking me, too. He fucks your little white wife at least 3-5 times a week as I'm pregnant with his twin babies!" David was pumping his cock blindingly fast now, concentrating on how Kysa was pulling her huge nips out several inches and letting them snap back into her bouncy, full breasts. It was an awesome sight. She kept it up. "David, I'm not sure I'll ever let you fuck me again. Your little cock is so fucking small. God, you look like a little boy next to his massive member!"

David kept jerking until he exploded. "ARRRRRRGGGGHH HUURRGGGGHHH, YEEAAAAAH... GODDDDAMN!!!" David yelled. Kysa took his massive load and slathered it all over her enormous belly, coating herself with his seed. It felt great on her skin. Then she licked her fingers clean, then cleaned up his cock while he was curling his toes and squeezing his eyes shut in sheer total pleasure.

Later, Kysa was on the phone with Ron. It was funny how open and happy she was now with her new situation. David heard her kept giggling and then she said "OK" several times and hung up.

Later that night as Kysa lay in bed, suddenly David looked up and saw a massive naked black man standing beside her. His cock pole was hanging halfway to his knees. He leaned down and kissed Kysa, then picked her up and escorted her to the next room by the arm. Kysa turned as she was being led away and smiled and waved at David, who sat there in disbelief.

Seconds later, he heard several hard, loud slaps.


Then followed Kysa's moaning for several minutes. David figured she was now sucking him to a full erection. He got up out of bed and went to the guest bedroom to see. Though not a comfortable position for her, Ron placed Kysa on all fours, and was inserting his absolutely huge 11-incher into Kysa. Kysa was gasping, as if out of breath over the monstrous black prick being inserted into her body. What a lurid scene, David thought. Here was Kysa, on all fours, her full, swollen breasts touching the mattress, as with her belly, and a big black buck was behind her giving her the fucking of her life. He wondered if it was always like this.

Ron picked up the pace, and grabbed Kysa's hips. Planting his black member as deep as it would go, Kysa gasped and grimaced in pain as he held her down on his huge cock, making her take every single inch inside her. David thought that could NOT be good for the babies inside her. Then, Ron got rough with her.

SWEESH, SCHWAP!! "OWWW!!" Kysa yelled.
SWEESH, SCHWAP!! "OWWW!!" Kysa yelled again.
SWEESH, SCHWAP!! "OWWW!!" Kysa yelled.

"Who's your nigger now, bitch?" Ron yelled at her, pulling her massive mammaries back and flattening them along her belly.

"You are, sir!" Kysa muffled into her pillow. Ron continued the ass beating.


Ron expertly slid his fat black member inside her. You could tell he had worked Kysa's ass over before. He was deep-stroking her like a pro. Having settled for David's six-incher for the first year of marriage, nothing could ever come close to this feeling. Ron's fat cock filled her completely, stretching her, and always leaving her sore, even though by now she was "stretched" to Ron's size and girth. It didn't matter, because Ron always too a different angle or position in which to pour his black meat to Kysa's pussy. It was amazing to see the skin contrast with Kysa. His big cock just dwarfed her crotch. It's amazing she EVER got it inside her. And his black contrasted against her white skin was a sight to behold. So erotic. So lewd. So taboo. Funny how white girls get off on having a big piece of black meat stuffed inside them. They go crazy over. God, Kysa sure does. Look at her, she's writhing in painful ecstacy beneath him. His ebony buttocks are as hard as stone as he pushes into her with long, strong strokes. He pulls way back before stroking back into her. And when Ron goes beyond about the 9-inch mark, Kysa grimaces as if being pinched every time without fail. 'If only I could pleasure a woman like that,' David thought to himself. Ron continued, but he would insert his mega-shaft all the way into her, and just hold himself there, as if making a statement that he can bust her cervix all night if he wanted, whenever he wanted, and in whatever position he chose.

What followed was a blur of black fucking that astounded David. Ron picked up his pace, pile-driving his huge cock into her. Banging his loins violently into her upturned asscheeks as her pussy gave way to the mighty black shaft pouring itself into her over and over and over. And he kept it up. This was going on 30 or 40 minutes now of vicious fucking. David lost count. Kysa was a mass of jello underneath him as him screamed in a primal fashion and unloaded his big black weapon into her womb. He came and came, screaming the whole time, holding her hips tight into his loins. He pushed Kysa down into her pillow, and her body went limp and she rolled over off her big pregnant belly. She was whimpering and crying from the beating and vicious fucking she'd just received. In tears, she reached up and pulled Ron down to her lips and French-kissed him very passionately. Ron then mounted her face and made her clean his cock and balls to a shiny-clean. She did so with undue pleasure.

When she finished, she looked over at David, and his pitiful little erection. "Ron, look. That's what I was fucking before I met you, babe!" she said. Both she and Ron laughed out loud at David's little boy cock. "Now that you've seen how a real man fucks a woman properly, what do you think now, David?" Kysa asked him.

He had no response, just shrugging his shoulders at her. Kysa felt sorry for David. She said, "David, do you want to fuck me now? You can if you want to." She rearranged the sheets and laid on her back at the edge of the bed. Spreading her legs, David got between them and positioned his cock at her sweetness. There was cum everywhere, all over her bush, her big, stretched pussylips, and her pussy was filled with the black's seed. "What's wrong, David, scared you can't pleasure a woman anymore?" Kysa asked him rhetorically. Her pussylips were so stretched it was unreal.

David mounted her and slid his cock into her folds. First, he felt all of Ron's slippery cum coating and dripping all over his hard cock and balls. The squishing noises of the tremendous amount of cum Ron left inside her was evil. Her pussy was a soddened mess of cum. He pushed easily, meeting absolutely no resistance, and was cushioned by her pussy lips. He stroked several times, but really couldn't feel anything, not surprised since Ron's cock was ever bit as big as she described.

Kysa ribbed him, "God, David, I can't even feel your cock now! You're so small it's pathetic." While David was determined to cum inside her, too, Kysa grabbed Ron's hand and pulled him over her, French-kissing him. Ron kissed her back deeply, feeling and pulling at her massively swollen breasts, pinching and pulling her big nipples as if he could milk her early. David wondered just how much milk she would produce after the pregnancy and whether he could get a piece of that action. In a perverted way, if he couldn't have his wife's pussy, maybe he could have her breasts and mouth as consolation for being so small.

David kept sliding his cock inside her with futility. He wasn't feeling anything since she was so stretched out. And obviously she couldn't feel him. He pulled out and concentrated hard on the passionate display in front of him and jacked off, giving her hanging pussy lips another coating of cum. It was as close as he could get to fucking her now, and it was no use: neither one of them could feel anything.

David left the room and left them alone. For two more hours they fucked like animals, with the sounds of him slapping her breasts and beating her ass, her screams of pain, and from the constant, vicious whap-whap-whap-whap of his loins pouring his huge black cock into his wife. Apparently they kissed and talked some more before Ron put on his clothes and left.

The next day when David got home from work, there was an uncomfortable moment for him while he waited to see how Kysa would react now that he knew everything about their situation. He could never look upon her as the wholesome, lovely, prim wife as before.

Kysa called to him from the living room. "Guess what, honey! Ron asked me if I would have more of his babies after these are birthed, and I agreed! I guess your wife is in for another year of more black-fucking and pregging by her black stud, eh? This time he wants me to get on fertility drugs and try to have triplets!!"

David sunk his head into his hands and just groaned. But when he pulled them away, Kysa was on her knees, disrobed, in position willing to suck his cock. Her lovely, though grotesquely large breasts and belly were an oddly erotic site as his cock quickly reached it's full 6.5 inch dimension. Kysa was waiting for him with her big puppy-dog eyes, wanting a mouthful of cum. She was massaging her hugely swollen, milk-filled breasts, sensuously pulling and extending her long nipples for him.

For a brief moment he wondered if she'd want even more black babies after she had the next round from Ron. And whether she'd stray from him onto other hung men and seek to have their babies, too. No matter. He stepped up, whipped out his cock, closed his eyes, and forgave his beautiful wife anything as long as she could suck him into heavenly ecstasy like this.


The End
Kysa Braswell
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