Kidnapped and Forced to Breed
(M+/F, size, ir, nc, preg)

by Kysa Braswell & Trent

Kysa woke up slowly, her head hurt and her mouth had a foul taste in it, opening her eyes she focused on the room she was in, where the hell am I, she thought as she tried to roll over on the bed.

The sudden pain in her wrists and ankles stopped her, she saw that she was tied spread-eagle, totally helpless. Kysa thought to herself that if this is some sort of kinky game he's playing I'm not happy with it. He knows I don't like bondage, a little pain now and then but I hate being tied up.

Kysa tried to remember what had happened, her husband had taken her out to a dance club to celebrate their third wedding anniversary, Kysa loved to dance, particularly slow dances where she could press herself against her husband and slowly grind her hips up and down his big white cock, driving them both crazy with desire, she loved feeling his hands roaming over her body.

When her husband had gone to the bathroom, a young black man had quickly stepped up to her and asked if she wanted to dance. Since it was a slow song she had said yes and slipped into his arms, Kysa had wanted her husband to return to see her in a black man's arms, his hands cupping her beautiful ass as she kissed him. That would drive her husband crazy she knew, and he would fuck her like a wild man, most likely in the parking lot bent over the hood of their car. Kysa and her husband had played this game before: Kysa had several black lovers and always fucked them with her husband there, it put a really intense edge on her orgasms to be watched by the man she loved as big black cocks violated her sweet tight pussy, knowing that when the blacks had filled her pussy with their black seed that her husband would fuck her viciously with his big cock and bring her off to a mind numbing orgasm as only he could.

While dancing Kysa had felt a sharp sting on her ass, the room began to spin and she had felt herself pushed through the exit door into the parking lot, just as she passed out, she had been shoved into a waiting van and then she had woken up here, wherever here was.

Kysa strained at the ropes holding to the bed, trying to free herself. The door to the room opened and two black men entered, one carried a medical bag and began checking her vital signs.

"Well, how is she" the other black man asked, "She fine, no adverse reaction to the drugs and the pelvic exam was clean," the first black answered.

Pelvic exam, what the hell were they talking about, Kysa wondered, "What's going on here where am I?" Kysa demanded.

"You can go now, I'll fill her in on the details," the first black man nodded and left the room.

"Now Kysa, you want to know what’s happened to you, where you are and what’s going to happen to you," the black smiled down at Kysa as he removed his clothes.

"Listen, what ever this is about I won't go to the police if you let me go now." Kysa's eyes widened as the black slid his pants down and his long thick and uncut cock sprang to attention. "All I want is to go home."

The black kneeled between Kysa's spread legs, the tip of his foreskin just brushing the tender pink lips of her pussy, "well Kysa, that’s just not possible, you see your husband and friends all think you took off with that strapping young black stud they saw you dancing with." While he talked the black slowly rubbed the head of his cock up and down Kysa's rapidly moistening slit, swirling the head around her clit and back down again.

"You're here to make us a lot of money, first you're going to have black men's babies that we will sell on the baby market. When we know that you're safely pregnant you will be used for black pleasure, there are a lot of black guys that will pay good money to fuck a beautiful white woman, and you're more beautiful and desirable than most."

Grinning nastily the black slid the first inch or so of his thick cock into Kysa's pussy, making her gasp and arch her back, thrusting her hips upward to meet his throbbing black meat. "Yeah, you're going to fit in just fine," he laughed. "Show a big black cock to most white women and they turn into total sluts." He pushed another few inches into Kysa, stretching her pussy, Kysa whipped her head back and forth as the black cock sank deeper into her, "oh my god! He's so thick," she thought, her husband had a very big cock but this black’s cock was huge.

The black reached down and cupped Kysa's large breasts, gently kneading them, his finger tips circling her large hard nipples. He dipped his head to her left breast and sucked on Kysa's nipple, while he pushed the final six inches of cock into her mashing the big head of his cock against her cervix, causing Kysa to cry out in pain. Her cries redoubled as he sank his teeth into her nipple drawing blood. Kysa screamed from the sudden lancing pain, hearing the black laugh at her just a taste of what's to come. Kysa, some of the black men you'll be servicing during your life here will hurt you a lot more, but that's what they pay the big bucks for."

The black started to fuck Kysa, thrusting hard and fast into her pussy, twisting her nipples, pulling them hard, Kysa moaned and groaned with the combined pleasure of the huge black cock slamming into her unprotected womb and the sweet pain of her ravaged nipples.

Looking down at her the black smiled with delight. "The pelvic exam you had showed that you're at your most fertile period right now. You started ovulating a few hours ago, soon you'll be pregnant with your first black child, the first but not the last, you're going to have a lot of black babies for us, you and all the other white women we kidnapped and brought here."

Kysa could barely hear him as the waves of pleasure crashed through her stretched and sopping pussy, driving up her spine to explode in her head. At that moment she didn't care that she would never see her husband or family or friends again, that she would spend the rest of her life as the breeding bitch to a group of black men. They would violate her body every day, hundreds of times a day, no Kysa didn't care about any of that at that exact moment, all she cared about was having the most intense orgasm in her life, and she did.

The orgasm ripped through Kysa's head, she thought it would blast the top of her skull off it was so intense, she arched her back and threw her head back and screamed her pleasure thrashing about on the end of the huge black cock before collapsing on the sweat soaked sheets, shuddering and shaking with the ripples of pleasure as the black man rammed his cock in her up to his balls and grunted as he emptied his large balls into Kysa's fertile and waiting womb, the hot jets of black seed splashed against the tender walls of Kysa pussy, covering the egg in a thick layer of black sperm, within minutes Kysa was pregnant with her first black baby.

The black man lay on top of Kysa for a few minutes before pulling his hugely thick black cock from her pussy. Looking down at her he grinned and patted her tummy, "You're a beautiful woman Kysa, and a wild fuck, we're going to make a lot of money off you, and your beautiful babies."

Kysa sat at the vanity table and brushed her hair, it trailed down to her buttocks and was silky smooth. Standing up Kysa checked herself in the full length mirror, her hair was brushed straight back, her face was beautiful even though her eyes were dark and sad, her breasts, always large, had swollen to almost twice their previous size with the births of her children and the nursing of the babies. Her tummy was just beginning to swell with her fifth black baby, she had given birth to three girls and one boy – all beautiful and healthy, the blacks had allowed her to nurse the babies for a few month's before taking them away to sell on the market, and had promptly set to making Kysa pregnant again.

Kysa's skin was pale and milky white, she hadn't seen the sun or been out of this room since she had woken up here, the paleness of her skin excited most of the blacks who came to fuck her endlessly, they loved to brutally fuck her, savoring her beauty and submissiveness to black cock.

The door opened and the black man who ran the complex and was the father of Kysa's first child entered, Kysa slipped down onto her knees and smiled in greeting of a black master, just as she had been painfully taught to do. She could still feel the pain that the belts had made on her ass and thighs when she had refused to obey, but she had learned quickly, and hadn't been whipped since.

"How may I please you Master?" Kysa said her voice low and sultry as she had been taught, the black man smiled at her as he stepped up to her mouth and she unzipped his pants, taking his huge black cock into her hands, pulling the heavy foreskin back and slipping her lips over the head, sucking and licking as much of the oversized cock as she could get into her mouth.

"The doctor tells me that you're pregnant again, that’s good. We got really good prices for your last babies. Maybe this time you'll have twins, double our money for sure," the black closed his eyes enjoying the way Kysa worshiped his big black cock with her mouth, she had been a good investment. The mixed-breed babies fetched top dollar on the market and the money they made selling her beautiful body to the blacks who craved white bitches to fuck kept rolling in. "Fuck she's one fantastic cocksucker but then the bitch gets lots of practice," he thought. "In the nearly five years she had been here, there must have been a couple of thousand black cocks in her mouth and pussy, and she loves every moment of it, the little whore."

He laughed to himself thinking about how her husband had never given up looking for her, convinced that she was still alive, he laughed out loud startling Kysa who looked up at him with a lustful gaze her lips stretched around the huge black pole. He reached down and stroked Kysa's hair, "I was just thinking of what your husband would say if he could see you now, a white fuck slut for black cock, mother of soon to be five black babies and whore to any black man who wants you." Kysa's only reply was to suck harder and faster on her Masters cock, "Yeah maybe I'll send him some of the video tapes we've made of you fucking all those big black cocks and the tapes of your giving birth to your black bastards, he'd love to see what's become of his loving white wife."

Kysa jerked her Masters cock hard and fast as she sucked, and soon felt him stiffen as his balls erupted with hot jets of black seed shooting down her throat, Kysa swallowed quickly not wanting to waste a single drop of her Masters precious cum. Her Master stepped back and still holding Kysa's hair slapped her across the face repeatedly with his thick wet cock, the wet smacking sounds loud in the room.

"Get ready, slut, you have a full day ahead of you, now that your knocked up with another black baby, you can start taking care of more of the white pussy hungry black cocks, taking up the slack for a couple of the other women who are close to delivering their black babies."

As he left the room, Kysa prepared herself, fixing her makeup and making sure there were clean sheets on the bed, she sighed an other long day of sucking and fucking black cocks for her owners. This was not the life she had imagined for herself, but at least it did have some nice BIG fringe benefits. Kysa licked her lips, enjoying the aftertaste of the black seed in her mouth, soon there would be a lot more black cum joining the large amount her Master had dumped down her throat just moments ago.

"Umm" she thought, "I can hardly wait to find out if it’s a girl or a boy this time, in the meantime a white sluts work is never done."

The End
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