Operation Fuck Daddy
(M/f, inc, size, cons)

by Kysa Braswell

Robin was horny. It was not unusual for Robin to be horny, but this time was different. Most other times she could go to her room by herself and play with her dildo or finger herself till she came. She used to imagine one of the older boys from the high school across the street from her Junior High fucking her everyday after school, but lately she hadn't been as turned on at the thought of one of the juniors or seniors busting her pussy with their big cocks. She had seen how they acted around girls closer to their own age while hanging out on the street or at parties. Robin was starting to think they were too immature, even worse then the boys in her own grade.

Robin was also starting to get worried. Here she was in 8th grade, thirteen years old, and she still hadn't been fucked yet! Oh sure, she had sucked a few guys in the woods behind her school a few times, but none of those boys had actually fucked her. For the hundredth time in the last week, Robin took off her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror in her room. She was petite and short, even for a thirteen-year old girl; but she was well-proportioned with long legs which, just like the rest of her body, were nicely tanned. Her long, blond hair trailed all the way down her back to her tight, perfectly formed ass. Her nice ripe pussy was free of hair; it hadn't even started to grow yet. Robin sighed. She must assume the boys weren't interested in her because of her tits. They were still really small; she was finally just starting to be able to cup them in her hands now. She noticed that boys would check out her nicely shaped legs and ass, but once they got to her tits, they would look away to some other girl.

Robin had decided a couple weeks ago that she didn't care what the high school boys thought about her body anymore. She didn't want to fuck a boy who could only go for five minutes anyway (at least that's what some of her friends said that's how long it lasted). Nope, she would no longer lose any sleep over the high school boys. Robin had started to notice how some of the older men were starting to look at her. At the mall she would catch some man with his wife staring at her. Sometimes she would even catch a glimpse of the bulge in his pants before he could turn away. Or while she was walking home from school, she would see some of the father's picking up their kids staring at he as they drove past.

Robin liked the idea of a grown man fucking her. She assumed that because they were older than high school boys, they were bigger, could last longer, and were more experienced. The only problem was that she didn't want some stranger fucking her; there were a lot of wackos out there. Robin had solved this problem a couple weeks ago: she made up her mind that she was going to fuck her own father.

He seemed the logical choice. He would never do anything to hurt her, he was obviously experienced, they would be able to do it anytime they wanted to, and she already knew he was bigger then the high school boys. A couple times she had caught him stroking his cock in the shower. She would wait and watch, mesmerized, as her Daddy stroked himself until he shot loads and loads of his cum all over the shower wall. She would then run to her room and finger herself until she also came. His penis was also very large, which visually excited her. She told her friend Leslie about it, and Leslie giggled, sharing that she had seen her father's prick, too, but it wasn't very big.

Robin had already started to implement "Operation Fuck Daddy," as she called it. Over the past week she had been walking around the house with hardly any clothes on, usually just her training bra and panties. She would also take showers and baths with the bathroom door wide open, and she had also slept without any clothes on at night, with the covers off and her bedroom door open. She could also tell her plan was working. Now her father hardly even bothered to hide the fact that he was staring at her body as she walked around the house half naked, and she saw him pause more then once when he walked by while she was taking a bath. The best part came two nights ago. She stayed awake in her room until her Daddy was ready to go to bed, then as he walked past her room to his own, she lay down with her legs spread wide and one hand slightly massaging the area around her pussy, the other gently rubbing one of her tits, as if she did it in her sleep.

Of course, it had the desired effect. She heard her Daddy stop at the door to her room and felt his eyes all over her petite young body. She heard his zipper slide down and his pants hit the floor, then the almost silent sound of her father masturbating while he watched her sleep. After about five minutes she heard him grunt softly a few times and the sweet smell of her father's cum filled her bedroom. After he went to bed, Robin fucked herself with her fingers, imagining it was her Daddy. She made herself cum three times before licking her juices off fingers. Now she knew her Daddy wanted her, and she was so horny that she decided that she was going to fuck him the next chance she got.

The next day she raced home from school to prepare. Today would be the day. She had a few hours before Daddy would get home from work, so she cleaned the house so he would be in a good mood when he found her. As the time her Daddy usually got home approached, Robin went into her room to start the finishing touches. She took off all her clothes and put on a pair of her knee-high socks and her tennis shoes. She lay down on her bed and brushed out her beautiful blond hair. She spread her legs and moaned softly as she started to play with her little clit. She was nice and wet by the time she heard her father's car pull into the driveway.

She started to fuck herself with two fingers, moaning loudly when she heard the front door open and close. Robin knew her father would wonder what the strange noises were coming from her room and would investigate. Sure enough she soon heard his steps in the hall to their rooms. She arched her back and closed her eyes, screaming now in pleasure as her pussy contracted around her fingers and she felt her sweet juices flood over her hand. When she had finished cumming, she removed her fingers and started to slowly suck on them, still not opening her eyes. When she finally did and the stars of pleasure left her vision, she saw her father standing in her doorway with eyes wide.

"Daddy! What are you doing home?" Robin acted surprised.

"Robin, sweetie, I think we need to have a talk." Robin did not try to cover up as her father walked into her room and sat down on the bed, she only continued to suck on her finger.

"Daddy, please don't ground me, I can explain everything." Robin used her most innocent voice. "Sarah told me this way how to feel really good...."

"It's okay, sweetie." He said, "I completely understand. It's natural for girls your age to do this. Boys also. Everyone does it." Robin noticed her Daddy's eyes had not left her body since coming in the room. He had looked at every part of her-her face, tits, legs, and pussy-at least 5 times.

"Oh my god I am so embarrassed!" Robin started to cry.

"It's okay sweetie. I'm sorry you haven't had a woman to help you grow up, your mother leaving and all. I guess I just haven't gone over everything yet." Robin's father tried to laugh as he hugged her to him. She could feel the rough feel of his shirt and pants against her bare skin.

"Daddy... I, I have a question. No never mind..." Robin was about to close the door on her plan.

"No sweetie, what is it? You can ask me anything." Robin couldn't believe how easy this would be.

"Well, It's just that. You've taught me about sex and all of that. But...."

"Yes? You can ask anything honey."

"I've never seen a real thingie. You know, penis, before.... can I see yours?" she asked in her best shy voice. She looked up to check the reaction on her father's face. He looked hesitant, so she started to slowly rub her leg against his.

"Well, of course I would show it to you if you really wanted to see one. It's just that, well, I'm not in the best condition to do that right now sweetie." He sounded slightly embarrassed as he answered his daughter's question.

"What do you mean, Daddy?" Robin asked with a look of innocence on her face.

"Well, what I mean is that my penis is erect right now, honey. I don't know if that is appropriate or not, sweetie." He seemed to blush.

"That's okay Daddy, I don't care what it looks like. I just think I need to see one."

He sighed as she said this, but would not deny the request from his sweet little girl. He stood up and pulled down his pants and underwear. Robin actually gasped when she saw her Daddy's cock. It was even bigger then she had thought, at least ten inches long, much bigger than any of the boys she had sucked off in the woods. Robin resisted the urge to reach out and hold her Daddy's huge dick. She watched as it twitched every once in a while, she could actually see it grow larger as she kept her eyes glued to it. Finally, she looked up to her Daddy to find him staring at her naked body. She remembered her pre-planned lines.

"You mean boys actually put that in here?" Robin asked, now truly amazed and running one finger along the outside of her little pussy. Her father looked down to her cunt and nodded after a few seconds.

"Yes, we do. Except we are much older then you are when we do it." Robin noticed the hesitant tone to her father's words.

"Can... can I touch it?" She asked in a shy voice.

"Robin, sweetie, I don't think that...."

Robin didn't give him a chance to answer. She reached out and grasped her Daddy's cock with one hand. It jerked in her hand and she thought he would shoot his load right then, but it only grew harder. She found she could not even wrap her fingers around her father's shaft, so she used her other hand to completely circle her Daddy's cock.

She looked up to her father with lust in her eyes, and saw the same look in his eyes as he watched his daughter hold his cock. "Can I....can I taste it Daddy?" She asked. Robin forgot the rest of her plans when she saw her father nod. She barely had time to congratulate herself on her success before lust took over and she bent to take her father's cock into her mouth.

First she gently licked the head, savoring the first flavor on her tong. She heard hear father moan as she took the head into her mouth, gently sucking, while jacking the rest of his cock off with both hands. Soon she took more of her father's huge prick, sliding it in and out of her mouth. After a few minutes she was taking as much as she could into her mouth while jacking the neglected part of her Daddy's cock off with her hands. She felt him brush her long hair back behind her ears and felt his hand on the back of her head, gently guiding her up and down his cock. She could imagine how the scene looked: a cute little 13-year old girl on her hands and knees on her bed, sucking her Daddy's huge cock while he stood next to the bed with his pants around his ankles. Soon she felt the first signs from his father's cock. It started to jerk more violently in her mouth, he started to moan more, and his hand started to guide her head faster and faster up and down his cock. Soon she felt the first shot of her Daddy's cum and tasted it as filled her mouth. The second shot was more then she could handle and it started to spill out of her mouth and run down her chin. Then her Daddy pulled out and she felt his warm cum splash on her face, running down her neck to her little tits. He pulled back as his cock lost some of its rigidity. She imagined what she must look like to him: a young little slut with hot cum all over her face and tits. He looked down at her and she grinned.

"How do I look Daddy?" Robin asked innocently.

"Beautiful, Princess." He said. "Absolutely beautiful." Robin grinned as she started to clean her father's cum off of her face with her fingers and eagerly shove them into her mouth. She thought it was a bit odd that he had called her 'Princess'; he never had before. He lay down on the bed beside her as she rubbed his cum into her tits, enjoying the sticky feeling when it quickly dried all over her chest.

As they lay relaxing on Robin's bed, her Daddy reached over and put one hand on her thigh and started to rub her softly. She looked over at him and found that he was staring up at the ceiling. She gently guided his hand closer and closer to her pussy. He looked at her and smiled, then started to run his finger up and down the outside of Robin's pussy. Her legs felt weak, even though she was lying on her bed as her father rubbed her little cunt, then found her clit and massaged it with his thumb. She watched as her father removed the rest of his clothes, her eyes falling on his again rock hard cock. He spread her legs and put his face to her pussy.

"Are you gonna lick me, Daddy?" Robin asked.

He worried for a brief second. "Only if you want me to, Princess." She could only think of one thing she wanted more then to have her father eat her out.

"Oh yes, Daddy, please do!" Robin moaned.

She watched as her father bent his head down and started to kiss and lick her inner thighs and the area all around her sweet little pussy. She actually screamed out loud when her father's tongue hit her clit. She felt him spread her cunt lips with his fingers, then lick all around the opening to her pussy. She could feel her orgasm building as her father continued to lick her. The moment came when her Daddy slid one finger into her cunt while he nibbled on her clit. She arched her back off the bed and screamed out loud as she came, her juices flowing from her pussy. This only increased her pleasure as her father desperately lapped at her cunt in an attempt to get all of her juices. He moved up to be eye level with her and held her close.

"Daddy?" She said into his chest.

"Yes, sweet Princess?"

"Will you put it in me?

He hesitated. "Honey...."

"Please Daddy? Please, I need to feel your huge cock inside me! I want to feel my Daddy's cock in my pussy! My friend Leslie says if a girl lets her Daddy break her in, then she'll enjoy it for the rest of her life," Robin pleaded.

"Oh Princess, you don't know how long I've wanted to hear you say that."

Robin was stunned. He had wanted to fuck her? For how long? Robin didn't want to think about that right now, she just wanted her father deep inside her.

"Please do it to me Daddy, I want you to be inside me now!"

He positioned himself so that he was ready to enter her. Robin spread her legs and put them behind his back, urging him in. He held his cock and placed it at the opening to her love hole. So very slowly, he started to push his cock into his daughter's cunt. Robin could not believe how big he was. He was barely past the head and she already knew she had never put anything so big in there before. She threw her arms over her head and moaned in pleasure as her Daddy slowly pushed into her. It took a couple minutes, but finally he had slipped his whole cock into her little cunt; he was up to the hilt. Robin could not believe how full she felt, she almost thought she was going to explode, but her Daddy's cock felt so good in her it would be worth it. He just waited a few moments with his eyes closed before he started to pull out. He pulled out quicker then he had gone in, pulling all but the head of his cock out of his daughter's pussy. He then dove in again, much quicker this time. Robin gasped as her father began to really fuck her. Her heart started to beat faster as she felt the start of an orgasm. She looked down to see her tight little pussy wrapped around her father's huge cock. She could not figure out how her father could be fucking her this fast. She was actually being fucked! By her own father! This thought and the sight of her father's cock plunging in and out of her put her over the edge and she had an earth shattering orgasm. She had never felt like this before, she must have cum for a couple minutes straight. It had never felt like this with her dildos!

"Oh my. Oh my god Princess." He moaned. "You're so tight sweetie, I'm going to cum soon. You're just too small down there for Daddy's size."

"Oh yes Daddy, I want you to stay inside me when you do it. Shoot it inside me, please? Leslie says you can't get pregnant by your own Daddy, but she says it feels divine!" She moaned.

He knew that was a lie, but he wasn't going to let a golden opportunity escape right between his legs. If his little girl wanted his cum in her womb, he would have to oblige her.

Robin felt her Daddy's cock grow bigger then it had ever been. Soon it erupted inside her, filling her little cunt up with hot, slippery cum. He came and came, pouring his fertile seed deep in her womb for over a full minute! There was hardly any room left in her pussy to begin with, and her father's cum began to flow out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass. She loved the feeling of the hot stuff running over her body. He pulled out and to Robin's delight was still shooting his cum. She grabbed hold of his pulsating cock and aimed it at her chest. She moaned as she felt his sticky cum landed on her tits and dribbled down her stomach. After a few more shots that landed on her cunt, her father finally stopped shooting. He collapsed down beside her. Robin was amazed at the amount of cum her father had let loose on her. It was completely covering her tits and stomach, and it was still oozing out of her little cunt.

Robin leaned over and kissed her father on the cheek. "I love you Daddy, I'm a woman now!" She whispered.

"You certainly are, Princess, and I love you, too." He replied before he shook his heavy penis, emptying the last drops of cum on her taut belly, and then falling asleep with her holding his prick the entire night.

The End
Kysa Braswell
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