Teen Whores for Horses
(f+, best, teen, 1st)

by Kysa Braswell

Erin quivered with fuck-lust as she reined in the black stallion. She climbed off and stroked the horse's powerful neck.

"You're terrific, Cheyenne," she said, her words coated with passion. Riding the sleek stallion had the crotch of her panties soaked and she hoped the hot buttery pussy juices hadn't seeped through to her riding pants.

Cheyenne neighed and nuzzled his nose to the teenager's neck. His thick tail swished as the young girl scratched at his forehead. Erin shivered and led the horse into the stable.

"I'll be back tomorrow," she promised as she locked him in his stall. She left and walked to the office next to the stable to pay her riding fee.

Melanie looked up and smiled at the dark-haired teenager. "Did you have fun this morning?" she asked, noticing the flush in Erin's cheeks.

"Yes," Erin said, avoiding Melanie's intent gaze. "Cheyenne was in top form, as usual."

Melanie felt a shiver skip up her spine. She studied the young girl, her pussy contracting as she imagined the child naked and Cheyenne fucking his gorgeous cock into her pussy.

"You coming back tomorrow?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," Erin said. "I'll be here every day this week." She felt her legs weaken. All she could think about was getting home and climbing into bed and finger-fucking herself.

Melanie sensed the teenager's passion. "Riding gets you hot, huh?" she asked, her desire for the young girl making her bold.

Erin flushed a deep red. "No," she lied.

"You don't have to be ashamed of it," Melanie said. "I get so hot when I'm riding Cheyenne, or one of the other horses, my panties get drenched with pussy juice." She enjoyed the surprise on Erin's face.

Erin gulped. She had thought she was the only one who creamed when out riding. "You do?"

"All the time," Melanie said. "My pussy gets so hot I go crazy." Her breath rushed out as she stared hungrily at the pretty young girl.

Erin's head was spinning. Her nipples swelled under her blouse and they began to ache as they pressed into the material of her bra. Melanie's words were making her hotter. She looked at the gorgeous redhead as passion surged through her virgin body. She felt the juices in her cunt bubble.

"I'll bet your panties are soaked, right?" Hunger for the child was in Melanie's voice.

Erin nodded, her eyes glued to Melanie's large tits straining against her tight-fitting top. "Yes." The word came out as a hiss.

Melanie walked toward the trembling teenager. Her mouth watered and her cunt was on fire. "I like to play with myself after riding," she said breathlessly. She smiled. It wasn't time to tell the child what she really did after riding.

Erin gulped. "You do?" She felt dizzy as Melanie approached. She flushed a deeper red.

"Yes," Melanie whispered hotly. "Do you?" Erin shuddered and nodded her head.

"Yes," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. "I can't help myself. I just get so hot." She didn't understand why she was admitting her private feelings to Melanie, but she couldn't stop herself.

"It's more fun when someone else plays with you." Melanie was shaking, her body screaming for the young girl. "Do you ever let anyone play with you?"

"No," Erin sighed. She licked her lips nervously. Her palms itched. For some reason she couldn't explain, she wanted to see Melanie's large tits. She swayed. "No one has ever touched me."

A spasm raced through Melanie's body. Erin was a virgin! It blew her mind. "It's fantastic," she said, hypnotizing the young teenager with her voice. "Being played with is a lot more exciting than doing it yourself."

"I'd be afraid," Erin sighed. She wanted to touch Melanie's tits. At the same time, she wanted to be stripped by Melanie. She heaved a ragged sigh, her body quaking to be touched.

Melanie knew what the child wanted. She sensed it with every nerve in her body. She brought her hands to Erin's blouse and pressed her fingers into the soft tit meat beneath the blouse. She shuddered, her pussy in spasms.

Hot contractions swept through Erin's virgin cunt as Melanie kneaded her small sensitive tits through her blouse. "You shouldn't," she panted as the pleasure swept over her young body.

"You want me to stop?" Melanie asked as she continued to knead the child's tits.

"No," Erin sighed. "Don't stop." Her voice was swimming with lust. Melanie's kneading fingers were driving her crazy.

"I'm glad," Melanie purred. Slowly, she began unbuttoning Erin's blouse. "It feels a lot better without so many clothes on."

Erin couldn't stop shaking. Her legs were trembling and she was sure that the juices from her cunt had soaked through to her riding pants. "I'm so hot," she gasped as her face flushed with excitement and embarrassment. "So hot."

"So am I," Melanie said. She slipped the blouse off Erin's shoulders and shuddered. "You're beautiful."

Erin swayed as Melanie eased off her bra and exposed her small plump tits. Her mouth was dry and she shook all over as Melanie leered hungrily at her bare creamy tits.

"They're gorgeous," Melanie rasped as she ogled the girl's small white tits and pink swollen nipples. She brought her hands back to Erin's bare flesh and caressed the silky meat of her tits. She spasmed and her head spun as she kneaded the child's virgin tits. "They're so soft and warm."

Erin creamed. She felt dizzy and she was sure that at any second she was going to collapse. "Let me see your tits," she asked, her passion erasing her shyness. "Please."

Reluctantly, Melanie released Erin's tits. She eased off her top, displaying her large fleshy tits for Erin's pleasure. "You like them?" she asked as the child's eyes bulged.

"They're so big," Erin moaned. She quaked, her mouth drooling and her palms itching to touch Melanie's huge creamy tits.

"Touch 'em," Melanie panted. Her tits rose and fell rapidly with each jagged breath she took. "Touch 'em, Erin."

Hypnotized, her eyes glued to the dark rosy nipples, Erin brought her hands to Melanie's fleshy tits. A soft whimpering gasp escaped her mouth as her fingers sank into the pliable meat of Melanie's tits. Spasms attacked her virgin cunt as Melanie's swollen nipples burned into the palms of her hands.

Melanie creamed as the innocent child fondled her tits. "Take off the rest of your clothes," she gasped. She brought her hands to her own jeans and frantically tore at the top button. "Take off all your clothes."

Erin was out of her skull. Passion ran rampant through her young virgin body. All she wanted to do was exhibit her naked body for the beautiful redhead. She pulled down her riding pants and kicked them off over her boots. Her juice-drenched panties clung to her slim hips. Her breath hissed out.

Melanie dropped to her knees. "I'll take off your panties," she sighed. She touched Erin's slender hips and hot spasms caromed through her overheated cunt.

Erin almost melted to the floor. She leaned against the desk as Melanie slowly slipped off her boots for her. The sweet perfumed scent of Erin's virgin cunt filled Melanie's head as she caressed the child's long silky legs. She saw the wet crotch of Erin's panties and her mouth watered.

"Take off my panties," Erin whimpered. "Take off my panties and look at my pussy."

Slowly, her green eyes misty with lust, Melanie eased down Erin's panties. Silky blonde pussy hair came into view and Melanie creamed. She inched the panties down farther and let out a gasp as the panties slipped to Erin's ankles. Erin moaned and stepped out of her panties. She was completely naked. Her head swirled and her nipples ached painfully as the inside of her cunt turned into a boiling inferno of bubbling juices.

Melanie's breathing was ragged as she ogled the naked teenager. "How old are you?" she rasped, her eyes fixed on the silky triangle of Erin's virgin cunt.

"Old enough," Erin whispered hotly. She gripped the edge of the desk to keep from falling. "Now, you. Lemme see you naked."

A hot smile of excitement swept over Melanie's face as she stood. Her tits heaved as she peeled down her own jeans and panties. In seconds, she was bare-ass naked. She displayed her hot voluptuous figure for the horny teenager.

"I'm creaming," Melanie sighed as Erin ogled her.

"So am I," Erin said, wanting to feel Melanie's tits again. "Lemme touch you. Lemme feel your tits again."

"Wouldn't you rather suck 'em?" Melanie said with a hot smile.

Erin swooned. "Yesss!" she gasped as Melanie pulled her into her arms. "Ooo... yes!"

Melanie crushed the child against her naked body and skimmed her hands down Erin's smooth back. "You're so beautiful."

Erin tilted her head, her lips parted and her mouth inviting. Her tongue flicked out over her lips and her bright eyes stared hotly into Melanie's flushed face. Melanie, overcome by the child's sexuality, crushed her mouth to hers. She invaded Erin's mouth with her tongue, exploring the wetness as she roamed Erin's flesh with her anxious hands. Erin whimpered and feasted on Melanie's plunging tongue. She slipped her hands over Melanie's full hips and kneaded the cheeks of her ass. She gurgled as Melanie's tongue explored her mouth. Slowly, they melted to the floor. Their arms and legs entwined, their mouths plastered together, they whimpered and writhed on the rug. Erin, drunk with fuck-lust, squirmed on her back. Her small pulpy tits ached as Melanie crushed them with her huge fleshy tit globes. Her pussy, drenched with creamy juices, overflowed. Legs spread, she humped up, capturing one of Melanie's thighs.

"Oooo... you're cumming' all over my leg," Melanie gasped as she pulled her mouth away from Erin's eager lips. "It feels so good." She jammed her thigh tightly against Erin's virgin pussy and watched as the horny child humped and whimpered.

"Melanie," Erin gasped as she ground her virgin cunt into the woman's thigh. "Ooo... Melanie. I can't stop cumming'." She writhed on her back, her dark eyes on fire as she leered up into Melanie's hot excited face.

"I'm gonna make you really cream," Melanie whispered softly. She brought her eager lips to one of Erin's small jiggling tits and sucked the pink swollen nipple into her mouth.

"Oh! God," Erin gasped as the pleasure mounted with each new thing she experienced. "It feels so good!" She fucked wildly at Melanie's thigh as Melanie sucked and licked her sensitive nipple.

Erin's virgin cunt contracted with each deep suck of Melanie's hungry mouth on her tit. She combed her fingers through Melanie's thick red hair and crushed Melanie's mouth to her tit. She whimpered as her eyelids fluttered. Melanie devoured the child's tit. The hot pussy cream bathing her thigh had her sizzling as she kept her thigh jammed tightly against Erin's flowing cunt. She moaned then worked her expert mouth slowly over Erin's tit until every creamy inch had been soaked and sucked. Erin thrashed on her back. Her virgin cunt contracted. Spongy cunt muscles pulsed against her empty fuck hole and cream flowed out. She mashed her cunt against Melanie's leg and shuddered. Melanie dined noisily on the child's tit until it was blotchy with passion bites. She lifted her head. "This is better than playing with yourself, huh?"

Dreamy-eyed and flushed with desire, Erin moaned and nodded her head. "Yessss," she hissed. She grabbed Melanie's huge fleshy tits and frantically squeezed. "I've never been so hot."

"You're gonna get a lot hotter," Melanie promised.

"I don't see how," Erin gasped innocently. She pulled on Melanie's thick hair, anxious to have her other tit sucked.

"You'll see," Melanie sighed. She brought her mouth to Erin's other tit and sucked the pink swollen nipple into her mouth.

"Melanie!" Erin squealed as Melanie's snipping teeth destroyed her nipple. "Bite me all over." For the first time in her life, Erin was totally out of her skull. "Bite hard! I'm so hot!" Her head was reeling as each snipping bite of Melanie's teeth sent shock waves of pleasure through her young virgin body.

Melanie gobbled voraciously on Erin's ripe sensitive tit. Her face was smeared with spit as she turned Erin's tit to a wet glowing pink. She jammed her thigh tightly against Erin's cunt and sank her teeth into the pointed tip of Erin's nipple. Erin creamed. Her hips jerked wildly as she rammed her cunt into Melanie's thigh. "Melanie," she gasped, her neck twisting as her dark eyes widened. "Melanie." Melanie quaked with desire. She had a virgin all to herself. It drove her crazy and she couldn't wait until she took the innocent child to the stable and showed her the joy of fucking with a horny stallion. Melanie, finished with Erin's ripe tit meat, worked her anxious mouth down over Erin's heaving rib cage. She snipped and sucked, leaving a trail of passion bites in her wake as she inched down toward the creamy heat of Erin's pussy.

Erin twisted on her back. Melanie's mouth had her insane. She arched her back and gasped as she lost the pleasure of Melanie's thigh. "Put back your leg!" she cried out. "Lemme hump your leg."

"You can hump my mouth," Melanie rasped as she lifted her head for a moment. "After I'm through chewing the rest of your beautiful body."

"Oh, God," Erin moaned, not really believing that the woman would put her mouth on her pussy. Yet, the idea still blew her mind. She sucked in her breath as Melanie's snipping teeth attacked her jerking hips.

Melanie's nostrils flared with the aroma of Erin's cunt as she worked her experienced mouth over Erin's hips and taut stomach. The sweet scent of the child's cunt had her head reeling and it took all of her willpower to keep from plastering her mouth to Erin's pussy and sucking her off.

Melanie battled her desires as Erin squealed with joy and writhed maniacally on her back. There would be plenty of time to eat the child's pussy. First, she wanted to taste every inch of Erin's virgin body before the main course.

Erin squirmed and twisted on the floor. Her dark eyes were dilated and her hips constantly jerked. The inside of her cunt bubbled and the pussy juices flowed like a river of creamy milk. Melanie worked her mouth up and down Erin's outstretched legs. She nipped the child's flesh from her toes to her wiggling hips. Finished, she grabbed Erin and rolled her to her stomach.

"What are you gonna do?" Erin gasped with innocence. She twisted on her stomach, her sensitive nipples rubbing against the nap of the carpet.

"I'm gonna eat your ass," Melanie said huskily. "Then I'm gonna suck your cunt until you cream your brains out."

Erin squealed. Melanie's words bombarded her skull and made her dizzy. She thrashed wildly on her stomach as Melanie brought her hungry mouth to the cheeks of her virgin ass.

"Yesss!" Erin squealed as Melanie nipped at her ass cheeks. "It feels so good!" She rolled her hips, her blood-engorged clit brushing against the rug. "I'm cumming'! I'm cumming'!"

"Not yet, you're not," Melanie sighed as she devoured Erin's ass. She spread the ass cheeks and leered drunkenly at the puckered ring of her asshole. "God, will Cheyenne love this hole."

Erin heard, but didn't understand. She humped back as Melanie plastered her mouth to her wrinkled asshole. "Melanie! Melanie!"

Melanie licked the asscrack, soaking it with warm drool. When it was drenched, she fucked her tongue into her asshole and gurgled as tight ass muscles gripped her tongue with greedy enthusiasm.

With her asshole stuffed with Melanie's tongue, Erin went crazy. She thrashed on her stomach and slapped her legs at the rug. "I feel your tongue! It's inside my ass!" Her body convulsed. Pleasure ran rampant through her little body as Melanie treated her to an ass-tonguing that drove her insane. Melanie tongue-fucked the child deep as she clawed her jiggling hips and the creamy meat of her ass. She soaked the narrow asshole with spit then nipped at the tender meat around the puckered ass-ring. Finished, she moved away as Erin squealed with joy.

"Get on your back," Melanie gasped huskily. "I'm ready for your pussy."

Out of her skull, Erin rolled to her back. She stared at Melanie, her eyes glazed. "You gonna eat my pussy?" she panted as she tried to keep from twitching.

"Yessss, baby," Melanie sighed. She rubbed her hands over the squirming child. It was time to tell her a few things about horses. Melanie rubbed Erin's pussy. She shivered as the sizzling cunt cream drenched her fingers. "You know why you get so hot when you go riding?"

"Nooo," Erin moaned, wondering what this had to do with anything. "Eat me. Eat me!"

Melanie ignored the child's ranting pleas. "You get hot because you want Cheyenne. You want his cock." She pinched Erin's clit and sent the child swirling into bliss.

Erin heard. The words shocked her. She gulped. "It can't be," she gasped. "It can't be."

Melanie smiled. "You'll see. After I suck out your cunt, we'll go to the stable and I'll prove it to you."

"Okay," Erin moaned. "Eat me. Please! I need it so bad."

Talking was over. Melanie knew that once the horny child saw Paint's cock hard, she would want it. She brought her mouth to the juice-stained meat of Erin's thighs and sucked.

"My pussy!" Erin squealed as she twisted on her back. "Lick my pussy!" Her back arched as Melanie's mouth inched toward the sizzling gash of her virgin pussy.

Melanie chewed her way to the pink slit of Erin's cunt. The scent overwhelmed her and she moaned as her lips touched the puffy folds of Erin's wet glistening cunt. Erin spasmed violently as contact was made. She humped up, mashing her cunt against Melanie's face as the woman tortured her with her tongue. The pleasure was intense and she shuddered as Melanie's mouth brought her toward the peak. Melanie licked, her tongue slithering up through the seeping gash of Erin's pussy. Cunt cream flowed over her tongue and into her mouth. She moaned then glued her face to Erin's pussy and sucked the puffy folds into her mouth.

"Yesss," Erin squawked as the suction on her cunt sent her reeling. "Yesss!" She thrashed, her eyelids blinking rapidly as each suck sent tremors of pleasure through her young body.

Cunt cream drenched Melanie's face as she dined ravenously on the child's pussy. She skimmed her hands under Erin's humping ass and kneaded the soft pliant asscheeks. She gurgled as pussy cream flowed into her mouth and trickled down her throat. She sucked hard then chewed on the velvety meat of Erin's pussy as the child screeched with joy.

Thrashing and bucking, Erin went crazy. She humped up, grinding her cunt into Melanie's face as the pleasure carried her closer and closer to an explosive orgasm.

"Make me cum," she cried out. "Make me cum!"

Melanie kept the child swirling in bliss. Her expert mouth chewed and sucked. She tongued the teenager's fuckhole, hitting cherry skin. She shuddered, knowing Paint's cock would soon be ripping away the thin skin of Erin's virginity.

"Make me cum!" Erin wailed deliriously. "Make me cum!" Her ass thumped against the floor and Melanie's kneading fingers. She swiveled her hips and bathed Melanie's face in a deluge of pussy cream. "Make me cum! Please! Please... make me cum!"

Melanie sucked hard then chewed. She swirled her tongue over Erin's clit, making the child howl. She quivered then sucked her pulsing clit into her mouth. Holding the clit between her lips, she lashed the tip with her tongue.

"I'm there!" Erin screeched. "I'm there!"

She bucked violently, trying to get more friction on her clit. She needed it to cum. "Bite! Bite! Please!"

Melanie sank her teeth into Erin's clit, taking the howling teenager into her orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" Erin screamed at the top of her lungs. "I'm cumming!"

Erin's ass came off the ground and she jerked her hips as orgasms ripped through her virgin cunt. Pussy-cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her cunt. Cum filled her cunthole and flowed out over Melanie's face. She lunged hard. "I'm cumming! I'm creaming!"

Melanie gnawed viciously on Erin's stiff clit. She clawed the cheeks of Erin's humping ass. Sweet milky cum flooded her mouth and washed over her face. She swallowed and continued to beat Erin's clit with her tongue as the child shrieked with joy.

"I'm cumming'!" Erin screeched as orgasms swept through her young body. "I'm cumming!" She rocked her hips and arched her back. Bucking and twisting, she screamed as her frantic action almost tore her clit from her overheated body.

Melanie sucked harder, cum flowed like a river. She swallowed greedily and chewed on Erin's clit as the child went berserk.

Wild-eyed, Erin thrashed on her back. Her mouth opened and a shrill cry rushed from her throat. Her head snapped back and forth as spit drooled from the corners of her mouth. Her hips jerked and she fucked her cunt blindly into Melanie's face as more orgasms caromed through her twisting body.

Raking the child's ass, Melanie devastated Erin's clit. She chewed her clit, sucked it and beat it with her tongue. Her reward was a never-ending flow of pussy-cum which she greedily devoured.

Erin's back arched. The intensity of her orgasm almost snapped her in two. She crashed back to the floor, her body shuddering violently as the last of her orgasms swept through her.

"Melanie! Melanie!" she cried deliriously as her body twitched. "No more! No more!"

Melanie eased the pressure on Erin's clit. She licked gently until Erin's body was still. Slowly, she lifted her head. Her face was drenched with pussy-cum.

"How do you like it?"

Erin caught her breath. "I loved it," she said, her tits rising and falling with each deep breath she took. "I loved it."

Melanie sat back on her haunches. "You ready to go out to the barn and learn why you're so horny when you're around Cheyenne?"

Erin gulped, a tinge of fear gripping her as she ogled the woman's large fleshy tits. "I'd rather stay here and use my mouth on you."

"There'll be plenty of time for you to enjoy my body," Melanie said. She stood. "C'mon. Paint's waiting for you."

Slowly, Erin got to her feet. "Don't we have to dress first?" she asked innocently.

"No reason to," Melanie said. "I'm not expecting anyone for hours." She took the dazed teenager's hand and led her out of the office.

Erin quivered with excitement as she stepped outside. Her body flushed with goose bumps as she allowed Melanie to lead her to the stable.

"I'm nervous," the girl said, a tinge of fear creeping into her voice.

"Nothin' to be afraid of, Erin," Melanie soothed. "Your body's been telling you every time you go riding."

"I don't understand," Erin said as Melanie took her into the stable. She shivered and looked at Cheyenne in his stall.

Melanie dropped the child's hand and walked over to Cheyenne. She scratched the blaze of white on his forehead and whimpered as the horny stallion brought his wet drooling mouth to one of her fleshy tits.

Erin gasped. She swallowed a lump that clogged her throat. Her knees felt weak. "He'll bite you," she said. "Be careful."

"He won't bite," Melanie assured her. "Will you, Cheyenne?"

The horse snorted and shook his head as warm drool dripped from his slobbering lips.

Melanie opened his stall and led Cheyenne to the center of the stable. "Whenever you ride," she explained, "You cream. Right?" She stroked Paint's flank as she stared at the naked teenager.

Erin nodded, her eyes wide as she watched Cheyenne gobble on Melanie's tits. "Yes," she said meekly as a new passion swept over her. Her nipples hardened and she found that she wanted Cheyenne to lick her tits. "It makes me hot every time I get in the saddle."

"I know," Melanie said. "It's because you want Cheyenne. C'mere. Touch him. Rub your body against him."

In a trance, Erin walked to the horse. She shivered, her head spinning. "I'm scared."

"Don't be. Cheyenne loves it. He's well trained."

She fed the horse her tit as Erin pressed her anxious young body against his sleek flank.

"God," Erin sighed as the inside of her virgin cunt became mushy with hot buttery cream. She quaked, the horse's rough coat attacking the flesh of her plump tits like tiny needles. Her knees buckled for a moment and she grabbed Cheyenne around the neck, her pussy in spasms as she continued to mash her tits into his coarse hair.

Melanie quivered as Cheyenne nibbled on the creamy meat of her tits. "If you think riding in a saddle makes you cream, you gotta ride him bareback." She sighed hotly. "With your pussy mashed into his coat."

Erin trembled and grabbed his thick mane. She pulled herself atop the black stallion in one quick fluid move. Spasms raced through her pussy and she clenched her legs to his flanks.

"Melanie!" she squealed as her cunt gushed with pussy cream.

Melanie saw the lust on the child's face. She smiled. "Hump him, Erin. You'll cream your brains out." She jammed her tit into Paint's mouth as he snipped on her large swollen nipple.

Erin, holding Paint's mane, jerked her hips. Her eyes bulged as the prickly hairs of the stallion's coat bit her clit. She felt dizzy as everything in the stable started to spin. The sensations were fabulous. She jerked back, bathing Paint's coat with her hot pussy juices. She jerked forward again, her tits bouncing as his rough coat pricked at her swollen cunt and blood- engorged clit.

"You like it?" Melanie asked, even though she knew the answer.

"Yessss," Erin hissed as she went wild on Paint's back. "It's driving me crazy."

Melanie scratched the white blaze on Paint's forehead as the hungry stallion feasted on her tits. "Get yourself off," she moaned as she looked up at the sex-crazed teenager. "Cum on his fuckin' back." She jammed her tit against Paint's teeth and spasmed as the horse sank his teeth into her nipple.

Out of her mind, Erin ground her cunt into Paint's back. Her cunt contracted and the juices flowed. Her ass jiggled as she worked her hips frantically.

"I'm gonna fall," she gasped as she wrapped her arms around Paint's neck. "It's making me dizzy."

"Hold on, Erin," Melanie urged. "Ride him." She pulled on Paint's ears as the black stallion snorted and gobbled on the creamy meat of her tits.

Erin tried. She clutched the horse tightly around the neck and fused her legs to his heaving flanks. Spit dribbled from her lips as the friction against her raw clit drove her insane. Hips jerking back and forth, she ravaged her cunt with Paint's rough prickly coat.

"I'm cumming," Erin squealed as an orgasm overwhelmed her. "Ooo... God... I'm cumming' Paint's back!" Her head swirled with lust as orgasms tore through her virgin pussy. "I'm cumming', Melanie! I'm cumming!"

Melanie watched as the teenager went insane on Paint's back. She kept the frisky stallion calm as she fed him her tits. "She's gonna be all yours soon," she whispered to the horse. "Every hole she has will take your cock. I promise."

Cheyenne lifted his head and neighed as Erin's high-pitched wails of lust made his ears flicker. He pawed the earth, his drooling mouth foamy as Melanie jabbed her tits against his rumbling lips.

Erin shrieked as she smashed her clit into the stallion's rough coat. Climaxes caromed through her as a river of pussy-cum gushed from her cunt and soaked Paint's back.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

She thrashed on Paint's back. Her legs weakened and she felt dizzy. Her head snapped up and her body jerked spastically. "Help me, Melanie. I'm cumming' and I'm gonna fall."

Melanie stepped quickly to Paint's side. "Go ahead, Erin. I'll catch you."

Twitching and creaming, Erin slammed into Paint's back. Her head dropped as her arms melted away from his powerful neck. Her legs turned to butter as the spastic orgasms made her quake out of control. "I'm fallin'! I'm fallin'!"

Melanie caught Erin's quivering body and eased her to the hay- strewn floor of the stable. She watched the child twitch then smiled. "She's all yours, Cheyenne."

Cheyenne neighed, his head shaking as his thick mane swished across his neck. He snorted, and his nostrils flared as he picked up the heady scent of Erin's turned-on pussy. He dropped his head, sniffing at the oozing cream seeping from Erin's hot buttery cunt.

Dazed, her body twitching, Erin opened her eyes and gasped as she saw Cheyenne. "He's gonna bite my pussy," she moaned. She squirmed back, trying to get away from the horse's mouth.

"Relax," Melanie soothed as she stroked Paint's flank. "He'll get you off with his mouth and you'll love it."

Erin gasped as Paint's long thick tongue slithered up through the wet gash of her cunt. "Ooo... God!" She humped, the contact electrifying. Glazed eyes stared at Melanie. "It does feel good."

"I told you," Melanie said. "After he licks you off, I'll show you how to have fun with his cock."

Erin gasped at the mention of the word cock. She blinked then shuddered as Paint's tongue slapped across her clit. "His cock?" she gasped.

"Yesss," Melanie smiled. "His big fat gorgeous cock."

Erin swooned. The horse's tongue had her pussy frothy and wet. She swiveled her hips and gave herself up to the exotic pleasure of having her pussy licked by a horse.

"Lick me, Cheyenne. Make me cream your mouth."

Melanie tingled as she watched the teenager relax. She continued to stroke Paint's flank as the hungry horse slurped noisily on Erin's virgin pussy. "Gobble her up, Cheyenne. Make her cum."

Cheyenne slurped his broad tongue up through the wet sudsy gash of Erin's cunt. Pussy cream flowed from her cunthole and drenched his rubbery lips and clogged his flared nostrils. He snorted then attacked Erin's cunt again as the child squealed with delight. He whacked her clit with his tongue, sending Erin into a spasm.

"Melanie!" Erin squealed. "His tongue is driving me crazy!" She humped recklessly at the horse's snout, jamming her virgin cunt against his swiping tongue. "Cheyenne! Cheyenne! Lick me! Unnn... Lick me!"

Cheyenne snorted and drooled as he jammed his mouth against the bubbling gash of the young girl's virgin pussy. His thick tongue fucked into her cunt-slit, the tip hitting the thin skin of her cherry. He jerked his head and neighed, his eyes blazing as Erin humped up, greedy for his slippery tongue.

"Cheyenne!" she cried deliriously. "Gimme back your tongue. I want your tongue!" She thrashed wildly on her back, her hips swiveling as her heart-shaped ass rubbed into the hay-strewn floor. "Gimme back your tongue."

His eyes rolled as the child's screaming voice aroused him. The tip of his hulking prick poked from the thick skin of his cocksheath. The cocktip seeped and his balls rumbled. He snorted then dropped his mouth to the delicious ooze of Erin's hot bubbling pussy.

"Yesss," Erin hissed as Paint's tongue made her cream. "It feels so terrific!" She humped up, grinding her overheated pussy against the stallion's greedy mouth.

"Just cream his mouth, honey," Melanie said. She quivered. The sight of the young girl in the throes of passion was making her cunt ache for Paint's magnificent prick. "Ride his face, Erin. Ride his face like you rode his back."

"I am," Erin wailed. She squiggled on the ground, her ass mashed into the hay. Her head came up and she stared at the horse lapping noisily on her pussy. "God!"

Erin's head dropped back with a thud and she lunged up, grinding her cunt into his mouth.

Cheyenne chomped on the teenager's pussy. His tail swished across his rump. His thick tongue lashed at her cunt and cream flowed into his mouth. He jammed his snout against her humping cunt as his balls rumbled and more of his thick cock meat became exposed.

Tits flopping, Erin jerked her legs up from the ground. She latched them to the side of his head, holding him captive as she swiveled her hips and fed his hungry mouth her hot sizzling pussy. "Eat me! Eat me!"

"Christ," Melanie gasped. She leaned against Cheyenne, her legs weak as her green eyes smoldered. "Cum on him, Erin. Drown him with your cum."

"God," Erin panted. Her thighs were clamped to his head and she mashed her cunt into his mouth. "His tongue is driving me crazy." Spasms ripped through her virgin pussy as the horse's greedy mouth brought her closer and closer to creaming. "Bite! Bite!"

Holding tight, the black stallion trapped between her quivering thighs, Erin raced to the peak.

"I'm gettin' there!" she cried out deliriously. "I'm gettin' there!"

Paint's nostrils filled with pussy cream. He jerked his head as the muscles under his sleek coat rippled with power. His powerful neck twisted and he dragged Erin's humping body across the hay-strewn floor. He jerked his head up, taking Erin with him as he snorted. Eyes glowing, tail swishing, he twisted his neck as he brought Erin toward an explosive orgasm.

Thrashing on her beck, Erin quaked. Her eyes widened as she realized she was going to cum. Moans escaped her open mouth and her face twisted with lust. She humped up, holding Cheyenne a prisoner with her clinging thighs.

"I'm ridin' him!" she squealed with joy. "I'm ridin' his fuckin' mouth."

Cheyenne jerked and shook his head. The action dragged Erin back and forth across the floor as if she were a feather. His prick throbbed, growing longer and thicker as the child's screams enraged him to a feverish pitch.

"I'm gonna cum, Melanie!" Erin squealed. "I'm gonna cum!" Her back arched and her tits flopped as she reached the peak and hovered for a long torturous minute. "I'm gonna cum!"

Melanie stared, her own body on fire. She fed on the child's passion, her cunt contracting as if she were climaxing. "Cum on him, Erin. Cum on him." She quaked, anxious for Erin to enjoy Paint's cock. "Cum! Cum!"

Erin twisted, her legs locked on Paint's head. "I'm cumming!" she screamed. "I'm cumming!" Orgasms caromed through her virgin pussy and spread to every tingling nerve in her thrashing body. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming', Melanie!"

The scalding depths of Erin's virgin cunt exploded. Pleasure engulfed her as the milky cum flooded her pussyhole. She jerked violently, mashing her climaxing cunt against the horse's teeth.

Cheyenne snorted. The teenager's shrieks and her battering pussy aroused him more. His cock throbbed and his huge balls churned. Snorts came from his flared nostrils as pussy-cum clogged them. He latched his nibbling teeth into Erin's pulsing clit then chewed.

Erin went out of her mind. Hot caroming orgasms tore through her virgin cunt. She rolled her hips, grinding her clit between the horse's gnawing teeth.

"I'm cumming'!" she screeched as her back bowed and her tits flopped. "I'm cumming'!"

"Bite her," Melanie rasped as Erin climaxed, "Bite her fuckin' cunt, Cheyenne!" She clawed Paint's flank, her eyes misty as she watched the naked child twist and churn against the horse's mouth. "Bite her cunt!"

Erin clawed the ground with her nails. Her head snapped from side to side as spit dribbled from her panting mouth. She ground her cunt into his teeth and looked wild-eyed at an enthralled Melanie.

"More! More! I can't stop!" Erin balled her fists as Paint's powerful head lifted her from the ground. "Melanie! Melanie!" Her hips jerked and she clamped her thighs even tighter to his head. "I'm cumming again!"

Cheyenne, his head shaking, pawed the ground. His snorts and whinnies were lost in the virgin meat of Erin's climaxing cunt. He jerked back, dragging Erin with him as the muscles under his sleek coat rippled and tensed. He jerked his head up, pulling Erin with him as his rump twitched and his thick tail swished.

Moaning and thrashing, Erin continued to grind away at Paint's mouth. She grabbed her small plump tits, mangling them in her hands as the nipples swelled to the point of bursting.

"I'm still cummin', Melanie!" she screeched as one orgasm after another swept through her young body. She smashed her clit into Paint's teeth as her head started spinning. "He's biting so hard!"

Melanie watched, happy that she had selected the young girl to share the pleasures of her horses. "Cum your brains out," she moaned throatily. "Then you can have his cock."

Erin swooned and her eyes rolled. The mention of Paint's cock sent another orgasm whipping through her pulsing pussy. "Melanie! Melanie!"

Cheyenne, enraged by the child's lust, reared up on his hind legs. He took Erin with him as if she were a rag doll. His head shook. The violent action jerked the screaming teenager's body back and forth. He dropped back to all fours and snorted as he jammed his mouth against her cunt and pushed her across the floor.

Erin screamed. Her body convulsed as the intensity of her orgasms sapped her strength. Her thighs ached and her vision was blurred. A low gurgling moan escaped her mouth as she twisted her hips and ground her cunt into Paint's mouth for the last time.

She smashed her cunt hard against his teeth and screamed. The next second, her legs melted from his head and she dropped back to the ground with a thud. She was at the mercy of the still-aroused horse.

Cheyenne, his balls rumbling and his cock aching, continued to feast on the twitching child's pussy. He sloshed his tongue up through her slippery cuntal ooze then nibbled on the puffy meat of her cunt. He snorted and jerked his head, banging his snout against her sensitive clit.

Dazed, Erin lifted her head. Weak, she stared at the stallion as he continued to torture her pussy. "Take him away," she moaned. "God. Take him away."

Melanie, coming out of her sexual trance, pulled on Paint's mane. "C'mon, boy. She's had enough for now."

Cheyenne reared his head. Cum frothed at his mouth and dribbled from his lips. His eyes glowed and his flanks heaved as his lust raged violently throughout his powerful body.

"How did you like it?" Melanie asked as she calmed the horse. She stroked his sweaty flanks as his muscles quivered. She smiled at a still-dazed Erin. "Well, how did you like it?"

"Fabulous," Erin panted. She sat up, still tingling from her orgasm. "Fabulous!"

"Look at his cock," Melanie said as she caressed the powerful horse's side. Erin's eyes widened as she spotted Paint's giant prick. She gasped as her breath caught in her throat. She gulped back her pounding heart and realized that her virgin pussy was pulsing for the horse's prick.

"Now you know why you get hot all the time while you're riding. It's because your body knows more than your mind." She stroked Cheyenne. "Your body has been telling you that you want his cock."

Numb, Erin nodded. She wanted Paint's cock. Every nerve in her body was tingling for the horse's gorgeous prick.

"When can I have him?" Erin asked, her voice laced with desire.

"Not yet," Melanie said. "First, you've gotta appreciate his prick. You can suck him off with your mouth."

Erin's jaw dropped. She stared up at Melanie. "In my mouth?"

Melanie laughed. "Of course. By tomorrow, you'll have Paint's cock in every hole you've got."

Erin swooned. Her cunt twitched and her asshole contracted. She swallowed hard as her mouth dried up. "My ass, too?"

"Yes," Melanie said. "But, not until you've sucked him off and had your cherry busted."

Erin was floating on a cloud of passion. She stared at Paint's prick and whimpered. "When can I suck him?" she asked, anxious to taste the horse's cock.

Melanie eased the agitated horse down onto his side. On her knees, she calmed the black stallion, her soothing words relaxing Cheyenne as she caressed his flank and ogled his prick.

"It looks so big!" Erin exclaimed. She squirmed closer. "It's so big and beautiful."

"Now, you know why I call him Cheyenne." Melanie skimmed her hands down Paint's flank and caressed his huge balls. "He's got tons of delicious cum in here. And, it's all for you."

Erin swayed as she watched Melanie fondle Paint's giant balls. "Let me do it," she whispered hotly.

"Go ahead," Melanie urged. She took away her hand and rested Paint's head on her lap. "Erin's gonna take good care of you, Cheyenne." Cheyenne whinnied and flared his nostrils as Erin brought her anxious fingers to his churning balls. His tail slapped at the ground and his ears flickered. Spit drooled from his mouth and soaked Melanie's lap.

Trembling, Erin skimmed her hand along his fat hulking cock. "God," she whimpered.

"He's seeping," Melanie said, noticing the pre-cum oozing from Paint's cockhead. "Taste it." With her head spinning, Erin smeared her finger over the thick glob of pre-cum that had seeped from his prick. She brought it to her quivering lips and shuddered.

"It's delicious," she moaned. "God... So delicious." She licked her finger clean and shook.

"Wait 'til he's squirting his cum in your mouth," Melanie sighed. "You'll go out of your mind."

Erin swallowed hard, imagining the horse spurting his cum into her mouth. "I'll choke to death," she panted.

"No you won't," Melanie assured her. "It comes natural. You'll see." She rubbed her fingers over Paint's drooling lips. "I was scared my first time, too."

Erin stared longingly at the giant cock. She licked her lips, the taste of his cum making her spasm. She caressed his prick and balls, working up the courage to put his prick in her mouth.

"Put his cock in your mouth," Melanie urged. "Use your lips, honey. Not your fingers." She kept her eyes on Paint's raging hard-on. "C'mon... eat his cock."

Sighing, Erin brought her eager lips to Paint's thick cockshaft. She glided her lips along the length of his prick as it throbbed. She quaked then licked over his giant balls. With Melanie keeping him calm, Cheyenne whinnied. His rump twitched and his balls swelled under the wet heat of Erin's sloshing tongue. He jerked as her mouth slithered up and down his prick then whinnied again as his big eyes bulged.

Erin brought her trembling lips to the tip of his cockhead. Cum seeped out and she smeared it over her lips and the head of his cock. She moaned softly, her fingers constantly caressing his prick and balls.

"C'mon, Erin," Melanie urged softly. "Put his cock in your mouth. Give him a nice suck. He deserves it for the way he licked your pussy."

As Erin gained more courage, Cheyenne neighed. His rubbery lips drooled and he squirmed on his side. His balls ached as the child's anxious hands caressed them. His head lifted and he twitched as his body quivered and tensed.

Erin was creaming as she sampled every inch of Paint's giant prick. She kissed the cocktip and a spasm of joy swept through her. She kissed the horse's cock again and hot buttery pussy cream flowed from her virgin cunthole.

"Suck him," Melanie said. "Don't tease him too much." She squirmed on the ground, her eyes glued to Paint's cock and Erin's wet eager lips. "Suck him!"

Erin licked his balls again and swooned. She slithered her tongue up the length of his throbbing cockshaft as she hefted his cum-filled balls. They were heavy and her throat contracted.

She gripped his prickshaft then brought her lips to his cockhead again. Her cunt spasmed and pussy cream churned inside her virgin cunthole. She swirled her tongue over Paint's prick then gasped as the highly aroused stallion banged the head of his cock against her mouth.

Agitated, his balls sore, Cheyenne lifted his head and snorted. The muscles under his rough black coat rippled with power. He squirmed on his side, snorting and twitching as Erin teased his cock with her tongue and wet lips.

Erin became bolder. She parted her lips and brought the fat head of his cock into her mouth. She sucked and a thick clump of Paint's cum oozed from his cockhead and trickled over her tongue. She sucked again, allowing the slimy cum to ooze down her throat.

Melanie let out a gasp. Seeing the child suck on the head of Paint's cock made her dizzy. Her hot cunt was on fire. She stroked Paint's forehead then glanced over at King's stall. She shuddered. Once Cheyenne got his balls drained, she would show the young girl what it was like to be fucked. She turned her attention back to Erin.

"Go on, Erin. You can get more horse-cock in your mouth."

Erin was in no hurry. She was still a little frightened. She sloshed her spit over his cock then sucked. More cum seeped over her tongue, making her quiver.

Melanie kept the horse as calm as possible. She understood. "Take your time," she said, concealing her impatience. "Get used to it."

Erin whimpered. She held his thick cockshaft and shifted her fist up and down the length of it. A moan slipped from her wet drooling lips as she inched the head of Paint's cock into her mouth. She felt the cockhead brush along the roof of her mouth. She moaned, his cock flattening her tongue as she inched it closer to her gullet.

"Relax," Melanie said. "Relax your throat before you take him any deeper." She licked her lips nervously, anxious to watch the young girl take Cheyenne to his balls.

Cheyenne jerked on his side. He jabbed as he slapped his tail at the ground. Drool came from his foaming mouth and his rump began to twitch.

Erin was swimming in a sea of lust. His cock had filled her mouth. She sucked air in through her nose and pushed forward as she relaxed the muscles in her throat. She was determined to take every inch of Paint's prick into her throat.

She gulped, breathing hard as the tip of Paint's cock clogged her gullet. She sucked, her tongue swishing across his cockshaft as she felt his prick stretch her gullet.

"You're gettin' it," Melanie rasped as she watched Paint's cock disappear into Erin's mouth. "You're gettin' it."

Erin was encouraged by Melanie's voice. She felt Paint's cock throbbing in her mouth and it made her pussy spasm. She squirmed on her side, her fingers gripping the horse's cockshaft as she inched his fucker deeper into her throat.

"Keep goin'," Melanie urged. "I know you can do it." Melanie creamed, her nails scratching at Paint's forehead. "Easy, boy. She'll get you off. Easy."

Using her tongue, Erin whipped it across Paint's prick. He jabbed and she gulped as his prick fucked deeper. She sucked, felt his cock throb and stretch her throat as another jerk of his body fucked more cockmeat into her gullet.

Cheyenne jerked on his side. The child's hot sucking mouth had him crazy. His mouth opened and a shrill whinny came from his rumbling lips. He twisted on his side as drool soaked Melanie's flesh. His eyes widened and his pointed ears flickered. The teenager's mouth was making his balls ache and the cum boil. Melanie's breath hissed out. She stared at the teenager gobbling on her first prick. Her pussy ached and she glanced back at King again as he neighed and kicked at his stall.

"Take it, Erin." She swayed, her tits jiggling as she sucked air into her lungs. "Take him to his balls." She scratched Paint's forehead and creamed.

Erin gobbled voraciously on the horse's fat hulking cock. She tightened her grip around his cockshaft as more thick cockmeat entered her throat. She gurgled as his prick stretched her gullet and throbbed. She sucked, using her tongue like a whip as Cheyenne began fucking at her face.

"Fuck her, Cheyenne," Melanie wailed with excitement. "Suck him, Erin! Suck him!"

Erin wanted to please Melanie. She relaxed her throat completely and shoved forward. At the same time, Cheyenne lunged. She gulped, his prick fucking deep into her tight gullet. Her lips touched her fingertips. She pulled them away and pushed forward, taking his prick to his huge balls.

Melanie gasped. The child had taken every inch of Paint's hard prick. "Suck him, Erin. Suck out his fuckin' balls." She swallowed hard, her cunt contracting wildly. "Chew him up! Bite him!"

Erin's head was swirling. She had taken Paint's prick to the hilt. She felt his cock throb deep in her gullet and it made her pussy spasm. She moaned and eased back as spit drooled from her clinging lips. She gnawed on his blood-engorged cockshaft as she slowly inched his fucker in and out of her throat.

"You're doin' great," Melanie said with enthusiasm. "Fuck your face with his cock! Make him whimper!" She squirmed on the ground, her tits heaving.

Erin pulled back, leaving only the head of Paint's prick in her mouth. She whipped his cockhead with her tongue as her spit glistened on his cockshaft. She grabbed his hulking prick and jerked her fist frantically up and down. Soft moans escaped her wet drooling lips as she met her shifting fist with her mouth.

"Fuck her, Cheyenne," Melanie rasped. "Fuck her mouth!"

Cheyenne snorted and jerked on his side. His rump twitched as he fucked his cock in and out of Erin's greedy mouth. His flanks heaved and his nostrils flared. The child was churning the cum in his balls. He neighed, his body twisting as one hard cock-jab after another filled Erin's hot sucking mouth.

Erin kept her mouth drenched with spit. She shuddered each time Cheyenne lunged at her face. She pulled her hand away and took his cock into her throat again as his cum-filled balls slapped against her spit-soaked chin.

"You're gonna get a load of cum soon," Melanie announced. "Suck harder! Chew him!" She scratched her nails down Paint's powerful neck. "Ram her face, Cheyenne. Rip her fuckin' throat open." The teenager feasting on Paint's prick had Melanie shivering with joy. "God, what a cock-sucker! What a cock-suckin' little kid!"

Cheyenne was agitated and highly aroused. His balls rumbled and he humped wildly. His bloated cock fucked into Erin's face and he whinnied as the heat from her mouth churned the cum in his huge balls. Neck straining and muscles rippling, he fucked Erin's throat.

Erin, gurgling on her first prick, slammed her head forward. His cock speared her gullet and she creamed. Using her teeth, she eased back. Sucking, she jammed forward again, fucking her throat with his hulking prick.

Neighing, Cheyenne lunged forward. His rump jerked and he fucked violently at her greedy mouth as his thick cock swelled and throbbed. He twisted, his long legs stiff and his tail slapping at the dirt as the young girl brought him toward the peak.

"Cum in her, Cheyenne," Melanie rasped. She squirmed her ass into the hay-strewn floor and spasmed. She gulped, her eyes glued to Paint's driving prick as he fucked it into Erin's mouth. "Cum in her, Cheyenne. Cum in her fuckin' mouth."

Cum seeped from Paint's cock; oozed over Erin's tongue and trickled down her throat. She gulped, the taste of horse-cum exquisite as she took another deep suck on his prick. She caressed his balls and shuddered as they contracted in her hand.

"Come on," Melanie urged. "Suck him off." She swayed, anxious to watch Cheyenne cream the child's mouth.

Erin was out of her head. She sucked, chewed and whipped his prick with her tongue. The seeping cum made her crazy, and she couldn't wait until he was spewing his cum-load in her hungry mouth. A soft moan escaped her wet drooling lips as she took his prick to the balls again. The swelling of his hard cock told her she would get what she wanted at any second.

Cheyenne neighed as his balls swelled. His body lunged and jerked and his shrill neighing filled the stable as Erin gobbled on his prick. He snapped his head up and whinnied as his dark eyes bulged. Spit drooled from his rumbling lips and he jabbed, fucking his prick deep into Erin's mouth. His head dropped back to Melanie's lap and he raced toward his orgasm.

Erin was out of her head. She loved the steady pounding and hard cock-thrusts. She absorbed them, her head shaking as his balls collided with her chin. She sucked hard then chewed as he fucked forward. His whacking balls against her chin made her quake and she wriggled her ass as the inside of her cunt turned to fire.

"Cum in, Cheyenne!" Melanie screamed hysterically. "Suck him, Erin! Suck him!"

The deep sucks and gnawing teeth took Cheyenne to the peak. His balls ruptured and he lifted his head. His entire body shuddered spastically as the hot cum rushed through his fat cock and squirted into Erin's hungry mouth.

"He's cummin'!" Melanie squealed. "Ooo... God. Suck him, Erin. Suck out his cum!"

Erin gurgled as the first spraying wad of horse-cum splashed over her tongue and flowed down her throat. He was cumming! It drove her mad. She sucked hard, the tangy taste of Paint's spurting cum making her cream.

"Suck him!" Melanie shrieked. "Fuck her face, Cheyenne!"

Erin quivered. She was sucking him and Cheyenne was fucking her face. Her mouth filled with the thick slippery cum of Paint's balls and flowed down her throat. She sucked harder, drawing wads of his cum from his cockhead as he fucked at her mouth.

Gulping and gagging, she drew in her cheeks as Cheyenne fucked violently at her face. She used her teeth, gnawing on his swollen cock as cum filled her cheeks and oozed from her clinging lips.

Paint's balls exploded again and he thrashed wildly on his side. His shrill neighs agitated King, causing the white stallion to kick at his stall. He snorted and fucked Erin's face as he drenched her mouth and whitewashed her throat with his spewing cum.

Erin was in ecstasy. Cum spurted into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. She choked. His pounding thrusts and squirting wads were too much. Cum gushed from her lips and nose, but she didn't stop. She choked, her head bobbing as she continued to drink from his erupting prick.

Spit drooled from Paint's foaming mouth as he fucked hard into Erin's face. Hot thick cum shot through his cock, flooding the teenager's mouth as he fucked into her throat.

Sucking wildly, Erin gulped frantically on his cum-spewing prick. Thick clumps of horse-cum spattered her throat and washed over her tongue. She gnawed on his cockshaft, her greedy lips flying up and down his erupting prick as his balls collided with her cum-drenched chin. Cheyenne twisted and jerked harder. His front legs stiffened and his tail whacked at the ground. Using all of his strength, he jammed hard, fucking his prick to the root as a stream of horse-cum spurted directly into Erin's tight gullet. Paint's cum overwhelmed Erin. She gagged and jerked back. Her face turned red and her eyes bulged. She gulped then shoved her head forward as a stringy lump of cum squirted into her mouth. She swallowed and bobbed her head as the last of Paint's cum splashed over her tongue.

"He's finished," Melanie gasped as she watched Cheyenne twitch on his side. "Stop suckin' him."

Erin was in a trance. She kept the horse's cock in her mouth, sucking and chewing frantically as Cheyenne whinnied and twisted to be free.

Cheyenne jerked back, his slimy cock popping from the teenager's cum-filled mouth. He staggered to his feet and tossed his head. Tail swishing, chest heaving and nostrils flaring, Cheyenne pawed the ground.

Erin sat up. Cum dripped from her lips. A dreamy smile spread across her flushed face as she licked the horse-cum from her mouth.

"It was so fantastic," she panted. "So utterly fantastic."

"I told you," Melanie said. "Horse-cock is the best in the world."

"I thought I was gonna drown."

"You'll never drown on cum," Melanie said as she glanced over at King's stall. "No matter how much the horse cums."

Erin giggled. "When can I get fucked?"

"Right after me," Melanie said.

"Great," Erin sighed. She was as anxious to watch Melanie get fucked as she was anxious to get her own cunt fucked. "How you gonna get Cheyenne hard again?"

"I'm not." She pulled herself up. "I'm gonna fuck King."

Erin looked over at the giant white stallion. "God, he's bigger than Cheyenne."

"And just right for my cunt," Melanie said as she walked slowly toward the stall. "Put Cheyenne away."

Erin pulled herself to her feet. Her legs were shaking and the inside of her virgin cunt was bubbling. "C'mon, Cheyenne. You can have my cherry later." She led Cheyenne to his stall as Melanie brought King to the center of the stable.

King tossed his head and neighed as the muscles under his white coat rippled with power. His thick mane and long tail swished and his nostrils flared.

"God," Erin sighed as she stared at the giant white stallion. "He's so big." She quivered, her flesh sizzling as she ogled the monstrous horse.

"His cock is like the trunk of a tree," Melanie said as she calmed the aroused horse with her hand. She scratched his forehead and allowed King to nibble on her tits. "Give 'em a bite." King slobbered his spit over her tits. "Yeahhh... like that."

With his tail slapping across his twitching rump, King dined noisily on Melanie's fleshy tits. He soaked the huge milky tit globes with spit then used his lips and nipping teeth to turn the white tit meat to a glistening pink.

Erin was overwhelmed. She dropped to her knees and stroked the giant horse's flank, her eyes riveted to his huge hanging balls and thick cocksheath. Her mouth watered and her pussy bubbled.

"He's gettin' hard," she gasped as she watched the bloated head of his prick peek out from its sheath. "He's gettin' hard."

Melanie swooned as the hungry horse devastated her tits. She melted to her knees and crawled over to Erin. "Get me that bench over there!" she said, her voice quaking with desire.

Erin scrambled over for the bench. She shoved it along the ground. "Where do you want it?"

"Right there'll be fine," Melanie said. She inched under King and grabbed his thick cocksheath. "C'mon, fucker," she moaned. "Show Erin how big your prick is."

Twitching and bobbing his head, King fucked his prick through Melanie's shifting fist. His balls rumbled and swelled. A shrill neigh came from his drooling lips as Melanie placed her lips against the tip of his oozing prick.

Melanie kissed his seeping cockhead and smeared the sticky cum over her lips. Her body quivered as she parted her lips and eased the fat head of King's cock into her mouth.

"Suck him," Erin gasped as she stared hypnotically at Melanie. "Suck him."

With King whinnying and twitching, Melanie gobbled on his hulking cock. His prick filled her mouth and she took the cockhead immediately into her throat. She gulped, his prick hardening as it stretched her gullet.

King jerked forward, fucking Melanie's throat with his blood- engorged prick. He pawed the ground as his prick turned to steel. An agitated neigh came from his frothy lips as he fucked his prick balls deep into Melanie's hungry mouth.

Melanie swallowed the entire length of King's rigid prick. His balls brushed against her chin and she used her teeth, gnawing on the fat hulking base of his mammoth prick.

Erin whimpered as she watched Melanie ease her mouth off King's monstrous prick. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. "God! It is the size of a fuckin' tree."

"Too big for your first fuck," Melanie said as spit dribbled from her lips. She stroked King's giant prick and huge cum- crammed balls.

"Once Cheyenne stretches your pussy, you'll be able to take every beautiful inch of King's prick."

"I don't know," Erin gasped. She licked her lips. "Lemme touch his cock."

"You can do more than touch his cock," Melanie said with a hot smile. "You're gonna put it in me."

"Great!" Erin squealed happily. She grabbed King's long meaty prick and creamed as the agitated horse continued to paw the ground anxiously.

Anxious herself, Melanie climbed on the bench. On her back, feet flat against the ground and legs spread, she waited. "Bring him to me," she sighed with excitement. "My fuckin' cunt is aching for his prick."

"C'mon, King," Erin urged as she tugged on his raging hard- on. "C'mon."

Melanie was writhing on the bench, her pussy on fire as Erin led the giant stallion into position. "C'mon, King. I want your cock."

King snorted and lowered his head. He jammed his mouth against Melanie's overheated cunt and squiggled his thick tongue into her hot bubbling pussy. Cunt muscles attacked his tongue, greedily pulsing as he plunged deep and turned Melanie into a whimpering mass of flesh.

"I want his cock," Melanie gasped. She humped up as the horse's tongue tortured her pussy.

Erin jerked on King's monstrous prick. "C'mon, King. Fuck her."

King jerked his head up and moved forward, his powerful body above a writhing Melanie. His prick throbbed and his balls ached as Erin aimed his prick at Melanie's sizzling cunt.

Erin was trembling with excitement. She gouged the slit of Melanie's cunt with the horse's cockhead and hissed out her breath. Eyes wide, she mashed the tip of King's cock into Melanie's stiff clit.

Melanie gasped and squirmed on her back. "Put his cock in," she squawked impatiently.

King snorted then neighed as his nostrils flared. He jabbed at Melanie, anxious to fuck his prick inside the bubbling depths of her cunt. He bobbed his head and stepped forward, the bloated knob of his prick smashing against Melanie's clit.

Melanie gasped. "Please, Erin. I need it. Stop fuckin' around."

Erin pulled on King's cock. The horse stepped forward and the head of his prick slipped easily into the waiting gash of Melanie's cunt. "You got it!" she squealed with awe. "You got it!" She pulled away her hand and gasped.

"Not yet!" Melanie cried out. "I want it all." Her tits heaved as she lifted her ass off the bench. "Fuck me, King!"

King tossed his head and lunged forward. Spit dribbled from his rubbery lips as his cock fucked into the heated slit of Melanie's pussy. He jerked again, his monstrous prick stretching Melanie's pussy as the frothy cunt cream bathed his buried cockshaft.

"I got him!" Melanie squealed as she rolled her hips and milked his stabbing prick. "He's in!" Her green eyes bulged with passion and her face twisted into a mask of fuck-lust. "He's in me!"

Erin gulped, her eyes wide as she watched King's giant prick disappear inside Melanie's thrashing body. "How does it feel?" she whispered hotly. "Tell me." Her own virgin pussy contracted and the juices flowed from her cunt slit. "Tell me, Melanie!"

Melanie's head snapped to the side. She stared drunkenly at Erin, a dreamy smile on her lips. "It's heaven, Erin." She lifted her ass and ground her cunt onto King's jabbing prick. "So fuckin' good!" She began to shake as the pleasure of having her pussy filled swept through her.

Melanie thrashed as King filled her hungry cunt. Her cunt muscles massaged his throbbing cock-shaft and the hot buttery juices of her cunthole kept his fucking cock greased. She moaned, her hips lurching up.

"It's wonderful!" Melanie wailed as the pleasure increased. "You're gonna love it." She jerked, her huge tits flopping as she leered at the enthralled teenager.

Erin spasmed. Seeing Melanie get her pussy stuffed was making her cream. "I can't wait," she gasped. She tore her eyes away from Melanie for a second and looked back at Cheyenne. "You're next, Cheyenne."

Pawing the ground, King lurched forward, fucking his gigantic prick deep into Melanie's bubbling vat of hot sizzling cunt juice. He stabbed, his prick throbbing as the spongy cunt muscles and sizzling cunt cream attacked his cockshaft. A shrill whinny came from his frothy mouth as he slammed hard, fucking his prick to the root.

Melanie lunged up, met his thrusting cock-stab and spasmed. She jammed her body against the powerful beast, impaling herself on his raging hard-on. "He's up in my fuckin' belly!" she squealed with delight. "So fuckin' deep!" She swooned and shifted her hips wildly as she clawed King's heaving flanks.

Erin felt light-headed. She drooled as she watched King fuck his prick into Melanie's twisting body. She crawled closer, her eyes fixed on King's raging boner as he ravaged Melanie's pussy.

Melanie squirmed, her jigging ass rubbing into the rough wood of the bench. Spit dribbled from her panting lips. She humped up, grinding her clit into his hairy body as he fucked her cunt with hard quick cock-jabs.

"Fuck me, King. Fuck me!" She raked his flanks and screamed as a hard punching cock-jab made her eyes roll. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

With his head bobbing and his eyes bulging from their sockets, King ravaged Melanie's tight gripping pussy. His mane swished across his neck and his tail slashed at his twitching rump. He snorted as her clawing hands and hot pulsing cunt aroused him to a feverish pitch.

"Fuck her!" Erin squealed as she rocked hypnotically on her haunches. "Fuck her!"

King jerked forward, fucking his prick into Melanie's gulping cunt. Hard quick fuck-jabs rumbled the cum in his balls as they slapped against her juice-drenched flesh. He whinnied and drilled her pussy as each cock-job squished juice from her cunthole. The pussy-juices spattered his balls, the sizzling heat churning the cum inside.

Melanie met each powerful fuck-lunge. She milked his prick greedily as her cunt contracted rhythmically against his fat powerful prick. She lifted her ass and swiveled her hips, her clit mashing into his body.

"Erin! Erin!" she squealed. "It's wonderful!"

Erin gasped as she watched the giant white stallion fuck Melanie's pussy. She brought her fingers to her own virgin pussy and pinched the clit. "Fuck her," she moaned throatily. "Fuck her, King."

Melanie humped and twisted her hips. Her ass slapped against the wooden bench and her tits flopped. She absorbed the hard fuck-thrusts and gurgled on her own spit as King drove her insane.

In a trance, Erin reached under the jabbing horse and fondled his balls. She felt dizzy as her anxious fingers traced a path around his stabbing cockshaft.

"Melanie," she whimpered. "Oooo... Melanie." She rubbed her fingertips at the entrance to Melanie's pussy and quaked as she felt King fuck his cock deep into Melanie's humping body.

"You feel his cock?" Melanie gasped as she kept her hips bucking.

"Yesss," Erin hissed. "Fuck her, King. God, fuck her!"

Melanie felt the child's fingers. "Pinch my clit! Pinch my clit!" She lurched up and rolled her hips.

Erin pinched Melanie's clit, making the woman shriek with joy. "I want it," she whimpered. "I wanna get fucked." Erin felt each stab of King's cock as if he were fucking her. Sticky cunt cream flowed out over her fingers and she shivered. "My pussy needs a cock."

"You'll get it," Melanie assured her as she met the horse's jabbing fuck-stabs. "Right after I cream my fuckin' brains out."

With his balls being fondled and his cock trapped inside Melanie's pulsing cunt, King snorted. He fucked forward, smashing Melanie back into the bench with his powerful body. His eyes glowed and his nostrils flared. The heat from Melanie's cunt was churning the cum in his heavy swinging balls.

"Fuck me, King," Melanie cried out deliriously. "Fuck me!" She trembled as she felt each cock-stab. Her body quivered as the teenager pinched her clit. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

King fucked hard, driving Melanie's twisting body along the bench. He tossed his head and pounded the screaming redhead with his fat throbbing prick. His hard spearing fuck-thrusts had Melanie screeching with joy. He battered her hot twisting body as the cum rumbled in his balls.

"Cum on him!" Erin squealed. "Cum all over his cock."

"I'm gettin' there!" Melanie squawked as she beat her body into his pounding frame. "I'm gettin' there!" She lunged up hard, mashing her clit into King as he smashed her back to the bench.

Squirming and twisting on the bench, Melanie went insane as she raced toward the peak. Her pussy turned to fire and the spongy muscles in her cunt gripped his fucking cock. She felt his balls whack against her quivering flesh and she knew that soon the horse would be drowning her in his cum.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she wailed as she raced toward an explosive orgasm. "Fuck me!"

Neighing and drooling, King fucked hard. His cock sliced through her slippery cunt ooze as his swinging balls slapped against her flesh. His head flipped up and his flanks heaved under Melanie's scratching nails. His cock throbbed and swelled as the cushiony cunt muscles and hot cunt cream brought him to the verge of an orgasm.

Powerful cock-jabs drove Melanie along the bench. She lunged up, her tits flopping.

"I'm there!" she squealed. "I'm gonna cum!" Her head snapped from side to side as her ass thumped against the bench. "I'm there!"

Pawing the ground, King brought a screaming Melanie to the peak. He fucked forward, driving her to the end of the bench as his entire body started to violently shake. He snorted, lunged, his balls ready to explode.

"Cum!" Erin urged hysterically. "Cum!"

She rocked on her haunches, anxious to watch the beautiful redhead climax. "Cum!"

Melanie went into convulsions. Spasms ripped through her cock- stuffed cunt. An orgasm erupted deep inside her steamy pussy. "I'm cumming!" she screamed. "I'm cumming!"

"Holy shit," Erin gasped as she watched Melanie climax. "Holy shit."

Melanie, her body racked with orgasms, humped up and fucked her cunt onto King's spearing prick. She clawed his flanks and mangled her clit into his rough coat. With her pussy stuffed, the spongy walls of her climaxing cunt hole gripped King's stabbing prick and bathed it in a deluge of buttery pussy-cum.

"I'm cumming!" she shrieked as one orgasm after another ravaged her cock-stuffed pussy. "I'm cumming, Erin! I'm cumming' his cock!" Her feet came off the ground and her legs stiffened. The next instant, she clamped her thighs to his jerking rump and furiously rode his piercing cock. "I'm cumming!"

King pounded Melanie's thrashing body. He whinnied and trembled as his front hooves kicked at the ground. The sizzling heat and greedy climaxing cunt muscles brought him to the peak. His balls swelled as Melanie's squishy cum spattered his ball-sac.

Melanie's ass humped up and down, the ass-cheeks slapping against the rough wood. Her tits flopped, the nipples feeling as if they were going to burst. She saw Erin and squealed. "I'm cumming', Erin! I'm cumming'!"

Melanie lunged at the horse, battering her climaxing body into his. "Cum!" she shrieked as she milked his cock. "Cum!" She needed King's cum to quench the fire raging out of control in her cunt. "Cum!"

King let out with a shrill whinny. His balls burst. Hot thick cum shot through his fucking cock and the thick cum spewed into Melanie's gulping cunt. He lunged hard, almost knocking Melanie off the bench as a spurting wad of horse-cum splashed deep into Melanie's pulsing pussy.

"He's cumming' me!" Melanie screamed hysterically. "He's cumming' me!" The hot thick cum spurting into her pussy took Melanie into another series of intense orgasms. "He's cumming' me, Erin! He's squirtin' his cum in my pussy!"

Erin was trembling out of control. She watched the horse and Melanie cum and it blew her mind. She saw the cum gush from Melanie's pussy and saturate the horse's swinging balls. She gulped and drooled as the cum from Melanie's pussy flowed from her cock- stuffed cunt and down her asscrack.

Melanie bucked maniacally beneath the pounding horse. Her pussy contracted against his jabbing prick, milking it as more thick clumps of cum gushed into her cock-stuffed fuck hole. She clung to his rump with her legs and held his heaving flanks with her arms. Clinging desperately to the fucking horse, she climaxed again.

Enraged, the giant stallion jerked forward, taking a screaming Melanie with him. His cum spewed from his cock and flooded her pussy.

Cum squished out over his balls. He whinnied as she fucked her cunt on his cum-squirting prick.

"Fuck me!" Melanie wailed. "Fuck me!" She flung herself at the horse, her body half off the bench as he brutalized her pussy with his cum-spurting cock. "Fuck me!"

Muscles tense, King lashed at her squirming body. His mane slapped across his powerful neck. He neighed, his head tossing as he reared up on his hind legs. Kicking at the air, his eyes bulging, he took Melanie with him, her wriggling body impaled on his giant cock.

Afraid, Erin gasped. "Be careful," she whimpered. "God... be careful."

Melanie was too involved with fucking the horse to hear Erin's warning. She held onto the ramming stallion, milking his cock as he fucked violently in and out of her overflowing pussy.

Screaming hysterically, she fused her body to the rearing stallion as she ground her clit into his rough coat. His thick hair ripped at her clit like sharp needles and her head dropped back. Hot cum continued to pour into her cunt and she creamed again.

King dropped back to all fours. Snorting, his head shaking, he pawed the ground, his cock embedded deep inside Melanie's pussy. His rump jerked and his mouth drooled as his rubbery lips rumbled. Cum spewed from his prick as his balls churned.

Melanie's arms slipped from the horse's heaving flanks. She crashed back with a thud and twisted her shoulders into the ground. Her cunt was still stuffed with King's cock meat. Cum flowed from her cunt hole. She screamed and clawed the ground as the enraged horse continued to fuck her pussy.

King lowered his head and jabbed. His powerful fuck-stabs pushed a screaming Melanie across the hay-strewn floor. He snorted and reared up again as Melanie's legs melted from his twitching rump. Head snapping back and forth, he neighed as he kept Melanie impaled on his cum-squirting cock.

Melanie thrashed, her pussy stuffed. She spasmed, her body convulsing as King dropped back to all fours again. Her body hit the ground and her cunt slipped off his spent prick as he jerked back.

She lay on the floor, whimpering and twitching as King wandered back to his stall. "What a fuck," she moaned. "What a fuck."

Erin stared at the horse-cum oozing from Melanie's cunt. Her mouth watered for her pussy. She whimpered and crawled between Melanie's outstretched legs.

"Yessss," Melanie hissed weakly. "Suck my cunt. Suck out King's cum." She lifted her ass and ground her cum-filled pussy into Erin's face.

Erin lost her head as she tasted Melanie's cummy cunt. She sucked deep, drawing into her mouth thick lumps of King's slippery cum. She gulped it greedily then sucked again. She filled her mouth and savored the taste of pussy-cum and horse-cum.

"Tongue me," Melanie sighed as she twitched on her back. "Get it all."

Eagerly, Erin fucked her tongue into Melanie's cum-filled pussy. She lugged out wad after wad of King's cum and swallowed. The taste was exquisite. Her young body shuddered as she lugged out the last of the horse-cum.

"You're clean," Erin panted as she raised her head. Her tits were heaving as she stared at Melanie's red puffy pussy. She wanted to eat her, but her need to be fucked overwhelmed her. "Oh... God... Am I ready to get fucked!"

Melanie sat up. Her tits bounced as she looked at the horny teenager. "Now, you'll be able to appreciate his cock," she said.

Having sucked Cheyenne off and watched Melanie get fucked by King, Erin understood. She nodded. "Get Cheyenne," she moaned.

"You get him," Melanie said.

Erin staggered to her feet and stumbled over to Paint's stall. Cunt cream soaked her thighs and her pussy pulsed. Trembling, she brought Cheyenne back to the center of the stable and caressed his coat.

"You ready for me?" she asked, her voice quaking with just a trace of fear.

Cheyenne neighed and bobbed his head. He twitched as the lust- crazed child rubbed her naked body into his flanks. His prick head poked out from its sheath and his balls swelled.

"Suck him hard," Melanie said. "Then get on the bench and become a woman."

Erin, whimpering and quivering, dropped to her knees. "I'm gonna get you nice and hard for my pussy," she said, her voice quaking. "Nice and hard."

As Cheyenne neighed softly, Erin crawled under him and stroked his prick. Holding his huge balls, she brought her eager mouth to his prick and sucked. Using her hands and mouth together, she had him ready in seconds. She felt his prick fill her throat and excitement swept through her entire body.

"C'mon, Erin," Melanie urged, "He's ready." She watched the teenager frantically suck Paint's cock. "Don't finish him off. You want his cum in your cunt."

Reluctantly, Erin yanked her mouth off Paint's rigid prick. She swooned. "God, I'm shakin'."

Melanie smiled. "Wait 'til he's in your cunt," she said. "Then you'll really shake."

As Cheyenne snorted and twitched, Erin climbed on the bench. She spread her legs wide, her body shuddering as Melanie brought the black stallion into position. Her virgin pussy contracted as she squirmed on the bench.

"I'm nervous." She lifted her head and shivered as Paint's prick brushed over her stomach. "It's so hot against me."

Melanie knelt down and grabbed Paint's prick. She saw the juice oozing from Erin's virgin pussy. She rubbed Paint's prick over Erin's thighs and along the pink slit of her pussy. "You're cumming' for his prick."

"I know," Erin gasped as the contact with the horse's cock sent shivers of bliss through her entire body. "I know."

Cheyenne whinnied and bobbed his head as Melanie drenched the knob of his prick in the bubbling juices of Erin's virgin cunt. His lips rumbled as the juices burned through his cock and churned the cum rumbling in his heavy balls.

"Ooo... Melanie," Erin gasped.

Her dark eyes dilated and her body twitched sporadically. She squiggled her hips and whimpered as Melanie tortured the entrance to her pussy and her clit with the head of Paint's rigid prick.

Melanie continued to soak Paint's prick head with Erin's cunt juices. "I'm gonna get you crazy," Melanie teased.

"I am crazy!" Erin gasped wildly as she jerked her hips. Her small plump tits jiggled and the inside of her virgin pussy contracted rhythmically for Paint's long fat prick.

Paint's stiff boner banged into Erin's clit. He jerked his rump and neighed. He was as anxious to fuck as Erin was.

"Please, Melanie," Erin whimpered. "I'm ready. God... I'm ready." She spasmed as Melanie dragged the bloated head of his prick through her boiling pussy slit. "Please."

Melanie eased the fat spongy head of Paint's prick into Erin's virgin cunthole. A tremor swept through her as she watched Paint's prick head slip between the puffy folds of the teenager's pussy gash. The cream flowing from Erin's cunt told Melanie the child was as ready as she would ever be.

"Yessss," Erin rasped. She felt the head of Paint's cock pressing against her cherry. She stiffened, her hips jerking. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Cheyenne neighed and jerked forward. At the same time, Melanie pulled away her hand. The head of his cock ripped through Erin's cherry as if it were tissue and stretched the tight canal of her cunt. He snorted as the sizzling heat seared his cockshaft then jerked again, fucking his fat prick deeper into Erin's virgin pussy.

"Fuck her!" Melanie squealed as she watched Erin twist on her back. "Fuck her!"

With Erin thrashing, Cheyenne whinnied and fucked at her tight cunt. His rump quivered and his mane swished across his powerful neck as the scalding heat of Erin's tight cunt churned the cum in his balls.

"It hurts!" Erin cried out. She twisted her hips, her eyes bulging as the pain from Paint's cunt-ripping prick dried up her fuckhole. "It hurts."

"Relax," Melanie soothed. She skimmed her hands over Erin's flushed body and kneaded her small plump tits. "Fuck him back. The pain'll go away."

Erin shuddered as the pain spread. Her hips bucked and her ass thumped against the wooden bench. "It burns inside me." She twisted as his cock gouged her fuckhole and stretched the cushiony walls of her pussy. "It hurts, Melanie. God... it hurts."

Melanie ignored the child's whimpering cries. She stroked Paint's balls. "Fuck her, Cheyenne. Make her a woman." She hefted his balls and stared at his fat prick. It was half buried inside Erin's pussy.

Erin thrashed on the bench. She grabbed the horse's flanks and clawed. She bit her bottom lip as her eyes widened. "He's goin' deeper, Melanie!" Fear was in her voice. "God... I can't take it all!"

"Sure you can!" Melanie urged. "Hump him. Fill your pussy and the pain will go away."

Cheyenne neighed impatiently. He jabbed hard, fucking his prick deeper into the twisting teenager's hot pussy. His balls rumbled and the friction against his cockshaft swelled his rigid prick.

Erin's head snapped from side to side as her mouth twisted in agony. She shuddered then pushed forward, hoping that once she had taken all of Paint's cock the pain would indeed go away.

"You're gettin' fucked!" Melanie gasped as she watched Paint's prick disappear into the child's thrashing body. "You're gettin' it." She rocked on her haunches and gulped. Watching the teenager get ravaged was blowing her mind.

Cheyenne, enraged, didn't care about the pain he was causing. All he was interested in was fucking his prick to the root and shooting his load of rumbling cum. His rump quivered as his tail slashed back and forth. He stepped forward, snorting and bobbing his head as he filled her pussy to the limit.

Erin went into convulsions as her cunt was filled with the horse's cock. Pain was quickly washed away as lust took its place. Her cunt muscles grabbed at his buried prick and started pulsing. Pussy cream began to flow, bathing the horse's fucking cock.

Melanie saw the pleasure sweep over Erin's face. "I told you," she smiled. "Now, fuck him."

"Ooo... I will," Erin gasped. She slammed up at Paint's frame as he lunged forward. The action had Paint's cock fucking deep into her tight bubbling pussy. She raked his flanks and swiveled her hips as the juices inside her pussy flowed more freely. "I'm gettin' fucked! I'm gettin' fucked!"

Out of her head, Erin lifted her ass high, angling her tight wet cunt for more depth.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" She jerked, meeting his cock-stabs as her body quaked. "Fuck me, Cheyenne! Fuck me!"

"Yesss, Cheyenne. Fuck her! Fuck her!" Melanie's mouth watered as she saw the cream flow out from Erin's cock-stuffed cunt. "Fuck her. Ram her!"

Erin was in heaven. Drunkenly, she stared at Melanie. "It's heaven," she gasped. "Heaven." She humped up, fucking herself maniacally on Paint's jabbing prick as the juices in her cunt greased his prick for greater speed and depth.

Cheyenne slammed at the whimpering teenager. He fucked her cunt deep, his balls slapping against the juice-stained flesh of her body. Cum gushed from her fuckhole and spattered his swinging balls. He snorted, fucking the girl wildly as she squealed and bucked beneath him.

"Melanie," Erin squealed. "Ooo... Melanie! He's so fuckin' deep!" She lunged up, his prick thickening inside her tight pulsing cunthole. "So deep! He's in my belly!"

Melanie was enthralled. The teenager was just like her. "Fuck him, Erin. Make him empty his balls in your cunt." She skimmed the tips of her fingers around the entrance to Erin's cock- stuffed pussy. "You're soaked, Erin. Milk his cock."

As Erin shrieked with joy, Cheyenne pounded her pussy. Cunt muscles attacked his cock and sizzling cunt cream seared his throbbing cock-shaft. He neighed, his head swinging back and forth as he fucked his raging hard-on into the teenager's pussy.

With her cunt stuffed with horse-cock, Erin went insane. She twisted wildly on the bench, her ass thumping against the wood as his driving dick pushed her back. "I'm gonna cream him, Melanie. I'm gonna cream all over his fuckin' cock."

Cheyenne fucked the howling teenager with violent cock-jabs. His cock fucked deep, cutting quickly through the spongy heat of her tightly gripping cunthole. Snorts came from his flared nostrils and foam frothed on his rumbling lips. He fucked hard, pushing her body along the bench as Erin shrieked with delight.

"Cum in her, Cheyenne," Melanie rasped as she watched his cock fill Erin's pussy. "Cum in her." She rocked on her haunches, her tits heaving as her breathing became ragged and shallow. "Fuck her! Fuck him, Erin!"

Tits jiggling and ass rotating, Erin fucked herself wildly on the horse's jamming prick. Her nails dragged down his flanks and she pulled her feet off the ground and clamped her legs to his twitching rump.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Delirious, Erin slammed her Young over-heated body at the pounding stallion. Thighs aching, she clung to the raging horse as he filled her pussy to the limit. Her hips picked up the frantic rhythm and she humped, meeting his fuck-thrusts as she glided her cunt quickly up and down the length of his cockshaft.

"I'm ready!" Erin cried out as an orgasm began building deep inside her bubbling pussy. "I'm ready!"

"Cum," Melanie gasped. "Cum, Erin!"

Paint's balls ached as he fucked Erin's cunt. His prick swelled to the bursting point inside her boiling pussy. Pussy cream and greedy cunt muscles churned his cum and he picked up speed as he fucked deeper and deeper into her sizzling cunt.

Erin went into spasms She reached the peak and hovered for what seemed like an eternity. The next moment, the inside of her cunt exploded.

"I'm cumming!" she wailed. "I'm cumming, Melanie!"

Hot buttery pussy-cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her cock-stuffed cunt as an orgasm ripped through her pussy. The pleasure spread like fire as she fucked wildly against his lunging prick. She screamed, the bench rocking as her frantic twists and jerks almost threw her off the bench.

"Melanie!. Melanie! I'm cumming'! I'm cumming'!" She shook uncontrollably as she fucked at his hard-punching prick. "I'm cumming'!" Her hips jerked and her thighs fused to his rump as her nails clawed his flanks. "Cum in me, Cheyenne! Cum in me!"

Melanie mauled Paint's balls. "Yesss," she hissed. "Cum in her! Cum in her!"

The sizzling heat of Erin's orgasming pussy and the hot boiling pussy-cum bathing his prick brought the enraged stallion to the peak. Melanie's mauling hands added to his pleasure and his balls exploded. Hot thick jism erupted from his balls and gushed through his prick. Cum spewed from his cockhead and splashed deep inside her fuckhole. More cum quickly followed as he jerked forward and fucked into her cunt.

"He's cumming' me!" Erin screeched as her cunt gulped greedily on his cum-squirting cock.

"He's creaming me!" She lunged up. His hot cum carried her higher as it spurted into her cunthole. "He's squirtin' it in my belly!" She twisted her hips as hot intense orgasms caromed through her cunt. "He's cumming' me, Melanie! It's wonderful!"

Melanie nodded, her green eyes glassy as she stared at the excited teenager and the enraged stallion. Her body quivered. She pulled her hands away from Paint's contracting balls and licked her cum-spattered fingers. Cheyenne fucked viciously at Erin's gulping cunt. Hard drilling cock-stabs pounded her back into the bench as one thick wad of cum after another spewed from his prick and flooded her hot scalding cunt. He neighed, his head bobbing as Erin's pussy overflowed. Pussy-cum and horse-cum mixed inside Erin's climaxing cunt. The thick slippery mixture squished from her pussy and splattered Paint's erupting balls. The slippery cum flowed down the crack of her humping ass, staining her jiggling asscheeks and the hard wood of the bench. Screaming and bucking, Erin clawed his flanks and dug her heels into his rump. She fucked at him, her ass hammering the bench as he drove her forward. "Melanie! Melanie! I'm cumming again! I can't stop cumming'!"

"Drain his balls!" Melanie screeched. "Fuck the hell out of her, Cheyenne!"

Hard lunging fuck-thrusts drove Erin berserk. Paint's balls continued to churn and erupt. He shoved her twisting body to the end of the bench as more cum spewed from his prick and spurted into the child's fuckhole. His head reared up and foam frothed at his mouth. He kicked at the ground, his entire body shaking as he slashed Erin over and over again with his prick. Erin, out of her head, convulsed on the bench. She lifted her ass and swiveled her hips, taking his cock deep as the last of her orgasms swept through her pussy.

"Melanie! Melanie!" Her head started to spin as everything turned fuzzy. "Melanie!"

With Cheyenne fucking her pussy, Erin went limp. In a faint, Paint's cock continued to ravage her cunthole as she twitched sporadically beneath him.

Cheyenne snorted then stopped fucking. His balls were empty and the last of his cum oozed from his cockhead. He jerked forward then pulled back, his cock popping from the teenager's fucked-out pussy. With his prick hanging limp, he reared up on his hind legs and whinnied.

Melanie pulled herself up and pulled on Paint's mane. "Easy, boy," she soothed as she led him back to his stall. "Easy."

Erin slipped off the bench. Twitching and rolling her hips, she whimpered. "Eat me, Melanie. Clean my pussy."

Melanie returned and dropped between the child's legs. She sucked and tongued her pussy until every drop of Paint's cum was devoured. "You're clean," she said as she hauled herself to her feet.

Erin sat up, blinking as her vision cleared. "It was the most fantastic thing in my life," she sighed. "I wanna do it again."

Melanie pulled the child to her feet. "You will. When you come back tomorrow."

Erin moaned. Every bone in her body ached. "Can I fuck King?" she asked.

"You're ready for him," Melanie said. "You'll want your ass fucked, too."

Erin quivered. "You do that, huh?" she asked, not sure if she should believe her.

"Yes, and so will you," Melanie said. "I guarantee it."

Erin's asshole twitched. "Can I bring my cousin over?" she asked as she thought about Sarah.

"Sure," Melanie said, anxious to meet another child. "Is she a virgin?"

"Yeah," Erin giggled. "But, not for long." She followed Melanie from the stable. It had been a great day and tomorrow looked even better.

"C'mon, Sarah," Erin urged as she pulled on her young cousin's hand. "Let's go in the stable. I wanna show you the horses."

Sarah allowed her cousin to lead her into the stable. She looked around as Erin closed the stable door. "I don't know how to horseback ride," Sarah said.

"You'll learn quickly," Erin giggled. "Trust me."

She leered at her young cousin, her mouth watering for her body. Melanie had awakened her desires and she wanted to share them all with Sarah.

"Where's the woman who rents the horse?" Sarah asked. She walked over to Paint's stall.

"She'll be around later," Erin said. "I wanted to show you around first."

Sarah stroked her hand down Paint's forehead. "He's pretty," she said. She stepped back quickly as Cheyenne nuzzled his nose against her blouse. "Jeez."

Erin giggled. "He likes tits," she said.

Sarah's eyes widened in shock. "You crazy?"

"No," Erin purred. "It's the truth." She walked over to her cousin. "Shit, Sarah. Don't you ever get hot and bothered?"

Sarah blushed. "Yes," she said, avoiding her cousin's eyes. "All the time."

"Then you should be happy I brought you here. Cheyenne can make you happy."

"I don't know whatcha mean." Sarah came back to Cheyenne and fed him an apple. She quivered as his rubbery lips gobbled on the apple and soaked her hand with drool.

"You see the way he eats that apple?"

Sarah nodded. The wet contact with his mouth made her shiver. "He's hungry."

"He's hungry for more than apples," Erin said. "He loves pussy, too."

"You're talking crazy," Sarah gasped. She pulled her hand away from Paint's drooling lips.

"You wouldn't think I was talking crazy if you did what I did yesterday," Erin snickered.

"What did you do?" Sarah asked, her curiosity aroused.

"I got to know that you can have more fun with horses than just riding them." She giggled, enjoying her cousin's puzzlement.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"I got fucked," Erin said. "I got my cherry busted by this gorgeous horse. And, I sucked him off."

Sarah's head was spinning. "You're lying," she gasped as a lump formed in her throat.

"I never lie," Erin said. To prove her point, she peeled off her top and displayed her plump tits. "I'll show you." She brought her creamy tits to Paint's foaming mouth. "Lick 'em, Cheyenne. Show my little shit cousin how much you like tits."

Cheyenne snorted and attacked the creamy flesh of Erin's pulpy tits. He gobbled on the nipples then soaked every inch of her tit meat with his warm drool.

Sarah felt light-headed. She stared at Erin's bare tits and Paint's slobbering mouth as the horse feasted noisily on Erin's tit flesh. "He'll bite you!" she sighed. "Be careful."

As Cheyenne snorted, Erin moaned with joy. "Why don't you take off your top and let him lick your tits, too?"

Sarah shook her head. "No," she said. "I don't do things like that." Her voice was quaking and her mouth was watering.

Erin pulled away from Paint's fabulous mouth. She grabbed a riding whip and cracked it. "Do it," she demanded. "Do it before I beat your fuckin' ass." She slapped the tip of the whip over Sarah's thighs. "Now!"

Sarah shook with fear. She saw that Erin meant what she said. Trembling, she pulled off her top. Her breathing was ragged as her small budding tits strained against her white bra. "Please, Erin," she pleaded. "I don't wanna."

Erin sneered. She sucked in her breath, anxious to see her cousin's bare tits. "The bra too," she ordered as she cracked the whip. Frightened, Sarah obeyed. She bared her tits and blushed. The way Erin was looking at her made the inside of her virgin cunt tingle. Her pink nipples swelled and the tit tips began to ache.

Erin saw the desire on her cousin's face.

"You're getttn' hot," she said.

"No, I'm not," Sarah lied. Her small tits rose and fell with each breath she took.

"Strip," Erin rasped, her eyes glued to her cousin's bare tits. "Strip!"

Sarah complied and in seconds was naked. Silky hair decorated her virgin pussy. "What about you?" she gulped. Being naked had erased most of her shyness and she wanted to see Erin's body. "You gonna take off your clothes, too?"

Erin nodded and giggled. "I knew you were like me," she said. She undressed quickly as the inside of her cunt began to boil. "Now, take Cheyenne out of his stall."

"I'm afraid," Sarah said.

Erin grabbed the whip again. "Do it. You're gonna learn all about cock meat today."

Sarah swooned and unlocked the stall door. She led Cheyenne to the center of the stable as the horse playfully nibbled on her bare tit flesh. "He's gonna bite me," she sobbed.

"He's gonna bite your pussy," Erin snickered. "And, you're gonna love every second of it."

"Nooooo!" Sarah wailed. She began to shake all over as Erin cracked the whip against her bare ass. "You're hurting me."

"Let Cheyenne lick your tits," Erin snarled. She slapped the tip of the whip across Sarah's ass again. "Now!"

Scared out of her wits, Sarah closed her eyes and offered her tits to the horny animal. She quaked, expecting the giant stallion to bite off her nipples. She moaned as his slobbering mouth touched one rosy nipple.

Erin saw the pleasure sweeping over Sarah's face. "You like it, don't you?"

With her eyes still closed, Sarah nodded. The wet heat from the horse's mouth was making her pussy contract and the juices were flowing from her cunt hole and soaking the flesh of her inner thighs.

With Cheyenne whinnying softly and nibbling on Sarah's small budding tits, Erin moved around her cousin and leered hotly at her ass. She poked the handle of the whip between the cheeks of Sarah's ass.

"How would you like to get fucked in your ass?"

Sarah almost collapsed. "Noooooo," she whined as she jerked away from the whip.

Erin jammed the handle into her cousin's ass and twisted it. "Hump it while he chews on your tits."

Pain seared Sarah's ass and blended with the pleasure from the horse's gobbling mouth. Her knees weakened and she almost dropped to the floor.

"Take it out," she gasped. "It hurts."

Erin ignored her cousin. "I'll take it out after you promise to let Cheyenne break your cherry." She jabbed another inch of the hard handle into Sarah's ass.

Sarah shrieked. The pain made her dizzy. The pleasure made her cream. The combination had her crazy. "Yessss!" she wailed. "I'll do it!"

Erin wasn't through tormenting her cousin. She fucked the handle in and out of Sarah's tight virgin ass. "Get on your back first."

Sarah obeyed. With the handle fucked up her ass, she melted to the floor. Legs spread, she writhed as Cheyenne dropped his head and began nibbling on the juice-drenched meat of her thighs. "Erin! He's gonna bite my cunt!"

"He's gonna get you hot," Erin said as she kept the handle up her cousin's asshole. "Chew her, Cheyenne. Chew her cunt."

Cheyenne snorted and slapped his thick rubbery tongue over the velvety meat of Sarah's cunt. Cum washed over his tongue and he whacked her pussy again. Snorting, he jammed his nose against her cunt gash as pussy cream flooded his nostrils.

Sarah thrashed on her back. Pleasure ran rampant through her body as the horse licked ravenously on her hot buttery cunt. She jerked her hips and moaned as Erin continued to prod her virgin asshole.

"Take out the handle," she squealed. "Please? It hurts too much."

Erin yanked the handle out from her cousin's ass. Sarah howled and Erin giggled.

"Hump his face, Sarah," Erin moaned. "Hump his face and cream."

Sarah was out of her skull. She jerked her slim hips and lifted her legs. She latched her thighs to the sides of Paint's head and rode his gobbling mouth. "It feels good," she gasped.

"Not as good as his cock," Erin said. She watched her cousin turn into a wild whimpering mass of flesh. "You ready for his prick?"

"Noooo," Sarah whined. "Please. Just let him eat me!" She thrashed, her ass thumping against the hay as Cheyenne devoured her hot pussy.

Cheyenne foamed at the mouth and whipped his tongue over Sarah's sizzling pussy. Cunt cream drenched his snout and flowed over his tongue.

He tossed his head, his nose banging against Sarah's blood- swollen clit. The hard jerk of his neck snapped his head free from Sarah's clinging legs. He neighed then dropped his head back between Sarah's legs and slurped on her delicious cunt.

"Erin," Sarah gasped as pleasure swept through her. "I'm gettin' close. I think I'm gonna cream." She bounced up and down, her ass thudding against the ground as Paint's mouth carried her toward an explosive orgasm.

Erin giggled. There was no way she was going to let her cousin cream yet. She pulled on Paint's mane. "Stop!" she shouted. "Stop!" She pulled the horse away from Sarah's ready- to-explode pussy.

"Nooooo!" Sarah wailed as she twisted and jerked on her back. "Let him eat me!"

"No," Erin teased. "You're gonna eat him." She giggled as she watched her cousin sob hysterically. "Then you're gonna get your fuckin' cherry busted."

Sarah was out of her mind. All she could think about was getting off. "Please," she begged as she humped her cunt up at the whinnying horse. "Let him get me off, then I'll do whatever you want."

Erin dropped to her knees and pulled a bench over. "Look at his prick, Sarah."

Sarah gazed hotly at Paint's giant cock. The sight made her swoon. "I can't put that in my mouth. It's too big!" Even before she finished the sentence, her mouth was drooling for the rigid prick hanging from between Paint's legs. Erin sensed it. "Give it a kiss."

Drunk with lust, Sarah crawled under the horse. Her eager lips touched the tip of his prick. Spasms shot through her cunt as contact was made. She moaned as a thick glob of horse-cum stuck to her lips. She pulled her mouth away, savoring the tangy taste of Paint's cum.

"Delicious, huh?" Erin stroked Paint's cock shaft and massaged his balls. "He's got tons of cum in here." She hefted Paint's balls as the spirited horse neighed and pawed the ground with his hooves.

"Yes," Sarah admitted. "It is delicious." She was eager for more. "Let me eat him. I wanna eat his cock."

"Go ahead," Erin urged. "He's all yours."

She continued to massage Paint's balls as Sarah brought her quivering lips back to the tip of his prick.

Cheyenne snorted as Erin's mauling hands made his balls ache. He tossed his head. Nostrils flared, he whinnied as Sarah's wet lips touched his throbbing prick.

Sarah, whimpering and twitching, brought her mouth to his cock shaft. She fused her lips to his cock meat and glided her lips up and down the entire length of his prick. Spasms racked her young virgin body as her lips reached his cockhead. Another glob of cum seeped out and she scooped it off with her tongue then gulped it down greedily as Cheyenne lunged at her face.

The head of his cock banged against Sarah's teeth. His flanks heaved, the muscles rippling under his coat as Sarah's hot mouth and slapping tongue enraged him.

"Put his cock in your mouth," Erin urged. "Suck him."

Crazed with the lust her cousin had created, Sarah eagerly opened her mouth. She sucked the fat bloated head of Paint's cock between her lips then swirled her tongue frantically around and through his cockhead. She was rewarded with more sticky cum as it washed over her tongue and trickled down her throat.

"You're gettin' it," Erin squealed with delight. "Take him in your throat." She squeezed Paint's balls, making the stallion neigh and stomp the ground with his hooves. "Suck him, Sarah. Take him to his balls."

Squiggling under the horny horse, Sarah eased his prick over her flashing tongue. The head of his cock reached her gullet. Passion overwhelmed her. Fear was gone. All she wanted was the cum rumbling in his huge balls. She gulped then gagged as Cheyenne jerked forward and fucked into her gullet.

Sarah choked, but her lust kept her from pulling her mouth off Paint's cock. She didn't care if she choked. She didn't care if he ripped out her throat. She wanted his prick. She pushed her head forward, taking his cock into her throat as his prick shaft throbbed against her lips.

"Jeez," Erin gasped as she watched her young cousin devour the horse's cock. "Suck him! You're doin' great."

Sarah knew she was doing great. Paint's cock was buried in her throat. She shoved her head forward, taking the rest of the horse's cock into her gullet. His balls were against her chin and his prick was buried to the root. Sarah creamed.

"Jesus Christ," Erin gasped, marveling at the sight of her young cousin. "You got it all! You got it all!" She squirmed on the ground and jammed the handle of the whip against Sarah's virgin cunt.

Sarah spasmed as her cousin jammed the whip against her clit. With her mouth stuffed with Paint's cock and her throat stretched, she felt his prick throbbing in her gullet. Her cunt contracted and she began bobbing her head, frantically fucking her face with Paint's rigid prick. Cheyenne lunged forward, fucking his cock into Sarah's mouth. His muscles tensed and his balls swelled. He neighed, his head swinging back and forth as his mane swished across his powerful neck.

"Chew him, Sarah!" Erin squealed. "Bite his cock!" She mashed the whip against Sarah's blood-swollen clit and twisted it. "Suck him off!"

Sarah shoved her head forward. She met the lunging fuck- thrusts of the giant stallion, her head shaking as his balls whacked against her chin.

Cheyenne neighed and his ears flickered. His eyes bulged as the cum in his balls ached to be released. He drilled hard, fucking his cock deep into Sarah's throat as the child began gnawing on his hard throbbing cock shaft.

"C'mon, Sarah," Erin urged. "Suck out his balls." She rocked on her knees, her plump tits jiggling. "Make his balls bust. Make him cum!" Sarah wanted Paint's balls to burst, too. She used her tongue and teeth on his jabbing prick. Her neck twisted as he rammed her gullet. She gagged as he fucked into her throat then she chewed on his cockshaft as he jerked back.

Cheyenne raced toward an explosive orgasm. His cock swelled inside Sarah's tight throat. His balls rumbled and the muscles in his rump twitched.

"He's gettin' ready!" Erin squealed. "He's gonna cum!" She gouged Sarah's clit with the whip, keeping her young cousin in a state of constant fuck-lust.

Sarah felt Paint's cock swell in her throat. She felt the throbbing of his prick. Knowing he was going to cum drove her insane. She doubled her efforts to bring the black stallion off. Paint's balls rumbled then exploded. Hot churning cum rushed from his balls and shot through his fat cock. Thick globs of horse-cum spewed from his cockhead and splattered against the back of Sarah's throat. He jabbed hard, fucking his cum-squirting cock deep into Sarah's gullet.

"He's cumming!" Erin squealed as she watched the frantic horse fuck her cousin's mouth. "He's cumming. Cum in her, Cheyenne! Cum in her!"

Sarah knew the horse was cumming. Her mouth was flooded with his thick slippery cum. She gulped, her head bobbing as thick squirting wads of Paint's cum filled her mouth and flowed down her cock-stuffed throat.

Cheyenne neighed, his muscles tensing. He pawed the ground and jerked forward, his cock fucking into Sarah's mouth as his balls erupted again.

Sarah gagged. Cum filled her cheeks. She swallowed greedily as more spewing jism filled her mouth and squirted down her throat. She shoved forward. Paint's balls slapped against her chin and she gulped.

"Keep suckin' him!" Erin shrieked as she kept the handle of the whip mashed against her cousin's clit. "Drain his fuckin' balls!"

Sarah squirmed her hips. She ground her clit into the whip handle and creamed as Paint's cum poured down her throat and oozed from her clinging lips. She gulped, but it was coming too fast. Horse-cum spewed from her clinging lips and trickled from her nose. She choked, but didn't stop. She wanted to drain the black stallion's balls.

Cheyenne stepped forward as he kicked at the ground. His cock speared Sarah's throat and his balls whacked against her cum- drenched chin.

He neighed, his head bobbing as spit drooled from his rumbling lips.

"Suck him, Sarah!" Erin squealed. "Suck him!" She dropped her glance to Sarah's pussy and saw the cunt cream flowing from her cousin's fuck hole as it saturated the handle of the whip. "Suck him."

Sarah sucked. She felt as if she were going to drown on the squirting cum. She didn't care. She shoved her head forward as Cheyenne jerked. His cock fucked into her throat and a thick river of cum spewed deep into her gullet. She choked, her mouth flooded with horse-cum as it squished from her clinging lips and spattered Paint's swinging balls.

Cheyenne jerked his rump. His balls were just about drained. He lunged hard, fucking his prick to the root as the last of his cum sprayed from his cockhead.

Sarah gulped and grabbed his balls. She wanted more. Deep feverish sucks drew one last thick lumpy wad of cum into her mouth. She milked his balls and sucked, hoping there was more cum for her to drink.

Cheyenne whinnied and jerked back. His spent prick popped from Sarah's mouth. Jizz seeped from his limp prick as he quivered and grunted with satisfaction.

Erin saw the cum oozing from her cousin's lips. She forgot about the whip and threw herself at Sarah, fusing her lips to Sarah's cum-filled mouth.

As Cheyenne lazily ate from his feed bag, Erin sucked the cum from Sarah's mouth. She savored it then pushed the clumpy cum back into Sarah's mouth.

Sarah whimpered and swallowed then pulled her mouth away. "I wanna get fucked," she gasped. "I wanna get fucked."

Erin sat up and looked at her young cousin. "I've got just the horse for you," she said as she glanced over at King. "He'll fuck you blind."

"I hope so," Sarah said. With her passion unleashed, she had turned into a wildcat. She grabbed the whip and jabbed the handle at her cunt.

"Hey," Erin giggled. "Don't bust your cherry with that. Let King do it."

"Then get him," Sarah gasped as she ground the handle into her blood-engorged clit. "Get him!"

Erin stumbled to her feet. "I'll get King. You get on the bench." She staggered over to King's stall. "I've got a virgin pussy for you. A nice tight virgin pussy."

Sarah, out of her mind, climbed on the bench. She squirmed, her tits crushed beneath her as she wiggled her ass excitedly. "Hurry up, Erin. Hurry!"

Erin led the giant white stallion over to Sarah's squirming body. "You're gonna love it," she sighed, anxious to watch the monstrous horse fuck her young cousin. She stroked King's flank as the horse dropped his head and sniffed between Sarah's ass cheeks.

Sarah squealed with pleasure. Lust ran rampant through her young body and all she could think about was getting fucked. She twisted her head and stared at her cousin.

"Will it hurt?" she gasped as King sloshed his tongue up through her pussy slit and the crack of her ass.

"No," Erin said, not wanting to frighten her cousin. "It'll sting for a second." She dropped to her knees and stroked the horse's balls and thick cock sheath. "C'mon, King. Get hard."

King snorted and delved between the puffy folds of Sarah's pussy. He licked then plunged his tongue into her cunt hole. Hitting cherry skin, he jerked his head up and neighed. Sarah moaned. "I felt his tongue in me." She gulped and swiveled her hips. "He hit my cherry."

"Wait 'til you feel his cock." Erin rubbed King's thick cock sheath as his bloated cock head came into view. She swooned. His cock was massive as it began to grow.

Sarah twisted on the bench. "When's he gonna fuck me?" She twisted her hips and jerked her ass back at King's slapping tongue. "God... his tongue is driving me crazy."

"In a minute," Erin said.

She brought her mouth to King's seeping prick as the huge stallion snorted and whipped his tongue through Sarah's virgin cunt slit. She opened her mouth wide, taking his cock head between her eager lips. Moaning, she gulped as King lurched forward and fucked her mouth.

"I'm gettin' nervous," Sarah whined. "Hurry." She worked her hips in a circle as King's tongue explored the crack of her ass and the buttery ooze of her cunt. "I want his cock, Erin! Please!"

Erin's mouth and throat were stuffed with the horse's cock. She chewed frantically then eased her mouth off his prick. Her eyes popped as she ogled his long fat throbbing cock. "God, his prick is beautiful."

"Lemme see it!" Sarah squealed as she twisted her neck. "Lemme see what's gonna fuck me." She spotted King's monstrous cock and almost fainted. "It won't fit! It won't fit!"

"Shut up," Erin giggled. "King'll make it fit." She tugged on the horse's cock. "C'mon, King. Stick your prick in her."

King tossed his head and stepped forward as Erin anxiously pulled on his cock. He snorted, his rump jerking as Erin dragged his cock head through the slippery ooze of Sarah's virgin pussy. Sarah moaned. The sight of his cock had burned into her mind. "I changed my mind," she gasped, not believing that the horse would be able to get his prick in her unless he ripped her pussy apart. "I changed my mind."

"Can't help that," Erin giggled as she bathed the horse's cock in Sarah's cunt juices. "He's ready and so is your pussy." She pressed the head of King's prick between the velvety folds of Sarah's cunt. She sighed. He was going to tear her apart. It made Erin cream. "She's all yours, King. Fuck her!"

Sarah shuddered. She felt the head of the stallion's prick in her pussy and against her cherry. She gripped the bench tightly. "Nooo! Nooooo!"

It was too late. The heat from Sarah's virgin pussy seared King's cock. He neighed then jabbed, ripping away the child's cherry with one fuck-thrust. Heat enveloped his cock and tight cunt muscles clamped tightly around his cock shaft. He jabbed again, stretching Sarah's pussy to the limit each time he jerked forward and fucked more of his massive prick into her tight pussy.

Sarah went into convulsions. Pain racked her body as King's mighty cock fucked into her cunt. "He's ripping me apart!" she shrieked as the pain spread. "He's ripping me apart!"

"So what?" Erin sneered, getting off on her young cousin's pain. "Fuck him. The pain will go away." She slapped King's rump and the giant horse jerked forward and fucked more of his fat hulking prick into the screaming child's tight dry pussy.

"Take him out," Sarah screeched at the top of her lungs. "Take him out!" She thrashed maniacally on the bench as the searing pain from King's giant cock savagely ripped into her young body. "He's killin' me! It burns!"

Erin was overwhelmed. She whimpered, her pussy on fire as she watched King bury his prick into the tight hole of Sarah's pussy. "Fuck," she rasped. She grabbed King's huge balls and massaged them. "Fuck her!"

King tossed his head high and lunged forward, fucking the rest of his prick into Sarah's body. Balls deep, he jerked at her, fucking wildly as his balls slapped against her flesh.

"You got it all!" Erin squealed. "You got it all!" She released King's cum-crammed balls and settled back to watch him ravage her cousin's pussy. "Fuck him, Sarah! Fuck him!"

Sarah, her cunt stuffed and stretched with hard throbbing horse-cock, screamed. She twisted her hips, trying to dislodge the huge cock ramming her pussy. It was impossible. Her head snapped up, the pain etched in her young face as her mouth twisted and drooled.

"I can't stand it! I can't stand it!"

"Shut up and fuck him," Erin sneered. "Fuck her, King! Make her happy." She skimmed her fingers around King's jabbing cock shaft. "Christ, Sarah. Your goddamn pussy's dry. No wonder it hurts."

"I can't help it," Sarah sobbed as tears spilled from her eyes. "It hurts too much. He's tearing apart my cunt!" She jerked, her eyes rolling as hard lunging cock-jabs brought her close to fainting.

King wasn't interested in the child's agony. All he wanted to do was empty his balls. He neighed, the dry friction of her cunt against his prick shaft making him more agitated. He snorted, fucking his prick in and out of Sarah's tight dry gripping cunt.

Pain overwhelmed the screaming child. She shuddered and screeched as a hard punishing fuck-jab caused her to faint.

Melanie stepped into the stable. She stopped dead in her tracks as she spotted Sarah being fucked by the white stallion.

"Oh... God." Passion swept over Melanie and she stripped off her clothes, joining Erin on the floor. "Is this your cousin?"

Erin gave Melanie a dreamy smile. "Yeah." She giggled. "She just fainted."

Melanie stared at the limp child as King continued to brutalize. "Goddamn." She grabbed Erin and began mauling her tits. "When she wakes up, she'll be cumming' her fucking brains out."

Erin snuggled against Melanie, enjoying the woman's hands on her tits. "C'mon, Sarah. Wake up."

King fucked hard, driving the limp child along the bench. The inside of the teenager's pussy finally began to ooze a sticky juice. The cunt cream greased his cock shaft and he snorted as his luck-jabs became faster.

Sarah sighed, her eyelids fluttering as she came out of her faint. Her hips began to swivel slowly as the pain in her young body began to evaporate. Pleasure took its place and a dreamy smile spread across Sarah's face. She saw Melanie playing with Erin's tits. She gasped, blinking rapidly as she realized the pain was going away.

"Erin!" Sarah gasped. "It doesn't hurt anymore!" She jerked her hips and felt the hard throbbing horse-cock up inside her. "I can feel it throbbing."

"I told you," Erin snickered. "Now, fuck him. Show him you can take all he can give."

"Yeah, honey," Melanie added. "Show him who's boss!"

Sarah leered at Melanie, her glazed eyes devouring Melanie's huge fleshy tits. She jerked back and shuddered as the neighing horse fucked her cunt.

"It's fantastic," she moaned. "So fantastic!"

King jerked his rump. His tail swished back and forth as the muscles under his rough coat tensed. He fucked hard, his balls aching as they whacked against Sarah's flesh. Spit dribbled from his rumbling lips and his big eyes seemed to bulge right out of their sockets.

"Fuck her!" Erin squealed. "Rip her fucking cunt apart." She jammed her fingers into Melanie's frothy pussy and twisted them. "I'm gonna get my asshole fucked next."

With the horse neighing and Sarah shrieking with joy, Melanie ground her cunt down on Erin's probing fingers. "It's gonna hurt like hell."

Drunk with fuck-lust, Erin giggled. "I don't give a shit. I got off on Sarah's pain. I want it, too." She twisted her fingers inside Melanie's cunt.

"Fuck me!" Sarah screamed as the horse pounded her tight cunt with his massive prick. "Fuck me!" She slammed back at the horse and swooned. "Oooo... fuck me! Fuck me!"

Sarah gripped the edges of the bench. Knuckles white, she kept her hips rolling as King plundered her pussy with hard powerful fuck-jabs. She jerked back, absorbing his punishing blows as pleasure swept through her cunt.

"I'm in heaven!" she squealed. "Heaven!" King lunged hard then kicked at the ground with his hooves as he fucked his cock viciously in and out of the teenager's buttery pussy. Each fuck- jab reached deep into Sarah's cunt and hot sizzling cream bathed his cock shaft. Pussy muscles attacked his prick, making his balls rumble as he neighed and raced toward an explosive orgasm.

"He's fuckin' the hell out of me," Sarah screeched. She was mashing her tits into the top of the bench. Her nipples, swollen with desire, ached as the rough wood grated against her sensitive tit flesh. "He's goin' deeper! I can feel it!"

Erin was enthralled as she watched the white stallion fuck her young cousin's pussy. She twisted her shoulders as Melanie kneaded her tits. "I'm so hot," she sighed. She twisted her fingers deep inside Melanie's pussy and spasmed. "So fuckin' hot."

Melanie's eyes were glued to the young girl thrashing on the bench. Her mouth watered for Sarah's pussy. She licked her lips and jerked her hips as she milked Erin's cunt-probing fingers as if they were a hard piece of cock meat.

"Make him cream," Erin rasped. She kept her eyes on Sarah as she convulsed on the bench. "Make her cream, King!"

Sarah twisted on the bench as she screamed with joy. She bucked her hips and jammed her cunt back at the powerful horse as he fucked her pussy. "I'm gettin' close," she moaned as her mouth drooled. She lifted her head and twisted her neck. "So close." She lunged back, absorbing King's lashing fuck-thrusts as she climbed toward the peak.

"Cum on his cock!" Melanie wailed as she humped Erin's stabbing fingers. "Cum on his cock, Sarah!" Melanie was out of her skull. Seeing the child get fucked was blowing her mind.

Sarah thrashed and bucked wildly. The bench wobbled and she screamed. "He's fuckin me so hard!" Each cock-jab pushed her along the bench. "So hard and deep!" She became delirious as King repeatedly fucked into her pussy with his swollen prick. "He's up in my fuckin' belly!"

"Cum!" Erin shouted. "Cum on his fuckin' cock!" She pulled her fingers from Melanie's cunt and grabbed King's swinging balls. "Cum in her pussy, King. Cum in her!"

King whinnied as Erin's pawing hands made his balls ache. He flipped his head high and snorted. Drool came from his lips and his nostrils flared. Glassy with lust, his eyes bulged. His mane swished across his powerful neck and he jerked, driving the screaming child toward the end of the bench.

"I'm gonna cum!" Sarah screamed as her face contorted into a mask of lust. "I'm gonna cum!" She humped back at the enraged stallion. "Fuck me! Make me cream!"

Her cunt muscles pulsed erratically as they clung to the meat of the horse's colossal cock. Her nipples were ready to burst and every nerve in her young body felt as if it were on fire.

"I'm there!" Sarah screeched.

King, neighing and snorting, picked up speed. He fucked at the shrieking child, jerking her young body about as he fucked his cock in and out of her cunt. His own balls swelled to the bursting point. His cock thickened with blood, stretching Sarah's pussy even more as he brought the wailing teenager into her orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" Sarah cried out as an orgasm whipped through her cock-stuffed pussy. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Hot intense orgasms whipped through Sarah's cock-stuffed cunt. Pussy-cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her fuck hole and washed over King's stabbing prick.

Erin was in a trance as she watched her cousin climax. "Cum in her, King. Cum in her fuckin' pussy!" She pulled on the horse's swinging balls, turning him into an enraged beast. "Cum in her!"

Milky pussy-cum gushed from Sarah's cunt and spattered King's swinging balls and Erin's mauling fingers. Sarah twisted her hips as another orgasm whipped through her cunt. More pussy-cum flowed over King's fucking cock and the climaxing teenager shrieked with joy.

King, fucking his cock in and out of Sarah's climaxing pussy, reached the peak. His head jerked up and he neighed as the hot pussy-cum and wildly pulsing cunt muscles triggered an eruption in his halls.

Hot thick lumps of cum burst from King's heavy balls. Cum shot through his prick like a river and spewed from his cockhead. The thick lumps of cum squirted into Sarah's gulping pussy as he drove her to the end of the bench with his hard fuck-jabs. His balls convulsed again and the muscles under his glistening coat turned to steel as his flanks heaved and he snorted.

"He's cumming!" Erin squealed as she felt the giant horse's balls contract. "He's cumming!"

"I know!" Sarah screamed with delight. "He's cumming' me! I can feel it squirtin' in my pussy!" She shoved back at the driving beast as he fucked into her cunt. "He's cumming' me!"

With thick horse-cum pouring into her pussy, Sarah went out of her mind. She rolled her hips and milked his jabbing prick as one orgasm after another swept through her young body. "He's creaming! I'm cumming again!"

Erin fell back, releasing the horse's cum-splattered balls. "God," she gasped as she watched intently. "Ooooo... God!"

King, nostrils flared and eyes bulging, squirted another load of cum into Sarah's greedy cunt. He jabbed hard, knocking the screaming teenager half off the bench as he flooded her pussy with wad after wad of thick cum.

Sarah's arms stiffened. Palms flat on the ground, she absorbed the horse's punishing fuck-thrusts as orgasms racked her body. "I can't stop cumming!" she screamed. "I don't wanna stop! I love it! I love it!"

She thrashed, her hips constantly jerking. Each cock-jab mashed her clit into the rough wood. Orgasms bombarded her and her plump tits jiggled as King fucked hard and catapulted her into another orgasm.

The bench toppled over. Sarah's pussy was still impaled on King's prick. Cum poured from her pussy each time he fucked into her. She bucked, her ass high as she tried to keep her balance on her stiff arms.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! He's drowning me!" King's balls exploded again as Erin pulled the fallen bench away. More cum burst from his prick. Cum overflowed from Sarah's pussy. His balls were drenched with cum. Cum flowed down Sarah's ass crack, drenching her thighs as each hard cock-jab squished more horse-cum from her cunt.

Sarah fucked herself blind on the enraged horse's cock. Organs ripped through her body. "Erin!" she screamed as her elbows buckled. "Erin!"

Sarah crashed to the floor. Face flush with the hay, she gurgled as King shoved her body around as if she were a feather.

"I can't stop!" she cried as her eyes widened. "I can't stop!"

King kept fucking Sarah's cum-filled cunt. He shoved her into a pile of hay and plundered her climaxing cunt with vicious fuck-thrusts. Balls aching, he reared up on his hind legs and kicked at the air with his hooves. Neighs came from his foaming mouth and both Erin and Melanie gasped as Sarah shrieked.

With her cunt impaled on King's prick, Sarah's body came up as he pranced on his hind legs. She clawed the ground, her tits jiggling and her face twisting. "I'm gonna faint!"

King dropped to all fours as Sarah screeched and slipped into a faint. He fucked her limp body hard and emptied his balls in her gulping pussy. He jerked back. His prick popped from her cunt and a spraying stream of cum shot from his cockhead and splashed all over Sarah's back.

Sarah slipped to the ground and writhed as soft whimpering sighs escaped her drooling lips. She lay there, her body quivering as she slowly floated down from the dizzy heights of her orgasm.

Melanie pulled herself up and grabbed King. "C'mon, boy. Let's get you back in your stall." She led the snorting horse back to his stall and locked him in.

Erin stared at her cousin's cum-oozing cunt. "I want the cum," she said as she licked her lips.

"Suck her out," Melanie said. "I'll clean her back."

As Sarah writhed and whimpered on her stomach, Erin and Melanie attacked her. "God, what are you doin'?" she gasped weakly.

"Cleaning you," Melanie said as she licked her tongue over the globs of horse-cum that coated Sarah's back.

Sarah moaned. Erin's mouth was against her pussy. "Suck it out, Erin," she whispered softly as she writhed in the hay. "Suck it out."

Erin, her mouth fused to her cousin's cunt, sucked. Thick lumps of King's cum and milky pussy-cum filled her mouth. She swallowed then sucked again, drawing into her greedy mouth as much cum as possible.

Melanie finished cleaning Sarah's back. She sat up, her fleshy tits bouncing. "Get it all, Erin. Suck out every drop."

"Yessss!" Sarah rasped. "Stick your tongue in me and get it all."

Erin plunged her tongue into Sarah's cum-filled pussy and lugged out more of King's thick delicious cum. She gulped then tongued again until there wasn't a drop left.

"You're clean," Erin panted as she pulled her mouth away and sat back on her haunches. "Now, it's my turn."

Sarah rolled over and sat up. "You gonna fuck Cheyenne?" she asked, anxious to see Erin get fucked.

"Yeah, but in the ass," Erin bragged. "I don't want to go home today with a virgin asshole." She giggled and glanced over at Cheyenne.

"Jeez," Sarah gasped. "You can't take it in the ass. His cock is too big."

"That's what you said about King before he fucked you, but you took him."

"She can do it," Melanie said. "I do it all the time."

Sarah looked at the naked woman with awe. "Really?"

"Yeah," Melanie smiled. She looked at Erin. "You sure?"

Erin nodded. "I'm sure."

Melanie stood and walked over to Cheyenne. "You ready for some ass-fuckin'?" Cheyenne neighed and tossed his head in the air. Then he allowed Melanie to lead him to where the naked teenagers were waiting.

Sarah was excited. She constantly looked at Melanie. "You're beautiful," she said, setting her gaze at Melanie's mammoth tits.

"So are you, honey," Melanie sighed as she leered at the naked child. "I just wish I'd had a chance to suck your pussy before you lost your cherry."

Erin giggled. "You had my pussy, Melanie, before I lost my cherry."

Sarah's innocent eyes darted from her cousin to Melanie. "You two made it together?" She tingled and the inside of her pussy contracted as her mouth watered for Melanie's fleshy tits.

"Yeah," Erin said. "We made it. You two can get it on after I get my asshole fucked."

Melanie stroked Paint's sleek black coat. She stared hotly at Sarah's budding tit meat. "You wanna eat my pussy?"

"I sure do," Sarah said, leering at the thick triangle of curly red hair that decorated Melanie's cunt mound. She crawled over to Melanie as Erin watched. She pulled herself up on her knees and started kissing Melanie's thighs.

"God," Melanie gasped as the horny child turned her on. "She's just as sex-crazy as us."

Erin giggled. She caressed Paint's flank. "I'll fuck you in a minute," she said as she reached under and stroked his balls. "I gotta watch this."

Melanie, her legs stiff and parted, combed her fingers through Sarah's soft brown hair. "Lick me, honey," she whimpered. "Lick my hot wet cunt."

Sarah skimmed her hands around Melanie's full hips and plastered them to the cheeks of Melanie's ass. The pungent aroma of Melanie's cunt inflamed her mind and she flashed out her tongue. Hot buttery pussy cream coated her tongue as she licked Melanie's cunt.

"She's a horny kid," Melanie sighed as spasms rippled through her pussy. "Just like you."

Erin giggled. "I guess it runs in the family." She stroked Paint's cock, hoping to have the horse hard by the time Sarah finished getting Melanie off.

Melanie humped at Sarah's face. Her cunt flowed and the muscles inside her fuck hole contracted. She looked over at Erin. "C'mon. Eat my ass while this little bitch licks my cunt."

Erin nodded. The idea was exciting. She forgot about Cheyenne for the moment. Quickly, she grabbed the whip off the ground and crawled behind Melanie.

"You gonna fuck me with that?" Melanie gasped as Sarah's slapping tongue whipped across her clit.

"Yeah," Erin said. She spread the cheeks of Melanie's ass and stared at the puckered hole of her ass. "You ready?"

"Yessss," Melanie hissed as Sarah beat her tongue against her pulsing clit. "Jam it in." Sarah was listening. Pussy-cream saturated her face as she feasted on the hot swollen meat of Melanie's pussy. The taste was delicious. She jammed her face between Melanie's legs and fucked her tongue up into Melanie's hot gripping pussy.

"Christ," Melanie gasped as the horny teenager worked her pussy into a lather. "Get me off. Bite my clit." She humped her hips at Sarah then jerked back at Erin. "Jam that fuckin' handle up my ass."

While her cousin feasted on Melanie's pussy, Erin fucked the whip handle up Melanie's asshole. She twisted it, her eyes widening as she watched the long handle disappear up Melanie's ass.

Melanie jerked wildly between the two teenagers. She battered her pussy against Sarah's face then slammed back at Erin as Erin ravaged her asshole with the hard handle of the whip.

"Deep," Melanie squawked. "Shove it deeper, Erin!" She humped at Sarah's face. "Bite my clit, Sarah! Bite it hard and get me off!"

Sarah sucked Melanie's blood-engorged clit into her mouth and sank her teeth into it. She chewed viciously then beat the clit tip with her tongue as the screeching woman battered her cunt against her face.

At the same time, Erin fucked the handle of the whip deeper into Melanie's ass. She gulped as she watched the ring of Melanie's ass twitch around the handle. She pushed deeper and wondered if Melanie's ass would gobble up the entire whip.

With her clit being savaged and her asshole being plundered, Melanie raced toward the peak. Her body started to shudder violently as she hovered at the peak.

"I'm there!" she screamed, her voice agitating Cheyenne. "I'm there!"

"Cum!" Erin squealed as she twisted the handle inside Melanie's asshole. "Cum!"

Melanie's pussy exploded. "I'm cummin'!" she screamed as her tits bounced and her head snapped back. "I'm cumming!"

Sarah, her face being battered against Melanie's cunt, chewed roughly on Melanie's clit. Hot buttery pussy-cum flowed over her face and dribbled down her chin. She chewed hard, gulping as pussy-cum flowed into her mouth. It was exciting. She was getting the woman off with her mouth. It made her cream.

Erin fucked the handle into Melanie's ass as Melanie screamed and slammed back and forth. "Cum," she squawked. "Cum!" She fucked the handle deeper and knew the tip had to be buried up inside Melanie's stomach. "Cum!"

"I am!" Melanie shrieked as Sarah destroyed her clit with her teeth. "I am!" Tits bouncing, she reached down and grabbed Sarah's hair. She smashed the child's face against her cunt and humped. "Chew my clit! Bite! Suck it! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Sarah, her face drenched with cunt-cum, gave Melanie everything she wanted. She chewed hard on Melanie's blood-swollen clit then whipped the clit tip viciously with her tongue. She snapped her head from side to side as Melanie's screams filled the barn and aroused Cheyenne to a feverish pitch.

Erin continued to jab Melanie's asshole with the whip handle. She whimpered and looked at Cheyenne. Soon his prick would be fucking into her asshole like the handle was fucking into Melanie's ass. The knowledge made her climax. She took out her lust on Melanie's ass and fucked the handle deeper and deeper into Melanie's tight ass.

Melanie's legs weakened. She swayed between the two children, her tits jiggling as spit drooled from her mouth. "You're biting off my clit! You're ripping the handle into my stomach!" She was delirious as the two teenagers destroyed her body and sent her into bliss.

Sarah moaned under the weight of Melanie as she leaned forward. She kept Melanie's clit between her teeth and gnawed. She gulped on the hot pussy-cum then sucked hard on Melanie's clit. Melanie's weight was becoming unbearable.

Melanie could no longer stand. She crumbled to the floor, knocking Sarah to her back. Her clit ripped from Sarah's mouth as she crashed forward, covering the child with her twitching body.

"God," she gasped as she squirmed on Sarah. "Oooo... God."

Erin yanked the handle out of Melanie's ass. "Now, it's my turn," she said, vowing to let nothing else interfere with getting her ass fucked. "It's my turn."

Melanie rolled off Sarah and sat up. "We're ready to watch," she said, a dreamy smile on her face.

"Yeah," Sarah chimed in as she licked her lips clean. "Get on the bench. I'll soak your asshole with my spit."

Erin nodded and looked at Cheyenne. His prick was rock-hard and throbbing. It was time. Trembling with excitement, Erin climbed on the bench, her ass vulnerable to attack. "C'mon, Sarah. Get me wet." Sarah crawled over to her cousin and spread the cheeks of her ass. She flashed her tongue out and soaked the girl's ass crack with the spit. Quivering, she plunged her tongue into Erin's ass and drenched the hole with saliva.

"Yes," Erin whimpered as Sarah saturated her ass with spit. "Oooooo... I'm ready. I'm ready."

Sarah pulled her mouth away. Her face was flushed with excitement. She glanced at the horse. "So is Cheyenne."

"You put his cock in her, Sarah," Melanie said. She got comfortable and waited.

Sarah pulled on Paint's cock. "C'mon horsy," she sighed. "Fuck Erin."

Cheyenne snorted and stepped forward, his long thick cock throbbing for a hot hole. He neighed then jabbed his prick anxiously at Erin's twisting body.

"I'm so hot!" Erin squealed. "So fuckin' hot!" She lifted her ass and rolled her hips. "Stick his cock in me!"

Cheyenne didn't wait. He lunged hard, the fat head of his cock finding Erin's pussy. He neighed as the sizzling heat of the teenager's cunt gobbled up his cock. He jabbed again, fucking his prick deeper into Erin's buttery pussy.

Sarah gasped and pulled away her hand. "He's in your cunt!"

"I know!" Erin squealed as Cheyenne stuffed her pussy to the limit. "Take his cock out and stick it in my ass."

Sarah was too excited to do anything. She looked at Melanie. "You do it. I'm shaking too much."

Melanie crawled over. She grabbed Paint's hulking cock shaft. As he jerked back, she yanked his prick from Erin's cunt. Cum coated his prick and dripped from his cock tip. She aimed it at Erin's twitching asshole.

"Here he comes," she said.

"Yesssss!" Erin wailed. She shuddered. With her pussy empty, she became hysterical. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Cheyenne snorted. Having lost the heat of Erin's tight wet cunt, he neighed and fucked hard through Melanie's gripping fingers. His rump twitched and he jabbed, anxious to bury his prick back inside the screaming teenager.

"Do it!" Sarah squealed as her young body spasmed. "Do it!"

Erin squiggled back as Cheyenne jabbed his fucker at her ass. He kept hitting her asscheeks and she became frustrated. "Christ," she gasped. "Put him in my ass, Melanie."

Melanie aimed the fat head of Paint's cock at Erin's puckered ass. "You got it."

Cheyenne jerked forward. The bloated head of his prick found the mark. He whinnied and jabbed, fucking his prick through the tight ring of Erin's asshole. He jabbed again as the tight ass muscle gripped his cock.

Erin screeched as Cheyenne fucked into her ass. "It hurts, but I love it," she squawked. Pain swept through her and she wiggled her hips, fucking on the hard cock that was stuffing her ass. "I love it! I love it!"

"You haven't got it all," Melanie reminded her. She slapped Cheyenne on his rump. "Fuck her! Fuck her!"

Sarah squirmed close, her eyes wide as she watched Cheyenne stretch the puckered ring of Erin's asshole. "God," she whimpered softly. "How does it feel?" Her own asshole twitched, and for a moment she wished it were her own ass being ravaged by the black stallion.

"Wonderful," Erin moaned drunkenly. "Wonderful!" She slammed back, meeting Paint's lunging fuck-thrusts as more of his hard cock entered the narrow canal of her gripping asshole. "It's wonderful!"

Melanie was entranced. "You've got a lot more to go," she warned as Cheyenne fucked his cock into Erin's ass. She skimmed her fingers around the base of Paint's cock. "He's only halfway in."

"Oooo... God," Erin gasped. "I don't believe it!" She thrashed wildly on the bench. "I want it all! I want it all!"

She twisted her hips and mashed her tits into the rough wood of the bench. Moans came from her dribbling mouth as she slammed her ass back at the fucking horse. "Fuck me, Cheyenne. Gimme your cock! Gimme your cock!" She twisted on the bench as Cheyenne fucked her ass.

Cheyenne lunged forward as Erin jerked back. He stuffed her asshole to the limit as his balls slapped against her ass flesh. Deep fuck-thrusts buried his cock inside the tight gripping hole of Erin's ass. He neighed triumphantly as he tossed his head high and swished his tail.

"You got it all now," Melanie rasped. "Every fuckin' inch."

Erin twisted her neck. She stared at Sarah and Melanie, her dark eyes glowing. "I got it!" she said deliriously. "I got his cock." She bucked wildly, reveling in the pleasure of her first ass-fuck. "I got it all!" Her head dropped to the bench with a thud as the pleasure of Paint's ass-splitting dick filled her with joy.

"Fuck the hell out of him," Melanie urged. She skimmed her hand under Paint's swinging balls and finger-fucked Erin's pussy. "Your pussy's on fire."

"So's my asshole!" Erin screamed. She swiveled her hips and shrieked as her flushed exited face twisted with lust. "He's fuckin' the shit out of me!" She jammed back, her asshole gobbling on Paint's plowing prick. "I'm in heaven, Sarah. You gotta try it."

Sarah nodded. "I will," she said as if in a trance. "I will."

Cheyenne neighed wildly, his nostrils flared. Lips rumbling and drooling, he kicked at the ground as he fucked his prick into Erin's tight gripping asshole. He plunged hard, his body shuddering as he fucked his prick deeper and deeper into Erin's ass.

"Fuck him," Melanie urged. "Fuck him!" She pulled his fingers from Erin's cunt and grabbed Paint's swinging balls. "He's gonna drown your asshole in cum."

"I can't wait," Erin shrieked as she writhed maniacally on the bench. "I'm gonna drain his fuckin' balls!" She slammed back at the pounding horse, absorbing his punching cock-stabs as she glared at her entranced cousin. "He's in my fuckin' stomach! It's a wild fuckin' enema!" She was out of her skull as the rough ass-fucking ground her clit into the wood.

Cheyenne was knocking the screaming child along the bench. He fucked deep into her ass and neighed as the muscles in her asshole milked his cock. Head bobbing and lips drooling, he continued to fuck Erin as Melanie mauled his balls and slapped his rump.

Sarah was mute as she watched the frenzied ass-fucking. She rocked on her haunches, her eyes glued to the pounding horse. "Fuck her! Fuck her," she cried out as her own asshole contracted around an imaginary prick. "Fuck her!"

"He is fuckin' me!" Erin screamed hysterically. "It feels so good!" She slammed her ass back at the horse, meeting his cock-stabs.

"More, fucker. Rip my ass open!" She jerked her hips and ground her clit into the rough wooden bench. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Cheyenne fucked the teenager's ass with quick stabs. His balls, being massaged by Melanie, ached, the heavy load of cum rumbling to be free. He lunged forward, pushing Erin along the bench as his cock stretched her ass and fucked up into her ass guts.

Erin struggled, battling the powerful horse as he filled her asshole again and again with his giant prick. She grabbed the bench to keep from toppling off. She worked her hips frantically as her ass cheeks quivered and her body spasmed.

Melanie squeezed Paint's cum-filled balls. She saw the muscles of Erin's asshole twitch around Paint's jabbing cock shaft. "He's gonna cream you soon," she moaned. "Milk his prick."

Sarah, in a trance, crawled around and watched the frantic fucking from behind Cheyenne. She stared between his legs then ran her hands up over his twitching rump. Her cousin's screams of pleasure echoed in her skull. She reached the crack of Paint's ass. Without thinking, she plunged her fingers into the horse's ass.

The horse responded by fucking Erin's asshole with harder jabs. His rump jerked and his tail swished. The fingers prodding his asshole drove him into a wild frenzy.

Erin screamed as Paint's lunging cock-stabs became quicker. Her head dropped back to the bench with a thud. Spit drooled from her mouth as the frantic horse drove her insane.

With his asshole being reamed and his balls being mauled, Cheyenne went crazy. He pounded Erin violently, his cock fucking through her tight ass ring as his powerful body dragged the shrieking teenager back and forth across the bench.

"He's fuckin' me to death!" Erin screamed. "God... he's ripping me apart!"

Head bobbing and mouth drooling, Cheyenne speared the child's ass with punishing prick-jabs. His eyes bulged and his mane swished across his powerful neck. He fucked harder, his balls aching as Melanie tortured them. His asshole twitched around Sarah's stabbing fingers. He neighed and pierced Erin's asshole repeatedly as the child screeched with joy. Erin's breath whooshed out as the giant horse fucked her asshole. Her tits rubbed into the hard wood. Her nipples burned and her clit pulsed. The rough wood was destroying her nipples and sensitive clit.

"More!" she screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Her hips jerked wildly and the cheeks of her cock-stuffed asshole jiggled as the horse fucked her into a state of bliss.

Erin went berserk as Paint's fucking cock brought her closer to cumming. She wiggled her ass and moaned as she took each jab of his cock. She pounded the bench with her fists as his rough coat brushed against her skin.

"I'm out of my mind!" she screamed. "Gimme more! Gimme more!"

Cheyenne kept fucking the child's ass. His flanks heaved as his balls swelled to the bursting point. His prick throbbed inside Erin's ass. He neighed and jerked forward, driving Erin down the bench.

"I can feel him throbbin'!" Erin shrieked.

"His cock's gonna explode. I know it! I know it!" She went crazy as she anticipated Paint's cum squirting into her asshole.

Erin lunged back, devouring Paint's ass-splitting prick. She shuddered, her own body racing toward an orgasm. "I'm gettin' close!" she screamed. "I'm gettin' close!"

Cheyenne jabbed viciously. His powerful fuck-thrusts almost knocked Erin off the bench. His head swayed and his mane swished across his neck. He jerked his rump as Sarah continued to torment his ass with her stabbing fingers. His tail swished, hitting Sarah across the face as he neighed shrilly.

"I'm gonna cum!" Erin screamed. "Squeeze his balls, Melanie. Make him cum! Make him cum!" She jerked her ass from side to side then slammed back. "Make him cum, Melanie! I want his cum!"

Melanie squeezed the horse's balls harder. "He's gettin' there," she said. "Milk his cock. He'll cum!"

"I'm fuckin' his ass!" Sarah screamed hysterically. "I'm fuckin' his ass with my fingers!" She brought her other hand to Paint's ass and jabbed more fingers into his ass. "Cum in her! Cum in her!" She gouged at the walls of Paint's ass, driving the horse into a frenzy.

Cheyenne neighed and jerked. He was being tortured. He fucked Erin relentlessly, his powerful cock-thrusts driving the child insane. He whinnied, his shrill sounds drowning out Erin's shrieks of pleasure.

Erin's head started to spin. Her asshole was stretched and her ass cheeks jiggled. She ground her ass back and milked Paint's stabbing prick with her greedy ass muscles.

"I'm there!" Erin's head snapped up. "I'm there! I'm gonna cum! Make him cum first!"

Melanie twisted Paint's balls. "Cum, you bastard! Cum!"

Cheyenne neighed as his eyes bulged. His balls were ready to explode. He fucked hard, taking Erin into her orgasm first.

"I'm cumming!" Erin screamed hysterically. "I'm cumming!"

Hot pussy-cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her empty pussy. The milky cum flowed from her cunt hole and soaked the bench. Her cunt muscles contracted wildly and milked an imaginary cock. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

The tightness of Erin's asshole coaxed the cum in Paint's balls to erupt. He was neighing and tossing his head, and a thick slippery stream of horse-cum burst from his balls and shot through his ass-stabbing prick. The thick river of cum shot from his cockhead and splashed deep into Erin's ass. He whinnied and lunged hard as another slippery clump of cum spewed from his cockhead and squirted up into Erin's ass.

"He's cumming!" Erin wailed as the hot cum shooting into her ass drove her mad. "He's cumming in my ass!"

She went totally insane as her body contorted violently on the bench. She lunged back at the fucking horse, her own orgasms whipping through her pussy like bolts of lightning.

The sticky cum from Paint's balls greased Erin's asshole. He picked up speed, his cock slicing through her cum-filled ass guts as his balls erupted again.

"God," Sarah gasped as she fucked her fingers into Paint's twitching ass. "Cum in her!" She gouged at the gripping walls of Paint's ass and spasmed.

Cheyenne lunged hard. His muscles tensed as he speared Erin's ass. Cum gushed from his cockhead. He snorted, fucking the screaming teenager with hard demanding cock-jabs as his cum-filled balls continued to explode.

"He's cumming'," Melanie rasped huskily as she felt the horse's balls contract in her hand.

"Drown her, Cheyenne. Drown her fuckin' ass." She pulled on Paint's balls as her own body shuddered with excitement.

Erin felt each squirting wad of horse-cum as it poured into her ass. "I love it! He's squirtin' his cum in my belly!"

She used her ass muscles and milked his fucking cock as another explosive orgasm tore through her cunt.

"I'm cumming again!" she screeched as the hot horse-cum triggered another orgasm. "I'm cumming again." She twisted on the bench as one orgasm after another caromed through her pussy. "I'm cumming'! I'm cumming'!"

While the child screeched and climaxed, Cheyenne kept fucking her asshole. His balls burst again. Thick stringy lumps of cum spurted from his cockhead and flooded the narrow canal of Erin's asshole. He whinnied, fucking her twisting body as Melanie squeezed his balls and Sarah tortured his asshole. Each jab of Paint's cock squished cum from Erin's ass. He neighed as the spattering cum drenched his balls and Melanie's massaging fingers. He snorted, raised his head and whinnied as his balls continued to erupt.

Erin shrieked and twisted on Paint's cum-squirting cock. She slammed back at the horse and howled as Cheyenne smashed her clit into the bench. "He's drowning me!" she cried. "He's still cumming! So am I!" The teenager was delirious as her body thrashed and convulsed on the bench.

Cum gushed from her pussy. Horse-cum gushed from her ass. Cum flowed down her ass crack as it spattered her thighs and drenched the cheeks of her ass.

"More! More!" she shouted as her clit became raw. "More!"

Orgasms ripped through Erin's body. She kicked at the ground as Cheyenne took her halfway off the bench.

"I can't stop cumming!" Her eyes rolled in their sockets as her tits, no longer crushed into the wood, jiggled. "Ooooo... God!"

Cheyenne lunged with all his might. He knocked Erin completely off the bench. Rearing up on his hind legs, he kicked at the air and pranced. Neighs came from his rumbling lips and every muscle in his powerful body tensed then quivered as the gripping muscles in Erin's ass coaxed the cum from his swinging balls.

With Cheyenne rearing up on his hind legs, Sarah jerked her fingers from his ass. She stumbled back and fell on the ground, her eyes glued to the enraged animal. "Fuck her! Fuck her!"

Melanie released his balls and settled back. She felt dizzy. "Drain his balls, Erin!"

Erin, her ass impaled on Paint's prick, screamed. "I'm trapped on his cock! Help me!" She jerked her ass and swooned as her body convulsed sporadically.

Cheyenne dropped to all fours and shoved the child across the ground. He plowed her ass with punching fuck-thrusts as his balls began to drain. He lurched forward, his cock spearing Erin's ass as the last wad of cum oozed from his cockhead. Erin twitched. Her head was reeling and everything turned fuzzy. She went limp, her body absorbing the last punching jabs of the mighty stallion's cock. Cheyenne jerked back and his prick popped from Erin's asshole. He neighed, his limp prick dripping as Melanie jumped to her feet and led him back to his stall. Erin lay on her stomach, twitching erratically as Paint's cum oozed from her asshole. "Somebody suck his cum from my ass," she moaned weakly.

Sarah crawled over between her cousin's legs and stared at her cum-filled asshole. She moaned then spread the cheeks of Erin's ass. The next second, she had her mouth fused to Erin's asshole.

"Ooooo, yes," Erin sighed as Sarah licked the horse-cum from her ass. "Suck my asshole!" She pushed back, jamming her ass into Sarah's face.

Sarah sucked wildly, drawing into her mouth thick lumps of Paint's cum. She swallowed the cum eagerly then sucked again.

Melanie returned with King. "Clean her good," she said, ogling Sarah's virgin ass.

Sarah fucked her tongue into Erin's ass and lugged out all of Paint's juice. She swallowed the cum, then sat back on her haunches. "This is a fantastic day."

Erin rolled over and sat up. "I know what you mean."

"You two kids wanna stick around while I let King fuck my ass?" She looked at Sarah. "Then you can get your asshole fucked."

Sarah shook her head. "I've had enough fucking for one day."

"Me too," Erin said. She pulled herself up off the ground and gathered up her clothes. "I'll come back tomorrow. Then we can have Cheyenne break in Sarah's ass."

"Whatever you want," Melanie said as she got comfortable on the bench.

The two teenagers finished dressing just as King fucked his cock into Melanie's ass.

"C'mon, Sarah. I'll take you home."

With Melanie screaming as King fucked her ass, Erin led her cousin from the stable. Outside, Erin looked back at the stable, a dreamy smile on her face. She had learned in two days there was more to horses than just riding them.

The End
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