Kysa Receives Her First Black Rape
(M/f, ir, rape, reluc, size)

by Kysa Braswell

Note: The violent events of this story are fictional.

Is it time to tell about my last night with Gordon? I suppose so. As I went back early that evening just to say good-bye since he'd be leaving to go back to Topeka that night, I noticed he wasn't too communicative. (I am deaf, so I wrote on a notepad I carry how I had a good time and found him both nice and fun.) He locked the door behind me.

Perhaps the one thing that's great about passing notes is that guys seem to write things to me that they won't tell other girls. So a few notes later he wrote, "I think you are one fine, very fine white girl. I'd leave happy if I could get into that white pussy tonight."

I didn't know what to write, since I was surprised at his advance. We'd only dated once the day before and I had met him at a restaurant the previous week for a lunch.

So then he wrote, "When I get back, I want you naked, then I'll show you what white girls need."

Then he gets up, turns off all the lights (there was still plenty of light coming in from the city), undresses right in front of me. I knew he had a pretty good body, but this guy was 'chiseled.' And as he pulled down his underwear, I gasped at the sheer length of his black cock... it was semi-hard, but god, it was big!

He walked forward to the edge of the bed. Motioning me to come closer with his finger, he reached out and grabbed my hair and yanked my head up. He was saying something that sounded like, "Look, you bitch, I'm going to fuck you one way or another, got it? I don't give a fuck about your excuses. And if you fuck with me, I'll beat your ass."

I'm drowning with embarrassment and shame at how I could have gotten into this situation so quickly with someone I thought for a 'nice guy.' Within seconds, he's pulling me down to the floor by my hair as I scream, and in no time at all he has me out of my t-shirt, vest, skirt, and underwear! Gordon then turned me around and sat me right splat on his lap, where his hardening cock was separating my cheeks.

He kissed my back as he reached around and squeezed my breasts really hard, then pulling on my nipples downward toward my waist, really stretching them. I was moaning in pain and noticed tears were streaking down my cheeks. But both his tongue and hands felt great, although he was being really rough. He reached around and grabbed my right hand and placed on his huge cock nestled between my thighs. I pulled his now hard cock upward between my thighs, amazed again at its size. No white guy I've ever been with has ever been hung like this horse!

What a sight that was! That's a picture I want someday! Here I was leaning back slightly, holding a big black uncircumcised prick in both my hands between my legs, looking as if I had a cock! (And a hung one at that.) Apparently he wasn't amused, as he pulled his cock back and opened my thighs and slapped them hard, bruising my inner thighs quickly. I shrieked and collapsed from the acute pain in my thighs now. The bed sat pretty tall, so my feet dangled and I fell sideways onto the bed. Not wasting any time, he was behind me flipping me on my belly, and pulling me back down to the edge of the bed.

Gordon spread my thighs, and then worked his huge black member up and down my slit, which quickly get very wet with him doing THAT! At this point I was conflicted. On the one hand I wanted to fuck this black man. On the other, I didn't want it to be like this. But god, he felt good. He slid his broad cockhead just inside my lips and let me get used to the width of it. I was already sore from the slapping I'd taken on my thighs. I resisted out of instinct, because of the pressure on my thighs. Gordon then raised his hand high, and crashed it on my asscheeks eight times very hard. I flubbered and screamed through my tears, never knowing such pain so quickly back there.

"Look, bitch, I told you not to fight me, goddamnit, or I'd beat your fucking white ass! You try that shit one more time, and I'll do the same to your tits." Spreading my thighs very wide, he slowly and surely kept twisting, and sliding, and pushing that massive 10-incher until he had about half of it in. Then, reaching up and grabbing two fistfuls of my hair, he plunged the rest of his fat black cock inside my poor pussy, hitting my cervix like a fist.

"AEEEEIII!! OOOMMPG GHHAAAYAYA!" was all I could scream through the tears as they continued pouring down my face.

Gordon held his cock deep inside me. "Now I know you like that. You goddamned white bitches pretend to hate black cock. I'm so sick of that bullshit. I can't stand seeing a black man with a white woman. But I'm going to teach every one of you fucking white whores about black cock, and if you REALLY want it, then THIS is how you're going to get it - by getting raped. And if you want more, I'll goddamn impregnate your sweet ass, bitch!"

I didn't like what he was saying at all. I'd seen all the white teenaged girls lusting after the black boys and knew how they had to have black cock as a 'rite of passage'. But once they had, most didn't care for white boys' smaller cocks, and often ridiculed them to other girls. But to be raped not just by a black man, but a black man who was hung like a bull, this is NOT a fantasy!

I didn't wear a watch that night, but noticed the clock in the hotel lobby read 7:58p upon my arrival. He must have raped me for about 30 minutes in that position alone, then he pushed me up into a doggy-style position, spreading my thighs REALLY wide (uncomfortable, even) as he banged my poor pussy hard for over 30 more minutes. After that mauling, by the time he turned me over and laid me on my back, my thighs were quivering.

Then he did something I'd never had done to me before. He pulled up and climbed on top of my chest and laid his long cock over my lips. I reached around to grab the shaft, but he grabbed a fistful of my hair.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Don't EVER touch a black man's cock unless you're told to, you understand, you stupid whore??!!"

I swallowed deeply as the pain from my hair made my eyes bulge. He took his member and started slapping and whipping my lips and cheeks with it. It was as hard as a rock, and it hurt coming down and pummeling my cheeks and lips over and over. He seemed to enjoy my displeasure and tears and pushed further up my face until his huge, fat balls were over my mouth.

"Lick them, goddamnit!"

I pushed out my tongue and licked his balls, which were full and tight to the touch of my tongue. I reached up to wipe my tears off my face, and he grabbed my hand.

"What I'd tell you about that shit, Kysa? You're going to learn, one way or another." Grabbing his huge member again, he slapped it hard against my forehead and the bridge of my nose, which hurt like hell, and he leaned forward, his cock puncturing the mattress above my head, grabbed my hair and pushed his ass right over my mouth. "If you're not going to do as I say, I'll have to let you show your stuff. Now lick my ass, you filthy fucking white whore!"

I licked at it with the underside of my tongue and noticed he was clean. Noticing my hair was being pulled harder and harder, I swiped my tongue across the length of his black asshole and heavy balls, which were resting on my nose. Gordon released his grip on my hair some and I inserted my tongue deep into his ass, he moaned and his cock jerked off my forehead. I kept tonguing his asshole as deep as I could, and my nose was mashed into his balls. He reached for his huge cock and starting jacking it.

I tongued his asshole lovingly for about five minutes, and when he pulled back, I noticed his uncut cock was super-hard, and simply huge from where I was laying! He slapped my face with its length a couple more times, and then inserted it in my mouth. His cock being so fat, I couldn't accommodate much of it in my mouth, though. But I licked every inch of that black fuck stalk in my face. I was soaking wet now between my legs, but his cock just dripped precum onto my face and lips, so much in fact, that it looked like he was cumming! (Tasted sweet.) He cock-whipped my breasts a few times before going back between my legs. Planting his cockhead right at my opening, he surged forward and in one stroke he had more than half of his cock inside me! Talk about knocking the breath out of you! I knew I must have been stretched from his previous fucking to have taken that monster cock so easily. Then he just fucked like a madman for what I thought was the longest time. Only three other guys I've been with could fuck as viciously long and hard as Gordon did that night.

I don't know how I sounded, but I was crying in pleasurable pain with each thrust of his fat black cock pouring into my womb. I don't think he went all the way in except a few times, and every time he did I reared up and clawed his back as my eyes opened like saucers! He kept fucking me, mauling my breasts, and almost trying to pull my nipples off!

He said, "I got that white pussy all stretched out now. You white bitches think you hate black cock ain't gonna be able to settle for nothing less soon. After I'm through with your slutty ass, I can just see some white boys pushing their little 7-inchers inside you and not feeling anything. To them you ain't nothing but a stretched-out whore for nigger cock, Kysa!"

I told him that wasn't true, as I plan to marry a white man someday, and certainly not a black man. Gordon goes on, "Yea, you might do that that, but I know your kind. I've seen you white girls since I was your age - always wanting to be with the local black stud. Then when he pushes his cock into your little white pussies, you keep his phone number when hubby ain't satisfying you no more." I didn't know what he was talking about, but he paused for a few minutes to ravage and fuck me so hard I thought my teeth would be jarred loose! I was holding my breasts because from the sheer power of his long, strong strokes, they were being thrown into painfully-stretched contortions!

"Well, I can't wait to see the look on your next white boy's face when he puts his pecker inside your big cunt! He'll ask you one question, and you'll have to tell him: the reason you're so big down there is that you fuck black guys. And if you keep whoring around like this, bitch, I guarantee you you'll be pregnant with a nigger baby in your womb inside of a year."

Not paying attention to his words, but to the way his big black cock was plowing into my folds and punching at my cervix, I was in white-girl heaven. He fucked me hard, in every position imaginable (my legs were jello) for almost two hours, cumming inside me multiple times. When he [finally] came his last time, he pulled out and shot all over my tits and belly, and then he almost completely covered my bush! I don't know where it came from, since he had cum several times at that.

He got up off of me, went to the refrigerator in the room and got some water, and turned on a light. His cock was slimy from all our fuck juices, and god, was he big. He still looked hard, even though he was semi-hard. It hung halfway between his knees! Jesus, I thought, HOW did I ever take THAT inside me! Maybe he was right about the stretching. I'll know in a few days if I'm back to normal or not down there.

He told me to get my ass dressed and get out. When I didn't do it fast enough, he threw my clothes out into the hallway and me after them and closed the door behind me! I quickly put everything on except my shoes and vest.

I looked up at the clock as I stumbled through the lobby and noticed it read 12:44a! I was proud of myself for holding out that long!! I jumped in the shower when I got home and noticed just gobs and gobs of cum dripping out of my pussy. I raised one leg and looked at myself and noticed I was huge! My pussy looked like a tunnel you could drive a toy train through! My breasts and asscheeks were both black and blue from the beating he'd given me. And my face was a little swollen from the cockwhipping.

All the time I was washing myself, all I could think of was how big his black cock looked just hanging there after he had fucked me for so long! I was supposed to have a date on Wednesday with Ken, a white guy who I've fucked before. But I don't know if I should for fear of what Gordon told me would happen the next time I fucked a white boy.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

The End
Kysa Braswell