Hot Young Neighbors
(MM/Ff+, ped, size)

by Kysa Braswell

I've always had a thing for the purity of a young, nubile body. There's something about a girl or boy who just before the age of puberty seems perfectly formed and blessed with exciting potential. So even at seventeen, I liked young girls, not young as in 15 or 16-year olds, I liked them REALLY YOUNG... 12, 11, even 8-10-year old girls. There was just something about the innocence and immaturity of their little bodies that really excited me.

I had always kept this "little" fixation to myself even from my best friend Paul who knew just about everything else about me, after all it wasn't exactly normal for a 17-year old Senior in High School to get a hard-on over 5th and 6th grade girls. It was kinda difficult because Paul and I would go to the Mall a lot to "check out the babes," and while he was looking at all of the big-titted cheerleader types, I was trying to sneak peeks their little sisters without being too obvious about it.

Well, things were going pretty good one day, the mall was hopping and there were plenty of girls to look at. Paul was busy eyeing a tall blond and was filling me in on what he would like to do with her, I on the other hand had just spied a cute little 12 or 13-year old brunette in pigtails sitting on a bench by herself eating a cookie. Her little breasts were just beginning to bud, she was wearing a short denim skirt and was sitting with her legs slightly apart giving me just a glimpse of her little white cotton panties. Something about her was familiar but I couldn't quite place what it was.

Paul had noticed that I was not listening to him anymore and turned to see what I was looking at. I was busy trying to visualize what this sweet 4th grade girl would look like without any clothes on, and didn't realize at first that Paul was watching me. I looked over at him and knew that I had been caught.

"You're kidding" he chuckled.

I was silent.

"You're not kidding. Really? Naw... Really? Wowwwww..." he said, "but she's just a kid. She can't be more than 12-years old!"

"What can I say" I replied knowing that I wasn't going to be able to bluff my way out of this one.

"Some guys like big tits, some like older women, and me... well, I guess I like little girls." I said, kinda stuttering as I talked. "You're not going to say anything to anyone are you?" I asked. "I mean, if the guys at school found out about this I'd never hear the end of it."

Paul was silent for a moment. "Ya kinda caught me off guard with this one... Shit, a 12-year old...." He paused again with this real puzzled look on his face.

"Don't worry," he finally said, "I won't say anything, but just tell me one thing," he said slowly.

"Sure" I said, "What is it?"

"Well, I'm just sitting here trying to understand what it is about a girl that young that turns you on." He said. "I guess I'd rather jerk off to the thought of some fucking some big-titted redhead than to the thought of a naked 12-year old." he continued.

"I dunno," I began. "A couple of-years ago I was wandering around at the dump and I found this magazine. It was filled with pictures of naked little kids of all ages having sex. On the first page was a little girl about five-years old sucking on some teenager's dick while a little boy about her age was poking his finger in her pussy. The sight of a five-year old having sex really turned me off, still does.

I almost threw the book away but I didn't, I continued flipping through the pages hoping to find something of interest. I didn't have to look far, on the next page was a young girl about 11 or 12-years old, her long brown hair was braided into pigtails and her tiny breasts were just beginning to form. She was laying on her back with her legs spread wide apart, and a guy about my age or a little older had his cock buried about half way into her smooth hairless pussy. The looks on their faces was one of pure pleasure. I kept looking through the magazine, there were all kinds of pictures of 16, 17, 18, and 19-year olds, but the ones that seemed to interest me most were the ones of the 10, 11 and 12-year olds."

"I still have that magazine, but I've ripped out the pictures of the real little kids. I like to jerk off while looking at the pictures and imagining that it's my cock sliding in and out of their tight hairless pussies." I whispered grinning ear to ear.

Paul looked at me kind of funny and paused, then he started laughing. "Well at least I won't have to worry about you stealing any of my girlfriends!"

We both laughed and grinned at each other and continued with our girl watching.

At 6 o'clock I told Paul that I had to leave to go help my uncle Bill who lived in the next town. Actually I was going to be baby-sitting the neighbor kids, 11-year old Danielle and her little brother Paul. Earlier that day, Danielle had pulled down her shorts and panties to show me her belly button scar which gave me a perfect view of her little hairless box. When her girlfriend pointed out to her that I could see her pussy Danielle look at her annoyingly and whispered to her that she knew what she was doing.

It was the first time that a 11-year old had ever made my cock swell. Even though Paul now knew that I was hot for young girls, and even though Danielle would be 12 in just a couple of months, I wasn't quite sure how he would react if/when he caught me staring at her small frame knowing that she was still only 11-years old. Plus, I was really hoping for a repeat performance by Danielle and knew that she would never do it if Paul was around.

I was a few minutes late in getting to Danielle's house and her mom was rushing like mad to get out the door. As she rushed out to her car, she rattled off the standard instructions: I'll be back about 9p, no junk food for the kids, Paul in bed by 7:30p and Danielle could stay up later, emergency numbers are by the phone, pop in the fridge.... and so on.

We sat and watched TV until Paul's bedtime. While I was putting him to bed, Danielle went to change into her pajamas, which was apparently standard practice at their house. I went back out and sat down on the floor in front of the TV. Danielle came out a few minutes later wearing only a pair of little pink panties that appeared to be just a bit too small. Her body had just a hint of babyfat, she had no tits at all. Because the panties she was wearing were a bit on the tight side, I could see the outline of her little slit perfectly through them. My cock was hard as a rock.

"I thought you were putting on some pajamas?" I asked her.

"I did!" she replied, "I always sleep in my underwear. Whatsa matter, don't you like them?"

"Oh sure, I like them just fine, but aren't they a bit tight?" I asked.

"Well, just a little, I suppose I could take them off and get another pair." she said.

I was quiet for a moment, the butterflies were dancing in my stomach and I was getting sort of light headed at the excitement. Finally I got up the nerve and said, "Well, you could just take them off and leave them off. I kinda wanted to get a better look at your belly button scar anyway?"

Danielle just smiled as she slowly stepped out of her panties. My heart was pounding wildly as I watched her drop them to the floor. She was now totally naked in front of me standing with her legs about a foot apart. I was still sitting on the floor and her pussy was right at eye level.

"So what do you think?" she asked, "Do you think I'd look better with a belly button instead of this scar?"

My eyes were glued to her little hairless slot. "I'm not sure, why don't you come over here so I can get a better look." I said.

She walked over next to me and stood there. I moved my head up and down slowly pretending to look at her scar, but instead I was getting a better look at her sweet little pre-teen pussy.

After about twenty seconds I got up some more courage. "I think everything looks just fine, especially the part BELOW your scar." I started to reach out to touch her tiny cunt, but chickened out and pulled my hand back.

Danielle looked at me and smiled. "It's okay, you can touch me there if you want to. But if I don't like it you have to stop, okay?" she said shyly.

"I'd really like that Danielle, and I promise that I'll stop if you tell me to. Are you sure it's okay?" I asked her cautiously.

"I think so, mommy told me that sex was all right as long as it was something that I wanted to do." she said.

"Oh really, when did she tell you that?" I asked.

"Well," she began "mommy caught me watching her and a boy one night a few weeks ago. He didn't see me and she didn't say anything to him, so I just stood there quietly and kept watching. Later mommy sat me down and explained about sex to me. She said that soon I would want to do sex things, too. When I told her that I touched myself and that sometimes I would think about naked men, she just smiled and said "MEN huh, that ought to be interesting...." I asked her what she meant, but she wouldn't tell me, instead she said that I would know when the time came, and then reached out for my hand.

"Okay," I said, "If you're sure, but you gotta promise me that you won't tell anyone not even your best friend."

"Okay." she said.

Slowly I reached up with my hand. She was warm and very smooth to the touch as I began moving my fingers up and down the length of her slit. Danielle's breathing began to get very shallow. She closed her eyes and began making soft squeaking sounds. A drop of moisture appeared from between the tiny lips of her little cunny and I leaned forward towards her glistening folds to take a taste. Danielle let out a deep moan as my hot tongue made contact with the bare skin of her young hairless box.

"Does that feel good?" I asked.

"MMMMMHHHHH" she replied.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"OOOOhhhh Nooooooo....." she squeaked softly.

I continued licking.

"Have you ever touched a boy?" I asked.

"Nuuu uhhhhh" she replied.

"Would you like to touch me?" I asked.

Danielle didn't say anything, her eyes were still closed and she was panting like a little puppy. She arched her back, moving her pussy towards my mouth and then began gently rocking her hips as my tongue again made contact with the little 11-year old's hairless mound. I gave her a couple of long slow licks, allowing my tongue to dip between her tiny outer lips in order to taste more of her sweet bald pre-teen pussy.

"Tell you what." I said softly, between licks, "Lets go into your room, and I'll take off all of my clothes too, that way you can touch me too if you want to. Okay?"

"Okay." she panted.

I stood up, and took Danielle by the hand and led her down the hall to her bedroom. I gave her a gentle kiss as she sat herself down on the edge of her bed. I removed my clothes and placed them in a neat pile near the door so that I could grab them quickly if it became necessary. I moved over to the bed and stood in front of her allowing her to look as long as she wanted to. Then I reached out for her hand and placed it on my straining cock. She tried to wrap her fingers around it, but her hand was too small to completely circle my shaft, it was an extremely erotic sight that almost made me cum on the spot. I looked away to regain my composure I wanted this to last as long as possible, after all, not only was this was my first time doing anything with an 11-year old girl, It was my first time doing anything with ANY GIRL!

I looked at the cute little fifth grader sitting naked before me, she was staring intently an my erect organ, playing with the pre-cum that was oozing from its tip. I reached down gathered a bit of it with my finger and then placed it up to her sweet lips. She opened them slightly and sucked softly on my finger.

"MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm......." she murmured. As she swirled her tongue around the tip of my finger.

Danielle removed my finger from her mouth and placed it down between the lips of her tiny cunny, rubbing it up and down getting it good and wet. Then she put it up to my mouth and moved her hand back down to my cock. As I licked the youngster's juices from my finger, she lowered her head towards my cock and gently kissed its little mouth-like slit. A single shiny elastic strand of cum stretched from her young lips as she moved her head slowly away until it could stretch no more. Almost as if in slow motion the strand snapped and I watched as it made its way to, and hung from her pouty pre-teen mouth, bouncing and glistening in the light.

I leaned down and kissed her, scooping up the strand of cum with my tongue on the way. As we kissed, our tongues met and a passionate flame grew. Danielle broke the kiss long enough to adjust herself on the bed so that she was up on her knees. She threw her arms around me and began kissing me frantically, smashing her lips to mine as hard as she could. Every so often a little squeal would escape from deep within her body and my dick would harden a bit more. I reached down and placed my hands onto her tiny ass and pulled her to me pinning my cock between our writhing bodies and up against her wet, warm pussy. Danielle rocked her hips causing her young slit to slide up and down the length of my hardness. I felt a hand begin to massage my ass and I started kissing Danielle even harder while I slid one hand down past her butt and between her legs until my fingers were touching her soft hairless cunt lips. Danielle intensified her ass rubbing and I was really getting hot when I heard the sound of a woman's voice coming from the hallway.

"Well, what do we have here?" the voice said.

I turned quickly to look, but all I could make out was the silhouette of a woman standing in the doorway watching us.

"What are you doing to my daughter?" the voice asked as the woman walked towards us.

Oh shit, it was Danielle's mom! Oh god, what was I going to do now! I just knew for sure that I was going to jail! I tried to move away from Danielle, but she still had hold of me and was still sliding her pussy back and forth across my now flaccid dick.

I just stood there, unable to get away. Danielle's mom was now standing next to us. She reached down between our bodies and grabbed hold of my soft organ and gave it a firm tug. I was waiting for the worst, I just knew I was going to be castrated. Danielle's mom looked down at my cock and sighed. "You'll never get it in to her like that!" she said.

"Huh?" I gasped in complete irony.

"It's as soft as a marshmallow, How are you going to get it in if you can't keep it up? Boys! Here, let me see if I can't do something about this!" she said as she placed my cock back up against her daughter's hairless mound and began stroking me back to full erection!

"There, that's better!" she said with a smile, moving her hand away. "You guys continue while I get out of these clothes."

I pulled Danielle closer and shoved my tongue back into her waiting mouth. After a few minutes Danielle's mom returned, I couldn't believe my eyes. She had removed her makeup and put her hair in pigtails. Her breasts were but a handful and her pussy was completely shaved. Instead of looking like Danielle's petite 28-year old mother, she looked like her 14-year old sister. It was amazing! I was hornier that ever now!

"Can I have some fun too?" she asked coyly.

I couldn't answer, all I could to was stare.

"What's the matter, don't I look young enough? The sophomores at your high school all think I'm 12 or 13. Of course sometimes I think they'd fuck me even if they knew I was 28!" she chuckled. "They sure are a horny bunch! I usually get them to come over here, I tell them that I am the babysitter so they won't think anything about being here with two kids. By the way, you don't need to call me Mrs. Dexter, that's a little silly now. Call me Carmen."

Carmen could see that I was too busy with her daughter to answer so she got up onto the bed. Danielle was still on her knees and Carmen positioned herself on her back so that her head was under Danielle's butt and between her legs. From her vantage point she could see her young daughter's hairless cunt sliding back and forth against my oversized organ.

"Oh god.... What an erotic sight." Carmen gasped. "Such a large cock being massaged by such a young child's tender pussy! Oooooooo, I can hardly wait to see it sliding in and out her tight little hole. In fact, I don't think I CAN wait!"

"That feels good," I iterated.

"God, how big are you, for christ's sake?"

"Just over nine inches."

"So thick, too. You really shouldn't be pursuing little girls with this horse cock, young man! You're in for a painful time trying to stuff this monster into them!" she laughed.

Carmen reached up between us and grabbed my cock. She stroked it firmly a couple of times and then placed the head up to the entrance of her 11-year old daughter's tiny cunt. Carefully she worked it in small circles making sure that the youngster was fully lubricated.

"Okay, push a little." she instructed me.

She didn't have to ask me twice, I pushed my hips forward and felt my fat cock bend as it attempted to enter the little girl's pussy. Carmen, seeing that we weren't making much headway, began rubbing my prick back and forth on Danielle's little clit. With each stroke Danielle would tense up as though an electric shock had run through her until finally her little body began bucking and thrashing about, she kissed me hard and held on to me tightly.

Deep moans and grunts escaped from her tiny body as her very first orgasm reached its peak. I could feel the warm juices flowing from her spasming pre-teen cunt and running down my cock, I could also feel Carmen's tongue licking them up as they did. Danielle collapsed in my arms as her orgasm subsided. Carmen placed my cock back at the entrance of her little girl's pussy and once more I pushed forward with my hips. Danielle was so relaxed that this time the lips of her young cunt began to stretch, slowly engulfing the head of my swollen prick.

"Ohhhhhhmmmmmmm" Carmen gasped as she watched the head of my cock disappear into her daughter's hairless young pussy. "AAAAArrrrrrggggg HHHmmmmfffff" She moaned as her own orgasm built itself to full climax. "Ohhhhhhhh Jeezzzzzuusss, I'm c-c-c-cumming," she screamed.

I continued to push my way into Danielle's painfully tight, hot pussy. It felt like my prick was caught in a velvet vice. Soft, warm and so incredibly TIGHT! Danielle had come back to life somewhat and had shifted herself so she could wrap her legs around the small of my back. At some point during this process, the full weight of her 75-pound frame was focused on my prick causing her to slide all the way down to its base. Carmen was just coming down from her first climax, her head was still beneath Danielle's small butt and when she opened her eyes and saw that her daughter's little cunt had amazingly swallowed the entire length of my nine-inch cock she completely lost it again, bucking and quaking into her second orgasm in less than two minutes.

I reached down and placed both of my hands on Danielle's little ass and began sliding her slowly up and down on my 17-year old cock. Danielle began to tense up again and as she neared her second climax she leaned back, her arms still around my neck and tossed her head from side to side groaning and grunting loudly.

"Oh god yes.... OOooooooooooo.... AAAAAARRRrrrrggggggg.... OOoooooo, don't stop!" she screamed as she fucked herself up and down on my cock without the help of my hands.

With her leaning back the way she was, I could look down between our bodies and for the first time I could see what had gotten Carmen so excited. The sight of this pre-teen's hairless pussy being filled with my huge cock, the delicate lips stretched so tightly that they were sucked inward with each of her downward thrusts was just too much for me to handle. I gave a couple of hard thrusts of my own as my boiling cum shot up the length of my cock and flooded the walls of the young child's tender pussy. The heat and force of my cum tipped Danielle over the edge and into her second full climax. Her already tight pussy was spasming and contracting, milking load after load of hot sticky jism from deep within my body. With each deposit of cum, I could feel the pressure in her pussy build until finally the tight suction seal that held my cock in place gave way and a large glob of cum trickled out and dripped down onto her mother's face landing solidly on her left cheek.

Carmen opened her eyes just in time to see another slippery load begin to ooze out of her daughter's cunt and was able to move her head so that she could catch it in her mouth. It wasn't a perfect catch and some of the hot slippery mixture dribbled onto her chin. Carmen didn't care, she tilted her head sideways and lifted it so that her ear was pressing firmly against her daughter's ass. From this angle she could slide her head up and down with Danielle's motions and keep her mouth firmly attached to the source of the cum leakage. She had her fingers buried deep within her own pussy frigging herself like a mad woman causing herself to have what must have been her fourth or fifth orgasm.

I continued to pump stream after stream of hot white liquid deep into the young fifth grader's tight hole while she continued with wave after wave of her own massive orgasm. Danielle leaned forward again and fastened her lips to mine, shoving her little tongue deep into my mouth. We continued to kiss long and passionately until our orgasms died down together. My knees were beginning to give out from exhaustion so I asked Carmen to get up for a moment and I laid down onto the bed with Danielle on top of me and my cock still firmly imbedded deep into the little girl's soppy cunt. Her mom moved up and lay next to us and cuddled in close. We fell asleep like that and slept soundlessly all night.

When I woke up in the morning, Danielle had moved off of me and was laying next to me with her head on my shoulder hanging tightly onto my arm. Carmen had apparently been up for awhile and from the smell of things, was fixing bacon and eggs for breakfast. I looked down at Danielle's innocent young body, God what a fuck! Of course, still being a virgin myself until last night, I didn't have anything except my hand to compare with, but I really couldn't imagine it getting much better! I reached down with my free hand and began fondling her tiny ass, she cuddled in closer. About that time, Carmen walked in and looked at my hand gently massaging her daughter's butt.

"Okay mister horny," she said "rise and shine... er get up... well you know what I mean, get out of bed and come have some breakfast! There will be plenty of time for that later. We've got things to do today... there are a few friends that I want you to meet... I just know you'll LOVE 'EM!"

Reluctantly, I gave Danielle one last little squeeze as we climbed out of bed and got dressed for breakfast. The food was delicious, the eggs were sunny-side up, and bacon was hot and crispy just the way I like it. After breakfast Danielle went in to take a shower, Paul had gotten up early and went to spend the rest of the weekend with his dad. Carmen began telling me a bit more about her fascination with dressing up like a little girl to have sex.

"I had been married to my ex-husband Steve for about 2-years." she began. "In the beginning our sex life was pretty good but as time went on Steve became disinterested, the frequency and quality of sex really died down. One day, after about a month without any sex at all, I was looking through Steve's tools for a hammer and I found his stash of dirty magazines and videotapes. Most of the magazines were the standard Playboy/Penthouse type, but there were a few that were quite different. One of them was called 'Birthday Fun,' on the cover were about a dozen young girls ranging in ages from about 7 to 12, they were all dressed up for a party and were gathered around the birthday girl, a cute little blonde about 8-years old, who appeared to be opening her last present. The next page showed her removing a pretty pair of frilly pink panties from the package she had opened. The other girls were pointing and smiling with approval. There were other presents that had already been opened, a couple of dresses and a few dolls that were laying on the table. The remainder of the magazine showed the little girls in various states of undress, trying on the different articles of clothing that the blonde had received as presents. There was no actual sex, but some of the youngsters were totally nude."

Carmen paused for a moment to take a sip of orange juice, I could see that the story was beginning to arouse her. "The other magazine was called 'Kidsterbate' and showed pictures of young girls masturbating by themselves and with each other. The magazine was open to a page that showed a little brunette about 10 or 11-years old sliding a small vibrator in and out of her delicate young pussy. The little girl had a look of pure pleasure on her face, and from the looks of the stains on the pages of the magazine, I knew that Steve had had more than his fair share of pleasurable looks! There were also two videotapes, neither one was labeled, but I could image what was on them! Things were beginning to make sense! I had always been very petite and young looking, I remember hearing one of Steve's friends ribbing him about robbing the cradle. I was a bit bothered by it so I began trying to make myself look older for Steve, but the more I did, the less he paid attention to me. Seeing the pictures of those naked young girls in the magazines suddenly made me realize why our sex life had gone downhill. While I was trying to look older, Steve was wanting me to look younger and judging from the cum stains on the pages of the magazine with the little 7-year old, we were talking MUCH YOUNGER!!" said Carmen.

Carmen took another sip of juice and continued.

"I knew then what I needed to do, so I went down to the mall and picked out a very cute little girl outfit similar to the ones on the cover of the birthday magazine, complete with frilly pink panties and matching ankle socks. I drove home as fast as I could and began preparing myself for Steve's arrival home from work. I wanted to look as young as possible, so I got out Steve's razor and shaving cream and cleared my pussy of any trace of pubic hair. Then I fixed my hair into braided pigtails and put on the clothes that I had purchased. I looked at myself in the full length mirror that hung on the bathroom door. I could hardly believe my eyes, being as petite as I was I didn't have hardly any breasts, and dressed like this they seemed to totally disappear! If I hadn't know better I would have sworn that I was looking at a 11 or 12-year old girl! I went out and sat on the couch waiting for Steve to get home. Steve didn't recognize me and I didn't let on. As he stood there trying to decide what to say, his eyes roamed up and down my body. I could tell what was on his mind by the way the bulge in his crotch was beginning to form. I shifted myself around so that my dress rode up a bit and gave him a glimpse of my little pink panties and then I just stared, very noticeably, at the bulge growing between his legs. He still didn't recognize me so I figured I'd see how far I could take this.

"Hi, I'm Jenny," I said.

"I'm Steve," he replied. "Where did my wife run off to?"

"Well, she was helping me with my school project and we ran out of butcher paper so she ran across town to get some more. She just left, you just missed her." I said knowing full well that it was a half hour trip across town and another half hour back. Steve knew it too, cause he got a funny grin on his face and the bulge in his pants grew a bit. He sat down the swivel rocker that was across the room and turned it to face me.

"So you're working on a school project huh?" he said, "What school do you go to?"

"Hawthorn Elementary, it's just down the road. I'm in the fifth grade." I said proudly as I shifted my body again to make sure he still had a good view of my panties. Steve could see my panties all right, in fact he could hardly keep his eyes off of them. His face was turning slightly red and he had started to perspire. He was really getting turned on! I pretended to suddenly realize that he was staring at my crotch and quickly moved to cover myself.

"Oops I'm sorry, my mom told me I should be careful how I sit when I'm wearing a dress. She says that nobody wants to look at my panties. You won't tell her will you? She'll get real mad at me." I said with a little bit of desperation in my voice.

"Don't worry, I don't even know your mom. Besides, I thought your panties looked quite nice. Pink weren't they, and kind of silky, very pretty. I wouldn't mind seeing them again. Uhhh, why don't you move over here so I can get a closer look?" he said quietly.

Steve had taken the bait, this was kind of fun. I got up and went over and stood in front of him.

"These are my favorite panties." I said as I lifted the front of my dress.

Steve was so excited he almost choked. He reached out slowly and placed his hand on my ass and pretended to be feeling the silky panty material. "Oh yes, very nice panties... nice and soft. I can see why they would be your favorites." he said, his voice cracking as he spoke. He moved his hand around to the front and began softly rubbing just above my clit, slowly going lower with each circular motion.

"You don't mind if I touch you here do you?" he asked as his fingers touched my pussy through the thin fabric.

"Ohhhhhh, I don't know if you should Mr. Dexter after all, you're a grown up and I'm only 11-years old you know," I said faintly.

"Oh yes, I know.... and a very pretty 11-year old at that. I don't mind that you're eleven if you don't mind that I'm a grown up. In fact, what I'd really like to do is to take your pretty panties off and touch you." he said as he slipped his fingers into the waistband. I stood there quietly as he gently pulled my panties down and let them fall to the floor. His eyes got real wide as he got his first peek an my hairless cunny.

I was getting really turned on myself. Here was my own husband seducing me, only he didn't know it was me, he thought I was some 11-year old neighbor girl! He picked me up and carried me over to the couch where he laid me down and went to work with his tongue on my hairless crotch. It was the first bit of foreplay I'd had in a long time and my first orgasm hit almost immediately. Steve seemed very pleased that he had made this young '11-year old' girl cum so quickly.

"Take off the rest of your clothes." he said huskily.

I was a little apprehensive, I was really enjoying this and I was afraid if he saw me completely naked that he would recognize me and it would be all over.

"Come on, take off your dress, please?" he asked again, almost begging.

I lifted the dress over my head and removed the training bra I was wearing. He was so drunk with lust and passion that he still didn't know who I was. He moved up and began sucking softly on my small tits, his hands were busy rubbing my wet pussy. I was trying to hold back some of the passion I was feeling, after all, I was supposed to only be 11-years old. It was difficult, but I managed.... that is until my second orgasm struck!

"Ohhhhhhh Mr. Dexterrrrrr, Oh god, put it in me... Oh please put your thingie in me...," I said, trying to hold on to a little bit of little girl image.

"Oh yes my sweet child, yes...," he said as he guided his big prick up to the moist lips of my hairless cunt.

I felt the head press against my opening and pushed back with all of the strength I could find. His cock slid in and I clamped down as tight as I could with my cunt muscles.

"Ohhhhhhhh, you sweet kid... you're little pussy is so tight and warm. Ohhhhhhh god, I can't hold on... I'm... I'm cumming... AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH, HHHUUMMMMMPPPPHHHHH," he groaned.

"His cock exploded, I could feel it swell as he pumped load after load of cum into my cunt. I erupted into my third orgasm as the first hot jets struck the back walls of my pussy. (I later found out this was really my cervix.) Steve passed out and rolled off onto the floor. I laid there for several minutes trying to catch my own breath, then I got up quickly and changed clothes. At first I was going to tell him what had happened, but decided not to. The sex was so hot, I didn't want to run the risk of not being able to do it again! Ever since then, I've been dressing as young as I possibly can, I had one guy at the mall convinced that I was only 11 once! You just wouldn't believe how many guys really go for the young, innocent look.... Well maybe you would!" she laughed.

"Yah, I guess I would." I laughed. "God, that would have been really great to see you dressed up like a 11-year old, do you think you could do it for me
sometime?" I asked.

"I already did! Who do you think the guy at the mall was? Do you remember the little girl that was eating the cookie??? That was me! I was trying to find out if you liked young girls, you see... I saw Danielle pulling down her pants in front of you earlier that day and I couldn't tell what you were thinking. Danielle had told me about a week earlier that she had been masturbating and thinking about older men. I figured out that she was talking about you by some of the other things she said. I was really glad that she was becoming interested in sex, I've wanted to watch her get fucked for a long time, but I didn't want to get her involved before she was ready. Anyway, I knew you would be at the mall that night so I thought I'd put you to the test! When I saw the way you were looking at me, I knew that if I left you and Danielle alone together I'd come back and find you naked! I wasn't sure at first how I would like seeing a 17-year old fucking my sweet 11-year old baby, but watching your big cock slide into her tight young pussy was really hot, so hot in fact that I've invited some of my young girlfriends over so I can watch them get fucked too. How does that sound to you?"

My cock stiffened. "Sounds wonderful to me, when will they be here?" I asked.

"They live across town so it will take them about a half an hour," she replied. "Come on, let's go get ready."

"Get ready? What do you mean, get ready?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you." Carmen whispered. "The girls aren't expecting any boys here so we're going to have to dress you appropriately."

"Appropriately?" I said. "You mean as in like a girl?"

"Uh huh, and you'll make a young one at that!" she said grinning. "You've got a small build, baby-faced complexion and lack of anything even resembling tits! We should easily be able to pass you off as a simply darling little 12-year old! And once you lift your skirt or accidentally split your thighs to reveal your huge cock, they can't help but drool and show you their little pussies, too!"

"Hey.... I don't know.... What if word got out? I'd never be able to show my face anywhere. My friends would think I was weird or something." I said slowly.

"Well, what do you suppose they're going to think if they find out that you'd rather to fuck some little 11-year old instead of a hot number your own age?" she quipped.

"I guess you've got a point there... but I still, don't know... " I said.

"Awww come on, it'll be great." said Carmen. "I've hand picked these girls just for you. They're REAL young, not a one of 'em is over 12! I know you'll like them. Oh, and I almost forgot, remember those videos I told you I found? Well, I still have 'em and I was planning on 'finding' them today while the kids were here! Believe me, I know these girls! It won't take long before they're all hot and bothered horny. They'll be beggin' for a cock and that's when we'll spring our little surprise on 'em. Hell, you'll be in kiddie fuck heaven, but if you don't want

My cock was straining in my jeans. Christ, she could have told me to dress up like a dead fish at this point and I'd do it. I followed Carmen into her bedroom where she had laid out two sets of girls' apparel. There was a solid black outfit complete with mini-skirt, black short halter top, sheer black panties, black shoes and socks. The other outfit consisted of a simple white training bra, a light blue button down blouse, a blue and white flowered sundress, a pair of silky blue panties, frilly socks, a pair of little girl shoes and a blonde wig fixed up in ponytails.

"The slut outfit is mine." said Carmen. "You get to be the shy innocent little girl, so can get away with not having to undress too soon."

Carmen grabbed her outfit and headed into her bathroom. I got undressed and stood for a moment staring at the little girl outfit. Part of me really didn't want to put it on, but my cock was standing at full attention. Something deep inside me was urging me to continue. I reached down and picked up the little blue panties with my trembling hands. The material felt very soft and smooth as I rubbed them between my fingers. I lifted them up to my face and brushed them gently across my cheek and up to my nose. I took a deep breath and inhaled the fragrance of these new, never been worn panties. The sensation brought on by the smell was like nothing I had experienced before. I sat down on the edge of the bed and slowly slipped one foot and then the other through the elastic leg bands. I hesitated for a moment, still a bit unsure about what I was doing. Standing up, I tugged gently at the waistband and pulled the soft panties up into place. They actually fit quite well, Carmen had done an excellent job at guessing my size. The panties felt very different from the loose hanging boy's underwear that I usually wore. The fabric was very cool and silky and the elastic leg bands pressed lightly against my butt, almost like the touches of a feather. They conformed perfectly to the contours of my cheeks as if their sole job was to hold them into place on my ass. I stood for several minutes rubbing my hands around on my butt enjoying the new sensation. My cock was as hard as ever. I pulled the front of the panties up as far as I could trying to cover my entire cock. Unfortunately, the little panties were not designed with a cock in mind. There was still about an inch and a half still sticking out of the lacy waist band. I was getting very aroused and my desire to put on the rest of the little girl outfit increase about tenfold. I picked up the white bra and slipped my arms through the straps. I had never tried to put on a bra before and was having some trouble with the fastener. I was about to give up when I heard a small voice from behind me.

"Here, Let me help you with that."

I turned my head and saw Danielle standing there quietly watching me. I felt rather embarrassed about her seeing me in a bra and panties. Danielle just smiled as she reached up and fastened the hooks on the back of the little bra.

"OOoooooo, I've always wanted a big sister, especially one with a giant cock!" she said with a smile as she reached down and stroked my cock through the silky material of the lacy blue panties.

"Oh, I wish we had more time...." said the 11-year old as she pulled her hand away to picked up the blouse from the bed and hand it to me. Next came the sundress, the little ankle socks and shoes and finally the blonde wig.

Danielle and I stared at the our reflections in the full length mirror that hung on the closet door. Carmen was right, I looked like an innocent little 12-year old girl.

"Amazing!!!" I heard Carmen say. "You're own mother wouldn't know you. So, what do you think.... about wearing the outfit I mean?"

"I don't know." I said. "It feels sort of good. I'm not sure I want to dress like this all the time, but once in a while would be okay."

"Oh good, I was hoping you'd say that." said Carmen. "One of my favorite things is playing dress-up." She was about to elaborate when the door bell rang. "Oh, they're here! Come on, let's go greet our guests." Carmen grabbed my hand and led me into the living room where we opened the door together to greet our guests. As the screen door swung open, a soft breeze of air blew up the skirt I was wearing. The silky material felt very cool and extremely stimulating, my cock strained even more. It was good that the dress was loose fitting, otherwise my cover would have been blown.

Five young girls entered the house giggling and laughing, Carmen was right they were all extremely cute and VERY young. The first four girls were probably 11 or 12-years old, but the fifth little girl couldn't have been more than 10. Carmen introduced Danielle and me as the little girls that lived here. She also told them that our parents would be away until late tonight. I couldn't believe how well Carmen carried off the illusion of being only 13. None of the little girls even suspected that she was actually an adult. Next Carmen introduced each of the girls. Corinne was the oldest of the bunch at 12. Valerie, Chantal and Camille were all 11, and finally Natalie who was only 10. Natalie was Valerie's little sister. They were all wearing very short shorts and tank tops. Corinne had already started growing tits. They weren't very big, but there was a definite start. Natalie, being the youngest, was also the smallest. She had long slim little legs and curly brown hair that framed her pixie face.

Carmen motioned for the chairs and told everyone to grab a seat and then headed off for the kitchen. Danielle and I sat there quietly and listened to the other girls talk about shopping and boys until Carmen returned with soda and cookies for everyone. Carmen wasted no time in turning the conversation to sex. She began by asking Corinne if the boys ever made fun of her 'bumpy chest' and the conversation took off from there. Soon they were talking about French-kissing and making out. Interest really picked up when Valerie mentioned that she had let a boy in her class touch her between the legs. The girls got very quiet and listened to every word. Valerie described how the boy rubbed his hand back and forth and made her feel funny. Then she told everyone how she went home that night and played with herself for the first time. When Valerie finished, each of the girls loosened up and began talking about their own masturbation experiences.

When it became little Natalie's turn, she lowered her head quietly. She looked very upset. It was quite obvious that she didn't have a story to tell. "I've never touched myself."

"That's all right Natalie, everybody has to have a first time." Carmen said. Thinking quickly she added, "Why don't you touch yourself now and tell us what it's like!"

Natalie got a big smile on her face and looked over at her older sister for approval. Valerie paid no attention, she had her eyes closed and was trying to 'secretly' rub her own crotch through the material of her shorts. Natalie took this to be an OK and quickly peeled off her shorts and little cotton panties. She sat down on the floor Indian style and began slowly touching the area around her tiny hairless pussy.

"Tell us how it feels Natalie!" said one of the girls.

Natalie moaned. "Ooohhhhh, it tingles!" she finally said as she arched her back and began sliding her hand up and down the length of her tiny slit. I looked around the room, all the girls had their eyes focused on little Natalie's show. Carmen looked over at Danielle and gave her a nod.

"I know where my daddy keeps his sex movies, want to watch one?" Danielle asked right on cue.

The girls' ears perked up. "Yea, go get us one" said Camille who until this point had just been sitting there quietly. Danielle went into the bedroom and got the tape that Carmen had set out and placed it into the VCR. The girls all watched as the tape started. It showed a scene with a boy and girl about 12-years-old lying on her bedroom floor. The boy was sliding a massive dildo in and out of her tight hairless cunt while she sucked on his cock.

"Oooooooo, look at that!" said Chantal, "That's gotta hurt don't you think?"

"No... actually, it feels quite good," purred Carmen as she pulled a shiny silver dildo out of her purse. "Anyone want to give it a try?"

The girls all eyed the long cylinder that Carmen held in her hand but nobody said anything. Carmen looked down at the 10-year old who was still busy rubbing her tiny slit. The youngster now had her legs stretched straight out in front of her. The soft lips of her hairless pussy were all puffy and glistening with her little girl juices. Carmen knelt down beside Natalie and placed the shiny cylinder between her skinny legs. She flicked a small switch on the dildo's base as she touched it to the hairless folds of the 10-year old's baby cunt. The dildo hummed softly as Carmen rubbed it gently back and forth on the young child's tiny clit. Natalie removed her own hand and placed it behind her for extra support as her little body began to shake.

"Aaaaahhhhhh, Oooooooohhhhhhh...... What's happeninggggg..... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned as she arched her back and pressed her little pussy willingly up against the shiny dildo. The orgasm ripped through Natalie's young body like an earthquake. She was thrashing about wildly, moaning and grunting. Her slim boyish hips pumped frantically up at the dildo as her cum juices began flowing from her tiny hairless slit. After several minutes of orgasm upon orgasm little Natalie collapsed. She was completely exhausted and laid there lewdly with her legs spread wide trying to catch her breath. Her swollen pussylips were still quivering as small droplets of her cum juice ran down the crack of her ass. Her eyes slowly closed as she drifted into unconsciousness.

Except Danielle and me, all the girls were now completely naked. My eyes wandered from girl to girl. The sight of their beautiful young bodies made me want to suck and fuck each of their tight pre-teen pussies, including Natalie's. Even though she was only ten, the show that she had just put on would have been enough to make a monk break his vow of silence. Well... maybe not, but it was still pretty damn hot.

"Anne, you look bored." said Carmen looking over at me. "Why don't you come over here and lick Corinne's pretty little cunt? Would you like that Corinne?"

"I guess so, I've never had anyone do that before." she replied.

Corinne looked wonderful. She was only twelve, but her breasts were at least two-years ahead of her. Not that they were big, because they weren't, but for a 12-year old they were pretty reasonable. I move quickly over to her before she could change her mind. She was laying on the floor with her knees up and her legs spread wide. I got down on my stomach with my head between her slim legs and began slowly licking around the smooth edges of her hairless pussy. I tried teasing her a bit, licking all around but never quite touching her little button. It didn't last long. She was moving her hips so much that it was hard to avoid her clit. I pursed my lips and planted a kiss solidly on her swollen nub, sucking gently as I pulled away. Her whole body quivered briefly. Corinne reached down and grabbed my head forcing it back down onto her young hairless box. My mouth completely covered the youngster's small pussy. I licked and sucked for all I was worth, darting my tongue all around the 12-year old's smooth wet hole. The taste of her sweet pussy was driving me insane. I pulled my mouth off and began licking up the length of her slit starting at her asshole and working up to her protruding clit. Corinne went wild, rocking her hips in perfect tempo with my licks.

My swollen cock was aching and in some definite need of attention. I began rotating my hips on the floor, stimulating my cock even more. Carmen must have noticed my frustration because I heard her tell Danielle to climb under my skirt and suck on my 'pussy'. I felt a pair of small hands push gently on my butt as I slid up onto my knees. Danielle got onto her back and scooted her head under my skirt and between my legs. With one hand, she reached up and massaged my ass through the silky panty material. The other hand wrapped itself around my throbbing prick and pulled it carefully into her tiny mouth. She moaned softly as she licked the large pool of pre-cum from the head of my cock and mixed it with her saliva. Corinne was still grinding her young crotch against my attacking tongue. She was panting loudly and thrusting her cunt forcefully at my face. Every muscle in her body began to tighten and I could tell she was on the verge of cumming. I slid my hands under her tiny butt as I clamped my mouth tightly onto her hairless young pussy. Corinne arched her back groaning loudly as the first orgasm of her young life swept through her tiny frame. Her hands were still grasping my head and she pulled it down even harder onto her quivering cunt. Her cunt muscles pulsated and pumped her sweet cum juice into my mouth. I sucked it down eagerly, trying my best not to waste a drop.

As Corinne relaxed, she let loose of my head and let her arms drop. Her fingers were still tangled in my wig, and as her hands lowered, so did the wig. I heard her giggle as she tossed the wig onto the floor. The other girls moved quickly, lifting the dress and grabbing at my cock and rubbing their hands across my little girl-pantied ass.

"Wow, look at the size of her clit." I heard one girl say as they all giggled.

I looked over at Carmen. She was standing there looking at me, grinning lewdly.

Shit! It was a setup. Carmen had clued in these girls long before they had arrived. My embarrassment subsided rapidly as the group of giggling little girls continued playfully and grasping at my cock. Carmen may have tricked me into dressing like a girl, but she was sure right about one thing... This was definitely going to be kiddie fuck heaven and was I ever ready to fuck! I was still on my knees between Corinne's spread legs. Her lovely pre-teen pussy was just begging to have my cock stuffed into it. I lifted the dress I was wearing over my head and removed the training bra. I thought briefly about removing the silky panties, but they felt so nice I decided to leave them on a while longer.

Corinne's eyes were closed and she was not aware that I was aiming my fat throbbing prick straight for her virgin hole. Her pussy was still slicked up from her recent orgasm so I wasn't too surprised when the head of my cock pushed its way somewhat easily past the hairless lips and into the young fourth-grader's tiny cunt. Corinne, on the other hand, was extremely surprised. She opened her eyes real wide as my prick stretched its way into her and bumped up against her hymen. She began to struggle, trying frantically to get away as she realized what was happening to her, but I wasn't about to stop. I clamped my mouth down over hers, and with one quick thrust I drove my cock deep into her belly. She let out a sharp scream as my cock ripped through her maidenhead and plowed deep into her tight 12-year old cunt. The scream startled the other girls and woke up Natalie who had been sleeping since her encounter with Carmen and the dildo. They all stopped what they were doing and stared frightfully at my cock, which by this time was sticking three-quarters of the way into their little friend's cunt.

I stayed very still hoping that Corinne's sobs of pain would soon change into moans of pleasure. I leaned down to give her a little kiss hoping to calm her down. As her our lips touched she let out a soft squeak and crushed her lips hard onto mine. Her breathing quickened and I realized that her movements beneath had changed. She was no longer trying to escape but instead was grinding her hips up at me trying to get more of my cock inside her. I broke off the kiss and held her firmly as I rolled onto my back allowing her to be on top and control things. Almost immediately, she began pumping her boyish hips up and down wildly. The other girls' eyes widened as they watched my prick slowly disappear between the hairless folds their young schoolmates overly stretched pussy. Each time the she slid down, the immature lips of her childish pussy folded back inside, almost as if they were gripping my cock and pulling it inside. I reached back and grabbed onto her ass. It was so small that a single hand easily covered both cheeks. My other hand found its way to the entrance of her rectum and I tickled it lightly for a moment before shoving a finger swiftly up into her tight little ass. She arched her back and let out a low moan as my finger sank deep into her bowels. She continued humping frantically as I fucked her asshole with my finger.

Corinne began to shudder and shake as a second orgasm swept through her body. The walls of her tight pussy contracted violently as my orgasm hit and the first wave of cum rocketed up the length of my shaft and shot powerfully into the depths of the young child's womb. I continued to ram my cock hard into the pretty pre-teen, filling her small swollen cunt with stream after stream of hot sticky cum. The youngster's pussy gripped my cock even tighter as her orgasm continued to rip through her small body. The other children took this as a cue to joined in as I continued to fuck their young friend. I was so far gone that I didn't know who was doing what. I just knew that one of the girls was kissing Corinne, another was kissing me and one of them was gently squeezing my balls. As my orgasm subsided I drove my cock deep into her one final time and paused to savor the tightness and warmth that enveloped my twitching prick. After a short while I felt Corinne stir. I raised my head and watched as the 12-year old lifted herself and head of my cock plopped out of her pussy. Her swollen cunt gaped open and a sticky white mixture of cum dripped steadily from between her hairless pussylips.

I lowered my head and closed my eyes. My cock was still semi-erect and I could hear a couple of the girls whispering as they grabbed a hold of it to play. They stroked it gently, trying to keep it somewhat hard. One of the girls wrapped her wet lips around the head of my shaft as at least four hands held onto its lengthy shaft. She sucked gently as her tongue flicked back and forth across the tiny opening at the end of my prick. God it felt great! This kid, whoever she was, was a natural born cock sucker.

"Oh god yes, suck it! Suck my cock you little slut!" I moaned softly. Her mouth was all over me sucking and slurping noisily. She would suck the head for a bit, then remove my cock from her mouth and lick up and down the entire length of it. As she became more excited, I became more excited. She began moaning loudly and bobbing her head up and down over the head of my now fully erect cock. Christ this girl was good! I just emptied my load into Corinne's hot little pussy not more than 2 or 3 minutes ago, and this girl was about to make me cum again!

As the familiar tingling of my orgasm began, I decided it was time find out who it was that was mouth fucking me so well. I had a sneaking suspicion that it was Carmen, after all she had the most experience and this was one damn good cock sucker. My muscles began to tighten as I grew nearer to orgasm. I opened my eyes and sure enough, there was Carmen holding onto my cock with one hand, but it wasn't her doing the sucking, it was Natalie! The little second grader was on her hands and knees between my legs. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was opened as wide as she could get it. Her little head was lowering slowly (with the help of Carmen's other hand) as the head of my cock disappeared into her tiny mouth. She sucked gently and lifted her head carefully back off keeping her lips tight as the purple bulb at the end of my shaft reappeared. Her eyes were fixed on mine and when her lips cleared my cock completely, she smiled at me and let out a cute little girl giggle.

This was incredible. Only a short time ago, I tore pages from a magazine I'd found that had girls of this age on them because of total lack of interest and disgust. Now I was mentally kicking my self for doing so. The sight of this young 10-year old stretching her small mouth over my cock, her lips glistening with pre-cum, was definitely making my cock stiffen even more. I guess the phrase "don't knock it 'till you've tried it" is really true because now instead of being thoroughly disgusted, I was totally turned on!

Everybody was so pre-occupied with watching Natalie suck on my cock that nobody heard the back door. Carmen's ex-husband Steve had stopped by with Paul to get Paul's kite for a day in the park. Steve entered the house first while Paul lagged behind to throw a couple of rocks at a frantic squirrel. As he started towards Paul's room, Steve heard the girls' giggling in the front room and peeked his head around the corner to see what was going on. Steve's eyes sparkled as he gazed into the room of naked pre-teen girls. He had known for a while that Carmen was into young boys. In fact he had surprised her once while she was getting laid by a 17-year old schoolboy. His mind wandered back. It happened two weeks after Carmen had played her little girl game with him. Steve had known all along that it was Carmen, but he wasn't about to let on at the time. Until this point, Steve had only fantasized about sex with young girls. He had acquired several magazines and video tapes and masturbated almost daily to them. The sight had really turned him on and he figured this was probably as close as he was going to come to the real thing. Later that evening, he told Carmen that he knew and they both had a good laugh not to mention another round of fantasy "kiddie sex."

Anyway, Steve had come home from work early and when he walked into the house, there was Carmen. She was wearing her little girl outfit and looked to be about 12 or 13-years old. Between her legs, pounding away at her perfectly shaved pussy was a local high school boy about 17 or 18-years old. Steve wasn't quite sure how to act. Even though he knew that the "youngster" was really his wife, the sight gave him a tremendous hard-on. It was kind of like watching one of his kiddie sex porno's live! When Carmen looked up and saw him, she started to panic. She too, didn't know how Steve would react. Steve just grinned at her and then spoke.

"Hey what are you doing to my daughter, don't you know she's only TWELVE!" he said in a loud firm voice.

Carmen sighed a sigh of relief and jumped into the game.

"Oh daddy help me, he won't get off of me!" Carmen chided back.

The startled kid jumped up as fast as he could, his dick had gone completely limp. He was grabbing for his clothes, trying to cover himself and running/hopping towards the open window. Steve and Carmen both laughed as the boy fell out the window and into the soft dirt of the flowerbed. When the boy was long out of sight, Steve looked at his "wife daughter" and proclaimed that it was her turn now. They fucked wildly for several hours. It was only a few months later that Steve and Carmen separated. It wasn't that they didn't get along, cause they did just fine. They just wanted different things. Carmen continued seducing younger boys and Steve joined a special club that catered to men who wanted to have sex with young girls. After a while, they hardly spent any time together. Steve became even less interested in having sex with Carmen since he had his pick of real youngsters to choose from. After a while they decided things would be easier if they went their separate ways.

His mind faded back into reality. As he looked around the room at the young naked children, he spied a familiar face. It was his daughter Danielle. She was sitting on the couch with her petite legs spread wide. In her tiny hand was a shiny silver dildo which the 11-year old was carefully aiming towards the entrance of her delicate pussy. Steve's dick strained against his pants as he watched his pre-teen daughter push the large silver cylinder slowly towards its target. Her swollen lips gently parted around the dildo's pointed tip as it made contact with the youngster's tender hairless flesh.

Danielle worked the dildo up and down the length of her tiny slit, gasping each time it touched her swollen clit. Steve rubbed his crotch as he watched. The scene before him reminded of this magazine he once had called kidsterbate. There was one page in particular that he masturbated to almost daily. It was of a little 10-year old girl on a canopy bed surrounded by dolls and stuffed animals. She wore a frilly pink dress which was pushed up around her waist, matching pink ankle socks and shiny black shoes. Her cotton panties had been removed and were laying on the bed beside her. She had propped herself up on a pillow, spread her skinny legs and was staring at a large dildo that was sticking three-forths of the way into her stretched little pussy.

Steve hadn't noticed Natalie yet but that was about to change. Natalie was still sucking on my engorged prick. I let out a long, loud gasp as the cum surged up the length of my shaft. Stream after stream of slippery cum shot from the small opening at the end of my prick and all over the face and hair of this darling 10-year old girl. She immediately opened her mouth and tried to place it back over my spurting cock. It wasn't until the last few spurts that I had stopped thrashing enough for her to succeed. She sucked forcefully making sure she got and swallowed every bit of what was left. The noise was enough to distract Steve and cause him to turn his attention towards our part of the room.

"HOLY SHIT!" he said loudly as he got a look at the little second grader's spermy face. She was smiling a smile that was larger than any he had ever seen, still licking the slippery mess from my semi-soft cock.

As Steve glanced around the room to see if anyone had heard him, he noticed another familiar face. It was Carmen, she was resting her cheek on Natalie's small ass, stroking her hairless slit with one hand and motioning for him with the other. Steve's cock strained even more. He had fantasized about making it with a 10-year old for quite awhile. There were only a few to choose from at the 'club,' and a sophisticated point system was used to determine who got them. Steve was building points fairly quickly because he usually took Paul along for the ladies that earned him extras. He still had a long way to go before he had enough to get on the list. That reminded him, Paul was still outside. This was just too good for him to miss out on. He winked at Carmen and went out to get Paul.

When Steve and Paul returned, Carmen just smiled. This was better than she had expected. She knew that Steve would stop by for Paul's kite, but she figured that Paul wanted to wait at the park by the public pool. He and his dad liked to watch the young girls in their skimpy swimsuits. Steve and Paul had their clothes off in no time flat. By this time all the girls knew they were there but at this point, nobody cared. Little Natalie was still on her elbows and knees with her legs spread wide. Carmen was running her finger back and forth across her tiny slit teasing Steve. Steve wasted no time. This was his chance to fulfill his hottest fantasy and he wasn't about to pass it up. He got onto the floor on his back and slid his head between Natalie's legs. Next he grabbed her ass and pulled the child's hairless cunt down onto his face. He began licking and sucking madly, completely lost in lust.

In the meantime, Camille and Valerie had nabbed Paul and hauled him off to the bedroom. Myself, I was spent for the moment and just barely managed to move to a corner of the room where I could rest in peace and watch the show. From my vantage point, I could see all the girls except Camille and Valerie. I wasn't sure what they were doing, but I assumed they were fixing Paul up like Carmen did me. Danielle was on the couch pumping this massive dildo slowly in and out of her dripping cunny. The damn thing must have been a good six inches long and two inches across. She was trying her best to take it all. Her cuntlips stretched tightly around the thick tool, following it inside as she pushed and twisted it deep into her young hairless pussy.

Carmen had moved around and was sucking Steve's cock while Steve ate out the young second grader. I could tell Carmen was teasing him, bringing him almost to climax then stopping. She knew she should make him cum before he tried to fuck Natalie. She was afraid that the intense excitement of the moment would cause him to loose it before he even got his cock near her little hole. On the other hand, why spoil his fun, let him shoot all over her and then in her! As excited as he was, he'd probably wouldn't even go soft between. Natalie had come up off her elbows and was now on her hands and knees with Steve feeding hungrily between her legs. Her contorted face was still covered with my cum as she grunted and groaned continuously. Her hips were rocking and I could see that she was forcefully shoving her hairless mound hard onto Steve's sucking mouth. Her juices were flowing freely and Tom's face and neck were wet from the run-off he couldn't swallow. Chantal was lying on her stomach with her legs spread wide watching the porno on the TV. On the screen was a 11 or 12-year old girl leaning over the back of a couch. A man who was about 40 or 45 was busy fucking her in the ass while she sucked the cock of another man about the same age. Corinne, who was also watching the movie, was trying to simulate the screen action on Chantal's ass. Since she didn't have a cock or a spare dildo, she was using the only large tool she had, her fist. Talk about a sight! They had apparently been going at it long enough that Corinne was able to fit the most of her fingers inside Chantal. At the same time she was trying to shove her other hand into her own puffy slit.

Both girls were rocking their hips slowly, keeping with the tempo set by the youngster on the screen. I wanted so bad to go over and pull Corinne's fingers out of Chantal's ass and replace them with my cock. The thought of filling her tight brown hole full of spunk was very exciting. As stimulating as it was, I was just not able to get my cock stirring yet. My gaze shifted back over to Steve and Natalie. Carmen had moved away and was standing in the hall with a video camera taping her ex and the 10-year old. Steve had flipped Natalie onto her back and propped several pillows from the bedroom under her to raise her honeypot more within reach of his throbbing tool. At the moment he was just staring at her, marveling at the sweet treasure in front of him and contemplating what he was about to do.

Steve moved forward between Natalie's skinny legs. He took his cock in hand and laid it down on top of her pussy, its underside resting on her hairless slit. Natalie began rocking her hips instantly upon contact. The soft fleshy lips of her cunt split apart under the weight of Steve's cock. The heat from her baby cunt was intense. Steve's groin ached as she continued to rub her slippery mound against his throbbing prick. Natalie reached down with her hands and pressed Steve's cock hard onto her pussy as she increased her rocking motion. The little 10-year old clearly wanted Steve's cock inside her as badly as he wanted to put it there. Her rocking increased even more as the underside of Steve's organ tickled her sensitive little clit causing her pussy to ache even more. Each of her upward thrusts now sent the head of Steve's cock plowing down between her puffy hairless pussylips. Steve was trying hard to maintain control but from the look on his face I could tell he was about to lose the battle. Steve knew it too. He grabbed his cock and tried frantically to place it against the entrance of Natalie's baby cunt.

Unfortunately Natalie was starting to cum herself and wasn't able to hold her body still. Steve grimaced as a dozen streams of white cum exploded from the tip of his cock into the little girl's womb. Most of it landed just above her slit and on her belly, but somehow he managed to get a few good spurts directly between her swollen pussylips. Natalie had never felt anything like this before. The sensation of the hot fluid between her legs made every muscle in her small body tighten. She arched her back, pushing her virgin pussy forcefully at Steve's spurting cock. Somehow Steve had managed to position his cock at the entrance of her young hole. The force of Natalie's thrust, combined with the lubrication of Steve's cum, allowed the head of his cock to disappear into her tiny cunt. Natalie gasped as her small pussy stretched to accommodate his invading organ. She spread her skinny legs wider as Steve tried carefully to work his cock further into her narrow passage.

Little by little Steve's cock continued to squeeze its way into the squirming 10-year old. Steve reached down with one hand and smeared some cum from Natalie's mound onto his dry shaft. The entire head of his cock was now hidden inside Natalie's tight cunt and butting up against her maidenhead. Steve paused. He knew what he needed to do to get past the thin membrane, but wasn't quite sure if he was the one that should do it. It wasn't his intention to hurt the girl. He knew if he continued, it would hurt her more than if someone her own age did it. He thought about Paul again. Maybe he should let Paul bust her cherry first. He started to pull out but Natalie had other ideas. She thrust herself up at him hard, driving his cock another quarter inch or so into her. She winced as her virginal barrier gave way, almost making her cry. Natalie stopped moving for a moment or two until the initial pain subsided. Her cunt still ached, but it was an ache of desire. Every muscle in her hungry young pussy was throbbing, every nerve tingling. Her chest rose and fell heavily. She was panting and out of breath. All she could hear was the sound of her heart pounding in her chest.

Carmen moved in closer with the video camera and focused on Natalie. Her cute cherub face was moist with sweat and cum. A low raspy sound escaped from her tiny mouth with each breath. With the touch of a button, Carmen zoomed the camera out bringing Natalie's full body into view. Natalie's chest showed absolutely no sign of tit. Her skin was smooth and slightly tan. Her nipples were fair in color and very erect due to the stimulation she was receiving. She only weighed about 70 or 80 pounds and her figure showed little sign of hips. Her pussy was completely hairless and at the moment was stretched tightly around Steve's Cock. The contrast between her tiny love pot and Steve's large nine-inch cock made Carmen quiver. It was all she could do to resisted the urge to drop the camera and bury her fingers into her own throbbing cunt. She knew if she could just hold out a while longer, she would have one helluva a tape to enjoy for years!

Carmen focused the camera in tightly on the second grader's terribly cock-stretched pussy. Her skinny legs were spread as far as they would go and the child's hairless cuntlips were stretched tightly around Steve's two-inch thick cock. Even through the black and white view finder Carmen could make out a tiny trickle of blood that had escaped from Natalie's freshly deflowered body. Steve now had a little over half of his nine-inch prick squeezed into the little 10-year old's tight pussy. He knew he'd never fit it all inside her, but he continued to try anyway. Just an inch or so more he thought as he began a slow rocking motion in an effort to distribute some of the lubrication. He tried this for several minutes but didn't seem to be getting any further. The pressure that Natalie's little pussy was putting on his cock was really getting to him. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. With one last try of desperation, he pulled his cock out until just the head was inside her, then with one quick gentle thrust, sent his throbbing prick deep into her childish womb. Natalie let out a loud grunt as she felt Steve's cock stretch into her tender pussy and bump up against her baby cervix. Her whole body tightened as the tingling in her tiny cunt intensified and spread throughout her entire body. Her thoughts were now focused entirely on her throbbing pussy. She knew from the feeling inside her cunt that Steve had completely filled her small cavity. She lifted her head and peered down between her spread legs to take a look. She was amazed to find that there was still a full inch of cock that Steve could not fit inside her! Steve was in heaven! One of his hottest fantasies had turned to reality. His cock was inserted as far as it would go into the tiny pussy of this adorable, willing 10-year old girl. The hot spongy walls of her immature cunt gripped tightly around his thick rod as the muscles fought to return to their original closed position. The pressure against his shaft made him groan. His balls ached and his cock felt as if it had doubled in size.

Natalie tilted her head back as Steve began carefully fucking the small child. He started out with short slow movements to her pussy a chance to produce some more lubrication. After half a dozen strokes or so, the dry tight grip began to loosen a bit and his swollen cock started to slide easier in and outof her tight love channel. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move in the hallway. I looked up to see the face of a cute 9 or 10-year old girl. I knew I hadn't seen her before, but somehow she looked vaguely familiar. Her hair was short and curled under at the ends. She had a full complement of makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow and rouge. She looked like a miniature prostitute. She was wearing a light blue crotchless teddy loaded with frills and lace. As I focused my eyes at her crotch, trying to get a glimpses of what I expected to be a hairless little pussy, I noticed something sticking out from between the crotchless split of the lacy material. Shit! It was a little cock!

I looked back up at her face and realized that it wasn't a her, it was JIMMY! Christ, what an adorable little girl he made! I remembered how it felt when I donned girl's clothing and I envied him. Danielle recognized Paul immediately. I was pretty sure by now that this was not the first time he had been dressed like this. Hell, with a mother like his, I was POSITIVE this was not the first time. Danielle took him by the hand and led him over to Natalie. Paul just stared as he watched Steve's big cock slide in and out of her small body. Danielle positioned Paul over Natalie's chest, facing her face and lowered him so that his cock was touching her open mouth. Danielle ran her hands all over Paul, massaging the silky material against his skin causing Paul to squeal and squirm. Shortly, Natalie realized there was a little cock pointed at her mouth and began eagerly sucking on it.

As Steve neared his orgasm, he increased the length and force of his powerful and deep strokes. The pressure in his balls had built to a point where he couldn't hold out any longer. He thrust his cock deep into Natalie as the first powerful jet of cum raced up the length of his pulsating cock and emptied into her young womb. Almost at the same time, Paul's body appeared to tighten up as his little cock exploded, spewing what little cum he had into her mouth. She sucked greedily, trying to swallow what she could, but most of it ended up running down her cheeks and onto the pillows she was propped upon. Natalie's whole body started to shake uncontrollably as she felt the hot cum pour into her mouth and soak into her cunt walls. The muscles of her small pussy began to spasm, instinctively milking more of Steve's sticky fluid from his thick meaty invader. The warmth imparted into the child's cunt quickly spread, encompassing her whole body. As the peak of her orgasm caught hold, her small body became charged with strong electrical like pulses starting at her pussy and rippling down her quivering limps to her toes and fingertips. Every muscle in her body tightened more and more including the muscles in her pussy, causing Steve to groan loudly and thrust into her even harder.

Natalie was bouncing around so much that Steve grabbed her slim hips and tried to hold the squirming second grader still while he continued to fuck her. Her pussy was too small to hold much cum and with each new stream, the previous deposit virtually squirted out, thickly coating her smooth pussylips. Steve continued filling her and soon both his cock and Natalie's hairless mound were both coated liberally with the excess cum. Natalie reached down with one hand and began smearing the cummy mixture over her body, concentrating on the sensitive nipples of her flat chest. With the other hand, she reached down and tried to stroke the section of cock that Steve was unable to fit inside her small 10-year old hole. That was enough for me! I moved over by Natalie, grabbing my now erect cock and forcefully masturbating it while I reached down with my other hand and tweaked on her tiny cum-soaked nipples. Very quickly, my cock erupted and spewed what cum I had left onto her flat chest and stomach.

Paul was the first to climb off. He laid down on the floor and several of the little girls moved in on him to lick the remaining cum from his cock. I was on my knees, so I just sat back a bit. I was totally out of breath and my cock actually hurt from all the action. Steve let loose with a few more sharp thrusts and then collapsed forward onto his hands. As Steve's cock began to shrink the force of Natalie's tight pussy muscles forced it out with a slight slurping sound. A large glob of cum followed shortly afterward with most of it remaining at her hairless opening while a small amount trickled slowly down the crack of her ass. Steve climbed off and fell back against the couch. His eyes were closed and he looked like he had fallen asleep. I took a good look at Natalie. God what a sight! Such a lovely little 10-year old, silently laying there on a stack of pillows with cum leaking from both her mouth and her little pussy at the same time.

I was extremely glad that Carmen was still shooting the video. This would be one to jerkoff to over and over again. Now however, it was Carmen's turn. I took the camera from her and pointed to Natalie's crotch. Her little pussy looked well used and was still gaping open somewhat. A small amount of jism was still oozing out and dripping onto the pillows beneath her. I started up the video camera as Carmen lowered her mouth onto the youngster's delicate pussy and buried her fingers deep into her own juicy cunt, bringing herself to several orgasms before she was finished. She glanced up and weakly smiled into the camera as she slicked her tongue up between the cum-soaked pussylips, gathering the last bit of cum and smearing it around her lips and into her mouth. Natalie was dead to the world and didn't even move when Carmen's tongue grazed past her tiny clit.

When Carmen had gotten all the cum she could get, she sat back next to her ex-husband and snuggled against him closing her eyes and also falling asleep. As for me, I set the camera down and found a couple of sleeping youngsters to snuggle with and fell asleep too. After all, if I was going to be able to keep this up, I was going to need all the strength I could get if I was going to fill their little wombs with more of my cum loads!

The End
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