Kysa and the Gang
(Mm+/F, ir, size, cuck)

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My wife Kysa is a knockout, plain and simple. She's an auburn redhead, with a beautiful face and a 34D-24-36. We have a great sex life: once a day normally. But Kysa also has a taste for big cocks, and I've let her have numerous affairs. In fact, her black boyfriend Derek, with a 9.75-inch cock, spent our honeymoon with us, fucking Kysa constantly while I watched from a chair in the corner of the room. Recently we moved to Virginia, near Washington D.C., where we've both had to adjust to a new life and Kysa has had to find some new hung studs to satiate her.

After we moved to Virginia, I began working for a government agency, and Kysa worked as a statistician. We also had a wannabe gang in our neighborhood: not too clever a bunch, but still four very scary-looking characters to me. I advised Kysa to steer clear of those guys, but she was against harsh judgment. I often saw her conversing with the gang, usually wearing tight pants. The leader often rested his hand on her ass.

I came home two hours early one day. I walked cautiously to the backyard. There I could hear Kysa moaning. I eased open the back gate, and there was my wife, lying on the deck with the younger black man driving his enormous black prick into her. A second man who was bigger, held her knees wide apart, with her feet pulled back so far they were touching the deck floor behind her head. And there she was, my wife was being plunged by a black gangster. It was unreal. There was my beautiful white newlywed of three months submitting to a group of black gangsters for their sexual kicks, or hers.

The big man went into our house, while the young man turned my wife over and fucked her from behind for a few minutes. It was obscene to see his big dick shoved into Kysa over and over, and she writhed underneath his expert stroking. She came twice under him as the louder she moaned her orgasm, the harder and deeper he punched his cock brutally into her sweetness. After he came in a stupefied orgasm, he withdrew slowly, allowing a flood of cum to plop and drip from her sodden pussy. Then he moved up to Kysa's face and shoved his cock in her mouth. She swallowed, but cum ran down her chin and dripped on her chest. He rubbed his slimy cock all over her face, telling her what a slut she was. Kysa was unfazed and continued to clean his penis from their combined juices.

The man then busied himself in a strange act of what looked like milking her breasts as if she were a cow almost! He got behind her and pulled, twisted, and for lack of a better term, milked her fat nipples until they stuck out almost an inch. I'd never seen them get that hard before, trust me. A few minutes later the big guy came out of the house with our camcorder. He shot video as the young man and Kysa moved between various sucking and fucking positions for the camera. The big guy was like a director, telling Kysa to hump faster and harder, and get more dick down her throat. It was pornographic and lewd to say the least, as she was acting like a total slut instead of a housewife.

The back door swung open and out walked two more black men, totally naked and sporting massive and swaying black cocks. My wife reached for one as the two new guys played with her tits and pussy. One got between her legs, placed the fat head of his long prick against her cunt, hooked his arms under the back of Kysa's legs, then drove the entire length of his rod into her in one stroke, knocking the breath out of her. The force of his penetration made her cough and choke on the cock in her mouth. Her cunt lips wrapped around his tool and his bloated balls slapped her ass. He drove into her for what seemed like a half an hour, and then in one last violently deep plunge, emptied his entire load into my wife's womb. He remained in that position for a few seconds, draining every drop, then eased her ass down and pulled out, his big prick making a slapping sound as it bounced off his left thigh. Her cunt was still stretched from his thickness and his slippery load ran down the crack of her ass.

Just as she started coming down from her orgasm, the other black guy turned over and entered her wet, sloppy cunt in one thrust. The young black guy who'd fucked her first was hard again. He placed his dick to her lips and she quickly sucked him into her mouth. What a sight - my petite wife being manhandled and fucked by these big black brutes for their sick pleasures.

Eventually, the man in her mouth grabbed her by the hair and blasted a hot load of cum all over her face. What a fucking load, too! He came like a fucking porn star, and Kysa obliged by playing her part, seeming to enjoy every drop and every inch of black meat they could pour into her body, in any hole. That sight excited every man there, including me. The black guy in her cunt grabbed her hips and thrust deeply into her, so hard she fell into the lap of the guy in front of her. After about 40 more punching thrusts, he pulled out with the same plop and familiar cum drooling from her soggy snatch. The guy in front of her got up and left her there, with her cunt up in the air, her cunt lips spread open and cum running out of her cunt, over her clit and splashing down onto the wooden deck.

The big black man handed the camera to another guy. Kysa rolled over, and watching him strip, spread her legs and rubbed her wet slit. Within a few seconds, he was bare-ass naked, his black dick pointing in my direction. My wife's eyes got big and she seemed scared of his big black rod. He laughed and asked her if she'd ever had 10-inches of dick from any man. She shook her head no. He laughed and told her to get ready. He said he'd let the other three men fuck her, so she ought to be well-greased.

He quickly took control of my wife and told her to get ready for the fuck of her life. He moved between her legs and ran his cock along her slit. After the broad cockhead was good and wet, he grabbed Kysa's legs and threw them over her shoulders. He rammed his prick into her with a vicious thrust. She made a sound like the wind had been knocked out of her, and he plowed forth with long, hard strokes. Kysa started panting and yelling, as another black guy shot every bit on video. He told her to squeeze her tits, and soon she was twisting her own nipples. He fucked her for a few more minutes, then pulled his enormous cock, glistening with cum and pussy juice, out of her cunt and stuffed it into her mouth. He fucked her face, then started squeezing his black balls as he shot his wad down her throat. Here was Kysa with her legs still over her head, cunt spread and oozing cum and pussy juice, and a big black dick in her mouth. She couldn't swallow all the jism, so the surplus dribbled thickly down her chin. Kysa was teary-eyed and gagging from trying to accommodate part of that big dick.

After a few minutes of recovery, she thought she was done. But then the gang leader came outside. This guy was huge. He was at least 6'8, with a cock that was an absolute monster, at least twelve inches, and as thick as a forearm! It was an astonishing sight to say the very least.

The leader moved to Kysa's mouth and told her to clean his dick. She did, and it hardened in her mouth. The man rolled her over on her stomach like a giant playing with a little rag doll. He got behind her, then started feeding his stiff dick into her wet pussy. The camera operator hovered in close. Kysa wrote that she feared he was too big for her pussy, but he said there was no such thing as too big when it came to cocks for slutty white wives. He reached around and grabbed each tit with his huge hands and shoved a chunk of black beef partially into her cunt. She bucked forward furiously at the painful entrance, but then took it like a trooper anyway. So I guess he was right about sluts and cock size!

He pumped in and out of her stretched-out pussy, kicking her legs wider apart with his knees. The entire 12-inch length of his black meat would disappear in, then reappear from her cunt. He continued fucking her hard and deep, holding her tits like a steering wheel. He fucked Kysa for about ten more minutes, then made one final thrust into her and came long and hard with one long loud guttural grunt. Kysa fell forward, her legs spread wide and this giant on top of her. Her little pussy was horribly stretched from the vicious gangbang, her cunt lips still stretched around his black beef. He rolled off of her, leaving her cunt open and pointing straight up into the air. The other guys moved around her and jacked off once more onto her big tits. She sighed and rolled over, cum draining down her thighs, now too sore to close. The big guy popped the tape out of the camcorder, saying his friends at the plant would be anxious to see it.

He patted Kysa on the head, telling her "Same time next week, white girl. Just have that sweet pussy ready!"

I walked carefully behind the exhausted Kysa, and took her inside, helped her shower, dried her off, massaged her aching muscles and belly and let her recount the whole sordid rape. She tried to act as though she was forced to pleasure them, but I knew better and let her save face by pretending so. It was just nice to know that my new wife could be the biggest slut around if she really wanted to be, and that turned me on to no end!

The End
Kysa Braswell has good sex fiction stories by Kysa Braswell not celebrity porn or another picture gallery but erotic stories from anal sex to water sports. Stories with plenty of oral sex a few spanking tales for tails and some bestiality and other interesting sexual acts with the erotic Photo directory starring fucking emily with Modern Addiction Pornography Pictures Squat Kayla Cunny