Raping the Girl Next Door
(M/ff, rape, nc, size, virgin)

by Kysa Braswell

Melinda told Lacy she heard that Mark Beeker, a 9th grader at school, had an 8-inch cock.

"NO WAY!" Lacy replied over the phone.

"WAY! Connie told me, and she got it from his former girlfriend, you know, that Mary girl. She was in our English class last year," Melinda said.

"God, I'd love to suck him off, then."

"So would I!"

Girl talk: the stuff that dreams are made of. But that's where they stay. Melinda confessed to Lacy that she would try to fool her Mom by pretending to be sick so she wouldn't have to go to school tomorrow. It would indeed be a fateful decision.

A preacher's daughter, the irascible 13-year-old Melinda giggled to herself. She felt no small measure of accomplishment. This morning she had convinced her mother that she was sick. Her mother had called the school and let Melinda stay home. The teenager watched television most of the morning, and then for lunch, she walked to the burger shop to meet some of her school friends. She returned home about 1p and went to her bedroom to change into her bathing suit. She thought she might lay out at the pool for a couple of hours before her mother got home.

Melinda had not noticed the condition of the back door. If the pretty 5'1, 99-lb. brunette had bothered, she would have seen the broken glass of the door. She might have guessed that an intruder could be in the house; in fact there was: in her her room. From inside the girl's closet through the slats in the closet door, Leonard watched her reflection in the mirror. The girl began undressing. She slid off her shirt. Her smooth, tan skin glowed, and contrasted with the white cotton bra that covered her large perfectly-formed young breasts. Melinda reached down and unhooked the front clasp on her bra. Leonard grinned as the fabric slid seductively away from her tender, firm breasts. The girl's nipples puckered as the cool air touched them.

Jesus, she's huge, Leonard thought. If he could see her bra laying on the bed, he could find the tag would read "32D" as in D-cup. And on such a small frame, it made her look utterly astonishing. Her breasts seemed to fill her upper torso and distract one from a full view of her. His cock became tumescent at the sight before his eyes.

Melinda smiled and ran the tips of her fingers over her flesh, feeling sharp tingles as her fingers brushed the sensitive skin of her pink nipples which stuck out like the tips of her little fingers. Then, Melinda pulled her shorts down and off her long legs. Leonard's mouth watered at the sight of the girls tight, young ass and smooth, muscular thighs. Finally, the girl's fingers inched toward her white cotton panties. Leonard watched as the girl slid her panties down. She revealed her small but thick bush. Leonard couldn't wait to be inside the girl's hot little cunt. Melinda slipped the panties off and walked to her dresser. Her leg muscles rippled as she moved. She reached into her dresser drawer and pulled out her tiny thong bikini bottoms - the ones Melinda kept hidden from her mother who would never approve. She slid them on. Then, she slid on her bikini top. The top was too small for the girl, her breasts overflowing it, which indicated she must have purchased it last year, not this year. As she reached back to fasten the top in place, Leonard stepped from the closet swiftly and held his knife up for the girl to see.

"Don't bother, kid, you won't need it." Leonard said calmly. Melinda turned with a gasp. She first saw the knife in Leonard's hand and then the evil grin on the man's face. "Fuckin' bitch, don't even think about screaming, or I'll cut you like a fuckin' pig. Like a pig!" Leonard's anger showed. His teeth clenched.

"Wha, Wh... Who are you? What?" Melinda was stopped cold as Leonard rushed up to her and grabbed her arm. Her bikini top dropped to her waist, and then fell to her feet, unveiling her full breasts for his perusal.

"Shut the fuck up, kid. I'll do all the talking." He pushed Melinda against the wall and put the knife to her throat. "You do what I say and you might live." He pushed the knife up against the girl's flesh.

Melinda shook in fear, unable to speak at first. Her stomach tightened. In her confusion, she didn't know what to do. Scream? Resist? Run? Submit? All she knew was that she wanted to live.

"Nn... nnn..." she couldn't get the words out. "No please, not me! Why me?"

Leonard reached up and stroked the soft skin of Melinda's cheek. The little girl was paralyzed with fear. The man's hand then slid to the girl's neck and then down to the exposed soft tit flesh. The girl's young skin was hot to the touch.

"Nice." Leonard said in satisfaction. Leonard took a small step back. "Hold up your tits or I'll cut you good, goddamnit."

Melinda's lips quivered.


Do as he says, she thought, and he'll let me live. The little girl knew only one thing to do. She reached up and slid her bikini top off. Melinda immediately folded her arms over her chest. Suddenly she realized this was the wrong thing to do. The man eyes glared in anger. Then, he jammed his knee into her stomach. Pain surged through the girl and she doubled over. Leonard yanked her up and slammed his fist into her stomach. Again, Melinda doubled over. The little girl gasped, choked for breath, and then groaned in pain.

"STOP, aaaahhhh, NO! Oh please, please, stop. Don't do this, whatever you're thinking. This is not right. God, please help me. I will pray for you, sir, please, just don't hurt me. This is not right! This is NOT RIGHT!" she yelled, as if an appeal to his moral nature would get her out of the situation. But she could hardly think for the pain in her gut. Leonard thrust her body up again. Then, Melinda felt the man's knife at her throat. Leonard's cold eyes looked deep into her own.

"You don't ever cover your body from me. You got that? For the time being, your body is mine, understand?"

Melinda whispered a weak, "Yes."

"Now put your hands on top of your head and keep 'em there."

Melinda raised her hands. She stood before the rapist. In nothing but her bikini bottoms. Her tits jutted out from her body and her nipples grew harder from an admixture of fear and excitement. The little girl's tits, overly large for a 13-year-old, were mesmerizing. They were perfectly shaped; perfectly round, perfectly full, perfectly capped with awesome nipples. They looked "heavy." Leonard also drank in the rest of her body, admiring the girl's slender, fit form. Then, he reached up and cupped one of Melinda's big firm D-cup breasts. The warm tit flesh overflowed in his hand as he squeezed until she gasped, losing her breath amidst the pain. Then Leonard viciously threw the girl to the floor. Melinda landed in a limp heap, her face to the ground. The teen's body curved down to her shapely ass covered only by her tight bikini bottoms. The rapist smiled as his eyes focused on the tight, young ass before him. Without a moment's hesitation, he bent down and grabbed Melinda's arm and lifted her.

"Come on, bitch, let's get started."

Melinda felt helpless as the man dragged her into the living room and threw her half naked body face down over the back of the living room couch. Melinda's position thrust her tight ass up high and forced her bikini bottoms to bite into her soft skin.

"No, please. Please." She begged. Leonard smiled at his work.

"Now, babe, you listen up good: you keep your fucking mouth shut and do just what I say. I won't say that again without beating you. You understand?"

Rich reached into his back pocket with his free hand and pulled out an illegal switchblade. Pressing the button on the side, the blade sliced into position, and Leonard reached around the girl, putting the blade to her neck.

"You understand?" He pressed the knife hard against the girl's young flesh.

"Yu.. Y... Yes! I'm a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ. He can help you...."

SCHWACK! came a swift slap across Melinda's left cheek, sending her head into a painful twist toward her right shoulder.

"Goddamnit that shit don't mean a thing to me! I could care less about your goddamned god! If that motherfucker existed, he'd save your ass right now, but he ain't gonna do that. Whaddya got to say about that, sister?"

"Oh god, please, please, PLEASE don't hurt me, sir. I'll do whatever you want, okay?" Melinda whimpered.

Leonard wasn't listening. He let go of her hands.

"Then don't move, goddamnit!"

Reaching into his pocket, Leonard brought out a role of surgical tape and quickly tied Melinda's wrists together in front of her, and then tied them to the board that ran along the bottom of the couch. When her hands were secure, he moved down her slim, muscular legs. He first grabbed her right ankle and tied it to one leg of the couch. He moved to the other ankle, pulling the girl's legs wide apart, stretching her firm muscles. Melinda whimpered helplessly while Leonard fastened her left ankle to the other leg of the couch. The girl's legs stretched out helplessly before the man. Her sweet young little bubble-butt was pointed high in the air and Leonard could see the outlines of her soft cunt pressed against the taught fabric of her bikini bottoms. Leonard slowly ran his hands over Melinda's half exposed asscheeks. From this view, the slender A of the girl's bottoms did little to cover her slender asscheeks. Melinda quivered as she felt the man's fingers roam over her taught thighs. Leonard slowly inched the edges of Melinda's bikini bottoms in toward her crack, exposing almost all of her ass.

"You little slut. You've been askin' for this all summer. Wearin' these tight little bikini's to the pool. Showin' off like some whore. Well now, your gonna show off a little more than usual."

"Please, please, I... I'm still... a virgin." Melinda pleaded.

"HA HA, Leonard laughed out loud. "Not for long, slut." Melinda's breath caught as she felt the knife press against her inner thigh. She gasped as the blade slid over her skin toward her cunt. Leonard moved the tip of the blade over the girl's pussy lips, her ass crack, and then to her side where a single string held her bikini bottoms in place. The knife slid smoothly under the string and sliced it with a pop. Leonard quickly cut the string holding the other side, and the fabric fell to the floor.

Melinda's ass was smooth and tight. Her warm crack was spread wide open exposing her vulnerable pink ass. The little puckered hole glistened with cunt juices. Leonard's eyes moved down to the girl's pussy. Melinda's young cunt lips were full and fat. The teen's cunt lips were pulled wide open-her fuck hole gaping and glistening with her juices.

"Shit, that's sweet." Leonard grunted aloud. His index finger moved to the rim of the girl's ass. As his finger made contact with the tight, little sphincter, the muscle tightened and released. Melinda squirmed and pleaded for him to stop, but her begging excited Leonard all the more. Leonard smiled at the thought of the girl's hole wrapping around his cock. He played with the warm juice that covered the tender hole. Gently rubbing the puckered skin, the man smiled as the girl's sensitive sphincter tightened and released. After toying with the girl, Leonard began easing his finger into the teen's tight hole. The girl cried as she felt the man's digit penetrate her. Leonard savored the feel of the hot, tight flesh that swallowed the tip if his finger. He then violently shoved this finger the rest of the way. Melinda screamed as he buried his finger to the knuckle in her tight hole. She felt as if her ass were on fire. Pain filed her mind as Leonard's finger stretched her tiny hole.

"Fuck, you are tight."

"Stop. Oh please stop. God, it hurts. I'm a virgin. I'm a Christian! I don't want to.... THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!" Melinda pleaded.

"Stop? I'm just starting with you, you little slut. You think you can sit across from my house and undress in front of your window for years and not expect me to do something about it? I've been watching you for a long time, and I know you've watched me jack off in the window, you little pervert! So let's just get this over with, and by the time I'm done busting your goddamned ass, kid, you'll be one grateful motherfuckin' god-believing bitch!"

Leonard moved his finger roughly. He swirled his digit around in the girl's intestines-feeling the soft, velvet-like walls. Leonard slid his finger back an inch and then slid it back in. Melinda squirmed at the pain. Her ass was too small. In and out, Leonard fingerfucked the girl. Melinda's ass juices coated his finger and made it easy for the man.

"Oh, please. Stop it; it hurts! OUCH!! Your finger is too big," Melinda begged, but even as she did, she tried to deny feeling a sliver of pleasure. Small tingles shot through her as Leonard's finger explored her virgin asshole. The little girl felt her desire rising again; and she felt her cunt growing hot and wet.

Melinda heard Leonard laugh. "Bitch, It's time you took my big finger." Leonard pulled his finger from the girl's ass. His big dick was hard again. The cockmeat was now fully swollen and pulsing to his heartbeat. Leonard stood up and positioned his cock at the girl's tight hole. Melinda felt the man's cockhead press against her tiny hole.

"No. That's perverted. No, I can't take it there. Its too big. This is NOT RIGHT, YOU PERVERT!"

The man didn't move. "What da fuck did you just call me?"

"You are a pervert. You can't do this."

"Maybe you're right. Maybe I shouldn't do it."

Melinda, couldn't believe her ears. He wasn't going to do this to her! He wasn't going to fuck her ass after all? Then she heard the man's cold voice.

"Your right, I probably can't do this. Sweet meat, you're just too uptight. There's an easy way and a hard way to do everything. I guess I'll have to loosen you up a little the hard way."

The rapist stood up and removed the black leather belt he wore. He doubled up the belt and popped it loudly. Melinda began loudly crying in fear. Tears poured from her eyes.

"No. Oh, please. Don't hurt me. Please!" the teenager cried.

SCHWACK! SCHWACK! SCHWACK! SCHWACK! SCHWACK! SCHWACK! SCHWACK! He punished the girl with seven vicious lashes across her upper thighs and ass. Then he pulled out a vile, swabbed the liquid on a wash cloth, and drugged the girl to completely subdue her for transport next door.

Leonard reached for his clothes. He put on his pants and shoes, and then went to the kitchen for something to drink. At the sound of the key in the lock, Leonard jerked his head toward the sound. He froze where he stood as the lock on the door clicked and the door swung open wide. In the doorway, bending down to pickup a sack, was a young girl no older than twelve. The girl wore a gymnastics leotard. From where he stood, Leonard could see that the girl was short, even for a gymnast. Her legs were muscular but still slender and girlish. Her breasts were like two half baseballs on her small chest, pressing against the slightly tight top of her uniform. Even from across the room, Leonard could tell the girl was not wearing a sport bra underneath. The girl picked up her sack and came in to the apartment. She shut the door behind her.

"Melinda, you home?" she called.

"Melinda's out shopping, she'll be back in a couple of hours." Leonard said and the girl looked startled in his direction. "Melinda said you might get here before she got back. Hi. I'm Leonard, Melinda's friend."

"Oh, another boyfriend?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." Leonard came around the bar. Becca's eyes immediately surveyed Leonard's bare chest and stomach. "I'm sorry, let me get a shirt on!"

"No." Becca cut him off a little too sharply. "You look fine, er, I mean, it's fine." The girl liked the smooth muscles of the Leonard's chest. She moved to the kitchen. As she passed him, she let her arm brush Leonard's stomach ever so slightly. His warm, tight skin sent a tingle through her.

Leonard went to the couch. Becca began putting the items in her sack away in the cabinets of the kitchen. She and Leonard talked as she worked; just small talk. When she was done, she poured herself a cola and sat on the couch near Leonard with one leg folded open. Leonard got a good look at the little girl. Becca's smooth skin was golden. Her muscular thighs and slender figure made her appear athletic. He found it hard to keep his eyes off the girl, especially her tits. Becca's tits were small and firm, and her perky nipples poked out from the smooth fabric that covered them. When she leaned into her drink she cupped between her legs, Leonard could get a full view of her right breast. What perfect skin, he thought.

The girl felt Leonard's eyes on her. She even invited it. Teasing her big sister's boyfriends was one of her favorite things to do. Becca knew she was sexy for her age and that her sister's boyfriends liked looking at her. But, she also knew they would never do anything to her: she was too young.

"So, how did you meet my sister?" Becca asked as she reached a hand down and massaged her thigh.

"Oh, we met at the pool."

"Yeah, Melinda goes there a lot; she meets a lot of guys that way." Becca said as she continued to massage her thigh. "I think I pulled a muscle at practice after school. My leg really hurts."

"I'm pretty good at massage." Leonard said. "You want me to rub it a little for you?" Leonard could feel his heart beating faster.

Becca paused for a second. The young teen wanted the man touching her, but she was afraid to go any further.

"I promise I won't bite." Leonard smiled.

An older man. Naked from the waist up. Handsome. Muscular. Huge bulge in his pants. Being Sweet to me. All of it conflated into a sense of forbidden desire that overtook the younger girl.

"Yeah, thanks." Becca said. The thought of the man's hands on her thigh excited her, and besides, she would get to watch Leonard get all worked up. She liked the power she had over older men.

But Becca was alarmed when Leonard lunged forward and quickly subdued her, sitting on her hips and using her hair to pull her down on the floor. Just like he did to Melinda, he pulled out a vile, swabbed the liquid on a wash cloth, and drugged the girl to completely subdue her for transport next door.

"Now you listen to me. I've got your sister in the bedroom. She's tied down. I'm going to rape both of you. There's absolutely nothing you can do about it but enjoy it while it happens. And if you resist, I'll slice you to pieces with my knife, got it kid?"

"Y... ye... YES! I do!" she managed to fumble out.

After dragging the two young girls to the basement of his house next door, Leonard walked over to a large chest against the wall. He reached in and brought out a pair of handcuffs. He moved Melinda's 13-year-old body into position and then pulled her arms above her head, clamping the heavy metal cuffs about each wrist. The rapist hoisted the girl and carried her to a point in the room were a metal hook hung from the ceiling. He then raised the girl so that the chain linking the cuffs wrapped over the hook. Leonard stood back to admire his work. The girl's toes were inches from the ground. The stretched position accentuated her large breasts, allowing him full access to the large globes on Melinda. Then he did the same for Becca, and similarly the young teen swung naked and helpless. Leonard grabbed Becca's hips and pulled her body close. Her tits were at mouth level, and Leonard licked and nibbled at the girl's puckered, pink nipples. Becca moaned in response to her unwilled pleasure.

"More for you later, niblet." Leonard turned to Melinda whose sexy form lay limp on the cold floor. "But, big sis needs a good fucking now."

Leonard walked over and picked the teenager from the hook and carried her to a table in the center of the room. The table was six feet long. At one end, a pair of iron stirrups were bolted to the table. The stirrups were much like those found in gynecologist's offices, but they were obscenely wide and pulled far out from the table so that anyone fitting into them would find their ass and cunt an inch or two off the end of the table. Metal clamps on hinges were located on the stirrups-designed to wrap around a victim's ankles. Leonard pulled the girl to the table's edge and forced her limp, muscular legs wide apart. Melinda moaned as Leonard spread her wide. He locked one ankle in place. He then pulled the girls other leg out. He had to hold the leg firmly while locking the ankle in place. Melinda's legs were spread in a perfect split. Her gash was now exposed to his whims, and her tiny pussy slit opened very slightly. Leonard moved around the table and pulled the girl's wrists above her head. He stretched the girl's arm's until the reached a pair of handcuffs bolted to the end of the table. After locking the girl's wrists in place, Leonard ran his hands down the girl's arms to her tightly stretched, fat tits. He squeezed Melinda's huge sweating breasts in his hands. Leonard walked around to the chest by the wall and brought out a small vile, a large rag, a slender leather string, and several other small items. He returned to the girl, opened the vile, and placed it under the girl's nose. Melinda breathed in and the vapors of the vile awakened her. The teen moaned as her eyes opened. Upon seeing the rapist, she opened her mouth to scream, but Leonard quickly forced the rag deep in her mouth.

"Now, now, you don't want to wake you little sister." Leonard said. Melinda's eyes opened wide and she turned her head. She saw with horror her young sister's naked body hung from the ceiling. Leonard undressed. His enormously long cock was already hard for the teen's cunt. The rapist brought up his hand and showed Melinda what he held. There the girl saw two metal clips. Leonard pinched one clamp and it opened wide, and little girl could see that it had sharp metal teeth. Leonard reached to Melinda's fat right tit and squeezed so that her tender nipple bulged. He grinned as he bent over and placed the clip on the girl's nipple. Melinda bit hard on the rag and screamed as she felt the metal teeth of the clip bite into her young flesh. Melinda's nipple bulged inside the clip. Waves of horrible pain rushed over the teen. Her tit felt like it was on fire. He then methodically performed the procedure on Melinda's other tit. The little girl squirmed in pain as the two clips hung tightly to her huge tit flesh. He moved around the table and between the girl's widely-stretched thighs. Leonard slowly reached toward the thin folds of the teens' cunt and spread the tender flesh. There Leonard found the source of pleasure he sought. Melinda's clit was very small, but still noticeable. The rapist grinned as he knelt down and wrapped the thin cord of leather in his hand around the girl's delicate clit. Melinda cried in muffled horror as she felt the man wrap the string along her pussy slit. Leonard looped the cord around her ass and then tied the knot to secure it around her left breast.

"Now, I'll just tighten this a little for you, sugar." Leonard said as he yanked the cord's ends tight. Melinda screamed as the leather bit into her flesh. Leonard doubled the knot and pulled tight. The girl's slit bulged with trapped blood. The teen's pussy slit naturally opened in the tight grasp of the cord. Leonard reached down and grasped the fleshy lips between his fingers. The girl's little clit felt like a small pea waiting for his caress. The sick child rapist slowly and methodically rubbed his fingers over the sensitive flesh. Melinda squirmed at his touch, hating the very thought of being so violated. The girl tried to twist from her bonds as she felt his fingers rubbing her clit. Suddenly she became aware of what the he was trying to do to her: make her cum! The pain and pressure of the tight cord made her clit supersensitive, and Leonard rubbed it in a soft, slow rhythm. A fire of pleasure began burning between her outstretched thighs. She moaned involuntarily and felt her body once again betray her as her cunt juices began to flow. As if possessed, she pushed her pussy forward in hopes of making the man's contact more direct. But, Leonard's fingers only slid lightly over the flesh. Melinda cried in shame. Her body was not her own, and the rapist knew it.

"Now your gonna love this!" Leonard said as he grabbed his fat ten-inch cock and brought it to the precipice of the teen's open gash. Leonard guided his huge cockhead to the engorged folds of the teen's virgin cunt. He slid his monstrous penis to the top of the girl's gash and slid in down the tiny slit, wetting it with his precum. Sliding the cockhead down the girl's tight hole, he pushed gently. The teen's tight pussy opened like a resistant glove to take the enormous cock that sought to invade and violate every inch of Melinda's virgin sweetness. He pushed the broad cockhead into her an inch, listen to her respond in virulent pain as her cunt adjusted to his thickness, stretching her to the limit. Leonard groaned in pain himself, reconsidering whether her pussy really was too small for his big cock. But her hot little hole alternately relaxed and tightened around his meat, enough to let him pressure more of his shaft in her each time she relaxed ever so briefly. Melinda's cunt was like a hot, wet vise. Leonard continued to push his cock into the young girl when suddenly he stopped at her hymen. She was about to become a woman.

Leonard's eyes widened. "Fuck, you really are a virgin!" He said smiling. "How sweet."

Melinda was horrified in pain. She could feel the big cock meat pressing against her virgin sheath.

Leonard grabbed Melinda's hips to give him leverage. "If I do this quick, it won't hurt so bad." He grinned. "But then that wouldn't be fun for me!"

Slowly, Leonard pushed his cock forward. He felt his cock pushing against the girl's virginity. Leonard pushed harder. Melinda groaned in pain as he pushed harder, held his huge cock position, fighting to keep it in her at that depth, and then redoubled his efforts to slide another inch into her resisting, clasping cunt slit. Though her delicate flesh stretched to grotesque proportions around his immense girth, it did not tear.

"Damn, this is hard, harder than it should be. Loosen up, goddamnit girl!" Leonard said as he pushed hard into the girl. Melinda screamed in pain. She suddenly felt her flesh tear a little, and then in an instant the big cock ripped all the way through her virginity. Leonard was pushing so hard when the girl's flesh ripped open, that he slid forward into the girl all the way.

"OOOOWWWWWW, AARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH, UUNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH, OUUUUCCCHHHH, OH GOD, OH GOD, IT HURTS!!!" she screamed in pain, crying tears of pure pain down her cheeks, unable to accept that she was no longer a virgin, that a heinous vile man had torn her innocence from her, that she would never been the same ever again.

"Ugghhhhhh." Leonard moaned as his cock slid deep into the little girl's fuck hole. He felt the hot vaginal walls of the teen sucking him in. After a tremendous struggle, in which he experienced no small amount of pain himself from the vise-like pressure being applied to his fat cock from her virgin cunt, he held himself deep inside her, determined to seek out her womb with his incredible length. He struggled and fought his own pain, pouring his cock into her, in deep, hard strokes until finally, when he had buried all ten inches of his meat into the girl, he stopped a moment to enjoy the tight-fitting glove around his meat that was the teen's hot, wet pussy. After a good 25 minutes of solid deep-stroking the young teen's pussy, Leonard pulled his shaft back. Drops of virgin blood covered his cock. In a vile moment, he reached down and slid his index finger along his shaft, coating the tip with the girl's blood and cunt juices. He brought his finger to his lips and tasted the girl's juices.

"Hmmmmm. Tastes like teen spirit!"

Melinda was frozen in a state of painful fear. The man's enormously long cock had just ripped her maidenhead, and now the man was tasting her virgin blood. She realized that the beast could do anything he wanted to her body, and it terrified her. Leonard slid nine inches of his cock deep into the girl's cunt. Her vaginal walls clasped tightly around the fat cock rod - caressing his cockmeat in a velvety warm, wet grip.

"Fuck, you're tight, kid!"

Melinda only whimpered through tears of shame and fright as her tender cunt was horribly invaded by the massive shaft over and over and over in a torrent of hip-jarring slams. She felt the man's cock begin pistoning back and forth in her tight cunt faster and deeper as every minute passed, as if he were in a race with someone else to see how hard he could fuck a virgin.

"Oh, please, please, stop. I'm a Christian, I can't be doing this. It's so wrong... so wrong in God's eyes!" Melinda begged the brutal raping beast, but he didn't listen. Her pleas only seemed to excite him more, and he thrust his cock in and out of her even deeper and faster.

"I don't give a fuck about god's eyes; I DO like fucking your hot little pussy, bitch. Remember what I told you about your god - if he existed, he would prevent this?"

Then, the little girl heard a slapping sound and felt a delicate flesh spanking her asscrack. The brutal rapist was now fucking her so deeply, pouring all ten inches of fuckmeat into her that his bloated, swollen balls were slapping against her sore asscheeks from the belt-whipping she'd received earlier. Slap, slap, slap. The sound of the man's ballsac spanking her hole filled the room. Melinda was so ashamed to be the victim of such a big-cocked asshole rapist like this - her next door neighbor. How could she have known he was so fucked up? The wet sound meant that she was so juiced up that she had drenched her own ass with her juices. The realization made the girl aware of something beyond the initial pain of the invading. She became aware of the tingles of pleasure the man's big cock was beginning to send throughout her loins up her spine into her brain.

"Please, stop, I won't ask you again. You've done your job. You've hurt me enough. Now GET OFF!!" She yelled, but the effect of the plea fell on deaf ears. The little girl bit her lip to take her mind off the increasing waves of pleasure the man's cock sent through her.

"FUCK YOU, YOU GODDAMNED STUCK UP BITCH! I'LL FUCK YOU FOR TEN MORE HOURS IF YOU DON'T SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH, YOU STUPID LITTLE WHORE!! And he slapped her face hard, and punched his big cock into her loins, jerking her against her restraints, increasing her cries to wails through clenched teeth.

Leonard saw the change in Melinda. Her pussy became wetter as he continued to fuck the teen, and the little girl began tightening the muscles in her firm thighs each time he forced himself deep into the teen's cunt.

Melinda bit hard. The pleasure was overtaking her body again. But, she would fight it. Pleasure washed over her. She tasted blood from her lip, yet she bit even harder to keep her mind from the pleasure building in her snatch. She would not let him do this to her. But, his cock felt so good inside her. A thin film of sweat broke over the girl's firm body. The rapist smiled and fucked the girl even harder. The little slut was ready for more. He reached the side of the table and grabbed a short vibrator. He turned it on, and pressed it against the teens swollen clit.

"Auuuuuugghhh... OOHHHHGODDDD...." Melinda lost herself in the initial stage of what she'd never known: lust. A thousand fingers of pleasure ripped through her cunt. Melinda's body took over. The teen grunted like an animal. The rapist's cock pistoned inside her and the vibrator buzzed at her young clit, giving her feelings at such intensity that she would never know again.

"Uuggghhhh, uuuuunaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!" Melinda squealed.

"Aaawwwwhhhyeaaahh!!!" The rapist moaned at the young girl's sounds. The muscles in her cunt clinched repeatedly at his meat, and he felt the cum rising his cock. But, before he came, Leonard wanted full control of the hot pussy he was fucking.

"Uugggghhhhh, uuuuunaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!" The girl's body tensed again as she rapidly approached orgasm at the speed of sound. Leonard then pulled his cock back nine inches and let it rest at the tiny entrance to the girl's cunt. He stopped rubbing the swollen nub under his thumb.

"Ohhhh, OhhhhGod," the girl rutted uncontrollably.

"You want to cum, slut? Beg for it. Beg me to fuck you. Beg me to cum inside you! DO IT!!"

Melinda had no control. An animal had taken over, and all she wanted was to cum and cum hard. The little girl looked into the man's face. Her innocent eyes opened wide with pleading.

"Fuck me, please. I want you to cum inside my pussy. Fuck me! FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!!"

That was all Leonard needed to hear, and with those words, he tore his cock into the little girl and deep-stroked her pussy, fucking her like a madman, raping at her pussy as if he were trying to kill her with his fuck weapon of a cock! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The pounding of her poor little pussy continued unabated. He had endless energy and strength to continue the brutal raping into the night it seemed.

"Uugghhhnnnnnnnn, unnnnggggghhhnnnnnn," Melinda groaned. The sweat glistened off her firm body.

"Awwwggghhh," Leonard shouted as the cum rose in his cock, ready to explode into her fertile belly. "AhhGODDAMN!!!" The vicious rapist's balls jerked and he fired a wad of hot cum deep inside the little girl's womb, and then another long spurt flowed from the excessively large penis into the girl's waiting womb. And another. And another. And another. Fifteen in all, soaking her virgin, fertile womb with his seed.

Melinda felt the hot milk spray the walls of her cunt, and at that moment her body let go. Every muscle in the teen body tensed and the little slut came, blinded by the power of her orgasm.

"OHMYGOD, LEONARD; OHMYGODOHMYGOD, JEEZUSGOD, THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!" the teen screamed into his face, whipsawing her head back and forth as wave after wave of unending pleasure washed over her.

"Oh yea!! GODDAMN this is good. You love it, you motherfucking little whore! YOU LOVE IT, don't you bitch?" Leonard yelled back at her; all the while the little girl's cunt sucked the cum from his swollen testicles and received it in her fertile womb. Leonard pulled back his cock from the girl's cum-hungry pussy. An enormous string of cum fired from his cockhead and splattered onto her pubic hair and belly. The cum slid down into the teen's cunt slit as another wad spewed from his monstrous cock. This one splattered low and dripped down, rolling over the teen's ass. Leonard raised this cock and the last gush of cum splashed onto the girl's heaving swollen D-cup breasts. The splash of cum on her sensitive nipples brought the teen another wave of uncontrollable orgasm, and Leonard watched her young body as it writhed in uncontrollable pleasure.

"Do you still believe in your god?" he asked sardonically.

"What do you think?"


"You got it. Not!" she smirked.

He collapsed on top of her, completely spent. He had achieved his goal: give the neighbor kid a "workout session" as he called it. Problem was, he'd need another few hours to recharge and do it all again to the younger sister, Becca. But by then, he would receive help in that endeavor from his new sexual ally: Melinda!

The End
Kysa Braswell
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